Theses/Dissertations from 2004

A slice of Pi, Raul C. Caguioa and Ritcher Stanley T. Chua

Isolation, purification and characterization of DNA from the Capsicum species found in the Philippines, Ma. Michelle Anne A. Calpe and Jeanne Valerie Clichy Y. Chow

Selected plant species as potential inhibitors of mitosis in Allium cepa L. root tips, Ma. Carmela D. Cataluna and Winford C. Palma

Parasites identified from Rattus spp. collected from Quiapo, Manila and Balayan, Batangas, Jeffrey Causapin, Maria Aneceta De Guzman, and Ma. Grace Toledo

On knight's tours on a torus, Marjorie U. Chan Bona and Ertha Lee Y. Quiroga

Development of a computer-based programmable potentio-galvanostat for electrochemical deposition and its application in the fabrication of Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-Oxide films, Oliver Mon I. Claveria and Allan Jeff S. Lim

Finding a polynomial whose roots are the powers of the roots of a given polynomial, Edward Roy Concepcion and Marc Henry De Los Angeles

Folding generalized petersen graphs, Gentry John Constantino and Christopher Neal Lim

Election and exit poll for the 2004 national elections using telephone survey methodology, Joseph D. Correa and Anne Frances Bernadine L. Reyes

Moss flora from selected areas of Brgy. Moonwalk, Paranaque City, Brgy. Sauyo, Quezon City and Bel-Air, Makati City with notes on sulfur content, Paolo Benjamin N. Cortez, Oliver C. Tenorio, and Benjamin Paul T. Capay

A study on the incidence of tinea pedis (athlete's foot) among high school students of Kalayaan High School-Pasay and college students of De La Salle University-Manila, Miguel Antonio C. Cristobal and June Elise P. Fontanoz

A survey of parasitic infection in the gastro-intestinal tract of native chickens (Gallus gallus) collected from Aranque Market, Sta. Cruz, Manila, Dahnia Joy A. daoas and Sharon Mae L. Fernandez

On linear codes and binary self-dual codes, an exposition, Farrah Christine H. Dealino and Hannah G. Roa

Some generalized petersen graphs that are unit-distance graphs, Dick L. de Dios and Cardelli B. Hernandez

The heavy metal contamination of the green mussel Perna viridis (Linne, 1758) and sediment collected from Manila Bay at Barangay Sineguelasan Bacoor, Cavite with notes on water quality, Patricia Anne V. Dela Rosa, Eleanor A. Go, and April Joy B. Fabian

A comparative study on the hypoglycemic effect and weight-loss potential of three commercially made anti-diabetic supplements in Mus muculus (albino mice), Bianca Katrina B. Escaro and Roxanne Cecille S. Francisco

A win-loss rating system using graphs and linear algebra, Mitchell Ann Europa and Lorenzo Tuason

Development of a facility for growing thin films by pulsed laser deposition technique, Elerie Jay L. Flores

Hypersensitivity reaction caused by four brands of skin-whitening lotions, Ma. Patricia V. Fuentes

On some non-transitive games, an exposition, Patrick Mark R. Galang

Microalgae in Taal lake with notes on the physico-chemical properties of their habitat, Edward B. Gimenez, Stephen Dick F. Segocio, and Ma. Lizette G. Lazo

Moss flora in selected areas of Pasig Greenpark Village, Manggahan, Pasig City and Pleasant View Subdivision, Tandang Sora, Quezon City, Philippines, Imelda Andrea Hagad and Patricia Y. Mejia

Microbial analysis of chlorinated waters from selected public swimming pools in Batangas, Makati and Muntinlupa, Scarshoala C. Jimenez and Joyce Angeli C. Pongco

Isolation and morphological characterization of antibiotic-producing bacteria in lahar samples along Macarthur Highway, Mabalacat, Pampanga, Tamara B. Khatib and Hazel Stacy Michelle C. Reyes

The identity (xy)n=xnyn in relation to commutativity, Kaki Li and Ralph Aaron Quesada

Determining the dimension of some special classes of graphs, Maurice Lim

A histological study on the effect of starvation on the gonads of Pomacea canaliculata from Sta. Maria, Bulacan, Basilisa Jaye L. Linao

A generalized logit model approach to weather forecasting, Joanne M. Lodia and Ginno Carlo U. Joaquin

Analysis of sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate in local brands of pre-packed pineapple juices using UV-VIS spectrophotometry, Patricia Grace S. Lo and Pauline Grace G. Viray

Retrieval of multi-spectral aerosol optical depth (AOD) and development of a sun tracking device for the SP 101 and SP 02 sunphotometers, Ernest P. Macalalad

Initial screening for potential anti-angiogenic property of Pterocarpus indicus willd. extract on the chorioallantoic membrane of chick, gallus gallus domesticus and duck, anas platyrynchos embryo, Agnes P. Mariano

Evaluation of genetic variability among Philippine ginger varieties based on molecular methods, Frederick Donovan Monteverde and Rex Michael C. Santiago

Summing infinite series, Melanie Monzie K. Ong and Enrique Juan B. Velez

Attenuating properties of stainless steel in 662 KeV Cs-137 gamma radiation, Alvin Kristoffer A. Osana and Lawrence F. Santos

Survey of parasitic gregarines in the cockroach Periplaneta americana collected from the streets of Sulok, Panapaan 3, Bacoor, Cavite, and Dominga, Malate, Manila, Sophia Marie G. Pagtakhan and Katrina F. Villanueva

On uniquely determined unknowns in systems of linear equations, Rhesa R. Pangilinan and Marjorie U. Tan

Microbial analysis of expired dairy products, Ryan Rod Pineda

Microbial analysis of women's restrooms in De La Salle University-Manila and the anti-microbial activity of selected toilet disinfectants, Mary Queen B. Quitania, Irizh Anne P. Restua, and Jacqueline Nicole D. Tan

A taxonomic study of phytoplankton and some physico-chemical analyses of the water in Bacoor Bay and Canacao Bay, Binakayan, Cavite from July-September 2003, Rachelle Regis, Norraine Marquez, and Monica Olea

Basic conditions for the equality of the sum and product of a set of positive integers, Kazuo P. Sekizawa and Kristine F. Mendiola

The interspecific and intraspecific competition between Euphyllia ancora and Plerogyra Sinuosa in a marine aquarium, Ma. Rachelle Katrina Solis and Jamie Christi B. Villanueva

Prevalence of malnutrition in children of two barangays in Manila, Fatima Joy C. Tan

Growth response of isolated fungal species collected from the Payatas dumpsite to different lead nitrate concentrations, Katrina R. Tan

On the construction of some nonlinear codes and codes derived from t-designs, Hazeline C. Tinimbang and Ana Mae A. Bonga

Comparative vegetative anatomy of Hedychium coronarium koenig and Hedychium philippinense K. schum, Jonathan Lawrence O. Tolentino

Identification of planktonic copepods inhabiting the breakwaters area of Manila Bay, Kathryn Cecille R. Umali

Development of a labview-based software for aerosol, boundary layer and cloud base height measurements, Juan Carlos Q. Uy

Isolation, purification, and characterization of DNA from capsicum species (Capsicum annuum var longum) found in the Philippines, Jeannie W. Wong

Rapid assessment survey of vegetation structure in Bohol: Implications for Tarsius syrichta (The Philippine Tarsier) (habitat conservation), Christopher Y. Yap

Screening for potential mitotic inhibitory activity of ginger rhizome, garlic bulb, and indian tree leaf extracts, John Erikson Yap

A comparative study on the food preference of Phyloeomys cumingi (Southern Luzon cloud rat) and Paradoxurus philippinensis (Philippine palm civet) in Indang, Cavite, Zipporah Elise W. Ybañez and Michael Andrew M. Nismal

Theses/Dissertations from 2003

Comparative study of the antimicrobial property of available mouthwashes, Evelyn Grace M. Abella and Ernest Joseph B. Landas

On chaos and one-to-oneness, Rex Q. Alcaraz and Miguel O. Geronilla

Chomp: Its winning and losing positions, Jenilyn B. Almazan and Marc Raymond F. Dimayuga

Chaos from intermediate value theorem, Jasper Vincent Alontaga and Lindon S. Pagdanganan

Odd summing numbers, Rosemarie A. Amodia and Christine D. Ang

A survey of Sarcocystis spp. infection in native chickens (Gallus spp.) collected from Barangay Zapote, Las Piñas City and Barangay Sacred Heart, Quezon City, Claro Raymundo O. Antonio and Lou Ver Leigh A. Manzon

Survey of Cryptosporidium spp. oocysts in fecal samples obtained from horses )Equus sp.), cats (Felis domesticus) and goats (Capra hircus), Sarah Jane P. Arevalo, Ana Teresa S. Hernandez, and Catherine Joyce D. Magno

Rate of absorption of lead (Pb) by Salvania auriculata from Hoagland's solution, Cherlynn Nini Auditor and Katherine Mae Teotico Jarmin

Derivatives and integrals of non-integer order, Feliza F. Basco and Emileen Joy P. Tullao

Antimicrobial properties of crude extract from representative species of red and brown algae on selected bacterial pathogens, Erickson C. Bautista and Mylene Jane I. yu

Chemopreventive effect of celebrex and vioxx in the formation of aberrant crypt foci in the colon of mice, Kimberly Suzanne V. Bayot, Joanne Christine R. Caling, Karenina Ciara Patricia S. Espinosa, Stefanie Ann R. Reinoso, and Aileen F. Zagala

Diversity and distribution of pteridophyte flora in the Southeastern slope of the Quezon National Park, Cesville T. Bolanos

The spectra of some special classes of graphs, Ma. Jill I. Brosas and Janice C. Chua

Comparison of the peroxidase activity in the crude extract of ripe and unripe siling labuyo (capsicum frutescens L. and siling haba (capsicum annuum var longum), Myl R. Cabangon and Kristina Rea R. Perez

Identification of spiders (Arachnida: araneae) found in riceland areas of Bucal, Calamba, Laguna, Thaddeus M. Carvajal and Andrei P. Martin

Screening for the antimicrobial activity of probiotics isolated from selected milk products against common human pathogens, Eduardo Chuayana, Carmina Ponce, and Maria Rossana Rivera

Thalian constructions and algebraic structures, Arlene Contante and Jhamie Sacramento

A survey of endoparasites in Clarias batrachus (Thailand catfish) collected at Nepa-Q-Mart, Cubao, Quezon City, Janine N. Coronado, Ramona M. Espera, and Genevie S. Go

Some properties of finite continued fractions via tilings, Yshmael Ryan C. Co and Therese Tanya Marie Z. Ledesma

Isolation and characterization of bacteria from fermented fish paste (bagoong) and fish sauce (patis), Regina Isabel P. Cuenca and Sharon W. Tan

Pythagorean boxes and their properties, Abraham Cuevas and Catherine Ng

Tiling large rectangles, Perpetua Fiorika A. Cuevas and Rayanne T. Dy

Construction of polynomials whose inflection points are pre-arranged, Cyriss R. Cutaran and Mary Cristy P. Valenciano

The mathematical principles behind some card tricks, Christian Roy R. De la Paz and Shenile P. Borejan

Detection of extended spectrum beta-lactamase production among Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from the Philippine General Hospital & their antimicrobial susceptibility patterns, Elaine Saqui De Leon

An investigation on a public key cryptosystem and a signature scheme based on discrete logarithms, Jose Edzel del Rosario and Andrew James D. Gaerlan

Newsboy models with known probability of demand, Criselda Dumalaog and Rodina Yao

Tracking the movement of planetary bodies using a windows based graphical program, Greten Vicke S. Estella

Identification of commercially important shrimp and lobsters (Crustacea : Decapoda : Natantia) from Lingayen Gulf, off Bolinao, Pangasinan, Noel Eugenio M. Evangelista

Synthesis of u-silylene diruthenium complex, Raymond Z. Fontelera

An application of number theory to cryptology: An exposition, Cressida Marie V. Gabriel and Jennifer L. Lim

ETs, Archee Lou C. Garcia and Jan Louie O. Megia

An algorithm for finding the characteristic polynomial without using determinants, Edrick Ricardo K. Garcia and Paolo M. Sales

Bioluminescent bacteria isolated from the gastrointestinal contents of Philippine marine fishes: Their antimicrobial activity and use as indicator for heavy metal toxicity testing, Lilibeth January Rillera Garcia

An acceleration procedure in obtaining roots of a function f(x), Alfred D. Gavino and Chrispin Glenn L. Tan

A survey of Sarcocystis spp. infection in swine slaughtered at Purefoods Corporation Marikina Plant, Barangay San Roque, Marikina City, Romina Gerolaga and Cristine Lucero

A comparison of leaf anatomical features of woody plants between polluted and forested areas, Daisy L. Ilagan, Audhild D. Nogaliza, Ma. Eloisa C. Pangan, Michelle L. Patricio, and Donnie Ray G. Hernandez

On roofless matrices, Carol S. Isidro and Pia Angela Y. Verano

A microstructure analysis on the effect of varying deposition temperatures in the preparation of MgB2 thin films using thermal evaporation, Kelwin G. Law

Isolation, purification, and characterization of urease from garbanzos (Cicer arietinum), Faye Valine Leh and Stephen Norman Sy

Some applications of an extended definition of the generalized force, Eduardo G. Lim

A survey of parasites in the gastro-intestinal tract of Ophicephalus striatus (mudfish) collected from Marilao, Bulacan, Jayne Michelley A. Lim

Comparative leaf anatomy of selected species of Philippine Dendrobium sw., Eria lindl. and Trichotosia BL, Maria Kyla Luna and Francis Allen Niles

Identification and incidence of coral diseases in reefs along the Pacific coast of the Philippines from 2000-2002, Patricia Anna Z. Mamboyo

On tiling with squares and anti-squares, April Rose J. Manio and April P. Zarasate

Generating a rotation reduction perfect hashing function: An exposition, Bryan A. Marasigan and John Michael K. Nuyda

Identification of branching corals belonging to Family Acroporidae from the Kalayaan and Turtle Island groups, Rean N. Monsanto

On a modern treatment of the fifteen puzzle, April May P. Neri and Jeanilyn L. Tan

Some trigonometric delights, Dennis N. Ng and Lawrence L. Sy