Theses/Dissertations from 2000

Lead uptake of Salvinia natans, Erwin T. Duennas and Precious Lou T. Franco

A taxonomic study on the scleractinian corals of the Kalayaan Islands, Wednesday Ann P. Enriquez, Melanie A. Manlongat, and Beverly C. Purisima

Identification of intestinal parasites of Rastrelliger sp. (Hasa-hasa), Nemipterus sp. (Bisugo) and Euthynnus sp. (Tulingan) bought from Taytay Public Market, Rizal, Jacqueline Lourdes De Jesus Espanol, Jerome Razo Fernandez, and Janice Lopez Ong

A comparative study of the cholesterol level in the serum and liver of Swiss mice fed with xenical and fibrenet, Sol Teresa Bautista Estebar and Jennifer Ong Sia

An isomorphism between the Pascal graph and the Hanoi graph, Ma. Khristin A. Fabian and Von Ryan Mistades

Evaluation of simultaneous two-wavelength inversion technique for a one-component atmosphere., Oirand C. Floresca

Clinicopathologic and process characteristics in the care of lymphoma patients in the Cancer Institute-Philippine General Hospital, 1993-2000, Maria Tanya Foronda and Cynthia Gayon

Selecting a set of conflict-free group activities, Ghia Aniflauni Lagman and Angelyn R. Lao

Coral bleaching in the Philippines: Effects of the 1998 El Nino?, Goldee N. Lim

Genotoxic effects of lentrek on Allium cepa L. (Onion), Dayan Loria and Margie Alfaro

A study on the lotto system and a new multivariate geometric distribution, Marco Antonio E. Lozano and Ma. Christina B. Perez

Hall effect in BF4-1 and p-TSO doped polypyrrole films prepared in aqueous and organic solvents, Ryan L. Lugtu and Jarrod Joseph N. Yu

Antibiograms of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from the Philippine General Hospital and the minimum inhibitory concentrations of the antimicrobials, Merwyn B. Magpayo, Myla Joy C. Maranan, and Jeffrey S. Vasallo

Growth rates of Kappaphycus sp. (Sacul variety) farmed in two selected sites in Talin Bay, Batangas, Hector Rey A. Manzon and Joyce A. Salvador

Comparative study of antimicrobial activity of mucus of helicostyla metaformis and achatina fulica, Penelope C. Mapanao and Mary Joy J. Paquiz

Estimating household income of the 1998 annual poverty indicator survey on the province of Cavite, Christine Jhoanna S. Nemis and Madelaine M. Salcedo

Codoping mercury (Hg) and ruthenium (Ru) in bulk 2223 BSCCO, Cimily O. Ng and Karen M. See

On functions that generate prime numbers, Nieves Gayrene C. Pangan and Elloisa Rae S. Perez

Fractal tilings, Emer A. Rabacal and Alfred Joseph M. Espiritu

Antimicrobial activities of medicinal plants sold near Quiapo Church prepared by decoction against some common skin disease-causing microorganisms, Parwaneh Mariano Rezai Sepasi and Azenith H. Alegar

Local area network: Minimum cost cable setup simulation, Nikki Ruth B. Samson and Raoul Allan B. Sanchez

On square-palindromic matrices, Anna Kristine B. Sanchez and Minina R. Servano

Growth response of Galus galus domestica Linn. on Spirulina and commercial feeds, Jene Christian L. San Jose

Probability models for the Philippine Tennis Association tournaments, Christina Sheryl L. Sianghio and Aileen R. Vicencio

Survey of sarcocystis spp. infection in domestic goats slaughtered at Farmers Market, Cubao, Quezon City, John Eric N. Tan

Extended binomial coefficients and the Pascal triangle, Gwendalene B. Ting and Faye Charmaine C. Velasco

Optical depth measurement and automated determination of cloud base height and vertical extent, Francis Antonio Tuason and Rickman Nono

Theses/Dissertations from 1999

The effect of arginine and adenosine on death time due to PSP intoxication, Barbra Michelle F. Abad and John Paulo R. Marquez

Tissue carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus content of Ipomoea pes-caprae (Linnaeus) roth (Convolvulaceae), Christine C. Aguilar, Rebecca B. Cammayo, and Corina Mae G. Tiu

On graphs and marriages, Genevieve A. Aguilera and Reginald A. Swing

Digitized image enhancement of G-bands in human metaphase chromosome, Mary Grace Aguspina and Mike B. Tialegko

Identification of intestinal parasitic helminths in Auxis sp., Thunnus sp., Tilapia sp. and Chanos chanos collected from Paco Market, Manila, Paolo Jorge L. Amante, Carlo C. Carpio, Ma. Khristina Z. Garcia, and Witney Lei V. Ligamzon

On statistical independence and fractional age assumptions, Francesca P. Ambrosio and Sharmila B. Maranan

Replication property for magic squares, Antonio S. Angeles and Almario D. Ramirez III

The Riccati differential equation approach to certain potential problems in quantum mechanics, Jeffrey C. Ang

Application of multiple linear regression on expenditure and income in Palay for Iloilo, Mary Verna Criket B. Armedilla and Richard Noel P. Shappit

Constructing indicators for the prevalence of human immunodeficiency virus and tuberculosis using adjusted maximum likelihood, Abigail Arnan and Charmine Azajar

Allometric measurements of the giant clam (Tridacna gigas L.) to quantify deformities caused by stoking density, Christine Joy C. Bacani and Shaina M. Pineda

A vegetation study in the lahar-devastated area of Barangay Manibaug Pasig, Porac, Pampanga., Karen Anne Ringor Balana, Kiok Bing Kok Yuchongtian, Jennifer T. Pena, and Imelda Dyauco Relucio

A toxonomic survey of intertidal marine crabs found in Bataan, Cavite and Quezon Province, Lorheani M. Bejasa, Mary Clare B. Maninang, and Felimon K. Morales

Tissue CNP content of Sonneratia alba J. Smith in the intertidal flat of Talin Bay, Batangas, Andrei Bonsol, Marc Anthony Cueto, and Patrick Rafael Katipunan

Growth response of Tilapia nilotica fry to different commercial and non-commercial feeds, Rolando M. Cajucom, Jan Michael Villar Samson, Andre Lawrence Tojino, and Matt Jayson Villanueva

Cadmium, copper and zinc concentrations in water, leaves and roots of Cymodocea serrulata (R. Brown) Ascherson and Magnus and Enhalus acoroides (L.f.) royle and sediments exposed to marcopper mine tailings in Calancan Bay, Marinduque, Lellivi S. Carmen, Candice Fay L. Chua, Jo Anne P. Hernandez, Kari Anne Lake, and Sarah Joan M. Ponce

Antibiograms & conjugative transferability of antimicrobial resistance of pseudomonas aeruginosa from the Philippine General Hospital, Dexter Ruña Casta and Jaime G. Lorenzo

Microbial analysis of drinking water in eating establishments located in the vicinity of De La Salle University, Taft, Emmanuel V. Castaneda

Water quality analysis of Angat River, Bustos, Bulacan, Tricia Anton Castro and Karen Kathleen Balbin Lazo

Computations of risk premium rates for crop insurance, Christine M. Catapang and Maria Lucia SM. San Pablo

A comparison of several techniques of imputation on clinical data, Jasper Hendrik T. Cheng and Frederick L. Sy

On stochastic life contingencies, Wilbert L. Chua and Merry Jane S. Lim

Water quality analysis of Sampaloc Lake, Mary Chrislyn M. Co, Nina Arvee G. Estrella, Anna Michelle Grace Y. Ong, and Katherine June C. Suzara

The effect of Acetaminophen on Mesocricetus auratus (golden hamster) organs, Mary Margaret H. Cuisia, Ray Anthony S. Geronimo, and Christian Eric M. Salvador

Homomorphisms of projective planes, Michelle J. Custodio and Jan-Michael G. Coligado

Heptagon loops: An exposition of the article can you do it with heptagons?, Maria Louella Y. Dalistan and Michael M. Mangila

Changes in serum lipoproteins in hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus Waterhouse) following dietary intake of Spirulina, Dexter M. De Castro

Vegetation analysis and biomass production in the lahar-affected area of Bacolor, Pampanga, Grace Joy D. De Guzman and Anna Karmela V. Ong

Antibiotic sensitivity patterns and enterotoxigenicity of Escherichia coli isolated from watery and formed stools of swines from Pasig City slaughterhouse, Elieza Marie A. de la Cerna, Marie-Lou L. Gallego, Eric Jason L. Jiao, and Ryan D. Perez

Histological effects of Salmonella serotype E on the heart, kidney, liver and spleen of laboratory rats, Jose Angelo L. De Leon, Norberto I. Estanislao, Alejandro M. Mendoza, and Rainier S. Reyes

On blocks and imprimitive groups, Carmela B. de Vera and James Jordan R. Gruezo

Incidence of dermatophytic fungi in the footwears of farmers in Catanaun, Quezon, Richelle B. de Villa, Rosario Bugo Nazareno, and Michael Yu Tan

On crossing numbers, Catherine S. Eder and Lester Ysmael P. Estonina

Tissue C N P content of Avicennia lanata Ridley in Talin Bay, Lian, Batangas, Gilbert Y. Emas, Roldan K. Landazabal, and Alvin Constantine T. Tin

Physico-chemical characterization and bacterial isolation from different stages of home-made fish sauce production, Ma. Morena I. Enriquez, Chilanyne S. Molino, and Robin S. Tolentino

Some results on clique partitions of regular graphs, Jona Kristine E. Escaner and Arlene R. Inocencio

Taxonomic study of scleractinian corals from Balayan Bay off Bagalangit, Mabini, Batangas., Jill V. Estabillo, Stefanie W. Lim-Uy, Monica S. Lladoc, and Alligrezze Jan C. Santos

Isolation, characterization and screening for antimicrobial activity of isolates from soil in Smokey Mountain, Tondo, Manila, Katherine M. Fabres

The effects of different light rays on the skin color and growth in length of betta splendens liem, Ramona Elisa L. Fargas

Survey of risk factors associated with atherosclerosis among middle-age men aged 40-60 at The Makati Medical Center, Catherine Gloreen L. Francisco

Population density, size distribution, and morphology of Nerita undata Linn. in the rocky shores of Wala Bagalangit, Mabini, Batangas, Luzon island and off Layaglayag, Caban island, Tingloy, Batangas during the summer and rainy seasons of 1998, Glacie lD Gapasin, Patricia Marcos Ramos, and Marie Joan Paraiso Torres

The useful plants of the Bugkalots of Dupax del Sur, Nueva Vizcaya, Marie Anna Garcia, Gia Anna Guyala, and Jennifer Lampa

The pollen grains of flowering plants in selected sites in Batangas and Davao, Emmylou M. Gonzales and Rowena L. Ona

Tissue C, N, P content of the three dominant seagrasses in Brgy. Luyahan, Talin Bay, Batangas., Michelle A. Guanzon; Ong Kian Koc, Bryan Bernard U.; and Bataclan, Rommel P.

Applications of graph theory in telecommunications network design and garbage collection route, Julia A. Honrado and Janice Ann C. Verdejo

Vegetation composition and herbivory in a disturbed secondary forest in Antipolo City, Marlowe Saulon Imperial

Effects of water stress on the growth of Vignasesquipeddalis (bush sitao), Josephine Paz A. Javina, Hazel Gertrude C. Manabal, and Charmaine G. Silva

On conjugacy classes of finite groups, Vienna Djoann V. Lazatin and Maria Veronica E. Tingzon

The relationship between the size of the feeding range of the red fin butterflyfish (Chaetodon trifasciatus Park, 1797) and hard coral cover at Danjugan Island, West of Negros, Philippines, Micaela C. Ledesma, Carlos Jose S. San Juan, and Jose G. Garrido

Identification of intestinal helminths found in Arius manilensis Valenciennes, 1840, Clarias batrachus Linnaeus, 1758, Glossogobius giurus Hamilton, 1882, and Ophicephalus striatus Bloch, 1793 collected in Kamuning Public Market, Nikki Anne Legaspi, Tricia Subido, Hazel Tuazon, and Liza Vergeire

A survey of Chaetogaster sp. infestation and digenetic trematode infection in lymnaeid snails collected from Sta. Maria River, Barangay Catmon, Sta. Maria, Bulacan and the Sunken Garden lagoon, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Mylene Anne R. Macabagdal, Dona Mira O. Monterey, Carla Jo M. Rodriguez, Esperanza Grace R. Santi, Vicelyn G. Tarin, and Joan Nikki L. Valencia

A survey of the vascular macrophytes of Western Lake, Buhi, Camarines Sur, Temujin Fidel Rada Madrid

A study on the histological effects of piroxicam on the kidney of male Mus musculus (white mice), Maricel R. Manalo

Salary scales and salary functions for pension valuation, Mychel Lawrent S. Medina and Joseph David A. Moya

A five year review of congenital pulmonary diseases in various Metro Manila hospitals from June 1993 to June 1998., Aldrich Villamin Mendoza

A generic simulation of a multi-predator and a multi-prey interaction incorporating species coactions, Erika P. Mori and Julie S. Que

A model for retirement in a small business environment, Simon M. Ogbac and Alexandra L. Teehankee

Microbial analysis of ice cream produced by big-scale and small-scale manufacturers, Graceleah O. Orallo and Aileneli H. Pangan

Comparison on the growth inducing effect of three new brands of commercial feeds on Oreochromis niloticus, Johan Wahlen Q. Pangilinan, Ulysses L. Parel, and Michael Vincent M. Simon

On an approximation to the solution of the birthday problem, Riza P. Pena and Sherryl O. Ronquillo

Diel fluctuations of chlorophyll a concentration in the awike stream in Brgy. Limao, Alaminos Laguna, Rodrigo Rene Roxas and Dominic Velasco

A comparative analysis of commercially supplied water (MWSS) and deep well water within the vicinity of Makati City and San Andres Bukid, Manila, Leah C. Salido and Rosary Ann L. Santiago

Physico-chemical and bacteriological analysis of swimming pool water at Filinvest Homes 1 clubhouse in Batasan Hills, Quezon City., Jamie Grace C. Sansano

Identification of intestinal parasitic helminths in Thunnus albacares (yellowfin tuna) sold at Bankerohan Public Market, Davao City, Wilfred Dexter G. Tanedo

A study of the consequences on the size structure of Porites in Santiago Island, Bolinao Pangasinan., Aleah C. Tiu

Seasonal incidence of dengue and typhoid fever at the Philippine General Hospital from January 1995 to December 1997, Allantonie Tom and Meyrick Sarmiento

Descriptive analysis of the leaf external anatomy of the Philippine species of the Family Zingiberaceae, Patrick A. Vergel de Dios

Theses/Dissertations from 1998

Preparation by spreading of pastes and characterization of ruthenium-doped Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-oxide films, Sheila Marie E. Abaoag and Julie C. Ko

A survey on the ascorbic acid content of selected fresh fruits and vegetables from selected supermarkets and public markets in Metro Manila, Marie Joyce Afable and Shealamarie Camarillo

Increasing function theorem an alternative for the mean value theorem, Roberto A. Aguilar and Melathys D. Alamon

The effect of orally administered crude leaf extract of Momordica charantia Linn. (ampalaya) on the intrinsic motility of rabbit small intestine, Gerald G. Alday

The fern flora in selected areas (600 sq.m) of Mt. Palay-Palay National Park, Ternate, Cavite, Christina R. Amancio and Rowena S. Barba

On the conditions of equality between the inverse of a function and its reciprocal, Cathryn Joy C. Amparo and Lyanlex B. Bernales