Theses/Dissertations from 1997

On generating solutions to the N-queens problem using 2-circulants, Margarita I. Montemayor and Jane Denise C. Ogilvie

The effect of Dolichos lablab on the estrous cycles of albino mice, Rosa Socorro L. Montinola

The effects of vehicular fumes on the leaf epidermis of plants along busy urban thoroughfares, Carmen Lilia Alcaraz Noel

A survey of the presence of digenetic trematode larvae in freshwater snails collected in Bakas, Norzagaray, Bulacan, Jhoram F. Nufable

Water quality analysis of San Juan River in Sto. Tomas and Tanauan, Batangas, Elizabeth C. Onate

Feasible permutations of Kepler's spheres, Artemis P. Ong and Sandra S. Panagsagan

An analysis of the survival of HIV + patients, Jennifer P. Pacana and Miriam Liza C. Villaroman

A survey of medicinal plants commonly utilized in three barrios of Gapan, Nueva Ecija, Nino Vendivel Padiernos

Design and optimization of a road system based on total cost, Jennifer H. Padua and Marielle T. Raya

Mathematics for fun, Stanley L. Pang and Michael Lester O. See

A computer-based approach in generating the Catalan sequence and some applications, Marinea C. Perez and Lawrence B. Atilon

A survey of digenetic larval trematodes in Melanoides tuberculata and Melanoides granifera collected from Maulawen River, University of the Philippines, Los Banos Laguna, Melody Abina Ramores

An investigation on the effect of applying 2D wavelet transforms for edge enhancement on image of the moon's surface, Jessica M. Ranches

Propagation and culture of kappaphycus alvarezii doty in Matnog, Sorsogon and its ecological significance, Francis Louise Ong Ravanilla

Monitoring oyster (Crassostrea iredalei) growth using plot hanging method bitin and sampayan at Bacoor Bay, Louella B. Raymundo and Maritess C. Cong

Survey of digenetic trematode infection of freshwater snails taken from a brook in Pangarap Village, Novaliches, Quezon City, Rafael Alexis Resurreccion

Protein content in two legume species as affected by duration of storage under different temperatures, Ma. Anaizza S. Reyna

Toxicity of cadmium to Pomacea sp., Rensie Chiara D. Rigor

Cultivation of Schizophyllum commune Schroet (sikdot) using coconut husk as substrate, Reimarie Mandana A. Rillo

Quantitative analysis of lead, cadmium, and zinc concentrations in Ipomoea aquatica F. (kangkong), water and sediments in Barangay Arkong Bato, Valenzuela, Metro Manila, Donna I. Rivera and Francis Mark D. Santos

Fabrication of polypyrrole (p-Tolouenesulphonate doped)/metal Schottky contacts using vapor deposition, Mabelle Roque and Romel Selerio

The incidence of acanthocephala in the intestines of Tilapia spp from Palakpakin Lake, San Pablo City, Jo Ann Natividad Saba

Correlation of cerebral palsy with some perinatal factors surveyed among hospitals, schools and rehabilitation institution around Metro Manila, Jonathan Victor Espiritu Salud

Effects of the administration of varying dosages of diclofenac sodium on the gastric mucosal and renal histology of mice, Kristine S. San Miguel and Caren Jennefer T. Sy

Screening for antimicrobial properties of selected cyanobacteria extracts, A. Gabriel V. Santos and Ma. Rachel B. Deslate

A survey of digenetic trematode larval metacercariae in fish species Rastrelliger kanagurta (alumahan) and Lutianus malabaricus (maya-maya) collected from Imus, Cavite, Edgar B. Santos

Effect of mahogany seed extract on the blood sugar level of mice, Laureana C. Santos

Drug susceptibility patterns of nosocomial Acinetobacter anitratum from cases of the Philippine General Hospital and the conjugative transferability of their drug resistance, Emily R. Sarne

Detection of fecal coliforms, Salmonella sp., Shigella sp., and coagulase positive Staphylococcus in the fishball sauce being served by peddlers along Taft Avenue and at the Student Personnel Services Canteen, Sunaina Sehwani

Reported cases of systemic lupus erythematosus in Metro Manila hospitals from 1991 to 1995, Gilmore C. Senolos

Effects of high doses of aspirin on kidney of mice, Beverly S. Sia

Morphological and pigmentation changes in Spirulina treated with heavy metals, Ysmael A. Siasat

Monitoring growth of oyster (Crassostrea iredalei) using modified tray hanging method in Bacoor, Cavite, Estelita B. Silva

A survey on protozoan blood parasites in frogs (Rana sp. and Bufo sp.), Reynold M. Sta. Ana

Effects of Caesalpinia sappan, sibucao leaf decoction on the red blood cell count, hemoglobin concentration and hematocrit of Swiss mice, John Vincent A. Tad-y

The effect of alcohol on the histology of mouse liver, Sandra Claire Talamayan and Paul Harris Lagman

Antifungal activity of essential oils from selected plant species, Nelisa Navarro Tan

Isolation, characterization and screening of hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria in Manila Bay, Vivette B. Torres

Intestinal parasitic trematodes in Epinephelus sp. (lapu-lapu) and Lutjanus sp. (maya-maya), Denver O. Ty

Bandwidth of some classes of graphs, Tristan C. Valdenor

A comparative vegetational analyses between natural and disturbed grasslands, Romulo Z. Valencia

Toxicity of Catharanthus roseus (chichirica), Piper nigrum (black pepper) and Nicotiana tabacum (tobacco) to Periplaneta americana (American cockroaches), Frances Charlotte C. Velasco

A program on tree isomorphism (tree isomorphism detection program), Jeremiah-Jose N. Velez

The effect of Swietenia mahogani Jacq. (mahogany) seeds on the blood cholesterol level of Mus musculus albino mice, Allen Richard D. Villanueva

Screening for antifungal activity of Artemisia vulgaris Linn. (damong maria) and Ageratum conyzoides Linn. (bulak manok) (Family Asteraceae), Mia Villanueva

Effects of creatine monohydrate supplementation on creatinine clearance, Mark Jeremy L. Vives and Jennie May S. Landas

Quality of pesticide-sprayed rice grain during weeks of storage, Adelor Jose Zamora

Theses/Dissertations from 1996

A software package for computing exposures in insurance, Ollie May Abesamis and Agnes Ang

A study on the prevalence of some intestinal helminthic parasites of female mallard ducks in Brgy. Canalate Malolos, Bulacan, Adrian A. Adriano

Fabrication of an improvised stretching apparatus and the determination of the effect of the stretching temperature on the conductivity of polypyrrole films synthesized in aqueous solution, Celso M. Afuang and Marily T. Wong

Electrical transport properties of PbSn1-xTe thin films and Pb1-xSnxTe bulk samples, Melissa Q. Almanzor and Ma. Carmellia G. Ong

Genotoxic effects of cypermethrin on Allium cepa L. (onion), Joseph Philip M. Alvarico

A study on the identification and classification of asteroids and ophiuroids found at Bantiqui pt., Tayabas Bay, Laiya, San Juan, Batangas, Michelle G. Amurao

Magic cubes: An extension of magic squares, Jeremias C. Andres and Maureen R. Ribay

Taxonomic survey of seagrasses found in Talin Bay, Matuod Lian, Batangas, Alyce Gail Ng Arejola

Isolation of protein fraction from the hepato-pancreas of golden apple snail, Pomacea sp., Cristina G. Asuncion

Algorithms of eigenvalues and eigenvectors, Nelson T. Atienza and Marianne C. Calderon

Conjugative co-transferability of multiple drug resistance and enterotoxigenicity in clinical isolates of Escherichia coli, Shaun Frederick M. Aure and Ma. Yasmin B. Mabutas

Exploratory analysis of the probability of ruin, Annalyn G. Baes and Ma. Celina B. Navera

Analysis of cadmium, lead and zinc in macrobenthic algae (Enteromorpha intestinals), water and sediments of San Fabian Bay, San Fabian, Pangasinan, Joseph S. Balingit and Richard M. David

A study on the prevalence of intestinal roundworm infections in children of upper Manalete II, Barangay Santa Cruz, Antipolo, Rizal, Joanne Amar Barleta

Finding an optimal strategy for the game of poker, Cielo C. Beltran and Kim Roy C. Perez

Isolation, characterization, and screening for antimicrobial property of heterotrophic bacteria from soil collected at Pulang Lupa, Makiling, Francisco Victor A. Beltran

A survey on the prevalence of common intestinal helminthic parasites among children of Barangay Dampol 2nd-A, Pulilan, Bulacan, Precy Luz L. Bernardo

A study on the efficiency of three fish feeds to grow tilapia in a caged culture with notes on water quality, Kyle Curtis Biesheuvel

A computer program on some operations on simple graphs using Turbo Pascal 5.5, Eric John S. Bitong

An introduction to finite markov chains and its application with software, Richard S. Borja and Bryan C. Chua

On Catalan numbers, Alma J. Buenaventura and Angela Teresa P. Martinez

Isolation, characterization and screening for anti-microbial properties of heterotrophic bacteria from Haliclona koremella and its ambient seawater, Karen S. Bulseco, Jennylyn L. Javier, Irma Veronica A. Miguel, Natalie Antoinette D. Nadal, and Elmo N. Ramos

Vegetational analysis in a lahar covered area in Barangay Panipuan San Fernando, Pampanga, Irving N. Bundalian

Using a geoboard model for fractions, Francis Frederick C. Cabuhat and Karen L. De Ramos

Assessment on the effectivity of selected bacterial/enzyme systems in from Coca-Cola Bottlers Company Antipolo plant, Alexander James De Torres Calderon

A functional approach to encoding and decoding a cryptogram, Joselito P. Canlas and Joseph C. Dequito

A survey on the presence of Babesia sp. in Rattus tanizumi (common field rat) collected from Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Glenn Vincent S. Carandang

Analysis of nitrogen dioxide in ambient air, Karen Grace B. Castanares and Cecille L. Macale

A taxonomic study of the fern flora in Camp Joseph Estrada, Tanay, Rizal, Artemus T. Castillo

Mercury levels in Tilapia mosambica collected from Laguna lake, Rhodora C. Catibog and Rosella C. Ferrer

Cadmium, lead and zinc content in Mytilus edulis, Vanessa T.L. Cenabre

A preliminary study on hazardous waste management in the chemistry laboratories of the College of Science, DLSU, Jason G. Centino

Stock assessment of seagrasses in Talin Bay, Batangas, Dennis Daniel R. Clemente and Francis Wendell O. Sapanhila

Some applications of linear algebra in combinatorics, Cherielyn A. Co and Lalyn V. Mitra

A survey on the prevalence of Babesia sp. in wild rats (Rattus tanizumi) of Calamba, Laguna, Gretschen P. Comia and Conrado A. Recio

Photography of selected lunar features and the depth measurement of selected craters., Erwin Creencia and Gemma P. Sy

Using linear programming sensitivity analysis to solve generalized linear programming problems, Beverly V. Cristobal and Crispin Vicente P. Guilatco

Screening for antimicrobial activity of six macrobenthic algae from Janao Bay, Anilao, Batangas, Alvin B. Cruz

On crossing numbers of some families of graphs, Carlo P. Cruz and Joseph Jeffrey U. Lontoc

On LB numbers (with a computer program), McNeil A. Cruz and Florencio L. Dela Cruz

Measurement of the minority carrier lifetime of PbxSn1-xTe thin films using the method of photoconductive decay, Alvin T. Cua and John Michael A. Lau

Screening for antimicrobial activity of crude extracts from seagrasses in Talin Bay, Lian, Batangas, Aileen M. Dela Paz

Finding an optimal solution for the game of checkers, Raymund E. Delena and Joven A. Francisco

The moss flora in selected areas of San Jose, Nueva Ecija, Michelle Sheryl T. De Leon

A study on the effects of varying Cu content and pelletizing pressure on the superconducting B1 1.6 Pb o.4 Sr2 Ca n-1 Cu n Oy ceramics prepared via the melt-quench method, Cecilia A. Del Mundo

On incircles in triangles and quadrangles, Gerald L. Denoga and Michael H. Sianghio

Mathematics in nature, art and environment, Midnitte L. de Sagun and Bernadette M. Zenarosa

Recurrence relations and applications, Catherine de Sotto and Nievo Francisco

Survey of Babesia sp. and tapeworm infection in house rats (Rattus norvegicus) collected from Quiapo, Manila, Karen Marie K. Domingo and Mitos C. Noble

Binomial coefficients: Identities and applications with computer program, Michael C. Durana and Angel Denton G. Torio

Isolation and screening of alkybenzene sulfonate-degrading bacteria from sediments in Pasig River, Ella Cecilia P. Escarcha

Reproductive and vegetative morphology of Congracilaria babae, an adelphoparasite of Gracilaria salicornia (Rhodophyta : gracilariales), Fe Esperanza Caridad D. Facultad

Survey of medicinal plants in Candon, Ilocos Sur, Lourellie C. Gacutan