Theses/Dissertations from 1974

An evaluation of the high school guidance program and a predictive validity study of the entrance examination of the 1969-1970 high school freshmen of the Colegio de Sta. Isabel, Teresita Requejo Bercasio

A proposed guidance program and in-service training for the Divine Word College high school department, Rosita D. Blaza

An evaluation of the present guidance program and a proposed guidance program for Baliuag Colleges and the use of career materials in vocational counseling for Baliuag Colleges, Aurora L. Almonte Buensuceso

An evaluation of the college guidance program and a proposed guidance in-service training program of Divine Word College of Tagbilaran, Princesita A. Buma-at

Molecular models: An approach to high school organic chemistry, Norberto Castillo

A proposed expansion of the group counseling service of the college department of Silliman University, Josias V. Chavez

A proposed guidance and counseling program for De La Salle High School, Kondiu (New Guinea), Leo Cleary FSC

A proposed guidance program for San Jose Academy and a guidance in-service training program with emphasis on behavior modification for the faculty of San Jose Academy, Antique, Deanna Ma. V. Combong


A comparative study and counseling program for the OLMAT, Elsa Cosico FdCC

A unified teaching of complex numbers, Carmencita D. Cruz

Family home guidance through behavior modification, Evelyn Golangco Cu-Unjieng

CHEMS and CBA: A comparative study and the extent of their use in selected public and private high schools of Greater Manila, Severina G. Divinagracia

The guidance program of St. Paul College of Dumaguete: An evaluation and a proposal, Anastasie de Jesus Dongallo

A proposed vocational guidance program and an entrance test validation study for the high school department of the Holy Cross College of Digos, Jaime A. Fabiaña

A proposed guidance program and guidance in-service program for La Salette College, Mariano M. Guiab

Common factors among a group of filipino male overachievers, Jesse Hechanova FSC

A proposed guidance program and a career material in copper mining industry for Marcopper High School, Lea Amadia Hermosilla

Proposals for an organized guidance program and a guidance in-service training course for Saint Louis College of Tuguegarao, Cagayan, Belen V. Hernandez

Theory of numbers for beginners, Socorro Q. Hipolito

A proposed career counseling program and a model career monograph for Ateneo de Davao, Della S. Ipong

A guide for conducting experiments on the determination of Planck's constant, Lamberto A. Jeresano

A group guidance and counseling program for and with college freshmen in Saint Louis College San Fernando, La Union, Salvacion C. Loyola

A comparison between the geometries of Euclid and Hilbert, Maria Fe Luna

A proposed guidance program for Union Elementary School, Mercedes Maack

A multiple correlation study of the intelligence, personality traits, study skills and grade point average of the grades two to six students of Assumption for the school year 1972-1973, Marie Elisabeth Malvar

An evaluation of the existing high school guidance program of Central Philippine University, Patria P. Mariano

The personality profile of one thousand forty-one Visayan medical college students particularly of the medical colleges of Southwestern University and Cebu Institute of Medicine, in the school year 1968-69, Milagros V. Matura

An evaluation of the existing guidance program of the Notre Dame of Kidapawan College and evaluating Notre Dame Kidapawan's reading program by means of item analysis, correlation studies and Sandler's A Statistic, James F. McKnight

A proposed guidance program for Assumpta High School, San Simon, Pampanga, Maria Emmanuel Melocoton

Probability for high school, Norma C. Mendoza

A study of different ordinary film types for use in radiation detection experiments, Anita Palag

Historical development of chemical bonding, Angelita Venus Samano

A proposed program for the department of Pastoral Services in Manila Doctors' Hospital, Victoria R. Santiago

Mental retardation in the Philippines: Some specific approaches, Ma. Teresa Sevilla Tagao

A proposed guidance program for the College of Maasin, Ruth E. Umacob

The theory and classroom application of helium-neon gas laser, Ma. Mauricia L. Villarmil

A proposed vocational guidance program for Harvardian University high school department and a career monograph on electronics and communications engineering for use in vocational guidance, Genevieve Ledesma Yap

Theses/Dissertations from 1973

A proposed program for counseling service at the Legal Aid Center for Family Relations in Seoul, Korea, Chi Chun Ai

A proposed group guidance program for the Holy Cross College of Digos, Aquilino L. Bana

Non-intellective factors and the academic performance of students at Bethel High School: Their implications to the guidance services, Evangeline Caper

Vocational choice (I): Vocational maturity and religious commitment, a preliminary study, Anthony Chan Yuk Cheung

A proposed parish guidance program for St. John the Baptist, Tagig, Tipas, Francisco M. De Leon

A proposed drug education program for the undergraduate department of De La Salle College, Manila, Carolina Santiago Dizon

Guidance in San Jose College, Jaro, Iloilo City: A proposed program, Blesilda Ma. G. Fabricante

Delmirian Saturnino: A case study, Maria Dominga B. Firaza

An example of an intensive experimental study of the individual as exemplified in the cases of Lydia, Denis and Martin, Rosemary A. Garcia

An evaluation of the existing guidance program on the college level of San Nicolas College, Surigao City, Arcangelina Custodio Gillo

A proposed guidance program for the congregation of the Sisters of Mercy, Melbourne, Australia, Mary Harrington

A correlation of study habits and achievement of college freshmen in a selected college, Demetria Clacio Ibana

Good Shepherd agencies and services in the Philippines, Mary Josephine Lansang

An experimental study in the development of career materials, Maria Virginia B. Lara

A proposed guidance program for Cebu Roosevelt Memorial College, Bogo, Cebu, Perla Christina Lepiten

A proposed guidance program for the Ateneo de Naga, City of Naga, Sofronio F. Llorin

An instrument for evaluating high school physics laboratories phase I, construction and phase II, validation, Angel F. Martinez

A proposed guidance program for the college department of Sacred Heart College, Lucena City, Felicitas E. Miraflor

Predicting college grade point average with the use of high school grade point average and college entrance test (CET) total score, Jane D. Montegrande

A proposed guidance program for La Salette of Santiago high school, Maria Estrella L. Ner

A proposed expansion of guidance and counseling services in Saint Louis University for priestly and religious vocations, Salvador C. Pico Jr.

A counseling approach in cerebral palsy: Theory and practice, Marylynn B. Querouz

A proposed guidance program for St. Bridget's boys' high school, Batangas City, Clement H. Roque

A proposed organization of guidance program at St. Alphonsus High School, India, Anthony F. Sharma

The validity of the CTMM and the CTP in predicting scholastic success and the relationship of the CTP to other variables, Leticia C. Soledad

Accuracy of inexpensive alcohol thermometers for high school physics experiments (and two others), Mateo O. Tugab

A survey of the status of spiritual direction in the Diocesan seminaries of the Philippines, Benito B. Villalba

A proposed vocational guidance program for freshman and sophomore students in Silliman University, Norma C. Ybanez

A proposed guidance program for Assumption Grade School of San Fernando, Pampanga, Elizabeth D. Yumul

Theses/Dissertations from 1972

An evaluation of the De La Salle College undegraduate counseling program, 1970-1971, Araceli R. Atienza

Relationship between parental child-rearing attitudes and children's elementary school performance, Marie Evelyn Benares

The validity of the CET in predicting the academic performance of De La Salle College freshmen in the first semester of the schoolyear 1971-72, Rebecca V. Calingo

Religious attitudes and values of a group of De La Salle grade school boys, Josephine Cenzon Caluag

A proposed family-life information service for Christ the King Parish Chakradharpur, Bihar India, Edward D'Souza

Problems and services in a crisis counseling center, Mary Rosalie Enriquez

A proposed group counseling program for the college department of Assumption College of Davao, Lorraine Gallant

An evaluative analysis of the impact and meaning of welcome house, Mary Julia Gonzalez

A proposed guidance program for Notre Dame of Manila elementary grades, Maja A. Prevendido

Butch: A case study, Petra S. Sasuman

Differential preferences for leads and responses, Imelda V. G. Villar

Theses/Dissertations from 1971

A proposed guidance program for St. Mary's College boy's department, Tagum, Davao del Norte, Vicente E. Abrenica

A review of an existing guidance program of the Union High School of Philippine Christian College, Jessica C. Arquiza

A proposed guidance program for the boys' and girls' high schools of the Notre Dame of Cotabato, Nenita B. Barria

A proposed guidance program for the grade school students of St. Paul College of Manila, Ma. Antonina Laguatan Batto

A proposed guidance program for Notre Dame of M'Lang, Paulino V. Feliprada

Student satisfaction with De La Salle College, Michael Ho FSC

Organizing the guidance program in Our Lady of Perpetual Help Academy, Mary Helenita Macalisang

A comparative study of the validity indices of the Otis-Lennon mental ability test elementary I level administered in two language media, Arlyne Mae Quiambao Peters

A proposed formal organization of the guidance program at the Philippine Women's University Junior Middle Division, Alexa A. Priela

Theses/Dissertations from 1970


An evaluative study on certain aspects of land reform in the light of the social doctrines of the church, Victor Antes Masangcay


A study of contemporary insights on proofs for the credibility of the Church, Victor Ordonez


A survey of the religious background of children entering grade one, Theresia de Marie Rille


Human approach to graders, Theresia de Marie Rille


A survey of production problems of fourth grade students of Isabelo De Los Reyes Elementary School in the learning of English vowels and consonants, Melchor A. Tatlonghari


The present status of English phonetics instruction in grade four in supervisory District II, Division of City Schools, Manila, Melchor A. Tatlonghari

Theses/Dissertations from 1969

A study on the relationship of two admissions tests and the academic performance of DLSC college freshmen, 1967-1968, Maria Leonor B. Cruz

Learning difficulties of the 1967-68 San Ildefonso College fifth graders as revealed by standardized tests, Marie Andre La Madrid

Virgilio Po: A case study, Marie Andre La Madrid


Concept of salvation history, Marie Gonzague Maquiling SPC


Lesson plan on The Commandments, Marie Gonzague Maquiling SPC


The Ten Commandments as basic to behavioral pattern, Marie Gonzague Maquiling SPC


A study of the Catholic Church in the Cagayan Valley up to the period of the American regime, Juan S. Quinto

Theses/Dissertations from 1968

The case of Eloisa Guiguinto, Mary Aloysius Del Callar