Theses/Dissertations from 2011

Wonderweiss: An interactive fiction system that uses a 2D graphical interface, Marion Drexell O. Cham, Abraham Miguel Espiritu, June Benedict S. Parreno, and Louie C. Velarde

Picture book 3, Paul T. Cham, Evan Ross P. Hapal, Jonn Eric M. Quintos, and Alvin George O. Zaldivar

Penetration application for analyzing data networks (PAAD), Kenneth C. Chan and Carmi Anne Loren S. Mora

WLAN II: Wireless Local Area Network using infrared, Ronald S. Chong, Mark Armand C. De Castro, and Jeffer O. Sy

FiliText: A Filipino hands-free text messaging application, Jerrick Darryl L. Chua, Unisse Chua, Cesar Antonio De Padua, and Janelle Isis Tan

Audiovisual laughter segmentation, Jaicelyne Co; Florante C. Serna, Jr; Michael Rayvier N. Serrano; and Mikaela Sitjar

Activity prediction using context, Janelyn Co, Cheney Samson, and Justin Uy

A Question answering system to answer procedural and causal questions in medicine, Paula Angelica Daella, Kristina Dimayacyac, Mara Laise Liao, and Andi Velarde

Data center: RFC2544 - throughput test and RFC2889 - address learning rate, James Mikko B. De Jesus

Interactive presentation authoring tool for a mobile device, Victor Joseph L. Dela Cruz, Gianna A. Li, and Elix Donn Erdex A. Silangcruz

Manila Cordage Company Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) fixed asset and human resources (Coop) module, Nheria Krizelle L. Entena

Audiovisual affect recognition in spontaneous Filipino laughter, Christopher R. Galvan, David C. Manangan, Michael Lorenzo P. Sanchez, and Jason T. Wong

i-POIS (Intelligent Posture Identification System), Kimberly C. Gorospe, Laarni Dawn R. Ilan, Willibert Irwin Y. Lim, and Jann Aleli C. Zaplan

A Reputation system for Wikipedia: Starfish, Czerald G. Guevarra, Ramon Roberto C. Jaymalin, Amity R. Ruaro, and Juan Antonio Gabriel A. Talon

Affect recognition using brainwaves and mouse behavior for math tutoring systems, John Francis I. Ibanez Jr., Ianne Robert C. Lim, and Nestor B. Lumanas Jr.

Commonwealth Insurance Company web-based payroll system, Nicolo Manuel S. Idquival

Affect modeling in POOLE III using EEG signals and facial features, Gerald Arthur S. ILagan

BNIE 3.0 (Business news information extraction 3.0), Ma. Felina Katigbak, Mary Rose Oh, and Joseph Christopher Uy

Latent semantic indexing collaborative filtering recommendation system, Taesu Kim

Mesh-guided lego model synthesis with additional movable lego parts, Richard Ian C. Lauretes

PSP: Piano score player, Ephraim J. Lintag, Jan Michael R. Melgarejo, Karisse Grace G. Ravelo, and Julius Carlo P. Vitug

Municipality of San Juan: Portal for feeding programs, Karyn Perl Y. Liong, Warren Jay T. Minano, Melanie C. Sia, and Eleazar Jaime D. Tamayao

Measuring academic affective states of students via brainwave signals, Ella T. Mampusti, Jose S. Ng, Jarren James I. Quinto, and Grizelda L. Teng

Developing a grammar checker for Filipino using language tool, Nathaniel A. Oco, Rezley Castylle Chua, Francisco Lee, and Matthew Keiser Miranda

Learning piano through MIDI file transcription, Florence Kristine M. Pe, Patrick Joseph A. Rojales, Joleen Anne L. Sagaran, and Jacques Victor P. Sugue

Theses/Dissertations from 2010

System for learning vocabulary and spelling through humor, Vic Roland L. Aban, Timothy Jezreel S. Fernandez, and Mary Catherine P. Pascual

Spartan: Stateful network intrusion prevention system, Juan Miguel S. Abcede, Gil Geronimo Z. Bautista, Robert John A. Concepcion, and Michael John S. Marcos

Discovering emotion in Filipino laughter using multimodal approaches, Julie Ann Alonzo, Janelle Marie Campita, Stephanie Therese L. Lucila, and Miguel Cristobal Miranda

API for P2P file transfer over mobile ad hoc networks, Jose Francisco Amarra, Teril Katherine Bilog, Ericko Dela Cruz, and Jonah Kemuel Verzosa

SMMII internship, Conrado Miguel G. Ambrosio

Mobile social travellers guide, Adrienne Candice B. Amoranto, Juan Miguel T. Roxas, and Raphael Angelo K. Warren

Module management system for virtual servers: MobiServ, Denize P. Amorsolo, John Paul P. Cervantes, Stephanie Q. Chang, and Adrian Philip V. Wang

Picture books 2, Karen S. Ang, Janine M. Antonio, Dan H. Sanchez, and Sherie C. Yu

Interactive presentations with 3D input and environment, Kevin Justin T. Ang, Gayle Udelle C. Ling, Denise Camille L. Que, and Earl Theodric G. Solis

COREO - Community Refinement of Ontology, Tinmon Ang, Alloy Chua, Roland Chua, and Arthur Dychiching

V.A.S.T. fire: A non-linear storyboarding tool for visual novels, Rey Angelo C. Apostol, Kevin T. Chan Li, and Charwin Dale L. Chua

An Information technology practicum in Sega Technical Services Ltd., Ileanne Ronalyn Arango

Location recognition system using ultrasonic waves, Mark Louie O. Arcilla, Matthew Louie O. Arcilla, Raymond U. Malapitan, and Bethleen M. Saguid

Mood recognition using combined algorithms and methods (MR CAM), Emmanuel Bryan B. Asedillo, Marc Lawrence Ching, Raphael LL. Ribas, and Ian Leslie S. Veto

Atomica: Automatic movie classifier using audio-visual content analysis, Kristia Keith D. Atienza, Lauren Benedict M. Fausto, and Miguel Antonio C. Velez

Developing a user-specific affect model for classifying music based on timbral content, Hal Gino P. Avisado, John Vincent U. Cocjin, and Joshua Alexie M. Gaverza

Robust fault tolerant PC-based server load balancer: EAGLE, John Paolo D. Ayson, Christopher U. Mendoza, Mark Edward M. Pangilinan, and Adrian Joseph L. Viesca

Automatic video segmentation tool for laughter detection based on audio features, Hans Paulo Bantiling, Stefan Ron Gadi, Jasper Charles Lee, and John Vincent Yang

Rhythmpathy: A study on rhythms influence on emotion, Katrina Marie O. Banzon, Carlos Miguel M. Gomez, and Paul Alexis G. Sison

Neural network implementation on a graphics processing unit using CUDA, Ma. Francesca Barcelona, Byron Joshua Bautista, Shaun Raphael Candano, and Marie Katherine Tadios

Vox pop : automated opinion detection and classification with data clustering, Glecer Z. Bautista, Michael Adrian S. Garcia, and Richmond Jamal C. Tan

Activity and action prediction for an emphatic space using context, Nikka Jennifer G. Bautista, Manuel M. Cua Jr., Jed J. Aureus, and Marc Angelo B. Urquiola

Al Shipyard: Finite state machine al engine for Ai Cap'n, Karl Stephan G. Benavidez, Arturo P. Caronongan, Kelvin C. Chua, and Patrick C. Gotauco

Developing the foundations of a Filipino wordnet, Jeremy Bondoc, Alvin Garcia, John Bryan Lacaden, and Hun Ping Yu

AICE: Integrated collaborative environment for AI CAP'N, Anna Clarisse C. Brofar, Joyce Angeline F. Dayego, Michelle N. Santos, and Joyce H. Sia

An information technology practicum in Analog Devices Inc., Lea Cecilia L. Caling and Carlene Louise D. Madrid

BarkadaNotes: A social networking site for note sharing, Maria Lovelle Camacho, Oi Kwan Cheung, Edward Philippe Choi, and Grace Ria Naval

Automated mixed genre classification of music, Nelson Cheng, Merrick Co, Bryan Masancay, and Marco Quintana

CCS thesis portal, Rendell S. Ching, Joanne C. Co, Edward C. Dy, and Mark Kenneth C. Torchiva

Question processing for comparative and evaluative questions for business intelligence, Kenston Choi, Rosalyn Marget Pacana, Adrian Lester Tan, and Jonathan Yiu

Multi-touch haptic gesture recognition from examples, Angela Faye C. Chua, Nellie Margaret S. Chua, Demi Rose P. Tinay, and Danielle Erika Y. Ureta

Ecoheroes technical and users manual, Jantzen Joe C. Chua, Joelle Lyn D. Gavica, Kasumi E. Miyahara, and Janine Jennifer S. Ng

Strut: Mobile social mapping system through message consolidation, George Anthony A. Clamor; Miriam Corazon M. Madrid; and Ruben A. Tan, Jr

An architecture for a web-based IDE, Richelle Charmaine G. Co, Marc Anthony M. Obaldo, and Audrey Elaine G. Ong

3D interactive environment using Wiimote (Wiird3D), Ross Martoni S. Cruz, Jessie Jason M. Macalinao, Alexis Marianne B. Macariola, and Therese Eda Joi D.C. Subido

ATP ICS Internship, Marie Angelica T. De Borja and Ted Mathew S. Dela Cruz

Vision: Vehicle identification system for tasks automation, Ricky S. Delas Llagas Jr., Gladys Mae I. Garcia, Jennifer C. Ureta, and Kyrene Stephanie R. Veron

AlieEn SysLog Service, Carl Raymund P. Del Mundo and John Derwin S. Dizon

Social interactive electronic book reader, Mabelle Ruth J. Dolojan, Christopher James S. Garcia, and Felix Alfonso G. Quiogue

Multimodal emotion recognition system for spontaneous vocal and facial signals: SMERFS, Marc Lanze Ivan C. Dy, Ivan Vener L. Espinoza, Paul Patrick V. Go, and Charles Martin M. Mendez

Indoor tracking system using wireless fidelity, Rose Ann L. Ebora, Lorraine L. Lopez, and Matthew Dan-Li A. Mutia

Data acquisition between multiple embedded sensors for empathic space: Project EYE, Andrew Stephen D. M. Estrada, Rey Angelo B. Magdaong, Darell Bennett C. Manalo, and Paulo P. Oblepias

Interactive environment for the visually impaired, Ron Aldrin G. Go-Aco, Jose Christopher S. Mendoza, Adrian L. Napiza, and Ralph Ronnel M. Pineda

3D reconstruction of optical markers for geometric structure modeling, Ronald T. Gotauco, Lorenzo Paolo C. Layug, and Ryan Benedict F. Rodil

Video over internet protocol broadcasting: VIP cast, Amabel D. Ison, Rafael Miguel C. Leonardo, and Jonas G. Tolentino

Mobile workbook application for children (MOWACHI), Kei Allen Lee, Jose Ngo, Jose Lorenzo San Miguel, and Jennifer Sing

Dead-eye: Detection of article displacement inside an enclosed space, Wilson Steven Lee, John Douglas Ng, Matthew Bryan Uy, and David Van

Mobile social application platform, Aaron Henderson M. Lim, Michael Kevin E. Mohan, Nicole Aleeziah T. Rodriguez, and Kenneth Kelvin U. Sia Sin

Information extraction for Elegislation, Brian Kent Lim, Angelo Crisanto Miranda, Janine Trogo, and Fe Eleanor Yap

Two-way SIP-based voice gateway with bandwidth management: Transportal, Christopher John S. Lim, Jon Gratton D. Ng, John Edward C. Santillan, and Christian Bernard S. Tomeldan

Conversion of the computerized fleet tracking system, Louise Noriega and Cedric Viguilla

Database migration (MS SQL Server to MySQL Server) general agreements management system, Matthew Theodore C. Pahutan

Adaptable software-based log consolidation and incident management for a security information event management system (AdLCIM), Justine David G. Pineda and Roberto F. Yatco

De La Salle Canlubang Quiz Application, Jaune Carlo F. Sarmiento

Manila Cordage Enterprise resource planning system warehouse module, Djyron F. Sarroza

Web design and implementation, Krizia May Villanueva

Theses/Dissertations from 2009

ICPIA: Internet Controlled Portable Image Acquisition system, John Edmer T. Abario, Kerwin David J. Lim, and Daryl Jones B. Ongmanchi

iTour, Mark Jayson Abesamis, Rezley Castylle Chua, Francisco Lee, and Matthew Keiser Miranda

Using collaborative tagging as an alternative approach for software documentation in open-source development, Louie James G. Abundo, Julian Paolo D. Balitbit, Jed Jarvis P. Bucol, and Mark Emmanuel V. Villamar

Adaptable pseudo random number generator, Danilo Africa Jr., David John T. Alborte, Marc Derrick T. Chua Yap, and Manesh D. Kapahi

SmartCardS DLSU: Smart Card Solution for student services in De La Salle University, Jackson S. Agero, Rufus Rafael G. Amata, Jonathan Julian C. Cua, and Jacob Wilson Y. Lee

ABC Automatic Blog Categorizer using K-means algorithm, Orlando Y. Agustin Jr., Jhermin Anne S. Cruz, Arvin Mark M. Flores, and Charles Ian G. Luna

A comparative analysis of recommender system approaches, Paolo Eduardo Carmelo C. Alabastro, Mary Jeanne C. Ang, Rigor. de Guzman, and Marijo S. Muhi

Social networking application for art enthusiasts, Lance Alemania Alcabasa, Lean Alemania Alcabasa, Christopher Vidal Laban Flores, and Michael Dalipe Pagsisihan

Modeling the decision-making behavior of the Filipino voter, Maruel P. Alimboyao, Joshua C. Lo, Louis F. Pablo, and Anthony Y. Sia

Tile counter/cut estimator, TCCE, Deric Isaac M. Alvarez and Chiao Feng Chang

MISA: Massively multiplayer online game with integrated short message service access, Melissa F. Amurao, Neil Arvin B. Bretana, Gene Oliver Cestina, and Maria Monica Elena G. Faire

TEA-modeling: Testing effective algorithms for modeling, John Patrick S. Ang, Andrew L. Bagay, Jude Alexis T. Baysa, and Bryan G. Po

Salinlahi: An interactive learning environment for Filipino language learning for kids, Maria Rosseanna M. Antay, Lester M. Fernandez, Lorraine G. Jumarang, and Ralph Vincent J. Regalado

Comparative analysis of techniques for detecting refactoring opportunities, Joseph Adriel P. Aquino, Rafael Jose M. Arce, Ryan Samuel M. Dimaunahan, and Ma. Nicole Francine S. Toledo

Automatic construction of player categories using data clustering techniques, Gene Michael K. Atanacio, Alexis Jarome D. Balderama, Felipe Ramon B. Velez, and Anna Lorene M. Villafuerte

English short story evaluator for children, Martin Joaquin Bautista, Juancho Fabregas, Jeremy Ray Macalino, and Hans Gregory Yu

FiLearn: A Filipino language learning software for kids, Gerol P. Bayani, Danae Anne P. Palma, and Roxanne Evette A. San Jose

Fight the fat: A courseware for eclipse fitness center's weight loss program, Eleonor Jocel S. Benito, Marvin Micael Pacia, Maria Carolina Lou G. Pantig, and Karla Franchesca O. Tan

Software tycoon 2: An online software engineering simulation game, Julius Caesar O. Brosas, Neil Ivann D. Chua, Kent Robinson S. Tan, and Mark Geoffrey A. Uy