Theses/Dissertations from 2000

Graduate evaluation, listing and monitoring system, Victor John L. Abrenica, Nathaniel S. Chee, Joan G. Tierra, and Mark Anthony C. Uy

NOVA [:] the kristal map visualizer, Adrian Angelo C. Abrogena, Kendrick Alphonse L. Chung, Janice Anne C. Esguerra, and Faye G. Laxamana

Ocean light Sales and Expenditures Tracking System (SETS), Radda M. Aguilar, Anna Lourdes L. De Guzman, Czarina Loise L. Perlada, and Maria Carolina L. Traballo

Bulacan Employees Credit Cooperative Information System (BECCO-IS), Vanessa Loren E. Alcayaga and Maria Cecilia P. Nicolas

Saunterer, Adrian Michael Piccio Aldaba, Bryan Gan Lim, Trina Camille De La Rea Pineda, and Adrian Francis Lucido Puno

Kodak Philippines, Ltd, Irvin Alzona, Rodrigo Gajitos Jr., and Manuel Martinez

Course approval system, Irvin M. Alzona; Rodrigo M. Gajitos, Jr; Manuel A. Martinez, II; and Mary Grace T. Nuguid

Electronic tax filing and payment system for the Bureau of Internal Revenue (ETFPS for BIR), Genevieve Therese R. Amurao, Rachelle Anne L. Orodio, Ma. Christabel C. Torres, and Dorothy A. Villano

Semantic grammar learning tool for autistic children (SGLT), Lady Aosil O. Andal, Geodelle Ann M. Corneby, Pia Erika C. Leano, and Clarissa Angela P. Menor

Simon's slave, Marie Luanne S. Andaya, Margaux Elsvette S. Lee, Deneb Arc M. Villanueva, and Janet T. Wong

Philippine National Herbarium Digital Library, Maria Alima B. Angeles, Cherryl Ann S. Cruz, Maribeth J. Liboon, and Abegail Joy Y. Sabado

Grayline Plans Incorporated Enterprise System (GPI-ES), Leslie Joanne T. Ang, Cesar M. Cruz, Eduardo Jose C. Dela Rama, Ryan Lloyd M. Gonzales, Dondon L. Uyking, Ana Y. Yang, and Cheryl S. Yap

Policy Underwriting and Reinsurance System (PURIS), Winston C. Ang, Ethelbert M. De Leon, Roque H. Fruelda, and Richard Gelwis D. Garcia

(PURIS) Policy Underwriting and Reinsurance System : Technical Manual., Winston C. Ang; De Leon, Ethelbert M.; Fruelda, Roque, Jr. H.; and Garcia, Richard Gelwis D.

Wavefront: PC-based digital oscilloscope, Maria Juris Argabioso, Jeffrey S. Ang, Alvin Capati, and Jose S. Cofreros Jr.

[IT'S-C] Intelligent tutoring system for C programming, Carlo Miguel Arteficio, Ryan Constantine L. Baclit, Jing JIng Chen, and Philip Jon Gerard Valencia

Jody's Inventory System (JIS), Morena Amor B. Ayon, Chris Bernard M. Comia, Paul Vincent R. Gervacio, and Candy B. Tan

(GPPI) Great Plains Philippines Intranet: Technical manual, Jose T.C Barron, Ma. Christia Z. Labro, Criselda P. Manlutac, and Beverly M. Nayan

Great Plains Philippines Intranet (GPPI), Jose T.C. Barron, Maria Christia Z. Labro, Criselda P. Manlutac, and Beverly M. Nayan

Luke! A visual information retrieval system, Liza Minerva L. Bautista, Percival Jordan T. Canlas, Maria Ana A. Mendoza, and Robert A. Ramos

COE: Shining through, Lady Beth T. Binarao

MFG/PRO Customization for Systemas Equities, Incorporated, Ernestito C. Bunye; Mijuani C. Chua,; David T. Co; Christina Marie G. Cu-Unjieng; Vincent Patrick S. Diaz; Janice M. Fong; Cristina T. Gaw; Pamela A. Go; Leonides Nino B. Guba; Mirzi Lorraine L. Jao; Cherylleon Rose T. Lim; Angelo Rafael L. Nanawa; Wilhem Nolasco; Raquel D. Rigua; Grace L. San Juan; and Brian Jorge Y. Tan

EPVM-DSM, Charly Lester T. Carlos, Zhen Kun O. Cua, Michelle G. Ong, and Geoffrey C. Sy

Barangay finance manager C00-001R, Ivy T. Castillo, Allan S. Ko, Christina L. Lo, and Sharon A. Rellera

Allied information technology project monitoring system (AITPMS), Patricia E. Castillo, Jazz Pearl A. De Guzman, Roan Wilson G. Nicolas, and Roman S. Reyes

An information systems plan for Philippine Heart Center, Grizzel S. Castro, Rochelle C. De Jesus, Maryann M. Mancera, and Lalaine G. Montero

FMT Face Movement Tracker, Joy Charisma B. Castro, Karen B. Segundo, and Ronald C. Tieng

Wireless local area network (WLAN), Lewellyn V. Celestino, Rhys Andersson L. Chiu, Myline Marion S. Ng, and Rogel R. Nocedo

Robert Bosch Philippines-service monitoring system RBPH-SMS: Technical manual, Alan Christopher Chan and Abner Stewart T. Chua

GSIS Property Accountability Information System (GSIS-PAIS) : Technical manual., Elizabeth. Chan; Chan, Elizabeth.; Gaw, Elizabeth.; Lee, Ritche Kendy.; and Vistan, Janis.

GSIS Property Accountability Information System (GSIS-PAIS), Elizabeth Chan, Elizabeth Gaw, Ritche Kendy Lee, and Janis Vistan

Professional Multimedia-Based Storymaker (PaMBata), Katherine C. Chan, Alvin E. Oblena, John Walvine C. Rata, and Jek Charlson S. Yu

ODIE: An object-oriented approach to the development of a multimedia information system using an object-oriented database management system, Kenneth G. Chan, Richard S. Cua, Bryan Mark V. German, and Debbie A. Uy

Algorithms for graphic filters, Milton S. Ching, Sean Barry N. David, Jerome M. De Jesus, and Rommel G. Mendoza

(GPP-HRIS) Great Plains Philippines-Human Resource Information System : Technical manual., Joanabee T. Chua; Lee, Eleonor K.; San Juan, Michael-Anthony G.; and Uy, Emmylou L.

Great Plains Philippines-Human Resource Information System, Joanabee T. Chua, Eleonor K. Lee, Michael-Anthony G. San Juan, and Emmylou L. Uy

Microcircuits corporation integrated information system (help desk), Jowena Chua, Grace Chua-Ay, Beverly Dolor, and Melisa Uy

Microcircuits Corporation Integrated Information System (Help desk) : Technical manual., Jowena. Chua; Chua-Ay, Grace.; Dolor, Beverly.; and Uy, Melisa.

PCC: A 32-bit C development system for pulse-32, Rommel C. Chua, John Marvin Anthony B. Marquez, Spenson V. Shih, and Gary R. Soriano

Archi-Tech, Paul Richard C. Cu, Jackie Lou L. Hernandez, Jerome C. Lee, and Benedict Johnson C. Ngo

PAS: Pension Administration System: User's manual, Jayvee Sheila C. Deato, Elaine G. De Jesus, Vernadette R. De Taza, and Ma. Isabel P. Ignacio

Pension Administration System (PAS): Technical manual, Jayvee Sheila C. Deato, Elaine G. De Jesus, Vernadette R. De Taza, and Ma. Isabel P. Ignacio

GSIS-PAS: Government Service Insurance System-Pension Administration System, Jayvee Sheila C. Deato, Elaine G. De Jesus, Vernadette R. De Taza, and Maria Isabel P. Ignacio

Computer-controlled robotic arm using fuzzy logic for object gripping, Raquel T. Dee, Imee C. Lee, Leroy Neil F. Romero, and Michelle C. Tanzon

Course management system (Co-mentS), Edlyn Rita A. De Guzman, Maria Sabrina A. Edquid, Anna N. Jimenez, and Kathlyn Esther S. Torres

NVTERA Lending iNC., (NLI) System: User's manual, Frederick L. Dela Fuente, Liza Jolina V. Lalap, Arlene T. Liu, and Jolfre U. Tan Casis

Nueva Vizcaya Teachers, Employees, Retirees Association (NVTERA) Lending Inc. System (NLI System), Frederick L. Dela Fuente, Liza Jolina V. Lalap, Arlene T. Liu, and Casis Jolfre U. Tan

Thesis defense scheduler, Alejandro B. Flores III, Marvin John W. Lim, Albert S. Mau, and Sherwin A. Deluca

A report on the applicability of the current computer engineering curriculum in De La Salle University to the computer engineering graduates and it industry, Chi Huey U. Go, Winnie Sia, and Mae Ann C. Tanzon

Solar system 3D explorer (SOL3D), Gentrie L. Go, Joanne Leslie U. Tan, Michael C. Tayler, and Gibert P. Uy

[SOL3D] Solar System 3D Explorer, Gentrie L. Go, Joanne Leslie U. Tan, Michael C. Tayler, and Gilbert P. Uy

Conference monitoring system, Melody W. Go, Jackson T. Gonzaga, Joan T. Herrera, and Paul Ryan Q. Tiburcio

PRESS for OS: A presentation tool and simulator for operating systems, Clarence Timothy Y. Guerrero, John Marcel P. Lainez, Rommel R. Punzalan, and Allan A. Tan

Osearch, August M. Holgado

BF Homes Executive Village Association accounting system, Kristine Joan P. Labra, Allen Christopher S. Naguit, Laraine Skye T. Ng, and Roman Augusto B. Yuvienco

Integrated insurance brokerage system plus: User's manual, Noel C. Lacnio, Leo Larry J. Layayan, Arvin I. Espiritu, and Eduardo Jose C. Legarda

[E.B.T.R.] Efficient bond trading registry, Jay Francis W. Lee; John Allen G. Lee; Ryan Glynn Y. Lee; and Tan, Randy Ryan T.

Kid's quest 2, Lawrence S. Lopez, Vladimir R. Naval, and Jaime Sebastian G. Sicam

(PITSS) Prolog intelligent tutoring support system, Margareth Mananghaya

United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB), Jaymie S. Maranan and Mariabel O. Navarro

DLSU CCS cryptlib: A cryptographic library in the C language, Ericson Ong Yu

Theses/Dissertations from 1999

LOKI: A general purpose drill and practice system, Joffrey C. Abainza

DCCD-Human resource information system (DCCD-HRIS), Pacita C. Abenojar, Dennis T. Lim, Pamela L. Ramon, and Jennifer W. Tierro

St. Benedict College-Student Management System (SBC-SMS), Ian T. Aguete, Michael M. Dy, Stephen L. Lee, Daniel O. Rodil, and Rene Arellano

San Miguel Foods, Inc.: Competitor intelligence system (SMFI-CIS), Rhea P. Aguilar, Kiomi Anne C. Geronimo, Monica Dawn J. Isaac, and Maricel Remedios M. Lao

Majel distributor specialist-inventory monitoring system (MDS-IMS), Romel Ahmee, Lorna Dino, and Paul Vincent Sy

(MDS-IMS) Majel Distributor Specialist-Inventory Monitoring System: Appendices, Romel Ahmee, Lorna Dino, and Paul Vincent Sy

Minimum Basic needs-Information System (MBN-IS), Theresa Vina B. Alcantara, Crishelle G. Delgado, and Anna Larissa E. Goze

Inventory Management System for Banks (IMS-Banks), Mark Almazar, Paolo Ocampo, and Edward Tan

IMI-Human Resource Information System (IMI-HRIS), Joselito T.G. Alzona, Jeffrey C. Kwa, Christopher L. Lui, and Raymond Gerard S. Racaza

Digital design and data communication experiments, Princess Andres, Michael Pullon, and Raymund Rivere

Information systems plan for ABC Food Corporation (ISP-ABC), Feranza S. Ang, Allison T. Celorico, Carlo P. Reyes, and Precious Joy C. Santos

Consolidated processing of official receipts, manager's checks, and trust account for trust banking system (CPOMT), Sherry N. Ang, Eileene C. Cordoves, Maria Aleli C. Saw, and Maria Cristina F. Villena

University Research Coordination Office - Faculty Research Monitoring System (URCO-FRMS), Teresa Vanilyn R. Aquino, Lally Genn S. Demetillo, Melissa G. Vinco, and Michelle C. Williams

Human Resource Information System for China Banking Corporation (HRIS-CBC), Mark Raymond C. Arevalo, Christine F. Fernandez, Yuen Chun Hung, and Richard A. Nua

Robina Farms promotional item inventory system, Joseph S. Arrieta, Anna Marie S. Gorospe, Naydha M. Javier, and Amiel H. Santiago

Point-to-point radio data communication, Oliver C. Astrologo, Arnold E. Bernabe, Genevieve L. Francisco, and Ryan Nicolas P. Pasinos

Sta. Elena Properties Information System (SEPIS), Francis S. Austria, Erickson A. Cruz, Geraldine Joyce I. Hernandez, Mary Ruth P. Rufino, and Alfred M. Sy Jr.

A study on the effect of the common colds in the pitch of speech using center clipping pitch detection (CLIP) and parallel processing pitch detection (PP) algorithms, Adrian Tan Aw-young and Leslie Jane Teeshian Binarao

Bilfinger+Berger Integrated Information System (BBIS), Jesusa Marie S. Balbido and Louella Rose M. Maningas

Design and development of instructional tools for file organization, Susan C. Balila, Shirley R. Dy, Cindy S. Ong, and Mylin N. Tan

Collision management model, Sheryl Barbasa, Anna Marie Casal, Anne Michelle De Mata, and Joyleen Lim

DC motor and sensor driven grasping device, Edgar Belaro, Nelson Manlapaz, Kneselle Michael H. Manuel, and Wesley Santos

San Miguel Food Group SMFG integrated helpdesk system: Technical manual, Johnny Benitez Jr., Christopher Roland Cadlum, Paul Holaysan, and Jeremy Paul Obial

Materials management system for Insular Life Assurance Company, Ltd. (MMS-ILAC), Jubhet C. Bravo, Jeffrey Ryan T. Sy, Stephanie C. Tiu, and Vincent Q. Ty

Smartlight, Richard F. Buan, Reynolds A. Reyes, Jetzer M. Tan, and John A. Tanedo

Q-Flex International Corporation: QIC, Ferdinand Enginco Bunag, Claisen de la Cruz, Earl Noli Padasas, and Jhia Vanessa Valdez

Multimedia on the solar system for ABS-CBN's Sine'skwela, Joseph B. Busmente, Jerold Q. Cabanban, Titus M. Cruz, and Michael T. de Guzman

IMS-trust management information system for Philippine Commercial Capital, Inc., Zer Jason Cabatuan, Francisco Pena Jr., Noelle Anne Rosales, and Sherwin Villanueva

Telemarketing system for PBD (TS-PBD), Chester P. Calma, Melvie M. Gilera, Ryan Earl So, and Jon Vincent Y. To

Multi-learn: A distributed multimedia based learning tool, Raul Reymond P. Canda, Dick C. Cu, Edizon P. De Jesus, and Raymond C. Wee

PrILiMaS internet object store, Roel M. Canicula, Donny Ryan O. Chong, Carlo Y. Sendaydiego, and Reyann Joseph T. Solis

Bilfinger+Berger (Philippines) construction projects management information system (BBPC-PMIS), Anna Patricia A. Carandang and Ma. Switzerly D. Penpillo

PEPC: Persistent programming in C, Claire Q. Castro, Lullette C. Magtibay, Cheryll D. Siochi, and Tara S. Yapnayon

AcadCom (Academic Computing), Joan Monica Catacutan, Chien Chen Chen, Ma. Neriza Garcia, Carmela Guevarra, Catherine Rose Ham, Antonio Ocava Jr., George Zoilo Pangilinan, Carmela Joy Siana, Josef Brian Sidiangco, Frederick Romulus Tapia, Pauline Therese Villanueva, and Alexander Rey Zaragoza

Automatic brake system (ABS)., Alvin C. Catapang, Adonis H. Luna, Aloysius D. Mendoza, and Michael L. Perea

CONCAT: A programming tool for constructing collaborative agents, Mong Chin Chan, Chiu Wo Choi, Ron Lyle G. Dagdag, and Gene Dexter T. Yu

PrILiMaS web agent (PWA), Zacheus O. Chan, Jerson A. Chua, Denton S. Sy, and Stephen Wei L. Sy

PrILiMaS web agent (PWA): User's manual, Zacheus O. Chan, Jerson A. Chua, Denton S. Sy, and Stephen Wei L. Sy

College of Computer Studies-Faculty Information System (CCS-FIS), Evelyn Y. Cheng, Litz Merlyn C. Tanchuanko, Mary W. Uy, and Amaris C. Uyecio