Theses/Dissertations from 1998

Heterocystous cyanobacteria from ricefields, sugarcane fields, and beach soils in Lian, Batangas., Kathleen P. Andaya; Manalo, Cecille B.; and Villamora, Ernesto Ian A.

A survey of the undergrowth vegetation on the west facing slope of Mt. Palay-Palay, Mataas na Gulod National Park, Dexter Ong Ang and Alex L. Cruz

Optical output power and efficiency characterization of a continuous wave carbon dioxide laser, Hubert O. Ang and Voltaire A. Velazco

Investigative study on the oxacillin-resistance and cephalosporin-resistance among Staphylococcus aureus isolated from patients in Philippine General Hospital, Lesley Monica Ang

Edge-reflection of a rational triangle in the plane, Mary Eleonor Leah Y. Ang

A master key for ten locks, Carlo Pacifico U. Aniag and Alessandro Franco E. Carrasco

A study on the reported cases of pneumonia at the Veteran's Memorial Medical Center from January-December 1994, Emmanuel S. Astudillo

An optimal transportation model of COS students in the SJ Building, Katherine Apple D. Baes and Maricel S. Talosig

On subgroups and equivalent relations, Celestina Baysic and Dennis Tan Chen Cen Sio

Exposition on a fundamental theorem of calculus that applies to a class of Riemann integrable functions, Jean Shermin Besta and Nelissa F. Busto

Comparison of the minimum inhibitory concentration of expired and unexpired antibacterial agents on Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, Flynn M. Buendia and Virgilio R. Madrazo

Fabrication via citrate method and characterization of ruthenium-doped Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-Oxide superconductors, Kristine M. Buensuceso and Michelle U. Kagahastian

Experimental exposure of laboratory mice to metacercariae obtained from Oreochromis mossambicus (c.n. black tilapia ), Roberto Giovanni Cabuay and Christina K. Liao

Morphogenetic responses of stem and leaf explants of Vitex parviflora Juss. (molave) on selected plant growth regulators, Romel S. Caccam

Preparation of conducting PT (BF4-1) from acetonitrile solutions, Ryanive Clivhetz Cerino Camelo and Alberto Cerino Villagracia

Isang pagtalakay sa Latin Isqweyr at ilang mga aplikasyon nito, Cyrene S. Canlas and Reynante C. Ramos

Qualitative responses of selected cut flowers to commercially available floral preservatives, Erwin Brian L. Cantiller

A urinary tract infection case finding survey: Urinalysis results among children in Barangay Sapang Bayan, Calumpit, Bulacan, Robert Charles G. Capistrano, Mia Madonna Gracia B. Corpuz, and Catherine SL. Siy

Composting of mixed leaf litter using Trichoderma harzianum, Ian Christian G. Carlos

A comparative study on the efficiency of locally available antifouling paints against the settlement of Balanus amphitrite amphitrite (Darwin), Rosemarie Bernardo Carmona and Roderick Nubla Sembrano

Microbial analysis of imported and local bottled mineral water sold in Metro Manila, Deborrah M. Castillo

Survey of mushrooms in Pampanga and Tarlac, Maila Q. Castro

Chip firing games on the n-cycles and tree graphs, Mike Lester L. Ching

An estimation of productivity in the Montalban Wa-wa River with a listing of some green algae found in the river, Emil Bermin Chua, Johnsel Espinosa, and Neil Paulo Bonzon

A C-language program to determine the extinction coefficients of clouds using Klett's inversion algorithm, Regina L. Chua and Maria Andrea Claire Y. De Leon

A study on the intestinal helminths of Tilapia nilotica raised in Sampaloc Lake, Laguna, Patrick Ubaldus O. Ciabal

Water quality analysis of Porac River in Floridablanca, Pampanga with notes on lead contamination in water, fish, and sediment, Finella Jones T. Cue, Joanne T. Manalansan, and Juliana D. Mirambel

A hispathological assessment of Eimeria sp. infection in the small intestines of chicken (Gallus gallus), Romina Blanca De Guzman

Experimental exposure of laboratory mice with metacercariae obtained from Lutianus malabaricus (local name: maya-maya), Jennifer V. Dela Rosa and Karen Anne A. Viernes

Good matrices: Matrices that preserve ideals, Angeli De Leon and Roshela Regio

Relationships among continuous probability distributions and some applications, Dante M. De Los Santos and Marian Rochelle Leovigilda V. Andres

Antibacterial activity in leaf extracts of Bixa orellana Linn. (achuete), Josephine de Peralta, Almira Ormasa, and Maria Khristina Villaflores

On a symmetry criterion for conjugacy infinite groups, Twilite L. De Sagun and Jovert M. Mayuga

A comparison of total serum IgE levels in adult asthmatic with or without other allergic diseases, Francisco Lopez Dofeliz and Maricon Villarama Muyot

Germination of white corn (Zea mays Linn.) under different sodium chloride concentrations, Babyleen M. Endaya and Jose Rodrigo Francisco

Floristic survey and classification of plant communities sensu lato on the lahar-covered areas of Barangay Mancatian, Porac, Pampanga, Jerwin I. Enero and Claudine Pepper J. Victoria

The effects of different combinations of poultry feed on the growth of broilers, Ethel B. Enriquez and Marie Jozen C. Reodica

Effects of Smilax leucophylla, Sarsaparillang-puti decoction on the red blood cell count, hemoglobin concentration and hematocrit of Swiss mice, Reinaldo Villadolid Enriquez

Determination of molecular weights of carboxy-terminated styrene-methacrylonitrile copolymers by titrimetry, Julie-Anne Q. Espino

A survey on the prevalence of intestinal nematode infections among grade II pupils of San Antonio Elementary School, San Pedro, Laguna, Virgilio C. Esquivel

The survey of tapeworm infection in the intestinal tract of Gallus domesticus, Ian Herbert I. Estanislao

On labelling harmonious graphs, Roland R. Fabros and Arnel B. Mutuc

Water quality analysis of Laguna de Bay at Bayanan, Muntinlupa with notes on the lead content of the water, substrate and fish collected from the lake, Sherwin M. Fandino, Mary Grace A. Lim, Marie Eilleen C. Poblete, Cherryl Claire S. Saysay, and John Irish M. Tapac

A study on the cadmium, copper, lead and zinc content of Tilapia nilotica and water collected from Laguna de Bay, Frauline A. Ferrer and Zerzendee T. Ziy

Analysis of Crassostrea sp. for the presence of fecal coliforms and growth of its microbial flora, Joy Anne Ferriols

Computer based laboratory electrocardiogram measurements on the outpatients of the De La Salle University-Medical Center, Dasmarinas, Cavite, Lhemmuel M. Fiesta

Composting of banana peelings using Trichoderma harzianum, Jeffrey V. Fontecha

Investigation of the degradation of plastic materials used for microwave heating, Marichu S. Galang and Omar B. Flores

On the knight's tour on the fifteen puzzle and the topspin puzzle, Albert D. Gavino and Rommel C. Sarino

A study on the lead and zinc content of Chanos chanos and water collected from Laguna de Bay, Patriz L. Geluz

A survey of pentastomida in the respiratory tract of a Philippine snake, Hazel A. Gendrano and Lindsay Gail W. Torralba

Topology on finite sets, Johna Belle P. Go and Freemer L. Yulangco

Lead content of four brands of canned sardines, Cherry M. Gonzales

Identification of an acanthocephalan recovered from the intestine of Thunnus sp. (local name : tambakol) sold at Tanauan Public Market, Teo Bosco Uy Gonzales

Pascal's matrices, Aimee C. Jimenez and Armin Anthony S.M. Agsalud

K-volume in Rn and the generalized Pythagorean theorem, Byung Woo Kang and Carmela M. Gaa

On Davenpoty-Schinzel sequence, Jennifer T. Keng and Garen D. Uy

Joint angular kinematics and ball trajectory in basketball free-throw shooting, Martin de Milo T. Lambo and Jason O. Juliano

An application of multiple quantiles in comparing two independent populations, Mina Rose L. Laoang and Jeenadine C. Patacsil

Analysis of oysters for the presence of fecal coliforms and growth of its microbial flora, Chenery Ann E. Lim

A survey on the prevalence of common intestinal nematodes among grade III pupils of Gregorio Del Pilar Elementary School in Tondo, Manila, Peter P. Lim

Isolation and identification of bacteria from toilet seats of female restrooms in Saint Joseph Building, De La Salle University, Melanie Anne Lingad

Screening for herbicidal activity of soil bacteria in the control of weeds Cenchrus echinatus (kawit-kawitan) and Mimosa pudica (makahiya), Jo Ann A. Lomboy and Marjorie R. Reyes

Antimicrobial activity of soap on pyogenic gram-positive cocci and enteric bacilli, Annalyn Santiago Lopez

Characterization of fabricated polythiophene thin films by transverse R-T, sem and FTIR, Kevin L. Lumpan and Rodel C. Torralba

Screening of endemic orchids for antimicrobial activities, Eugene T. Macalinga

Golden ratio: Concepts, misconceptions and applications, Margarita Catherine O. Megia

Screening of some locally-available astringents for their microbicidal activities, Dennis C. Monzon

On generalized fibonacci cubes which contain Hamiltonian paths, Elaine M. Mustard

A survey on the prevalence of common intestinal nematodes among grade 3 pupils of Barangay Mauaque Elementary School in Mabalacat, Pampanga, Kirby Lemuel A. Navarrete

Repeated iteration of a Collatz-type function, Louelle Dawn P. Navarro and Mari Nelle O. Olviga

On primitive Pythagorian triples using a geoboard, Ana Margarita E. Nieto and Dennis C. Raquino

The influence of benzylaminopurine (BA) and a-napthalene acetic acid (NAA) on the formation of callus in leaf explant of Mussaenda philippica A. rich cv. Dona Luz, Raymund Philip P. Nieves

Inhibitory property of the rhizome extract of three plants belongings to the family Zingiberaceae, Frederick P. Ocampo

Linear algebra in geography: Eigenvectors of networks, Elleonor A. Pablo and Daisy D. Polintan

A survey on the prevalence of common human nematode infection among grade I pupils of West Central Public School in Gasak, Meycauayan, Bulacan, Ernesto D. Pablo

Callus formation in Gumamela (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Linn.), Tommy Y. Pacana

On graceful graphs, Marianne S. Paculba and Christine B. Tan-Gatue

A survey on the prevalence of intestinal nematodes among grades I-IV morning pupils (8-10 years old) of the Almanza Elementary School, Las Pinas, Mari Grace K. Pamatmat

A health survey on the influence of various factors in the development of childhood asthma., Angela P. Perez

Isolation, morphological characterization and screening for antimicrobial activities of soil bacteria from the De La Salle University, Taft campus, Rhodora Perez and Rizalynn Talicuran

Vegetational analysis in the lahar devastated area of Barangay Mancatian, Porac, Pampanga, Margaret P. Porto, Jeffrey A. Salvador, and Ritchell C. Villaluz

Protein and nitrogenous base analysis in germinating seeds of Arachis hypogaea L (peanuts), Pisum sativum L (green peas), and Phaseolus vulgaris L (white kidney beans), Sherwin O. Que, Lucio George S. Cruel, and Jonathan A. Aranez

The effect of cold temperature on the total protein level of the muscle and liver of juvenile Oreochromis niloticus, Reynaldo V. Quijano and Patrick D. Acosta

Callus formation in Helianthus annuus of Family Compositae, Cherry S. Rabo, Encarnacion S. Sianghio, and Mylene LL. Villaroman

Comparative toxicity of axion and joy ultra to brown rough shrimp, Trachypenaeus fulvus, Richel Perez Rebadavia and Michiko Aleli Perez Villaviza

On adding up to powers, Carlo Alido Reyes

Antimicrobial sensitivity testing of different feminine wash against microorganisms (Candida albicans, escherichia coli, Nisseria gonorrhoeae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus) causing lower reproductive and urinary tract infections, Roxanne F. Rodriguez and Rose Kristine C. Sia

Edge pass filtering of the digitized image of G-banded human metaphasic chromosomes using Daubechies wavelets, Michael P. Rome and Christopher Anthony G. Carbonell

A survey on the prevalence of intestinal nematode on children aged 3-10 in three day-care centers and one elementary school in Mandaluyong City, Sharon Lee B. Ruivivar

On the properties of the order of a product in a finite abelian group, Brian R. Sarmiento and Bryant C. Siao

A survey on the prevalence of common human intestinal nematodes among grade two pupils at West Central Public School in Gasak, Meycauayan, Bulacan, Alexander L. Saroca

Effects of plant growth regulators on callus formation in leaf and node explants of Jatropha pandurifolia Andr., Omar Carlo T. Sebastian

Kaplansky's solution to a counting problem, Janel G. Sy

On the Bulgarian solitaire conjecture, Jocelyn Tan and Jacqueline C. Uy

Tracheary element differentiation of Vitex negundo L. (lagundi) callus grown in liquid medium., Reginald Ritche T. Tan

A study on the intestinal helminths of Tilapia nilotica raised in Laguna Lake, Victor Cedric P. Tibay

Isolation and identification of intestinal helminths from Chanos chanos (cn : milkfish), Cherry Ting

Height characteristic on block triangular matrices, Dexter A. Velasco and Raymond F. Loa

Application of mathematics to perfect shufflers, Clarissa L. Victoriano and Karina C. Evangelista