Theses/Dissertations from 1993

The religion teachers' program of the Sacred Heart Formation Center in Lipa City, Mary Teresita Octavio

The development of a Grade VI achievement test in mathematics, Lorna Sangalang Pinpin

A proposed administrative manual and a revised faculty handbook of Mater Carmeli Schools of Quezon City, Flordeliza Presquito

An evaluative study of the guidance services of Colegio De La Purisima Concepcion, school year 1992-1993, Nelson B. Rose

Critique of educational literature, Nelson B. Rose


Teacher's positive feedback and its effect on students' classroom achievement, Nelson B. Rose

Predictors of the extent of teachers' participation in decision-making processes in Congregation of the Religious Missionaries of St. Dominic (CRMSD) managed schools, Ma. Gloria H. Seguban O.P.

Correlates of religious motivation among the Brothers of St. Gabriel in Thailand, John Kallumpurath S.G. Thomas

A proposed development program for administrators of Diocesan schools in Kabankalan Negros Occidental, 1994-99, Ofelia G. Verzosa PBVM.

A proposed three-year outreach programme for Aquinas School, San Juan, Metro Manila, 1993-1996, Flordeliza Bagares Villabona OP.

Theses/Dissertations from 1992

The relation of mathematics attitudes, locus of control, and gender with the mathematics achievement of Catholic high school seniors in Metro Manila, John Jaworski N. Adefuin


Levels of cognitive development among first year college students in relation to some intellective and non-intellective factors, Fe Constancia Canete Agapito

The effects of structured group activities on study habits and learning attitudes of adult Vietnamese in the Regional Resettlement Transit Center, Morong Bataan, Cecilia S. Aparis

Characteristics of regular and irregular high school students of Ermita Catholic School, Manila, Arul A. Arockiam

Group differences in the hierachy of moral-spiritual values of the student residents in La Sallian Center, Manila, Alexander J. Arputham

The development of a self-help workbook on worklife planning for college graduating students, Evelyn Evangelista Barcelon

An assessment of the impact of values integration in the teaching of college Biology for the non-science students at Saint Paul College of Quezon City, Carmen Figueroa Bartolome

Religious motivation and religious lifestyle of Dominican brothers and sisters in Manila, Munawar Bhatti

An analysis of the level of client self-disclosure in code-switches during individual counseling, Christopher John Carlile

The level of religious motivation of aspirants, novices, and major seminarians/junior sisters of religious congregations in Metro Manila, Thomas Vareed Cheeran


The world views of selected Taiwanese: implications for counseling practice, Ya-Ling Chien

Preferences for counselor characteristic and role and counseling intervention style of high school students at International School, Suh Ok Chung


An assessment of an in-service training program for physics high school teachers of Bulacan province, Belarmino S. Cruz


The effects of the use of calculators on the computational skills of high school freshmen, Priscila Canela De Sagun

The effectiveness and efficacy of a values clarification-stress management training in decreasing absences in a utility company, Rita A. Ditangco


The effect of structured problem solving in teaching physics to two different groups of engineering students, Josefina Rabara Dumalanta

The relative effectiveness of the expository and the discovery methods of teaching college algebra on the achievement and attitudes of students, Lopito Eguia

A full-blown critique on ten predictive validity studies, Alma A. Eleazar

A review on the effects of pre-elementary education on the students' performance and personality development in elementary grades, Evan Ll. Grageda

Factors related to the mathematical problem solving ability of the freshmen and sophomores of De La Salle - Santiago Zobel School, 1991-1992, Nila R. Jaramillo

Factors associated with the academic performance of the third year students of Quezon City Science High School in learning the Secondary Education Development Program (SEDP) Mathematics III course, Kathy Aquino Josue

Towards the development of a manual on integration of values in African literature in English for secondary schools in Tanzania, David A. Komba

The effectiveness of the DECS mass training program in upgrading NCR teachers for the SEDP Math IV curriculum, Elvie N. Laganson


Relationship of religious motivation with some demographic variables among Taiwanese female novices, Fatima Su-Chen Lee


Concept of death and death anxiety among coronary heart disease patients in Taipei, Taiwan, Pei Ping Lee

The correlates of help-seeking behavior among Chiang Kai-Shek College students, Hsiu-Chin Li

The effectiveness of the computer-aided instruction and the computer-aided-instruction plus as drill and reinforcement strategies in studying graphs of circular functions, Enya Cortez Lim

The development of an instrument to measure the stress level of men and women religious in midlife, Mary Alphonsa Marahay

The Daughters of Charity schools mission statement: An assessment, Alda A. Nato

Development, validation and evaluation of modules on selected topics in probability and statistics for engineering students, Rizaldi Costa Nocon

Career satisfaction and age, locus of control, apostolate, and type of priestly vocation among priests in three Bangladeshi dioceses, Adam S. Pereira


Stressors of Thai graduate students in Metro Manila and their coping styles according to anxiety levels, gender and personality type, Ladaporn Pichitpasutadol

Personality correlates of vocational maturity among seminarians of the Archdioceses of Capiz and Jaro and the Diocese of Kalibo, Antonio P. Reyes

Development of an instrument to measure the practice of values of the SVD Friends in Metro Manila, Philippines, Johanes Gualbert Salu

The psychological security level and academic achievement of selected high school students from father-absent and father-present families of Canossian schools SY 1990-1991 : a comparative study, Noraida Glorioso Salvosa

Analysis of problem-solving strategies in Chemistry, Zenaida T. San Felipe

Correlates of job satisfaction of teachers of selected secondary schools in Thailand, Nakhonchai Sansanayudh FSC

The effectiveness of modular instruction in the study of selected topics based on identified difficulties in Advanced Algebra, Dante L. Silva

The effectiveness of supervised clinical pastoral education in improving the trainees' intra-personal and inter-personal relationships, John Snehadass

A directory of psychological counseling services in Metro Manila, Benzon S. Sy

Job stressors, stress management styles and job satisfaction among secretaries of De La Salle University, Carmelita Fernandez Valdez

The level of self-actualization among the youth involved in Sacred Heart Parish youth formation activities at Kamuning, Quezon City, Damianus Weru

Theses/Dissertations from 1991

An evaluation of the NFE program of DWCL, Ma. Paz R. Agcaoili

A review on the current status of the Filipino teacher, Ma. Paz R. Agcaoili

Proficiency test in English six, Ma. Paz R. Agcaoili

Cognitive development and achievement in science through the traditional and inquiry approaches of teaching general Chemistry, Rosalinda T. Agton

An analysis on the knowledge and skills in integrated science processes of fourth year high school students in the public high schools in Manila, Janet Palce Ale

The effects of a two-day values clarification program on the purpose in life of college students in St. Anthony's College, Cleofe A. Amedo

The relationship of attitude toward classroom environment with attitude toward and achievement in Geometry among third year high school students, Robles G. Calabias

An evaluation of high school homeroom guidance program of Notre Dame of Greater Manila, Marietta C. Calderon

Proficiency test in English six, Marietta C. Calderon


Readability of selected introductory college physics textbooks, Alan R. Canares

An evaluation of the contextualized formation program of the Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation, Myrna S. T. Concepcion

Math proficiency test - I (Final form), Magdalena B. Damgo

The cooperatives education program of the Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolacion: an alternative education for the poor, Ma. Lina R. Despojo

Preparedness of teachers in teaching the SEDP Mathematics II: an analysis, Judy Lim Gabriel


The impact of science fiction films on achievement and attitude of students in high school physics, Mario V. Garcia

A critical review of studies on teachers' job satisfaction, Marietta T. Geraldine

Levels of teaching performance and job satisfaction: A correlational and predictive analysis in seven catholic high schools, 1992-1993, Marietta T. Geraldine

Math proficiency test-I (Final form), Marietta T. Geraldine

Accompanied and unaccompanied adolescent Vietnamese refugees in Palawan: their problems, self concept and security level, Marie Thecla Tran Thi Giong

Relationship among personal characteristics, job satisfaction and burnout levels of faculty members in Colegio San Agustin, Makati, Ma. Angelica Bejar Guerrero


Relationship of ethnicity, personality characteristics, and purpose in life to preferred counseling style of students from three Jesuit high schools in Indonesia, Ignatius Wuryanto Hadisumarto


Student's self-concept, learning attitudes and perceptions of parenting style as correlates of academic achievement among Taiwanese adolescent girls, Meng-Pin Hsiao


The interpersonal relationship profile of isolates among candidates to the Franciscan Order, Joseph Joseph Karimalayil CMSF

Pattern of use of counseling service and its correlates among upper secondary schoool students of the La Salle schools in Thailand, Peter Boonchert Kertrat FSC


The effect of structured training in self-disclosure and feedback on self-actualization, Dominic Yeo-Koh Tuan Kiok FSG


The perceived impact of the SVD formation program on the self-actualization of the SVD major seminarians, Thobias Muda Kraeng


Toward the identification of indicators to assess the competencies of Catholic secondary school principals of Metro Manila, Lolita Cantorna Layser


A comparative study of the factor-label method and the formula approach of solving quantitative problems in general chemistry 122 as used by the engineering technology freshmen at the Technological University of the Philippines, Victoria C. Matic

An evaluation of the effectiveness of the fingermath program of Immaculate Conception College, Balayan, Batangas, 1992-1993, Myra M. Mayari

Mathematics proficiency test, Myra M. Mayari

The effects of fingermath on the computational skills of the Grade I pupils in Immaculate Conception College Balayan, Batangas, Myra M. Mayari

A proposed guidance program based on the problems and adjustment levels of the ladies' main dormitory residents, Phemie Caterial Milo

The disclosed self concept of seven street children, Hans Stephen Martelino Moran FSC

An integrative review of the graduate research of the Dominican Sisters of Molo 1975-1990, Ma. Evelyn Oqueza O.P.

The effect of rational emotive therapy group counselling program in enhancing self-esteem of working students in Colegio de Sta. Rosa, Intramuros, Manila, Treesa Palackal

The development of an inventory to determine the practice of the Lasallian values by high school graduates of La Salle Schools, Siegfredo M. Peralta FSC


Values and self-concept as correlates of selected adolescents' purpose in life, Amirtha Raj

Comparative study of two languages in the teaching of selected topics in high school chemistry in non-Tagalog and Tagalog-speaking areas, Annabel G. Rivera

Factors associated with the extent of involvement and success of high school community service workers in Laguna and Batangas, Violeta Exconde San Miguel

Math proficiency test-I (final form), Rosalia V. Santos

The relationship of English mathematics, and science diagnostic test to academic achievement, Rosalia V. Santos


An evaluation of the services rendered in school year 1989-1990 by the human development center of La Salette High School of Santiago, Rosalia V. Santos

A formative evaluation of a scripture-based guidance program for Asian School for Christian Ministries (ASCM), Ma. Lutgarda Isabel Santos Sharon

An evaluation on the effectiveness of the University of San Agustin guidance services SY 1991-1992, Gorgonia L. Siscar

English proficiency test: Grade six, Gorgonia L. Siscar

Relationship between non-intellective factors and academic achievement, Gorgonia L. Siscar


Relation of locus of control, study habits and academic motivation to academic performance: Applied to vocational students in Chang-Jung High School, Tainan, Taiwan, Wen-Chu Su

A proposed vision and mission statement for Dominican School, Manila, Ester O. Terrel