Theses/Dissertations from 2009

Traction identifier for shoes-uEMO, Peter Joseph O. Bulilan, Rhalph Nino M. Gratela, Nadine E. Omes, and Wenzel Kayne Y. Vy

Software-based unified security switch, Dennis H. Cagampan, Julius R. Cuaves, Michael Daniel B. Narca, and Isaac Herculano S. Sabas

Automatic fingerprint identification and authentication with specialization in identical twins differentiation (GEMINI), Kristin Angela G. Castaneda, Rachellle Khriseth S. Cu, Carlo G. Ruivivar, and Satomi T. Takahashi

WISP web-based interactive space, Marie Chelsea Celestino, Shelley Jane C. Co, Albert Leonard M. Dizon, and Nezian M. Santos

CoDeS: Collaborative decision support system, Christian Valeen R. Chiu, Jeric Bryle S. Dy, Peter John L. Lee, and Michael David S. Liu

Guitar Music Transcription (GMT), Earl Nichollson S. Chua, Rainier C. Hernandez, Wilbern J. Lautchang, and Ryann T. Ong

Emotion recognition in Filipino speech: EMOTICON, Joan L. Chua; Oliver S. De Guia; Carlson, C. Li; and Joanna Fatima B. Rojas

VirholLex: Virus-host interaction lexicon, Abigail L. Dela Cruz, Jose Marco V. Padillo, Shem Ardi D. San Diego, and Abegail Joan D. Horikawa

P6-SIME: Physics simulation for education, Jean Andrei A. Dela Cruz, Melvin M. Luis, and David Stephenson N. Or

MSNPAD: Mobile social networking platform with application deployment, Rochelle Anne G. Figueroa, Robert Nichol A. Ong, and Sammy B. See

A 3D display augmentation to the implementation of the finite-difference time domain method in volunteer computing, Victor Garcia

NAT traversing VPN client software, Jay Norris D. Go, Mark Christopher O. Lim, Don Isaac O. Sta. Ana, and Matthew Andre S. Tuason

Vision-based biometric authentication system using human gait analysis (Vision GaiA), Richo Paulo M. Infante, Gianne Lauren O. Salcedo, and Ralph Gerard M. Tan

Filipino text-to-speech system: Tagapagsalita, 2, Jerick T. Jimenez, Faye S. Juliano, and Elrick Jan P. Silva

Observe: Ontology-based search engine for virtual museums, Adela Anjelica C. Lazaro, James Mervin C. Ong, and Leif Romeritch L. Syliongka

Teleoperated Robotic Arm (ToRA), Carlo Miguel C. Lee, Mark Angelo F. Paltao, Henny Shiela C. Pascua, and Lawrence T. Rodriguez

Mobile social recommender system for travelers, Eunice D. Mendoza, Irene G. Tan, Ramelle Marie. C. Torres, and Joseph S. Valencia

WordFlag: Flagging inappropriate words in recorded speech through word spotting, Antonio Ray N. Otic, Francesca Nerisse S. Ramos, Ricardo Louis O. Torres, and Kevin Joseph R. Yson

Theses/Dissertations from 2008

Software tycoon, Joseph L. Abrigo, Inigo C. Ambas, Jess Malvin C. Chin, and Carlos Samuel S. Gavino

Electromechanical injection of LPG fumigation for diesel engines (ELF DIESEL), Ralph Sialdon A. Acoba, Martin B. De Leon, Christopher Marco C. Hidalgo, and Jerrick T. Velasco

Surface acoustic analyzer (SAA), Naomi S. Adalim, Andrew T. Bustamante, Michelle Anne F. Magsarili, and John Japhet S. Segubre

Aether game engine, Aldrin Joseph T. Alcalde, Bernadette T. Cuason, Ma. Marenza D. Dangla, and Juan Lorenzo M. Hagad

Implementation of the finite-difference time domain method in volunteer computing, Morris Ang and Christopher Co

Bipedal dynamic walking robot, Richard Benedict Tangonan Arguelles, Harvin Saml Ho Chua, Mikhail Fex Carreon Engracia, and Raymund John Cruz Musa

A massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) using the peer-to-peer (P2P) networking architecture, Jeremiah Justin S. Barias, Jeremiah Justin S. Barias, Maria Franchesca DC Caram, Alexander John V. Velasco, and Joseph Garie L. Zafra

Dynamisim: Simulating crowd evacuation in a dynamic environment during a fire emergency for floor plan analysis, Philip Henry C. Billones, Jan Alfred M. Felipe, Rene Adrian S. Villaluna, and Frederick A. Vinas

R.E.A.L.: A reliable event-action logging system, Paul Blancaflor, Jan Michael Jose, Richard Magpantay, and Celeste Marie Opaco

Face detection and recognition using low quality video cameras, Kevin T. Blancas, Aleta Claribel T. Chan, Paul Vincent D. Chua, and Wing Ho S. Yeung

A study on performance improvement of Greg Turk's Algorithm on texture synthesis on surfaces, Paulo Napoleon S. Bongato, Mark Simpson A. Paguyo, Jose Mari N. Ponce, and Earl S. Solis

Applying 3-axis accelerometers as an input device for 2D platform computer systems (TRIAD 32), Adrian G. Borlaza, Voltaire B. Diaz, Nicolo C. Lee, and George G. Tan II

Manufacturing resource planning system for Jolly Plastic Molding Corporation, Arti S. Budhrani, Wei Bo G. Cai, Alrey Q. Daluyaya, and Irene L. Sia

Mesh-guided LEGO model synthesis 2, Jasmine Grace C. Caalim, Rea Vanessa F. Carpio, Antoinette Christine D. Ocampo, and Jan Michael J. Quiblat

Lego mindstorms NXT 3D designer and simulator, Robert Joseph L. Carag, David Paul O. Ngo, Bernadette Rosario C. Razon, and Fu Yuen So

ReGeneSys: Report generator for the community based monitoring system (CBMS), Honey Blanche O. Cheung, Glenn Christopher T. Chua, Leonard Andrew D. Sabio, and Raymond S. Tolentino

Video blanket: Selective scene encryption and user access using hybrid key cryptography, Jensen Bryan S. Ching, Louise Lorraine G. Co, Karol Ann O. See, and Riva Loren D. Uy

Acquisition and identification of myoelectric signals from the right forearm (AIM-SIM), Ann Kristine B. Cobarrubias, Mark Noel M. Doria, Dexter U. Jao, and Marvin S. Quinzon

Facial Expression Tracking and mimicking system (FacET), Derrick T. Cua, Julson R. Lim, Von F. Robin, and Sherry Rose S. Wakatabe

CBMS-GIS: Community-based monitoring system-geographic information system, Ronnet Russell A. Cuy, Jun Rey L. Puertollano, and Erico S. Velasquez

Software radio modulated transmission interception: SOF-TI, Christian D. Echavez, Nicola V. Espina, Jan Angelo A. Gironella, and Katrina Cyril M. Macalintal

MeSCh: Measurement system for children's reading comprehension, Kriz Ferre S. Fajardo, Sharmayne O. Li Di, Katrina Vea C. Novenario, and Christianne Sunshine P. Yu

NLDBI-CBMS: Natural language database interface for community based monitoring system, Krissanne Kaye V. Garcia, Maria Angelica N. Lumain, Jose Antonio R. Wong, and Jhovee Gerard L. Yap

Examining the factors that contribute to buyers' decision to purchase pirated DVD copies in Metro Manila, Anna Carissa Z. Gimenez, Marie Angeline S. Sapungan, Jose Amado A. Sevilla, and Jules Royd P. Tobias

Picture books: Automated story generator, Arvin Jasper C. Hong, Joan Tiffany U. Siy, Candice Jean R. Solis, and Emerald A. Tabirao

Vision-Based Intelligent System for Traffic Analysis (VISTA), Francis P. Lai, Alvin Cedric Y. Leong, Ricardo L. Ortuoste, and Paul K. Yu

Alamat: Assessment of MMOG platforms and an implementation of an MMOG, Derrick Alain M. Mapagu and Francesca Bianca N. Palpal-latoc

Automatic music genre classification system, Jennilyn Michelle L. Ong, Calvin Jann T. Po, and Jasmine O. Siy

CBMS-GIS: Community-based monitoring system-geographic information system: (Phase 1), Levy Lou R. Teodoro

Java Accenture education program: employee tracker, Julius Kevin Jonn M. Valenzuela and Roanee Bryle Joseph

Theses/Dissertations from 2007

Mobile mapping robot for dynamic environments (Dynamo), Edgar Dann A. Alcantara, Menard Jason P.B. Aquino, Carl Winston D. Bautista, and Lloyd Aaron A. Yandoc

e-SME: A business and information portal for small and medium enterprises of the furniture and furnishings industry, Greg Paolo N. Alcera

Automatic generation of fetal ultrasound report, Juno Aliento, Miguel Angelo Cabral, Kristian Mitra, and Gelacio Rivera IV

CILE: C interactive learning environment, Allan Patrick S. Aquino, Pranz Kaeno T. Billones, and Nicholas S. Teng

POOLE III: Programmer's object oriented learning environment III, Miguel Paolo D. Aurellano, Beatrice N. Tabunar, Roselyn Ann B. Tan, and Enrico Alejandro C. Tuason

Content-based classification of images for liver cancer diagnosis, Lester P. Bainto, Eric H. Hizon, Michael D. Tan, and Jessica C. Uy

Skullpture: Automated determination of age range, race and gender from a skull, Israel D. Balaguer, Eileen S. Goco, Rose Mariecel D. Pacariem, and Don Sedrick C. See

STAMP: Secure text messaging application for mobile phones, Jerome Z. Bunpraditha, Allan A. Chua, Paolo Miguel G. Ferrer, and Travis P. Hao

Autoplay: Automatic player creation using conceptual clustering, Mark Jason B. Cabansag, Franco Magno C. Dancel, Dennis J. Dy, and Jason Albert A. Yap

A comparative study on different visual cryptography schemes on colored images, Patrick A. Campos, John Christopher T. New, Andrew G. Wu, and Jon Patrick A. Yao

A Comparative study on different visual crytography schemes on colored images, Patrick A. Campos, John Christopher T. New, Andrew G. Wu, and Jon Patrick A. Yao

An intelligent tutoring system for chemistry: Stoichiometry, Eril Jethro S. Capistrano, Keith Kendrick A. Rabo, Richard Johnson T. See, and Allan Henson O. Young

ProCreate producing recurrent patterns in files for improved compression, Antonio L. Centeno III, Lovimelle G. De Real, Dino Z. Flores, and Dharil L. Mamaril

An integrated purchasing, production, inventory and sales management information system for store display and concepts, inc., Jacky S. Chan, Jenifer T. Gaw, Elaine Jordan S. Peleo, and Evelyn L. Sy

DIGIT: A digital asset management system for the IT department of the college of computer studies De La Salle University Manila (formerly DAM4IT), Mary Joy Chan, Kristine Lauren David, Carolyn Margery Ong, and Albert Joshua To

Mobile forms through SMS, Earvin G. Chua, David V. De Castro, Mark Joseph S. De Guzman, and Lady Grace L. Dimayuga

UML tutor for requirements, Franz Jerome H. Chua, Donna T. Lee, Jayne Anne L. Lim, and Leo Allen G. Pangilinan

USB slave to slave file transfer device: USS-FiTraDev, Mark Alvin U. Chua, Charles D. Jorge, Ana Marian M. Pedro, and Brian Emmanuel G. Tam

HATPOST: Hybrid approach to tagalog part of speech tagging, Richelle Aileen C. Ciego, Zheng Zhong Uy, Juanito Huang, Patricia T. Gracia, and Maria Francesca R. Torres

Multiplayer mobile game IDE, Ma. Suzanne A. Correa, Edward Michael T. Mangaliman, Kathrina Anne P. Molera, and John Lendl G. Yco

Crest for teledata: A customer relationship enhancement and support tool, Aceley M. David, Michelle Denise Y. Koo, Varun H. Mukhi, and Paul Jeffrey U. Ong

Simulation of Terahertz Wave Propagation inside a Photonic Crystal Fiber (SoftWaP), Rhozan M. Dela Cruz, Jerald Ryan T. Roberto, Juan Paolo F. Tongco, and Jennifer P. Young

Corporate instant messenger (CIM), Aaron Erik T. Escudero, Theodore Joseph T. Mendoza, Allan Paul S. Ortile, Mat E. Requinala, and Jessica C. Uy

Viewpoint and illumination properties extraction for recognizing surfaces, VIPERS, Sharlene Marie R. Fulgencio and Roger S. Luza

Combined static and dynamic features types for online signature verification, Nixon H. Gan, Alvie Mae S. Lao, Robert N. Marasigan, and Mark Paul C. Trinidad

ACT: Adaptive compression technique, Nonoy A. Go, Mary Ann S. Ngo, Nathaniel Aaron L. Ong, and Dan Adrian Nelson B. Pamparo

Legacy: A role-playing game engine, Juan Carlo C. Gutierrez, Kirk Ruiz C. Ilagan, Adrian Aiinas D. Lim, and Aaron C. Pacaon

Sea Remotely Operated Vehicle (SEA-ROV), Francisco P. Guzman II, Marc Lawrence G. Legazpi, Cathleen Faith T. Tan, and Jolly Ann L. Uy

Panuring pampanitikan (PanPam): A sentence syntax and semantic based grammar checker for Filipino, Michael A. Jasa, Justin O. Palisoc, and Martee M. Villa

SkinDiRect: Skin Disease Recognition using pattern recognition, Lance Edward T. Lim, Eliel Jan O. Sarmiento, Billy Andrew G. Sy, and Lou Allen M. UySison

Speaker verification with probability measurements, Anthony S. Vinluan

Theses/Dissertations from 2006

3D wind flow simulator, Johannes Paulus B. Acuna, Gerard Benedict O. Genson, Cariza C. Sy, and Shanee Lyn E. Yap

Intelligent semi self-driven automobile, Felmer Jan E. Adlaon, Katrina P. Leano, Paolo Gamvino G. Peralta, and Aaron James T. Perez

Logistics management system for University of Santo Tomas Hospital, Joselito T. Afortunado, Darwin Jorge P. Ayson, and Molabe D. Quijano

Unmanned Levitating Object (ULO), David Nelson J. Agravante, Hal Franco P. Avisado, Patrick S. Lee, and Carlos M. Matute

Hand pose interpolation II, Kristoffer Dominique P. Albeus, Alvin Regan G. Go, Grace Kristine T. Khu, and Mary Rossabelle T. Ong

Rule extraction applied in language translation (REAL) translation, Danniel L. Alcantara, Bryan Anthony S. Hong, Amiel L. Perez, and Lawrence C. Tan

Vision-based golf ball locator (VBGL), Arnel Jose G. Ang, Anthony Brian C. Cortez, Nimrod Tristan M. Lozano, and Ray Gerard V. Pelobello

A simulation of a tsunami model using geographical information systems, Hans Christian C. Ang, Cliff Anthony A. Cubero, Katrina Corazon B. Cunanan, and Kent T. Nishimori

Versatile Object Counting System (VOCS), Daniel Rene T. Apolonio, Marc Francis G. Cruz, Jackson N. Sia, and Eugene W. Wong

Filipino text-to-speech system: Tagapagsalita, Kevin Romualdo A. Aralar, Paolo Miguel H. Coloso, and Jerlyn R. Moneda

Human tracking with active camera (U-TrAC), Jon Ronald N. Arcilla, Edniel A. Co, Michael T. Matibag, and Caya Ishbel C. Regis

Implementation and characterization of a dual-drive system for a mobile robot, Mary Johzen M. Barleta, Sheena Anne P. Coseip, Feliz Antonnete D. Tiongson, and Florian D. Valiente

Microcalcification detection in mammogram films, Jedprey A. Buenvenida, Zhimon O. Chan, Ruprecht Robertson G. Cua, and Jamie Lynne P. Manzana

Singing voice transformation system, John Michael A. Bullen, Wilfredo M. Carandang Jr., and James Vincent A. Villamin

Comprehensive Instructional Tool for Emulation and Simulation (CITES), Ana Rosario B. Cabansag, Maria Angeli M. David, Brian L. Gonzalez, John Rannel N. Mina, and Robert Jan V. Onia

DeVISE: A courseware on English vocabulary building for grade 1 to 3 Filipino deaf children, Eric Alfred Y. Cabral, Margiorico G. Salaveria, and Ma. Vida C. Torralba

Phalanx: 3D game application programming interface for palm systems, Carlos Gregor Calalec, Jinyoung Lee, Arun Roshan Singh, and Kaine Kenneth Uy

SIM TRAFFIC: Driver modeling, Jagger Camungay, Vincent Fideles, Marco Inovejas, and Ralph Lim

Adaptive air/fuel mixture control for gasoline electronic fuel injection system (ADAPT), Oliver Mark P. Carino, John Chenny C. Lim, Bryan J. Lo, and Anson U. Tee

A research study on synchronous drive for robots, Francis R. Carlos, Gabriel Paulo B. David, and Leo Stephen S. Sarenas

Generic hospital information system, Krissianne Mae A. Casacop, Joan-Charris R. Dadivas, Catherine C. Lee, and Belynda D. Pedro