Theses/Dissertations from 1995

On the coloring of empire maps, Jorge L. Ang and Jeffrey L. Uy

Basic concepts of partial differential equations, Stanford A. Ang and Josua C. Gohoc

On multiplication theorems for magic squares, Rosemarie M. Antonio and Heidee D.J. Caleon

Preliminary assessment of the physico-chemical characteristics and primary productivity of two sites in Taal Lake in Barangay Panhulan, Agoncillo, Batangas, Ma. Sherill H. Aranillo and Rhea L. Cardeno

On residual lifetimes in random parallel systems, Mary Rose N. Arjona and Belinda S. Lumabi

Unfolding the mystery behind an affine magic square, Katherine M. Aterrado and Emma Ruth C. Mijares

Automation of the TASCO telescope, Carlo Andro Atibula, Paolo Antero Rodriguez, and Ricardo Villarroya

Fabrication of polypyrrole (p-toluenesulphonate doped) metal Schottky contacts, Mayzelle A. Atienza, Dee Jay R. Roque, and Senen B. Sarmiento

On the games nim, sprouts and domineering (with computer program), Julius Rex Q. Azarraga and Francis Ryan P. Garcia

The effects of pre-germination seed processing, storage temperature and duration of storage on the viability and seedling growth of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.), Bernadette S. Bartolome

A mathematical approach to a billiard game, Jose A. Basa and Stephenson G. Chua

A survey of prevalent household dust mites in various Philippine setting, Karen Joan R. Bautista

Effects of cyclosporin-A on mouse kidney: A histological study, John Brendon S. Bicol

The effect of garlic decoction on serum cholesterol in mice given a high-fat diet, Johanna P. Brondial

A comparative study of the chemical composition of Tilapia nilotica and Tilapia mossambicus, Adelaida Brosoto

Development of a multimedia software on the environmental and health impacts of geothermal energy, Anthony Francis R. Buenafe, Marius Eduardo R. De Guzman, and Shailini O. Fernando

The ethnobotany of Iraya Mangyans of Barangay Caagutayan, San Teodoro, Oriental, Mindoro, Annalyn L. Bunquin

Agricultural wastes as additive nutrient substrate for the cultivation of Pleurotus sajor caju, Michelle J. Bustamante

A survey of Bovine babesiosis in Manabo, Abra, Ma. Elena S. Cagdan

Evaluation on the utilization of various agricultural wastes as substrates for the cultivation of Volvariella volvacea, Maria Lyn Calipes

Integers as sum of squares, Rosalie Coney E. Calusin and Marilen M. Castro

An assessment of the water quality of Lawaye River in San Juan, Batangas, Arminda Ramos Canuel

On clipping a coin over the telephone, Lany M. Carandang

Green algal primary productivity of Talin Bay, Batangas with notes on the physico-chemical characteristics of surrounding water, Joel Montenegro Carlos

Extended Pascal triangle, Ella Pamela T. Cartera and Miciel Christie F. Rillera

The moss flora in selected areas of Villamor Air Base, Claire Ann L. Castellano, Suzette P. Lavin, and Sheila Marie E. Sarangaya

In vitro testing of fish sauce, hot sauce, soy sauce and vinegar for the presence of antimicrobial properties, Katherine Gay N. Castro

On quasinormal subgroups, Katherine Ong Chua and Annabelle Ong Lim

Lead content of Bougainvillea glabra leaves from three sites in Metro Manila, Pamela Michelle I. Claveria

Comparative study of the tracheary elements of the three species of Pittosporum, Marie Christine Cobangbang

Some methods of solving cubic equations, Ma. Eliza Cornejo and Hazel Gabelo

Toxicity of arsenic pentoxide to Ampullaria luzonica, Gene Loulette M. Cruz

A survey of the prevalence of Bovine babesiosis at the Dalisay Farms Dasmarinas, Cavite, Katrina Cruz and Ricio M. Tantoco

Water quality analyses of Laguna de Bay at Putatan, Muntinlupa with notes on the heavy metal content of water and fish caught in the lake, Margarita C. Cual and Marie Avigail M. Dolleton

Water quality analyses of Laguna de Bay at Putatan, Muntinlupa with notes on the heavy metal content of water and fish caught in the lake, Margarita C. Cusi and Marie Avigail M. Dolleton

A study on the synthesis conditions of PPy (CI04) in acetonitrile, Nicolas Francisco J. Custodio, Melanie David, and Aldrin L. Marasigan

Effects of different concentrations of malathion on the germination of Vigna sp. (bush sitao), Charina D. Dado

Effects of the medicinal plant makabuhay Tinosphora rumphii Boerl. extract on human lymphocytes, in-vitro, Rolando Lizarondo De Guzman

Taxonomic survey of intertidal marine crabs in the vicinity of DLSU Marine Biological Station, Matuod, Lian, Batangas, Tricia Ann T. De Jesus

A study of the effects of sintering time variation on the superconducting properties of a Pb-doped BSCCO superconductor prepared by second combustion method, Alan M. Dela Cruz, Suzette S. Ilustre, and Omar O. Monserrat

Inpercast-DTCI information operations and forecasting system, Ellen C. De la Cruz and Marissa F. Martir

A taxonomic study of asteroidea (Echinodermata) found within the area of Malabrigo Pt., Lobo, Batangas, Johanna Ruby N. De Leon

On the applications of discrete mathematics to job scheduling in a distributed system, Josephine L. De Vera

The effects of light intensity on the growth of Coleus amboinicus lour. (oregano), James Neil M. Diaz

Ramseyian theorems, Emilio B. Dillera and Ma. Teresita L. Rafael

A survey of Babesia spp. infection in Rattus mindanensis mindanensis (common field rat) collected from Calumpit, Bulacan, Angelito J. Dionisio

On workable gears, Archimedian solids and the planar bipartite graphs, Catherine M. Ditan and Victor Rey D. Inventor

The efficacy and safety of topical antifungal miconazole cream in the treatment of corneal fungal infection, (Candida albicans), Charlotte Araza Dizon

Seagrass primary productivity of Talin Bay, Batangas with notes on physico-chemical characteristics of water, Jeffrey Diez Domacena

An evaluation of the payroll system of R.R.B. Garments Company, Juliet C. Domingo and Dexter D. Buenaventura

Toxicity of cadmium to Ampullaria luzonica, Aileen F. Dy

Properties of magic squares as matrices, Evangeline I. Elesis and Maricris L. Lacson

A taxonomic study on the sponges found in Talin Bay Lian, Batangas, Sheila Elmido, Jennifer Tuazon, and Windie Villarica

Agarose gel electrophoresis patterns of human sera in various disease states, Giselle V. Espiritu

Pollen concentration in Las Piñas for the month of November 1994 and its vegetation sources, Jeanelette M. Estacio, Jayleen L. Llana, and Paz Christina O. Megia

A survey of Sarcocystis sp. infection in slaughtered cattle in San Juan abbatoir, Renee Joy T. Farolan

Effect of the insecticide, resigen on Ampullaria sp., Stephanie Scott A. Fenoy

A fast fourier transform analysis of electrocardiographs, Theresa P. Flores and Gerald Ferdinand C. Frias

Carbon and nitrogen sources and lipase production in Aspergillus foetidus AVOR 001, Ivy R. Fontanilla

The efficacy and safety of topical anti-fungal agent miconazole in the treatment of otomycosis (Candida albicans) in rabbits, Mary Maureen Monzuela Garin

The effects of different concentrations of malathion on the different growth stages of Vigna sp., Keith Brian O. Gensolin, Carissa Ocampo, and Bryan Patrick T. Reyes

A taxonomic study of marine gastropod shells found in Silonay Island, Oriental Mindoro, Christina Raquel T. Gutierrez

Isolation and characterization of bacteria associated with a demosponge Haliclona sp. and its ambient seawater, Arniel Solomon Habac

Water quality analysis of Sabang River in Lipa City with notes on heavy metal (cadmium and lead) content, Babylenn Christie Morada Hernandez

Spawn production of selected species of fungi using different substrates, Grace C. Hernandez, May C. Madlangbayan, Joyce B. Rabina, and Milflores Victoria F. Tantoco

Toxicity of glacial acetic acid to Ampullaria luzonica, Erwin L. Isla

An algorithm on the construction of finite projective and affine planes through cyclic block designs, Carlito V. Jimenez

Fractal dimension, Chermaine Jimenez and Raquel Maldia

Isolation, identification and classification of microbial isolates from rose nodules, Henry Rivera Kaw

Microbial analysis of fried embryonated duck's egg sold in Carriedo, Manila, Minerva M. Laconico and Marie Cheryll M. Lozada

On partitions of an integer and generating functions, Gil R. Laqui and Nazar C. Rebona

Comparative study of Areca catechu L. (betel nut), Momordica charantia L. (ampalaya), and Zingiber officinale (ginger) on killing activity against Ascaris suum in vitro, Mary Ann O. Lim and Marishiel Suzette E. Navarrete

Comparative study of Areca catechu L. (betel nut), Momordica charantia L. (ampalaya), and Zingiber officinale (ginger) on killing activity against Ascaris suum in vitro, Mary Ann O. Lim and Marishiel Suzzette E. Navarrete

The solutions to the exclusive occupancy problem involving the placement of groups of indistinguishable balls, Ma. Ferlita P. Liwanag and Nenita C. Simbahan

Effects of rosmarinus officinalis linn. (Lamiaceae) on the estrous cycle of mice, Raquel T. Llarena

On a coin-tossing problem and some related combinatorics, Rethel Anne C. Lopez and Meiko Pilar G. Sace

A survey of Sarcocystis infection in domestic pigs in Lipa City, Batangas, Gina G. Lozano

A survey of Sarcocystis sp. infection in cattle slaughtered in Pasay Abbatoir, Miriam Rose R. Macabagdal

Basic concepts and theories on difference equations, Jose M. Macadaeg and Wilson S. So

A comparative study of the antimicrobial activity of the three Philippine species of Pittosporum, Ria Nina S. Madulid

On an axiomatic approach to measurable utility, Kristiane D. Magno and Renzie Sheila A. Unalivia

The bounds of bivariate distributions on joint-life and last-survivor annuities, Karen Valerie G. Manzo and Kenneth N. Tiu

A taxonomic study of the phytoplankton flora of Bantigue point, Tayabas Bay, San Juan, Batangas, Francis Michael M. Marcelino; Alexander Etchell U. Reyes,; and Raymond Michael M. San Luis

Bacterial analysis of sashimi served at selected Japanese restaurants in Makati, Ma. Edane M. Marcos

On indices modulo a number with no primitive roots, Ma. Elaine L. Medina and Mary Gay O. Mendoza

Brown algae production of Talin Bay, Batangas with notes on physico-chemical characteristics of water, Ken Irvin L. Mendola

The effects of S-1,2-Di (ethoxy carbonyl) ethyl dimethyl phosphorothiolothionate on the cyanobacterium Anabaena sp., Anthony J. Mendoza

Effects of frequent inhalational exposure to commercial insecticides on cell count and RBC morphology of murine blood, Grace V. Mendoza

In vivo test on the efficacy of Peperomia pellucida ( ulasiman-bato ) poultice against induced staphylococcal skin infection in rabbits, Madonna T. Mendoza and Fe Enciso Santiago

Rubik's cube: A group theoretic approach, Noli Joey N. Mina and Jerick Mercado

The effects of elevated temperature (43C) - incubation on the stability of drug resistance of Staphylococcus aureus from Philippine General Hospital, Marlon Murallon

Taxonomic study of intertidal marine crabs found in the vicinity of Talin Bay Matabungkay side, Lian, Batangas, Manolito S. Nogoy

Taxonomy of the phytoplankton flora in selected areas of Bauang, La Union, Rosette Perseveranda O.L. Odulio, Sharon R. Plantilla, and Johanna Susan A. Ramos

The utilization of compost from urban refuse in combination with Azotobacter sp. and chemical fertilizers as additive substrate on the growth of Brassica napus L. cv. Black Behi (pechay), Alicia Ong

Microbial analysis of barbecued chicken intestines isaw, sold along Carriedo, Manila, Ann Marjorie B. Ong

A taxonomic study of asteroid fauna in white sands beach, Nasugbu Bay, Batangas, Nina Corazon M. Ongpin

Isolation, morphological characterization and screening of antimicrobial activity of heterotropic bacteria from soil collected from Kay Reyna, Lian, Batangas, Jason M. Quiambao

A multimedia presentation on the coal-fired thermal power plant and its environmental and health impact, Benjamin G. Quines, Renato V. Mariano, and Vincent A. Zenarosa

Vertex and edge colorings, Ma. Jasmin L. Ramos and Richard C. Tan

A study on the tracheary elements of Azadirachta indica A. Juss, Ludgero Reginald Conchada Recio