Theses/Dissertations from 1995

A validation study of the final ratings in predicting students' achivement in SEDP mathematics III, Ricardo R. Roque

Towards the development of an achievement test in SEDP mathematics III, Ricardo R. Roque

Development of proposed faculty and administrative manuals for Dominican school of Dagupan, Ma. Lorenza S. Sajul OP.

Factors related to the students' involvement in selected organizations: the case of Adamson University., Rosario B. Santos

Javanese students' perception of desirability and helpfulness of types and valences of peer feedback., Alphonsus Rachmad Djati Winarno

Personality traits, socio-economic status and educational background of career-stable and unstable travel agency personnel, Chiu-Lien (Angela) Yen

Theses/Dissertations from 1994

The development of an English achievement test for grade 1, Eleonor V. Bautista

An evaluation of the program for the gifted at the Philippine High School for the Arts, Ernesto Laforteza. Bumatay

A training needs analysis and a proposed training program for the non-teaching staff of a college in Metro Manila, B'julah Silva Burgos

Modules on problem solving for second year high school students, Ma. Concepcion Molano Cachero

Clinical pastoral education: its effects on students' self-acceptance and level of empathy, Flora Dy Calleja

Needs assessment and a proposed five-year development program for two SPC schools in Indonesia, Alma Marie Cantorna

Relationships among work values, job satisfaction, and teacher-related variable in selected Catholic junior high schools in Taiwan, Nan-Yi Chang

Predominant problems and concerns of Saint John Cathedral Church parishioners by demographic variables, Kuo Anthony Cheng-Li Fr.

An evaluation of the O.P.-Siena Administrators' growth program, Mesalina E. Cloma O.P.

An evaluation of the Naval Command and Staff Course (NCSC) program 1988 to 1993, Salvador N. Cuba

An evaluation of instructional management in four Dominican-managed diocesan schools in Davao del Norte, Ma. Corazon B. Damasco

Accreditation and its outcomes in the seven accredited high schools of the Daughters of Charity [volume 2], Estrella E. De Vera

Accreditation and its outcomes in two accredited colleges of the Daughters of Charity, Mayflor A. Diacuna DC

Predictive validity of the cognitive admission measures of Saint Paul College of Dumaguete, Maria Milagros T. Etrata

A restructuring of the Diocesan Superintendent's Office of Tandag Surigao Del Sur and the development of the Diocesan Superintendent's administrative manual, Florio R. Falcon DCMS

The effects of a self-enhancement program on the self-concept and self-esteem of boys with absent fathers, Teodulo A. Fernandez

The proposed administrative and faculty handbooks for Marian College, Ipil, Zamboanga Del Sur, Milflor F. Ferrancullo A.D.C.

Expectations about religious and lay counselors of public and private high school students, Mary Jane A. Galang

The external productivity of the business administration program of Siena College, Quezon City, 1988 to 1990, Libertad P. Garcia

An evaluation of the existing guidance services of the University of the Assumption High School Guidance Program SY 1993-1994, Arlen S. Garilao

An evaluation of the student services program of the University of the Assumption High School SY 1993-1994, Arlen S. Garilao

The development of AT-SEM, Science Sub-test: A year and achievement test for first year high school, Arlen S. Garilao

A proposed faculty development program of Colegio De La Inmaculada Concepcion-Cebu, Eufemia S. Gomo

A proposed mission statement for Marian College, Ipil, Zamboanga Del Sur, Josefina Flores Gutierrez

An analysis of the inter-rater reliability of administrators, peers, and students evaluating the high school faculty of Wesleyan University-Philippines, Manuela P. Gutierrez

An analysis of the inter-rater reliability of administrators, peers, and students evaluating the high school faculty of Wesleyan University-Philippines, Manuela P. Gutierrez

Parent-child relationship and personality characteristics in relation to preferred counseling style in Soegijapranata Catholic University, Lucia Hernawati

Effects of the East Asian Pastoral Institute community experience on personal growth, Hua-Ying Hsu

Client expectations about counseling across four cultures., Won Bae (Farmer) Hwang

An evaluation of the scholarship program of the University of St. La Salle Bacolod City, Mitzi F. Javelona

Correlates of academic performance of the senior students of the University of St. La Salle, Bacolod City, Mitzi F. Javelona

The level of religious motivation of aspirants, postulants and novices of the adoration congregation, India, Elizabeth Kurian Kainikunnel

Survey of problems of Chang-Jung girls' night high school students: it's implications to guidance, Yu-Hua (Sabina) Ko

Therapeutic effects of life style reframing and unconscious reframing on a sexually promiscuous homosexual, Francis Kuttikattukunnel

Stress and satisfaction in religious life of the Sisters of the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (SABS) India, Aleyamma Mathew (Jancy) Madathikunnel

The Holy Family Academy High School outreach program 1987-1992: an evaluation, Lourdes Edissa N. Manrique OSB

A financial management analysis of a subsidized school: a creative resource to viability., Lilia P. Masalta

A proposed reformulation of the superintendent's office and a proposed superintendent administrative manual of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, Merlinda M. Meneses FMA

Locus of control and religious motivation of the candidates of Sacred Heart Congregation, India, Espirit Joseph Moolayil

Factors related to the moral-spiritual values of the first and fourth year students of the Reparatrix Schools, Nida S. Mota

Proposed administrative, faculty and student handbooks for a minor seminary, John C. Ndimbo Fr.

Correlates of the sources of stress among the OP-Siena Sisters in the Philippines, Meriza B. Ocampo O.P.

An evaluation of the high school guidance program of Sta. Maria Catholic School, Iloilo City, Ma. Cristina D. Ong

Student and teacher factors associated with mathematics achievement of Sta. Maria Catholic School first and second year students (and two others), Ma. Cristina D. Ong

The development of the Grade I mathematics achievement test, Ma. Cristina D. Ong

Demographic predictors of maturity level between Filipino diocesan and religious major seminarians, Joseph Orathinkal

The relative effectiveness of calculus-based college physics instruction on student achievement, Antriman Vipinosa Orleans

An evaluation of the social outreach program of selected RVM tertiary institutions, Maria Gilda Morales Penafiel RVM.

An evaluation of the mathematics program of St. Paul College of Paranaque, Lorna Sangalang Pinpin


Correlates of academic performance among the third year and fourth year high school students of St. Paul College of Paranaque, Lorna Sangalang Pinpin

Proposed reformulation of the school superintendent's office of the Congregation of the Religious Missionaries of St. Dominic, Girlita F. Quinones

An evaluation study of the community employment center of Notre Dame of Marbel University, Elma B. Rafil

The development of the college entrance test (CET) (English Grammar Subtest), Elma B. Rafil

Towards the validation of the graduate admission test of Notre Dame of Marbel University (and two others), Elma B. Rafil

Job satisfaction and personal factors related to faculty retention in the tertiary level of three selected Daughters of Charity schools, Shirley A. Rances

Some variables related to the problem solving achievement of third year high school students, Cresencia S. Reyes

A financial analysis of a mission school in Sariaya, Quezon from 1989-1993, Rafael A. Reyes FSC.

Readiness of first year engineering students of the University of the Assumption for college algebra SY 1993-1994, Agnes Cenen E. Sarmiento

The effectiveness of the tertianship formation program in enhancing religious commitment and emotional maturity of the junior sisters, Maria Tengumthottathil

Compatibility of intimacy with celibacy as perceived by selected Divine Word Missionaries in the Philippines, James Thekkemimailady SVD

Relationship of anxiety level to religious motivation and academic performance among diocesan and SVD seminarians of Manila, Francis Jacob Viegas

Theses/Dissertations from 1993

Development and validation of modules on selected topics in SEDP Math II at the Manila High School 1992-1993, Teresita Javier Abalajon

Correlates of academic procrastination among De La Salle University college students, Bienvenido R. Alcantara II

Spirituality, emotional maturity, sense of commitment and self-actualization of postulants and novices of St. Ann's Society, India, Mary Lynn , D. Alookaran

College entrance test, Arminda A. Ballenas

A case analysis of the community extension programs of the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena and two of its schools, Leticia Baza Batac

An optimal job shop model with multiple objectives, Dennis Beng Hui

The prevalence and intensity of soil-transmitted roundworm infections and their correlation to the academic achievement of grade II students, Louella Flores Brion

The mid-year achievement test of Holy Angel University (Mathematics), Lorna S. Buhian

Teacher morale and teaching performance of secondary school teachers of four selected Benedictine schools, Virginia O. Caneo

Proposed administrative and faculty manuals for Jesus Cabarrus Catholic School of Nonoc Island Surigao City, Fe Orozco Cape

Comparative effectiveness of three methods of remediation in Algebra, Virginia L. Cayaoyao

Development and evaluation of a laboratory manual in College Physics I for Engineering students using standard and improvised apparatus, Glorina A. Curammeng

Proposed five-year faculty and administrator development program for Mary, Cause of Our Joy Catholic School, Aida Davide

A five-year development program for Molo Dominican religious school administrators and teaching personnel 1993-1997, Ma. Nelita D. De Asis O.P.

The teaching of selected topics in quadratic functions at Torres High School: a modular approach, Dominador L. De Castro

The effects of the use of calculators on the attitudes of high school students toward Mathematics, Janet Duldulao Dionio

Predictive validity of aptitude and academic achievement measures for the 1989 cohort of nursing students in the University of St. La Salle (1989-1993), Irma Madonna G. Echaus

An assessment and reformulation of the mission statement of Colegio De La Purisima Conception, Roxas City, Clemente F. Fungot

Psychosocial predictors of subjective well-being among potential retirees, Martin R. Gaerlan

Students' preferences for counselor characteristics in Don Bosco Junior and Senior High School, Semarang-Indonesia, Brother Martinus T. Handoko

Improvised McLAb apparatus for experiments in electricity and magnetism, Abraham Moldes Heriales

College entrance test, Mitzi F. Javelona

A critical analysis of educational literature, Marife Molina Mamauag

Differences in personality traits and teaching effectiveness between experienced and inexperienced teachers, Marife Molina Mamauag

Evaluation of the faculty development program of the MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology, Marife Molina Mamauag

Religious motivation and personality of Indian Canossian Sisters in three stages of formation, Maggie (M. Elengkal) Mathew FDCC.

Students' preparedness to take Mathematics IV under the Secondary Education Development Program (SEDP) : an evaluation, Jisela M. Naz

The effectiveness of group educational modules for a cooperative learning program in analytic geometry, Ederlina Ganatuin Nocon

The religion teachers' program of the Sacred Heart Formation Center in Lipa City, Mary Teresita Octavio

The development of a Grade VI achievement test in mathematics, Lorna Sangalang Pinpin

A proposed administrative manual and a revised faculty handbook of Mater Carmeli Schools of Quezon City, Flordeliza Presquito

An evaluative study of the guidance services of Colegio De La Purisima Concepcion, school year 1992-1993, Nelson B. Rose

Critique of educational literature, Nelson B. Rose