Theses/Dissertations from 2013

Bayani: A role playing game on nationalism, Alberto Luis G. Del Rosario, Carina Miren G. Enriquez, Christian Terrence B. Esguerra, and Anne Gabrielle B. Guzman

Virtual information security testing system mark II: Epsilon2, Lin G. De Luna, Patrick Kevin G. Detera, Samuel David F. Guerrero, and Hiro R. Mejia

Automated signature creator for a signature based intrusion detection system (Pancakes), Frances Bernadette C. De Ocampo and Trisha Mari L. Del Castillo

Investigating the emotions of high and average-performing Filipino Math learners based on electrodermal activity, facial expressions, behavior and contextual information, Justin Aaron Dy, Albert Daniel Gorgonia, Kevin Ong, and Sarah Kelsey Santiago

Real-time high productivity inducing application: Building a music provision system for college students based on stress levels, Maritoni Rose Escalona, Ricco Luis Laxamana, Kevin Ian David Pagtakhan, and Edward Patrick Tighe

Mobile picture books, Kevin H. Evasco, Jeremy Audrick R. Garcia, Jasmine Irene U. Ng, and Ronel Martin V. Otial

Remote Equipment Configuration of Network Devices with User Account Login (RECON DUAL), Angela May D. Fernandez, Fritz Kevin S. Flores, Jamie Loraine T. Lau, and Adrian F. Ocampo

TADa: The design and implementation of the TALA dashboard, Michael Joseph L. Gonzales, Jerico Romeo U. Longalong, Kevin Martin P. Tanalgo, and Mica Paulino F. Tiu

e-TESDA LEARN learning management/ learning content management system, Gerome Louie D. Gutierrez, John Patrick L. Ocariz, Nero Patrick B. Roque, and Jan Marvin O. Tee

Implementation and evaluation of wireless sensor network security using public-key algorithm (FUSION), Kristina Marie C. Hermida, Adjell Ian R. Pabayos, Eric Russell C. Tan Sim, and Marie Gabrielle J. Tan

Alex: A collaborative and interactive storyteller, Dolleen Lour C. Huang, Bruce Elmer L. Peralta, Rancelli Jane F. Roxas, and Sashmir A. Yap

Linked data for flood caused by typhoons 1.5, Daniel Kenerick D. Koo

SAM-D2: Spontaneous affect modeling using dimensionally-labeled data, Avelino Alejandro L. Latorre, Katrina Ysabel C. Solomon, and Juan Paolo S. Tensuan

Kinecatch: Developing a catch video game for visually-impaired people with the use of the kinect, Rafael C. Montalvo

A patient affect monitoring system for children with autism using stress levels and repetitive gestures, Martin Noel T. Perez, Brian Carlo K. Ramos, Alvin Theodore B. Teng, and Jose Carlo G. Zamora

Feed forward gradient descent with momentum backpropagation neural network in tower defense targeting system, John Ernest D. Ramos

Daily monitoring of network activities by infrastructure solutions group/network security group, SMITS Inc., Miguel Angelo S. Sumaya

Network security daily monitoring procedural manual, Miguel Angelo S. Sumaya

Theses/Dissertations from 2012

Lockey: A public key infrastructure for the automation of DLSU-M university election, Elaine Abalos, Nikko Miyagee C. Bigtas, Jameson C. Ong Lopez, and Kristian Patrick L. Rubiano

3D scene reconstruction using a single monocular image, Francis Miguel P. Ablay, Mark Christian P. Agustin, Marc Lorenz M. Cengca, and Thomas James Z. Tiam-Lee

Pandesal: A Filipino embodied conversational agent for tutoring, Geraldine G. Ablaza, Jannah Therese B. Del Barrio, Charo Marie V. Musni, and Kedren O. Villena

DORA: Feature selection for network-based intrusion detection models, Juan Carlos A. Acosta, Wilma Patricia A. Diguangco, Dan Paolo B. Obal, and Henri Frederic T. Reforeal

Green route: A document tracking system for DLSC's purchasing process, Peter Agno, Noel Angelo Babao, and Julian Alfonso Ponce

WHADDAPP!?: A social app discovery and recommender system for android, Natalie S. Agustin, Sofia Indira Odessa G. Ang, Joan Denise M. Lee, and Anthony Ersen S. Ng

Department of public works and highways trouble ticketing system, Rocelyn Nicole C. Alicbusan, Emar Nathaniel M. De Pano, Jed Kevin M. Fermo, and Brian Joseph P. Tan

Intelligent crib: A sensor-based infant monitoring system, Joel Aligno, Adnan D. Nera, Kaylee Ann C. Tan, and Dexter Terrence Uy

Touch based 2D paint for android tablet, Axel Xavier C. Alindogan, Arianejoy Rochelle K. Gauuan, Matthew Ryan M. Lopez, and Eric Mark M. Relunia

Aedes watch: Dengue mapping and monitoring system, Neil Michael C. Ang, Jarvin Anthony N. Marcelo, Benjamin Matthew C. Ocampo-Tan, and Joaquin Raymundo Manuel K. Sinco

SynTag: Synonym based tag cloud generation, Therese Angustia, Mark Henry Ching, Cara Andrea Cristobal, and Germaine Marie Gabuyo

Bida: Design, implementation, and characterization of a low-cost biometric identification system using Hand Dorsal Vein Pattern Analysis, David S. Araw, Jan Christer V. Durugan, Milo H. Martinez, and Rae Marvin A. Pangilinan

Coursewares on critical thinking, Louie Andrew C. Arciaga, Monica Miranda J. Muyot, and Ernest J. Platon

FeLex builder: A semi-supervised lexical resource builder for opinion mining in product reviews, Angelo Miguel E. Arcilla, Antonn Vittorio S. Esquivel, Celina Franchesca G. Quiros, and Karina Francheska O. Velasco

Gesture-based interactive presentation platform, Michael Angelo A. Arlanza, Edwin S. Cruz, Juan Paolo B. Nepomuceno, and Patricia Beatrice V. Villegas

Thera praevenio: A community based early warning system, Angelo Abraham P. Arnaldo, Jad N. Gonzales, Wesley E. Marquez-Lim, and Calvin Mitchell A. Ongkingco

A teachware on the training of trainers program on HIV/AIDS preventive education of the Philippine Red Cross- Red Cross Youth Service, Alyssa Marie E. Basilio, John Anthony C. Berbaño, Charles Rafferty L. Sy, and Jernianne Kaila M. Valenzuela

Audio interface guidelines for the visually impaired for conveying sound localization, Ravin A. Bay, Angela D. Biag, Kenneth L. Chung, and Hardley L. Lim

Computer based aircraft stability control system with manual user navigation (CNAV), Mark Edward C. Belmonte, Michael P. Factora, Kelly Roland V. Neuda, Christopher S. Tiam Watt, and Jezrel Paul L. Villanueva

Note assistant: A multimodal application for taking, making, and reviewing notes, Jan Randolph M. Billedo, Margarita Isabel M. Gomez, and Carlo Paolo C. Velez

Salinlahi III: Building a system for tutoring secondary level Filipino heritage language learners, Michael Louie Boñon, Nadine Chua, Shannen Rose Dela Cruz, and Rene Rose Piñera

Bootstrapping a Tagalog LFG F-structure Bank, Djesus Rex C. Cada, Francis Alexis L. Chan, Hua Zong S. Chen, and Andrew Edwell Y. Tan

The ASUCAL: Maturity analysis and monitoring system for sugarcane crops, Jonathan Clark S. Camacho, Anthea Marina A. Co, Jan Percival S.J. Hao, and Ana Carmela P. Salazar

Content and link based web spam detection, Arien Kris Jacob Canete, Paolo Miguel Gervacio, Dong-Hwan Kim, and Rafael Quinto

Marker-less gesture and facial expression base affect modeling, Sherlo Yvan Cantos, Jeriah Kjell Miranda, Melisa Renee. Tiu, and Mary Czarinelle Yeung

E-kolekta (solid waste management information system), Lea Alyana L. Capati, Jona Marie H. Jorge, Kenneth M. Lee, and Julian Marzl B. Que

Depth perception processing using a monocular image, Leandro Angelico T. Carandang, Marc R. Doroja, Federico N. Sandoval, and Gabriel Niccolo C. Zialcita

Gesture based 3D mesh modeling, Roland E. Carlos, Clarence Dalan Jr., Aaron D. Sanchez, and Kevin Tolentino

Pandora community based disaster risk management system, Janine Vicente T. Casas, Dennis Dominic S. Diego, and Quino James A. Legaspi

Caritas Novaliches disaster risk reduction management information system, Shem D. Chan, Ryan Rodney E. Melgar, Jesus Joseph C. Torregoza, and Klara Regine T. Tumambing

An automated election system for the De La Salle University Manila student government elections, Alvin Bryan D. Chen, Tommy S. Chua, Louie Anson Q. Ng, and Daniel Stanley Tan

Loudspeaker sound field emulation in earphones using HRTFs, Elson Louie C. Chiu, Rodel Archie M. Cullano, Garyl Royce Y. Gordiel, and John Edward B. Kung

An indoor navigation application using Wi-Fi fingerprinting and inertial-based sensors for mobile devices, Archie Shawn O. Choa, Daniel Joseph M. Jacinto, Vincent Nygel T. Ngo, and Nico Angelo A. Puada

An architecture for integrating a web-based IDE and a project management system, Arnold Sean O. Choa, Linda Chua, Kevin C. See, and Alvin D. Uy

Shadow boxing: A boxing audio exercise game for the visually impaired, Ralph Regan Choa, Ian Lazaruz Cruz, Patrick Allan Cruz, and Enrique Sebastian Malonzo

Automated tagging of music according to mood, Carina Natalia Chua, Michael Lance Domagas, John Raymond Lim, and John Raymond Partosa

Mobile indoor positioning using Wi-Fi localization and image processing, Jeleen Bianca P. Chua Ching, Carolyn C. Domingo, Kyla O. Iglesia, and Courtney Anne M. Ngo

Teachware on maritime injury prevention for Eastgate Maritime Training Center, Jaime G. Chua, Angelo Clarence S. De Guzman, Adrian Paul N. Go, and Allan Rey E. Regio

Ontology population of Philippine medicinal plants, Junn Richmond C. Co, Christa Hannah S. Gaudiel, Darah F. Umadac, and Nadine L. Victor

Linked data for flood disaster, Hector Brian B. Cortes, Andre Carlo F. Manila, and Roi Luigi Valdez

Bangon na: A resource warehousing management system, Lorenzo Miguel E. Cruz, Chrizel M. Legaspi, Akaylah Christine A. Tan, and Renz Anson R. Vitug

Mood tags and annotation games, Edmund Frederick I. Cua, Patrick B. Lanot, and Eugene Adrian T. Ong

Extensible network appliance platform (e-NAP), Russell T. Cua, Wrenz C. Go, Kaiser O. Wee, and Mary Joy G. Yu

Deli mayo: A 3D projection mapping AR game, Marion Rafael D. De Jesus, Gillian N. Lim, Daniel Rowel G. Marpa, and Mary Grace M. Ynot

Real-time voice affect recognition for call center agents, Sanielle Anne De Leon, Raymund Clint Paz, Julie Ann Tan, and Julie Ann Tan

A prioritization algorithm for resource allocation, Albert Johnson L. Du, Stephanie P. Hugo, and Mikhael C. Paraguya

Music player control system using dynamic hand gesture recognition and position determination in 3D space, Ivanhur O. Duka, Lawrence G. Garcia, Jessica B. Li, and Ruby Lynn Sagabaen

Online diet plan recommendation system presented in natural language, Gabriel Antonio G. Fabia, Marco Emil G. Quebral, and Miguelito T. Yu

Security information and event manager with ticketing system, Joseph G. Galinato, Jonathan C. Mantua, Lee Mikhael B. Tan, and Jan Marvin P. Valencia

Salinlahi II – a collaborative learning environment for Filipino heritage learners, Matthew C. Gan; Handog, Ian Jonathan B.; Panis, Miguel Lorenzo.; and Teh Jerold Brian.

Restaurant recommendation for a healthier lifesyte, Shaung Paolo G. Garcia, Mike Co Lu, and Rex Philip R. Rotor

Restaurant recommendation system for healthier lifestyle, Shaun Paolo G. Garcia, Mike C. Lu, and Rex Philip R. Rotor

Bahaba: A disaster management route generator for mobile systems, Michael Benedict Haw, Matthew Alexis Martinez, Lowie Santiaguel, and Patrick Lawrence Tamayo

Project child immunity, Jocelyn Dianne G. Herrera, Trisha Anne T. Licup, Francis Miguel G. Sison, and Anna Cecilia E. Tria

Gokiburi: A projection mapping system on a moving human, Nicole Kevin D. Lee

Project H.E.L.L.O. (High school English Language Literacy One): An instructional systems technology thesis, Dior Nadine O. Li, Enif S. Ruedas, and Nicole G. Tablante

An affective intelligent tutoring system for science that promotes engagement, Chryzel Jane A. Lim, Nikko Erick L. Reyes, and Alexandra Marie G. Roa

Chameleon: Diverse detection of web malware, Riegel Sean D. Mancia, Gamaliel Micah T. Penafiel, and Kim Patrick A. Sia

A direct recording electronic voting system, Martha Miranda, Eric Sy, and Christopher Verceles

AED-CRAMAS projects, Raphael R. Pehipol

AMCAR Automotive Corporation website, Don Edward DG. Randrup

Theses/Dissertations from 2011

Filipino surface realizer, Stephanie C. Abella, Lawrence L. Santos, and Dennis C. Tiu

Automatic voice transcription system for solo A Cappella, Joseph Abrogena, John Francis Dela Cuesta, and Andrei Vincent Seril

Department of Science and Technology System for Managing Training (DOST-SMART), Nerissa Hannah A. Adriano, Kimberly Jane L. Go, Rochelle Vanessa S. Pua Phee, and Ephraim Tiakseng U. See

Maternal health information system of the municipality of Bauan, Batangas, Sean Camille D. Agustin, Camille E. Bernardez, and Megan Lourdes R. Panopio

Voice narrator for picture books, Jon Aaron D. Alcantara, Louie Patrice R. Lu, John Kynneth A. Magno, and Zhayne C. Soriano

Sentence-level morphological and phonological analyzer for Filipino (filSPAM), Angelo Nico C. Alina, Carlo Benigno Romulo Cambaliza, Judd Philip F. Sosa, and Xedric Mikai J. Sta. Ana

Botnet detection and classification system, Mark Christian P. Aquino, Martin Xavier T. Co, and Brian Edward A. Wong

Music provision for a computer user based on brainwaves, computer activities, and music preferences, Roman Joseph P. Aquino, Joshua Rafael R. Battad, Charlene Frances S. Ngo, and Gemilene C. Uy

Canlubanger, Ileanne Ronalyn Arango, Lea Cecilia Caling, and Carlene Louise Madrid

AdRIC project management system: An information systems capstone project, Dianne Tricia H. Baello, Ana Andrea V. Domagas, Kimberly T. Flores, and Madeleine Roann P. Salariosa

Mobile customer relationship management, John Angelo Baldonado and Rolando Sherlon Villanueva

Coral reef monitoring and mapping system for Bataan-Mindoro shoreline, Miguel Anton F. Barba, John Carlo S. Ravago, and Charles Stephen A. Vicencio

MOD-G protocol: A communication protocol for an emphatic network, Juan Miguel N. Bartolome, David Andro G. Rivera, Orison C. Rosalin, and Geordan H. Tan

Metro sportswear manufacturing corporation retail branch consignment system, Maria Clarissa M. Boac, Enrique S. Cavestany III, Arthur Aristotle V. Maranan, and Joaquin Antonio G. Soriano

Ifeedback: An intelligent feedback API for tutoring systems, Dan Christian K. Bueno, Ray Erik C. Rabe, and Brainard G. Sy

Markerless gesture recognition in the context of affect modeling for intelligent tutoring systems, Dana May Bustos, Geoffrey Loren Chua, Richard Thomas Cruz, and Jose Miguell Santos

ShoWii: A virtual activity for the visually impaired, John Raymond B. Cala, Christian Benedict C. Co, Charles Jerome N. Cue, and Devorah Angela T. Tee

GPU-enabled lego brick approximation of mesh models, Ivan Ray T. Canilao, Patrick Karlo N. Pamplona, and Daniel Martin H. Vallesteros

My senior years: An interactive storyteller system, John Norman D. Capule, Shiela Marie N. Escalona, Paulyn Ana S. Pelayo, and Jerick Ivan C. Ramirez

Miracle: Facial feature extraction using active appearance model, Gwenavel Marie T. Caronan, Calvin T. Enriquez, Yao Tien Huang, and Samuel Bernard Sia

In-app advertisements through social networking with augmented reality, Jon Dane S. Castro, Lawrence Kerr G. Cruz, Jonathan A. Pabillore, and Randolph Stephen G. Pleyto