Theses/Dissertations from 1998

The use of multimedia in teaching selected topics in chemistry, Evelyn Bahandi Bucoy

Effects of a computer instructional program on college students' performance in solving simple problems in mechanics, Edgar De Guzman Corpuz

Accreditation and its outcomes in the seven accredited elementary schools of the Daughters of Charity, Leticia G. Derilo


The effects of using "derive", a computer algebra system (CAS), as a supplemental tool in teaching selected topics in BMATI, Rey de la Torre Enriquez

Competency assessment of the integrated science process skills and creative thinking abilities of the college freshmen of the University of Nueva Caceres, Armin A. Fullante

Values depicted in selected science textbooks used by grades five and six pupils: An analysis, Rosenda P. Gundaya


The effect of video materials on the students' achievement on polynomial functions, Estrellita F. Lagamayo

The effects of concept mapping on the achievement of grade five pupils in general science, Salve S. Molit

The relationship of science laboratory environment with attitudes toward laboratory work among high school chemistry students, Cesar B. Ortiz

Effects of mutual storytelling technique on self-concept and anxiety of children survivors of incest., Joy E. Panelo

A development of English language learning modules using World Wide Web materials to enrich headway pre-intermediate lessons at Nguyen Truong to language school, Tung Quang Pham

Religious motivation, interpersonal values, and satisfaction with religious life of Franciscan formandi in three stages of formation, SebastianFrancis Shaw OFM

Stressors, stress level and job satisfaction among middle aged female faculty of De La Salle University, Manila, Endang Sundari

Theses/Dissertations from 1997

The effect of audio-visual aids on the mathematics achievement of freshman student at Manila High School, Milna K. Cabrera

Maternal parenting styles as perceived by female adolescents with eating disorder symptoms, Alellette Chua

The effects of the use of science-related humor on the achievement and attitude of grade IV pupils in elementary science, Helen Z. Cornelio

The effect of MTAP prepared materials on the achievement of slow learners in Mathematics I, Delia M. De Castro

The use of games in teaching selected topics in college chemistry, Elyn Macalisang Dimagiba

Reasons for leaving the clerical state marital adjustment, problems and coping strategies of Catholic married priests in the Philippines, Servasious Thomas Janetius

Anxiety, depression, and hostility among orthopedic and health (kidney) impaired adolescents and adults, Lian-Yoke Lau CSJB

The effects of a premarital program (Evening for Engaged Couples) on self-esteem, communication skills, and interpersonal relationship, Jennifer C. Lauw

The effectiveness of the Student Teams-Achievement Divisions (STAD) in the teaching of calculus, Fe P. Legaspi

A proposed genre-based syllabus for teaching thesis writing to computer science students, Jenifer Loy Villalon Lising

The effects of Science-Technology-Society (STS) teaching approach on the achievement of pupils in General Science 4, Antifas B. Llagas

Sexual attitude and sexuality comfort of Filipino adolescents from selected Catholic High Schools, Ma. Corazon T. Lobo CM

Physical health and its relationship to psychological and spiritual well-being of the elderly women religious, Chinnamma T. Malieckal

Relationship of career satisfaction to locus of control and spiritual well-being of the F.M.M. sisters in socio-pastoral apostolate, Maria K. Mandapathil

Development and evaluation of modules on animals in general science for grade 1 pupils, Bernardita Rigoroso Margate

Correlates of achievement in analytic geometry of the first year Bachelor of Technology students at TUP Cavite SY 1996-1997, Susan L. Nunez

Relationship between school climate dimensions, teacher work motivation and performance in selected MAPSA high schools, Bertram Noel Perera FSC.

Effects of oral and total communication on self image, emotional and social adjustment of deaf children, Mathew Joseph V. Purayil

A proposed faculty and student manual for the Our Lady of Pilar Montessori Center, Pilar Village, Justima Francisco Reyes

Installation and institutionalization of a participatory budgetary system for Don Bosco Technical College, Macario Santiago Jr.

Comparative performance of sophomore college students in physics tests under the closed-notes and open-notes policies, Celeste Joan C. Santisteban

Stress level among male religious and single lay mid-lifers: the role of personality variables, George Abraham. Thekkemailadil Fr.

Development and evaluation of Computer-Assisted Instructional (CAI) modules on chemical bonding and molecular geometry, Lilia A. Urbano

The relationship between administrative service-related factors and incentive structure: the case of St. Scholastica's College, Manila, Assumption College, San Lorenzo and Siena College, Quezon City, Lolita P. Vargas

A survey of the attitudes, motivations, and English language proficiency of the senior students in four Catholic high schools in Taipei, Chiang Wu

Theses/Dissertations from 1996

An evaluation of PAGKAMULAT program in De La Salle University, Violeta L. Andaleon

Marketability factors influencing the employability of college graduates of Lyceum of Batangas, Violeta L. Andaleon


Towards the development an attitude scale to measure teacher morale, Violeta L. Andaleon


Towards the development of an attitude scale to measure teacher morale, Violeta L. Andaleon, Aurelta Rhodora U. Aragon, Pedrito Aton, and Estrella Buenaventura

Towards the development of an attitude scale to measure teacher morale, Pedrito A. Aton


Effects of personal growth sessions (PGS) on college freshmen, Pedrito A. Aton

Holistic health management: an approach in alleviating the level of stress of cancer patients, Ma. Paz M. Ayta

An evaluation of the performance of Trichogramma evanescens Westw in the control of corn borer (Ostrinia furnacalis Guenee) on yellow corn (Zea mays Linn), Rolando D. Cadiz

Development and evaluation of computer-aided instruction on selected topics in mechanical wave phenomena, Imelda S. Caleon

Towards restructured regional superintendents' offices of the RVM congregation, Maria Teresita Soriano Cantos RVM

Correlates of work adjustment among Filipino overseas workers in Taipei City, Yu-Ray Chien

Surviving the pinatubo disaster: a model of coping and factors affecting coping styles, Elvira Calilung David

Correlation between administrative service-related factors and incentive structure: the case of Letran College, San Juan De Dios Educational Foundation, Inc., and St. Joseph's College, Felicidad G. Erasmo

An evaluation of the college guidance program of Divine Word College-Tagbilaran, Agnes Tocmo Garaygay

The effects of conversational prayer, person-centered approach and a combination of both on the psychological security and spiritual well-being of an adolescent, Ma. Rowena E. Gutierrez

Demographic characteristics, self-esteem and life adjustment of Taiwanese married and never-married women employees, Yu-Lin Huang

Level and predictors of adjustment of selected seminarians, Nilo M. Justalero

The relationship of inclusion, control, and affection to marital intactness or separation and gender, Thomas Cherian Kallookaran

The effectiveness of Abhidhamma meditations in enhancing psychological health and reducing hypertension of Augustinian seminarians, Xavier Kattikat O.S.A.

Relationship between administrative service related factors and incentive structure: the case of La Consolacion, Sta. Isabel and Dominican College, Marlene L. Lasala

The effects of life review structured program on the life satisfaction of elderly Chinese women, Theresa (Sr. Lim Jam Huang) Lin PSC

Effectiveness of self-esteem boosters in decreasing maladaptive behaviors of children with attention-deficit hyper-activity disorder, Araceli C. Manabat

The effectiveness of BOBO in the enhancement of the quality of marital life, Chacko Mannicherril

Comparison of reported physical illness and irrational beliefs of men and women in midlife, Emilyn T. Mapilaparambil

Effects of person centered approach and self-validation on street children's worldviews: an exploratory study, Eve C. Marquez

An evaluation of the curriculum of Saint John the Apostle Academy and its implications to administrative concerns and directions, Florecita R. Neri A.M.P.

Validation of the religious commitment inventory among women religious, Eufemia A. Pama MSLT.

Towards further development of religious motivation questionnaire, Antony Puthenangady Fr.

Modified procedures for the phytochemical and cytotoxic screening of natural products, Rosalie Requito Rafael

An Evaluation of the DLSU night college., Augustus Venancio B. Ramos


The effect of participation in extracurricular activities on academic achievement of USM students, Augustus Venancio B. Ramos


An evaluation of the remedial mathematics program for high school freshmen of Divine Word College of Laoag, Ronnie N. Romero

An evaluation of the effectiveness of the fourth year career streaming program of San Beda College, Ricardo R. Roque

Cognitive and affective factors affecting academic performance of DLSU engineering students (SY 1994-1995), Floro Mayo F. Salvador

The improvement of students' assertive behavior through elaboration likelihood model, Aime D. Tubigon


Gender, attitude, and aptitude their relation to academic achievement of high school student's of Andres Soriano College (and two others), Sarah O. Virtudazo

Towards the development of an achievement test in SEDP mathematics III, Sarah Orbeta. Virtudazo

Theses/Dissertations from 1995

Validation of the Pasao self-concept rating, Cynthia E. Acuna

Self-acceptance and security level of adolescents from intact families and disrupted families in the rural setting, Corazon Melita C. Adalia

A validation study of the final ratings in predicting students' achievement in SEDP mathematics III., Aurelia Rhodora U. Aragon

Children's religious knowledge and attitudes: relationships with parents' religious knowledge and attitudes, education and family structure, Joseph Xavier Arockiasamy

Acceptance of aging, death anxiety and spiritual well-being of middle aged and elderly Sacred Heart Sisters of India, Genetrix Thresia Arukalil


The concurrent validity of self-concept in predicting students' achievement in mathematics and language, Emelita C. Bacus

Learning style, causal attribution, and academic achievement among high school seniors from Notre Dame Schools in Cotabato, Emma Capao-an Casis

An alternative apparatus for measuring electrical resistance, Celso P. Castillo

An evaluation of instructional management in three selected Dominican-owned schools in Region VI, Remia T. Catoera O.P.

Student and helper factors related to help seeking behavior of Taiwanese adolescents, Huan Yin (Mary) Chih

A comparative taxonomic study of the Brachyuran fauna collected from two selected sites of Manila Bay, Jennifer M. de Pano

A proposed institutional advancement program for La Salle Green Hills, Delia Caldito Domingo

A proposed mission statement for Galang Technical Institute Meycauayan, Bulacan, Rossana Villegas Galang

The development of the college admissions test for Divine Word College-Tagbilaran, Agnes Tocmo Garaygay

Validation of the pasao self-concept rating, Agnes Tocmo Garaygay

Mission statement of two Salesian Sisters' schools: an evaluation, Rufina M. Garcia F.M.A.

The development of the iskala ng pakikiisang-loob, Raymond A. Gonzales

Karanasan ng mga human rights workers sa kabigatan ng trabaho: panimulang pagsisiyasat at pagbubuo ng balangkas ng kaisipan, Cirio Sabio Kabamalan

Superior's perception of assertiveness of sisters in formation, Mary (Kulandai Therese) Kenzie

Correlates of career satisfaction among women religious in India, Annamma (Elizabeth Ann) Kunnappally

The effects of matching students' learning styles with the teacher's learning styles., Rosalle Cioco Lansangan

Construct validity of Myers-Briggs type indicator in relation to adjustment and self-actualization, Ladislaus Naisaban

A proposed program for the mathematically gifted high school students of Lourdes School of Mandaluyong, Edna H. Negru

A proposed institutional five-year development plan for Olivarez College, Paranaque, Eric de Leon Olivarez

Effect of congruence between medium of instruction and testing in assessing students' achievement in general college chemistry, Evalina Gabay Rigonan