Theses/Dissertations from 2009

A time series approach on the effect of climate variability on Davao's coconut production, Justin Lorenzo R. Fuentes and Celene Maryse C. Ling

On fuzzy coalitions, Leo Ireneo N. Gacho and Nathalie Charmaine S. Madrid

A multiple state model projection on the needs of a proposed long term care insurance in the Philippines, Saela Mel M. Geonzon and Tiffany May V. Go

On counting trash in poker, William V. Lim and Rafael Antonio B. Dizon

On the intersection graph of isomorphic subgraphs of a graph, Bernadette G. Lomibao and Jolina Anne S. Lucio

A health survey on the possible prevalence of chronic fatigue syndrome among resident physicians in training at the Department of Emergency Medicine of Makati Medical Center, Sue Hannah C. Ong

Forecasting Metro trail transit 3 ridership using univariate box-Jenkins methodology, Stephanie Kristen C. Pineda and Anna Christina F. Sarmiento

Prevalence of Ascaris spp. infection in humans and slaughtered hogs in Barangay Santo Domingo, Cainta, Rizal, Sheryl C. Ramirez

Sickness and healing among the Mangyans: A comparative study of their herbal remedies, Patricia Gail C. Rayos

On sums of squares of digits, J. Loret Q. Santos and Allen G. Sy

The response of the lipid profile and liver histology of high fat diet male sprague-dawley (Rattus norvegicus) rats upon treatment of circulan 4 in 1, Angelo Joselito C. Saquitan

Study of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) damage in blood lymphocytes of pedicab drivers using the comet assay, Jacqueline L. Sioson and Maria Leonora A. Ulanday

Prevalence of intestinal parasites among residents of Barangay Pantal, Dagupan City, Jamie Lynnd Tan

Polymerase chain reaction based detection of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate deaminase gene in selected strains of pink pigmented facultative methylotrophic bacteria, Jayne Sari D. Tan and Santino P. Grecia

Characterization and identification of pink-pigmented facultative methylotrophic bacteria from human scalf and nasal cavity, Jamela Ann T. Uy and Miko Mariel O. Uy

On Wieferich primes and period lengths for the expansions of fractions, Jake T. Ngo Vincent and Robert Y. Lim

Theses/Dissertations from 2008

Microbial analysis of food and beverages served in food establishments around De La Salle University, Manila, Marie Rose S. Abejuela and Aurora Aurea M. Reyes

On factorial functions, Sonny Xavier S. Abella and Richmon C. Tan

Light microscopic examination of blood and immunochromatographic test in the detection of Babesia spp infection in racing horses from Carmona, Cavite, Pearl Perpetua L. Abrahan and Vernice Anne G. Menor

Characterization of selected facultive methylotrophic (PPFM) bacteria deposited at the DLSU-Manila microbiology laboratory, Marielle Tiffany E. Anyog, Grace Celine D. Bautista, Aprille Kirsten P. Illustre, and Charmaine A. Mativo

An integration of age-based salary function and increase ratio method for pension valuation in the Philippine setting, Liselle Ann S. Arellano and Michael Andrew P. Mabuhay

Identification of feather stars (Echinodermata: Crinoidea: Comatulida) at Subic Bay, Zambales, Carmen Cheryl B. Arguelles

On a note on Hamilton graphs, Richard Angelo Balisi and Juan Alberto Lepatan

Preliminary study on bacteria associated with root nodules of cycas riuminiana, Emil Fiorello Karaan Balitaan

A vehicle routing problem in banking, Joanna Michele Y. Bangayan and Melanie Florence G. Guanzon

Detection of Babesia spp. infection in Philippine racing horses by light microscopy and immunochromatographic test, Michelle L. Bata and Bridget B. Co

Determining the toxic levels of salinity to juvenile janitor fish (pterygoplichthys sp.), Marco Alberto C. Brion, Jose Gil C. Guillermo Jr., and Cheston A. Uy

Optimization of an inventory system of an auto parts company, Ma. Kristina P. Cabal and Maria Rufina R. Chua

The effects of varying diagnostics ultrasound exposures on the physical development of Syrian hamster embryos, Patricia Marie A. Cabredo and Celine Francesca D. De Gracia

An application of graph theory in block planning, Maria Rennelyn G. Caneda and Joanna Marie D. Leviste

Calibration estimation and post-stratified estimation on the labor force survey, Kathrina S. Carranza and Joseph Erickson C. Lim

The effects of different lead concentrations on selected fungi isolated from an abandoned copper mining site in Zambales, Michael Kevin Caseres, George Vincent Habacon, and Jim Paulo Pantas

Number-theoretic functions and some applications, Edward C. Cheung and Maria Lolita Blanca R. Riola

Host specificity and behavior prior to acclimation of selected species of anemonefish available in Cartimar, Pasay, Winnie Andrea Ting Chua and Jee Hee Kim

Deterministic primality testing method on sets of primes, Daphne Blair C. Chu

On k-walks in bridgeless graphs, Gordon Lester T. Cu

Generation time of methylobacterium extroquens UPLB strain grown in selected commercial media, Ma. Juaymah D. De Guzman and John Elmer Pamaong

Allelopathic effects of plant species from lahar soils in Porac, Pampanga, Homer Wilross DLS. Dela Cruz

Logistic mixtures vs. Markov chain Monte Carlo, Karmello Juan C. De Leon and Angelie L. Go

Analysis for heteroscedastic crossed unbalanced random effects model using pigeonhole bootstrap, Vinson Marion S. Dizon

On harmonic numbers and Stirling numbers, Katrina C. Domingo and Karen T. Ong

Antimicrobial screening of some fruits found in the Philippines on selected microorganisms, Cecille G. Dumlao, Raymond A. La'O, and Angelie P. Pascual

Beneath the literal encrypting the decrypted, decrypting the encrypted, Reagan W. Dykimching and Lorraine Anne T. San Pedro

On square roots of 2 x 2 matrices, Rachel Cristine T. Dy and Therese Ann M. Echon

On finding the cheapest and fastest route, Nazarine F. Ebanos and Stephanie S. Florendo

Effect of sambong (Blumea balsamifera L.) on the histology of the kidney and liver of mice, Carlo Martin B. Enriquez and Vladimir David C. Pahilan

Application of structural equation modeling on the linkage of risk management, capital management and financial management in the Philippine banking industry, JAmes Lawrence J. Espanol

Effects of sodium hypochlorite, silver thiosulfate, and sucrose on vase life of rose (ROSA sp.) cut flower, Julian Paragas Ferrer

Analgesic property of Atalantia retusa Merr. (Rutaceae) non-polar extract on rats and mice, Richard Lester S. Ganacias

Primitive and universal graphs: An exposition, Erica Zinnia Ibaviosa and Jesus Krishna Meghrajani

A goal programming approach on product life cycle analysis, Mitchelle Ilyanna Karjenn L. Jo and Veem Frael C. Marcelo

Isolation and characterization of pink pigmented facultative methylotrophic (PPFM) bacteria from leaves of neem, Azadirachta indica, Rinki Kumar

Preliminary survey of Helminths in Thunnus Albacares (Yellowfin tuna) landed in Lucena fish port, Susangird B. Lampitoc

Fuzzy linear programming: An application in portfolio selection, Erin Beatrice K. Lim and Alyssa Therese D. Ocampo

Morphological identification, morphometric analysis and comparison of DNA extraction utility of ROSE and TNes-urea methods on six species of Pterocaseio spp (Caesionidae) from Navotas Fish-Port, Carlo Alipio P. Llido

Water quality assessment of the abandoned mine site in San Marcelino, Zambales, Alain Philippe G. Maala

Finding Hamiltonian cycles: An algorithm, Rachel R. Macapagal and Mary Jane T. Tan

Lights out puzzle: Number of solvable states of some classes of graphs, Johanna Joyce C. Ngo and Vincent Albert C. Sabater

The Jackknife: A cost-efficient alternative to bootstrap variance estimation, Glenn Michael P. Obligacion

Susceptibility testing of pink-pigmented facultative methylotrophic (PPFM) bacterial isolates to selected antimicrobials, Tanya Robert D. Ongbin

Effects of Liveraide (Silybum marainum) on the histology of mice (Mus musculus) liver and kidney, Ryan G. Pozon and Greg Michael Teo

The invisible truth: Secrets behind steganography, Amando Jose Quinto and Trixie Annalyn Chua

A taxonomic survey and distribution pattern analysis of family euphyllidae (bubble corals) in Talim Bay, Lian, Batangas, Armando Roman S. Santos and Leo Carlo H. Sarion

Clique algorithm, Marjovin N. Tan and Marc Andrew N. Tan

A survey of ectoparasites and endoparasites among fishes sold in Cartimar Public Market, Pasay City, Lorraine Uy

Theses/Dissertations from 2007

On unit graphs in the plane, Carl Abarintos and Axis Acuesta

Evaluating integrals of odd powers of secant using combinatorial concepts, Aleli Aster D. Ang and Crisanto M. Bordon

Isolation & identification of the major constituents of Crassocephalum crepidioides, Jacqueline U. Chua and Alexander G. Tiu

Preliminary investigation on the effect of crude aloe vera extract on the ripening process of tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.), Kristel Kara O. Chua and Mariane E. Roxas

The Perron-Frobenius theorem and its application to the Games of the Generals, Jose Eduardo T. Esguerra and Mary Micah C. Manlapig

On special first order differential equations and some applications, Kimberly Fong and Raun Bryan Yao

On zeta functions of some linear codes, Vincent Genil and Dave Ramiro

Investigation of the antioxidants properties of the core of Ananas comosus L, Avecille C. Go and Rhea Xandra S. Go

L(2, 1)-labeling of some special graphs, Jeremiah P. Juan and Padilla, Jezreel I.

On Ruth-Aaron pairs of the second kind, Mark Oyelle Mordeno and John Mark Yacapin

On optimal double-loop networks with non-unit steps, Regine Abigail G. Ong and Cherry Mary Joy U. Te

On some An Bn problems in number theory, Irwin Oroceo

On interpolation by matrices, Patricia Jessica R. Palanca and Anna Karina S. Quilala

On the uniqueness of the decomposition of finite abelian groups: A simple proof, Divya H. Ramchandani and Kristina B. Silva

On some properties of the intersection graph of half-planes induced by a set of lines, Marco Angelo Sancho and Alvin Tan

Theses/Dissertations from 2006

Transposition graphs, stirling numbers and the parity theorem for permutations, Genesis V. Abis and Elaine S. Sioco

Survey of ferns and fern allies in Pagudpud and Adams, Ilocos Norte, Krissy Marie Alina and Ma. Eliza G. Gallardo

Meristic and morphometric analyses of Philippine sardines, Kenneth Marvin S. Alvia and Rachel Ann S. Canlas

Some characterizations of Eulerian and Hamiltonian graphs, Philip Gabriel Y. Andrada and Hans Vernie L. Ong

Silver nanoparticle synthesis via microwave irradiation, Edeline Ann H. H. Ang and Patricke C. Rivera

Extraction and characterization of some secondary metabolites of the Chinese drug Qiang-le, Katrrina Bianca T. Aranzamendez and Anna Samantha C. Imperial

On some decoding processes (Reed-Muller and Golay Codes), Donna Mae B. Arcilla and Marc Chester V. Chua

Microbial analysis and preservative capacity of selected cosmetic products purchased from Divisoria and Binondo, Manila, Anna Patricia R. Belen

Antibiograms and conjugative transferability of antimicrobial resistance in enteric isolates from personnel in selected Bataan hospitals, Denise C. Cabrera, Krystle R. Calimbas, and Gretchen B. Cuison

An exposition on singular graphs: The cartesian product of two graphs, Arianne Faye Marie B. Calvero and Michelle B. Gernan

A survey of ectoparasites and endoparasites isolated from Rattus norvegicus collected from Calamba, Laguna and Rosario, Cavite and Mus musculus purchased from Cartimar Market, Pasay City, Manila, May Ann Lei A. Camaclang and Joshua Emmanuel R. Vergara

Electrical energy production from temperature difference using NPN bipolar junction transistors, Martin Gino S. Cruz and Jesus Roman B. Zayas

Heavy metal content of deep well water from Las Pinas, Cavite, Muntinlupa, Mandaluyong, Makati, Taguig, Manila, San Juan, Marikina, Antipolo and San Mateo, Edwin Francis I. De Asis, Reinard E. Francisco, Mikko Erika B. Tayag, and Karen Kate S. Tobias

Evaluation of selected marine communities in Talin Bay, Lian, Batangas for their potential as marine protected area, Jerre C. De Guzman, Mary Michelle V. Guinto, Ruby Ann B. Imson, Katrina S. Luzon, and Ivy Shiela C. Ramos

Survey of marine photoautotrophs in Tabangao Aplaya, Batangas City with notes on the physico-chemical properties of water, Carla Valerie G. Detera, Maria Katrina D. Dona, and Jovayna L. Tammang

On gaussian forms and ternary quadratic form matrices, Joanna Monica S. Fabia

Antibiograms of Escherichia coli from chicken, pig and nile tilapia (Oreochromys niloticus) intestines sold in wet markets, and the conjugative transferability of the resistance, Rea Marie L. Fami, Stephanie C. Jiao, and Vena Airene D. Pedernal

Synthesis of 4,5-bis (a,a'-Dibromo-m-XYLYL)-1,3-Dithiole-2-Thione: precursor to the preparation of a cobaltadithiolene complex, Mary Dianne Fong and Nikki Andrei Tan

The many names of (7, 3, 1): An exposition, Aldwin Guittap and Hilda Hervera

On highly irregular graphs, Tiffany Kai T. King