Theses/Dissertations from 2003

Mass spectroscopic characterization of some thermal degradation products of coconut shell, Patrick John T. Nua

On near-chromatic and chromatic polynomials, Vanessa Ong and Gertie Ann Penaflor

Mass spectroscopic characterization of some combustion products of high-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene, and polypropylene, Jane J. Osorio and Judy Fe F. Jose

Subdivision numbers of complete graphs and complete n-partite graphs, April D. Ostrea and Jade Ryan L. Rosario

Rooting responses of stem cuttings in molave (Vitex parviflora Juss.) and in Philippine teak (Tectona philippinensis Benth. & Hook. f.) of family verbenaceae in non-aerated hydroponic culture, Rebecca G. Paras and Ann Kristaline G. Talens

Metric spaces: More on the possibility of impossible pyramids, Prijm Patrick C. Quanico and Tristan Joel M. Velilla

Constructing kaleidoscopic tiling triangles in the hyperbolic plane, Aileen Kay T. Roque

An application of the Tarry-Escott problem on equal sum of powers to tournaments, Jess Christian F. Sabater and Vincent Joseph P. Tongson

Effect of different organic matters and different improvised feeds on the growth rate of Philippine cultured Eudrilus euginae (earthworm), Bryan Justin C. Sandejas and Margarette Grace E. Soriano

Relative cover, and patterns of distribution of genus Acropora in Hinatuan Bay and Bislig Bay, Surigao del Sur, Ma. Erlinda E. Soriano

On quadratic residue codes: An exposition, Kendrick C. Tan and Helen Loreen N. Carlos

A new symmetrical tetrathiafulvalene compound for possible liquid crystal applications, Jessica Tode

Sperm morphology of mouse Mus musculus administered with Momordica charantia herbal capsules, Mark Philip Vicencio

On product-free subsets of groups, Melanie Vicencio and Jose Eduardo Ang

An analysis of the vascular flora of the Calapan Nature Park in Oriental Mindoro, Liane S. Villacorte

Synthesis of tin oxide (Sn02) nanomaterial, Jacqueline C. Yu Eng Hong

Theses/Dissertations from 2002

On Leibniz's formula, Cauchy majorants and linear differential equations, Ma. Julia T. Abella and Jemille Louise C. Raymundo

Comparative morphology of the shell and the radula of marine prosobranchy gastropods, Andrei S. Acacio, Emma Lyn A. Cruz, and Han Lun L. Lin

On Eigenvalues of matrices of low rank, Jennifer Elaine Ruiz Acierto and Mary Joyce Valero Ramirez

On designing a dartboard-an application of graph modelling, Charlene Agbayani and Rosemarie S. Tejano

Computer assisted skeletonization of metaphase spread images, AMV Amiel A. Agulo and Mark u. Amurao

Identification of ectoparasitic arthropods in various avian and mammalian hosts, Dianne L. Alava and Marcus Luis T. Del Rosario

Image segmentation using morphological filters applied in chromosomes for semi-automated karyotyping system, Katherine C. Albano and Leah D. L. Saligumba

A survey of hookworm, Ascaris lumbricoides and Trichuris trichiura in children from newborn to six years old residing in Barangay La Huerta, Paranaque City, Henry Alcantara, Barbra Halili, Maelyn Monte, and Marietta Wee

On parametric integration, Sean Emery Ang and Melissa Marie Mendoza

Sarcocystis spp. infection in Philippine native chickens (Gallus gallus), Joanne Paola C. Arcilla and Nicole Liza L. Palomar

On the bandwidth of caterpillars with hairs of length 1 and 2, Ryan Arguillo and Leah Lu Lina De Leon

A survey of terrestrial plants growing in Smokey Mountain, Tondo, Anne Margaux V. Artates

The Euclidean dimension of generalized fans, Alfred John G. Ayro and Jerome James A. Ortaliza

Comparative anatomy of Pomacea sp. Lamarck (Prosobranchia : Ampullariidae) and Achatina fulica (Bowdich) (Heterobranchia : Achatiniidae), Jacqueline S. Balingit

Vegetation analysis in a lahar-covered area and allelopathic study of the crude weed extracts of its dominant weed species, Diana Elaine L. Bernal, Giselle Lucia P. Gonzales, and Raul Z. Kimpo

A comparative study on the total level of cholesterol in the serum and liver of mice fed with wheat bread, white bread, and 50:50 white-wheat bread, Ma. Carmeriza B. Buning and Jeannie W. Wong

A double-blind, placebo-controlled study of the efficacy of sebo de macho on post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, Camille Cruz Caladiao and Charisse San Luis Mendoza

The Monty Hall problem and other probability paradoxes: Two solutions, Maria Consolacion S. Calimbas and Grizzly Adam A. Villena

Medicinal plants and the traditional healers of Virac, Catanduanes, Anne Margaret D. Capistrano, Chrystalle Katte T. Carreon, and Maria Josefa Micaela D. Patero

Estimating residential real estate prices, Reinalyn Sahagun Castañeda and Stefanie Domingo Rañola

On skew centralizers and reversing symmetry groups, Jamie Liz L. Castillo and Ronaldo L. Malabanan

Finite groups of 2 X 2 integer matrices, Maria Katrina Castro and John Ronald Lu

Assessment of growth rate of mungbean (Phaseolus radiatus) cultivated with pink-pigmented facultative methylotrophic (PPFM) bacterial isolates, Joel S. J. Celestino and Jonelene S. Leonardo

The Pythagorean theorem and some of its generalizations, Sabrina Ann L. Chan and Eunice C. Go

Faunistic survey of the marine macrobenthos of Bolinao Pangasinan Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro and Matuod, Lian, Batangas, Jennifer Ann S. Chua, Suzette Grace R. Kho, and Joanna J. Lo

A study on effects of chicken manure as feed additive to the body weight and body length of Mesocricetus auratus (middle-sized hamsters), Michael Angelo Villanueva Chu and Mervyn John Alcala Viadoy

An introduction to automatic differentiation, Nathalyn Rose Co and Karen Kaye Tan

Morphology and taxonomy of asteroids, ophiuroids, and echinoids from Calatagan, Batangas and Boracay Island, Aklan, Diosdado D. Concepcion

Determination of the biophysical parameters of Talin Bay, Lian, Batangas: Bathymetry, water currents and transparency, Chris Joseph C. Cruz and Marlon B. Marges

On planarity of the double vertex graphs of connected graphs, Jose Avery S. Cruz and Jeffrey C. Granada

Microbial analysis of carinderia food and beverage from Pamilihang Bayan ng Obrero, Blumentritt, Manila, Elise Diana A. Dee and Irene J. Ludovice

On linear codes, Maria Angelica R. De Leon and Maria Cristina C. Lim

Microbial analysis of women's restrooms in selected fast food restaurants along Taft Avenue, Manila, Catherine M. Dichoso and Ria G. Peñarroyo

Isolation and characterization of pink-pigmented facultative methylotrophic (PPFM) bacteria from selected phylospheres, Ronard Matthew C. Dizon and Veradette Vianca C. Esquivel

Proving the Euler line and nine-point-line theorems through the three concurrence theorems, Jose Mari C. Dulce

Distribution function of surplus prior to ruin, Marie Anne Dy and Cathleen Meneses

Growth pattern of lead-treated fungi isolated from soil samples of Smokey Mountain, Tondo, Manila, Zheena Kristhyn V. Fabros

Taxonomy of the true crabs (Decapoda:Brachyura) from Bolinao, Pangasinan and Puerto Galera, Mindoro Oriental, Grace May G. Fernandez, Mary Michelle L. Mercado, and Clairebelle Marie B. Saban

Cyclic codes over the binary field, an exposition, Gence-Ross Sanchez Francisco

A survey of Sarcocystis sp. infection in native Anas sp. (Duck) from Lipa, Batangas, Rebecca Ann Vasquez Gabor and Jaymme Diane Festejo Villafuerte

A survey of Sarcocystis sp. infection in native Anas sp. (duck) from Lipa, Batangas, Rebecca Ann Vasquez Gabor and Jaymme Diane Festejo Villafuerte

Identification of plant mites from Luisiana, Laguna, Marlon D. Garcia and Abren C. Santocildes

Singularity and nonsingularity of some special classes of graphs, Reginald F. Gazo and Marlo Antonio Sauler

Macrosarcocysts infection in Canis familiaris, labrador retriever, Maya Gumatay

Isolation of acid phosphatase from cassava (Manihot Esculenta Crantz syn M. Utilissima Pohl) and kamote (Ipomea Bataas), Lawrence Nemaiah A. Hernandez and Leslie Elline N. Pimenta

Efficacy and adverse effects of lecithin based and spirulina based diet pills, Enrico Ignacio, Jamaica Germylie Lanting, and Jose Rico Salvatierra

An integer programming problem with a linear programming solution, Jill Corinne Jimenez and Maria Luisa Tumambing

Subdividing an isosceles triangle into a sequence of isosceles triangles, Ma. Beatriz Cristine Y. Jo and Ma. Felicia T. Zantua

A step closer to becoming a lotto millionaire, Gregory R. Lao and Alexander T. Wong

Simultaneous labeling of vertices and edges of a graph, Maricris Jeanree M. Lao and Margaret S. Suarez

A study on the monotonicity of Riemann sums approximations of Se f(x)dx, Janice C. Liban and Katherine T.I.B. Tung

A windows-based fuzzy logic engine applied to inverted pendulum-balancing and water tank simulations, Jacinto A. Limjap

A comparative assessment of antibacterial activities of three brands of hand sanitizers, Ana Jenica Lucio and Theodore E. Ofiaza

Taxonomic study of marine benthic algae of Bolinao, Pangasinan, Ana Maria Paras Madara, Sherilyn Alvaran Tuazon, and Zara Santos Zapanta

Optimum growth synthesis of tin telluride crystals, Michelle Gisela P. Madrid

Influence of crude leaf extract of (ampalaya) Momordica charantia on the embryonic development of (Albino mice) Mus musculus, Dona Carla Magalong

Describing basketball scores using probability distributions, Maria Antonella M. Martinez and Ruby Angela Montilla

Directed graphs in everyday living, Cheryl Ann B. Milabo and Alaine R. Pabayos

Fuzzy thresholding of metaphase spread images, Albert T. Monreal and Marlon M. Hizole

Physico-chemical and microbial analyses of public swimming pools in Laguna, San Juan, and Mandaluyong City, Chan Myat Myat Nyein and Jennifer De La Rosa

On polynomial codes and hamming codes, Ramien Anthony M. Pantoja

Obtaining absolute prime numbers, Tobie Ivan A. Pe and Aubrey C. Alcera

On square palindromic matrices, John Patrick Ramirez and Ralston Niño Shappit

Germination of selected legumes grown in lead nitrate, Marie Perpetua Socorro A. Ramirez

The relationship of sediment grain-size and water depth with the leaf elongation rate of seagrass species, Cymodocea rotundata Ehrenberg & Hempr. ex Aschers and Thalassia hemprichii (Ehrenb.) Aschers. in Talin Bay, Mary Sharon Virata Sanchez and Sheron Ron Teh Tiu

A comparative study of the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the serum and liver of obesed mice fed with orlistat and chitosan, Harlene P. Santiago and Meriam C. Santiago

Clinicopathologic and process characteristics in the care of breast cancer patients in the cancer institute-Philippine General Hospital, June 2000-July 2001, Khimberley D. Santiago

Screening of plant extracts for antimicrobial activity, Louise Antoinette M. Santos and Mylene G. Sunga

An investigation of a public-key cipher system based on diophantine equations, Eldrick Ryan Sia and Ricky Jay Cheong

Survey of Sarcocystis spp. infection in Cairina moschata (Muscovy duck bibi) collected in San Simon, Pampanga, Tristan Joseph T. Simbulan

Cryptography: An investigation of Cayley-Purser algorithm, Christopher Chaulmer Sy and Wiljohn Tantangco

Application of operator factorization in linear differential equation, Jeffrey Q. Sy and Josaline M. Lee

On minimum spanning trees and determinants, Mark Benlor B. Sy

Screening of family Enterobacteriaceae isolates from the Philippine General Hospital for extended-spectrum beta-lactamase activity, January L. Velasco, Carlo Josemaria D. Rubio, and Alysees E. Villaluz

Theses/Dissertations from 2001

The association of maternal age, parity, and cigarette consumption on the occurrence of low birth weight in infants, Charmaine V. Abasolo and Loella Joy C. Lustestica

Temporal variation in species composition, shoot density and biomass of seagrasses on the intertidal sand flat of Pagdalagan Sur, Bauang, La Union, Philippines, Clayfford Abenoja, Jose Roel Yabyabin, and Nathan Yague

Isolation, characterization and screening of antimicrobial activity of actinomycetes from soil samples along San Jose Del Monte River, Bulacan, Sheila Marie G. Abrajano and Sandra G. Yuson

A comparison of ordinary least squares estimators in a simple linear regression under two-stage sampling, Maria Cristina P. Abulo and Chiara Yasmin M. Pentoja

Survey of the sea stars (Asteroidea) and brittle stars (Ophiuroidea) of the West South China sea off Burgos and Currimao, Ilocos Norte, Crizaida Rose C. Arana

Approximating the arctangent function and the natural logarithmic function via recursive algorithms, Hannah Lianne J. Arca and Marie Belarmine R. Favila

Philippine bubaline sarcocystis Spp. infection: Light and transmission electron microscopic studies, Rene Lynn A. Arciga and Liezzy G. Manalo

Propagation of Jasminum sambac (L.) Ait. (Sampaguita, Family Oleaceae) through detached leaf method, Ma. Rosario G. Azores, Ma. Relen A. Daracan, and Hocanna T. Ong

Taxonomic survey of mosses in Brgy. Guinhawa Malolos, Bulacan, Joseph Patrick M. Bathan and Giankarlo V. Hao

Some singular and nonsingular r-regular, circulant and asymmetric diagraphs, Joseph Blanco and Vicente Valdez