Theses/Dissertations from 2003


Perceived parenting styles and self-esteem of Chinese-Filipino adolescents, Fu-Teng Hsieh

Public elementary teachers' perceived effectiveness of behavior management approaches for students with autism, Erh-Chen Huang


Stress and coping mechanisms of parents of children with down syndrome, Chi-Ping (Doreen) Hung


Exploring the experiences of early adult fathers, Irene S. Ignacio-Zambrano


Teacher editing and peer editing: Techniques on text improvement in collegiate compositions, Myla T. Lagmay

Self-concept and compensatory approaches applied to children with mild mental retardation, Chien-Chih (Leon) Lin

Perceptions of SPED teachers on using picture exchange communication system (PECS) for autistic children: A correlational study, Hao-Chiang (Jacky) Lin

Relationship of strategies and the verbal communication skills as employed to children with mild retardation, Shiuan-Ling (Eileen) Lin

Problems encountered by school administrators in selected special schools in Metro Manila, Yueh-Nu (Angela) Lin


Teaching support needs of special education teachers handling students with mental retardation in special education centers in Manila, Li-Na (Ruby) Liu

The process of aging of religious sisters from Kerala, India, Aniamma Manalayil

The enhancement of student concept attainment and student attitude towards science through the integration of history and philosophy of science in teaching mechanics, Marie Paz S. Escaño Morales


The grasping process in problem solving of selected high school students, Tita Salcedo Natividad


The cultural adjustment of Vietnamese students in the Philippines, Lucy Thanh Tuy Thi Nguyen

Personality traits and psychological needs of senior Augustinian sisters: A pluralistic analysis, Juliana Pinto


An exploration of classroom learning environment in college physics in a Philippine technical school, Elizabeth R. Rivera


Perfectionism in Filipino university students, Maria Guadalupe C. Salanga


Exploring students' conceptions of forces in uniform circular motion, Charish R. San Juan

Perspectives of De La Salle University undergraduates on special education: Basis for the development of an undergraduate program in special education, Amy Lee Santillan

Parents' perceptions on social and economic life skills of adult children with mental retardation, Jiunn-Yeong (Michael) Shieh

Perceived effects of token reinforcement economy on the social skills of children with mental retardation, Pay-Yun (Sunny) Tsai

Leadership dimensions and psychological well-being of female school administrators of the Holy Spirit Schools in Metro Manila, Agnes Viani

Speech styles of siblings of children with mental retardation: Basis for home language intervention, Chun-Chieh (Jason) Wu


Social welfare services for the physically impaired in four selected public institutions, Wen-Ting (Maderlin) Wu

Special education teachers' attitudes and strategies for teaching sex education for students with mental retardation, Chung-Chuan (Alex) Yang

Preferences on language development strategies for autistic children, Chieh-Ying (Carol) Yen


Motivational factors of SPED teachers in selected public schools in Metro Manila, Hui-Tzu (Cathy) Yu

Theses/Dissertations from 2002

Development and evaluation of self-instructional modules on heat for home technology students, Rosemarie E. Aliac

Servant leadership inventory: Its development, validation, and norming, Merceditas O. Ang

The language learning style preferences of selected Chiang Kai Shek college students: A comparative study across culture and gender, Nolita R. Calamaza

Comparison of perceptions of typically developing Filipino and Taiwanese children towards individuals with mental retardation, Hsiao-Fen Chang

The vocabulary strategies used by right-/left-and bilateral-brain learners in four major universities of Taiwan, Yu-Tzu Chang

Attitudes of employers and employees toward handicapped co-workers, Hsiu-Hung (Iris) Chen

A comparison in the perception of parents and teachers on the collaborative partnerships in special education, I-Min (Emily) Chen

Coteaching as perceived by special education and regular education teachers, Li-Fen (Lily) Chiang

Center-based after-school activities for CWMMR: A holistic approach to the development of social personal skills, Hui-Ching (Janet) Chiu

The effect of orientation, planning, action and checking (OPAC) problem-solving strategy on students' problem-solving skills and conceptual understanding, Ernesto S. Dedel Jr.

Emotional intelligence, self-actualization and happiness among young religious in formation, Jose Nicolas Q. Espinosa SVD.

Evaluating Science-Technology-Society (STS) approach in teaching high school science, Virginia Ramos Fornias

Oral communication skills of level III children with mild mental retardation in selected public schools: An assessment, Chin-Gwang (Hamen) Ho

Perspectives on and involvement in transition programs of SPED teachers and parents: Implications to planning and services, I-Kuan (Anita) Ho

Difficulties encountered and coping strategies of Taiwanese special education graduate students in the Philippines, Man-Ping (Andrea) Hsiao

Life management strategies of parents of children with mental retardation in public and private special schools in Metro Manila: Implications for SPED teachers and professionals, Te-Chuan (James) Hsieh

Teachers' preparedness in teaching reading to children with mild mental retardation: Implications to teacher training, Chin-Kang (Sammi) Hsu

Problems and coping mechanisms of regular education teachers in inclusive setting in selected schools in the Philippines and Taiwan: A comparative analysis, Tsui-Chu (Selena) Hsu

Family dysfunction, parental attachment, and career search self-efficacy among De La Salle undergraduates, Varghese (George) Porinchu Kallely

School administrators' perceptions toward inclusion of children with special needs, Yi-Kai (Ben) Kuan

A mathematics curriculum design for freshman nursing students, Wilhelmina S. Lacambra

An evaluation of the readability of the training manuals for radiographic testing and ultrasonic testing courses at PNRI, Jocelyn S. Lagarde

A study on the experiences facilitative to adjustment of siblings of children with mental retardation, Chih-Lun (Allen) Lai

Analysis of classroom management techniques of special education teachers: Implications for an in-service training program, I-Wen (Annie) Lai

An informal assessment of oral reading difficulties of children with mild mental retardation in P. Gomez Elementary School and Cupertino Center for special children, Heng-Ching (Sanny) Liu

A study on early intervention strategies employed by parents and teachers of children with autism: Basis for home and school collaboration, Yu-Chi (Denise) Liu

A comparative analysis of the financial performance of selected parochial schools for the years 1998-2001, S. Loorthunayagam FSC.

The relationship between levels of occupational stress and coping behaviors of special education teachers handling children with mental retardation, Chin-Fen (Cathy) Lu

Causes of difficulties in college algebra among M.I.T. freshman engineering students school year 2001-2002, Reynaldo D.V. Mendoza

Job stress and satisfaction of the primary school teachers and the teachers of children with mental retardation in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Hong Van Thi. Nguyen

Self-esteem, perceived peer influences, and academic achievement among Indonesian high school students, Hermanus Sigit. Pawanta

Analysis and design of a computer-based enrollment information system for St. Mary's College of Meycauayan, Joseph Bernard B. Reyes

Perceived leadership styles and teacher participation in decision-making process in selected family-owned schools in San Pedro, Laguna, Macrino Jesus R. Tancinco

Stressors, stress levels and attitude toward midlife of Vietnamese female religious and single lay mid-lifers, Bui Thi Tuoi

The new secondary education curriculum (NSEC) and the 2002 secondary education curriculum as perceived by teachers, Gladys Glimada Ubaldo

Bullying as perceived by adolescent students, school counselors, and teachers, Ramon Eduardo Gustilo. Villasor


A survey on personal and family related variables among individuals with emotional disturbance and behavioral disorders: Implications to social skills development, Hui-Fang (Vivian) Yeh

A study on teachers' attitudes toward managing a special class with different exceptionalities, Lee-Wei (Ted) Yeh

Comparative study of the teaching styles of regular and special education teachers, Chia-Ling (Amy). Yen

A correlational study of behavioral problems of children with autism and the coping strategies of their parents, Shiou-Ping (Daphne) Ye

Theses/Dissertations from 2001

A proposed research-based action program to enhance educational effectiveness at St. Mary's College of Meycauyan grade school department, Maria Irenea Jaudian Abang Sister

Effects of mathematical modeling on students' achievement and attitude towards mathematics, Eugenio S. Adrao

A proposed evaluation of the Ateneo De Zamboanga (ADZ) Research, Development, and Planning Office (RDPO) faculty research program, Arnold T. Arrozal

Towards the development of the Ateneo De Zamboanga proficiency test in college algebra (ADZ-PTCA), Arnold T. Arrozal


The conflict handling styles of school administrators of the Association of Augustinian Schools in the Philippines, Frederick C. Berroya

The effects of selected relaxation activities on the science anxiety and achievement of grade VI pupils in selected public and private schools, Joel G. Castillo


Relationship of support appraisal and network orientation to help-seeking attitudes and behaviors, Cindy A. Chan

A proposed evaluation of Philippine Academy of Sakya high school guidance program, Belen M. Chu

Students' help seeking attitude, self-efficacy beliefs, academic achievement and teacher characteristics: A correlational study, Belen M. Chu

Towards the development of an admission test for Philippine Academy of Sakya high school freshmen, Belen M. Chu

The status of secondary physics education in selected schools using accelerated Christian education program in the national capital region, Jocelyn A. De Guzman

Organizational climate, teacher morale, and teaching performance in four Divine Word schools in East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia, Nai Yustinus Didimus SVD.

A proposed development of the Brokenshirian values scale, Henry C. Encabo

A proposed evaluation of the Brokenshire College guidance and counseling program, Henry C. Encabo

The influence of student teachers' personal learning strategies and teacher experiences on their implicit beliefs on teaching and learning, Henry C. Encabo

Performance of Mindanao Polytechnic State College freshmen exposed to the structural and communicative teaching techniques, Ildelita R. Francisco

Parents' perspectives: A factor for establishing a more responsive special education program, Hsin-yi Ho

A study on the physical fitness of children with mild mental retardation in various self-testing activities, Kuang-Wei (James) Huang

Perceptions of parents and teachers on the oral communication skills of children with mild mental retardation, Hao-Chih (Scott) Hung

The relationship between the quality of life and self-efficacy of women, younger and older, affected by Hansen's disease, Cecilia Joachim

Problem solving skills of selected students in college algebra, SY 2000-2001: A case analysis, Marissa SJ. Laniog

Cognitive skill achievement of college freshmen using Piaget's logical operations in mathematics, Jaime Acedillo Leongson

Assessment of vocational programs of selected schools for students with mild mental retardation: Its implications for employment, Mei-Ling (Grace) Li

Considerations in developing a career preparation program for deaf high school students, Joyce Marasigan Lim

Development and validation of an integrated science process skills test in high school chemistry, Ricky M. Magno

The development and evaluation of a CAI power point presentation in biology on the concept of genetics, Rosario U. Martinez-Belmi

Open-book vs. closed-book examination in trigonometry: Effects on student's achievement and attitude towards mathematics, Amparo I. Nataya

Using open-ended questions for the enhancement of student's conceptual understanding, Carlos Asuncion Pangilinan Jr.

Filipino counselors' worldviews and their use of religious/spiritual interventions in counseling, Pancratius Joseph Pappaliparambil MSC.

The effects of kaya kita math: A self-help workbook on the students' anxiety and performance in college algebra, Dante V. Partosa

Perceived discipline problems by the teachers and strategies employed for classroom discipline, Victoria C. Paterno

Towards the development of the mathematics anxiety scale (MAS) of the Notre Dame of Marbel University High School Department, Victoria C. Paterno

Religious motivation and its relationship with parental attachment and security among adolescent seminarians in Indonesia, Yohanes Purwanta MSC.