Theses/Dissertations from 2004

Pocket traveler: A virtual map and scheduler, Ma. Trinette M. Montemayor and Angela Maria Protacia M. Sabas

Rex: A remote execution facility, Andrew Joseph L. Ramos, Cheryl L. Tan, Joan Katherine C. Wee, and Adrian N. Yang

Shaft driven sonar based mapping robot, Juan Irineo M. Reyes II, Benson C. Sy, Kyle Christian Y. Tiu, and Kenneth C. Yu

Question answering using evolving networks, Solomon Lim See, Marc S. Sih, Beehjae F. Tacderas, and Michael G. Teo

The object-collecting robot = Boue La Vounne, Vincent T. Siy, Eileen C. Ignacio, and Khrushchev V. Densing

Theses/Dissertations from 2003

Noise reduction in speech using joint time-frequency analysis, Lourdes Anne D. J. Amante, Jasmine B. Baluyot, Rodolfo C. Co, and Patrick R. Protacio

POL: The pole climbing robot, Jim Patrick S. Antonio, Sarabeth T. Bides, Patrick G. Carreon, and Jim Bo B. Fuentes

Linux-based intruder detection system, Karmina R. Aquino, Mark Danielle M. Cuenca, Arvin Jon A. Fu, and Mary Joyce S. Reyes

Speech comparison using discrete wavelet transform, Kimberly Anne D. Baello, Mica Rose P. Nopuente, Paul Christian R. Salgado, and Leonilda Marie M. Tan

Two Legged Robot (TWOLERO), Benzen D. Bantog, Richard F. Carino, Dennis C. Dy, and Valerie T. Sia

DIME (digital image enhancement), Jamillah Elaine T. Baricante and Janine Grace L. Hiraiwa

Discrete wavelet transform and artificial neural network in analyzing electrocardiogram signals, Kristine Dianne J. Bondad, Melvin D. Dadios, and Ricardo M. Leynes

Speech compression using the discrete wavelet transform, Christopher C. Calauad, Andrew C. Dy, Russel Lloyd C. Lim, and Veena Bennevic C. Oblena

[ALEA] Artificial life using evolutionary algorithms, Angel Christopher R. Castillo, Cary S. Castro, Lia Amanda F. Espina, and Donn Joseph Torres

Acts: Academe Collaboration System, Dino S. Cavestany

D.C. (debugging in comments), Kelvin L. Chan, Kendrick Lloyd L. Chong, Gregory S. Chua-Madarang, and Vlamir S. Rabo

AnTS: Annotated transformation of sequential code a master/worker approach to parallel programming, Wilbert G. Choa, Cindy C. Co, Lesley P. Ku, and Maria Katrina C. Lumanlan

Facial expression animator, Ming Lui N. Choy, Alexander M. Duque, Ervin M. Ola, and Jerric S. Tode

Network monitoring system using the remote monitoring standard, Christoferson S. Chua, Brian Marcus T. Hontiveros, Karen Joy P. Nomorosa, and Stephanie S. Tiu

Project: Traitor a simulation of a traitor-tracing algorithm on a broadcast encryption system, Erik Jansen U. Cleto, Brian Kim Ng, Andre Louis O. Saw, and Macelino C. Uy

High performance tracking of a randomly moving object in 2-dimensional space, Kristoffer John T. Co, Emerick S. Go, and Brian Emmanuel F. Macasaet

Bruise detection in mangoes using wavelet packets, Edgardo Jose P. Cruz, Katrina R. Flores, and Winnie C. Uy

WSEditor, Mark Enrique J. Cunanan, Jonathan V. Morada, and Jameson T. Ong

Turtle aquatic adaptive suspension system, Jerome E. Custodio, Micah Benjamin D. Fernandez, Oscar R. Navata, and Daryl John B. Recto

CMX: Compression max: A compression archiving software based on the burrows wheeler transform, Kristofferson F. De Ocampo

Secured multi-tunnel net, Ivan Christopher Y. Diaz, Richard Jorge D. Enriquez, Sherwin O. Go, and Oliver D. Liao

Net mapping manager, Jerson R. Dumalaon, Cernan D. Lleva, Jess S. Muhi, and Francis Pascual C. Pacana III

TranspoManila 2: A web-based commuters' guide to getting around Metro Manila via public land transportation., Jonathan Francis M. Gonzalez and Paulus C. Sanchez

Celworks V.2.0. (Transition and sound enhancements), Cherrylyn O. Jao, Santiago Manuel A. Perez, Cheryl Anne G. Polican, and Eileen Pamela K. Tiu

DARC simulator, Jonathan K. Lee, Aldrich Nino P. Lorenzo, Jonathan Ray V. Roque, and John Jerrick A. Sy

ViDaS (visualizing data structures), Vincent P. McDonnell, David A. Barzaga, and Joelle Yu

(Visualizing Data Structures), Vincent P. McDonnel, David A. Barzaga, and Joelle Yu

Mobile internet protocol, Charles Benjamin T. Paguio, Bryan L. Ramon, Jeffrey L. Rodriguez, and John Alexis S. Villarosa

[AFVS2] Automated following vehicle system 2, Jericho S. Segubre, Starrie T. Sun, Annabel C. Tan, and Aldrich Benjamin A. Veluz

Theses/Dissertations from 2002

Speech recognition using joint time frequency analysis, Minette G. Abelgas, Romel S. Pagsibigan, Johannes Paul S. Sin, and Jue-Yu T. Wu

Voice gateway, Nathaniel Dan G. Acenas, Cyril A. Villaraza, and Mark Bryan Y. Yu A work purchase order evaluation expert system for Technotrix Philippines, Arnold James C. Alabastro, Deney Y. Balboa, and Raymond John O. Chua

Vision guidance with obstacle detection and avoidance, Augusto R. Alvarado Jr., Vladimir G. Co, Sue Anne S. Gonzales, and David C. Tan

Effects pedal emulator, Robert John T. Amanse, Allan A. Posadas, Graciano Manuel S. Rojas, and Norvic B. Santos

Candy wars, Carlomagno L. Anastacio, Jason L. Dela Cruz, Francis C. Gonzales, and Jean-Pierre L. Lacanienta

Eye track, Louie Alexander Ang, Jeric Lee, Paule Cyrusse See, and Michael James Sison

Vision-based soccer robot system, Rosas Gemma S. Antonio, Florabel Trina R. Baetiong, Carolyn G. Guevarra, and Kevin D. Kapchan

The comic assistant, Diana Rose T. Arevalo, Wendell A. Capili, Mary Lizabeth R. Lu, and Julius Alfred M. Mendoza

Graf cut sheet maker, Giancarlo C. Arias, Albryan O. Choa, Rafael Francisco N. Tabunar, and Fritz Bryan Y. Uy

Multiple network systems with line load balancing, Andrian R. Azucena, Joseph G. Baylon, Joan H. Bonagan, and Joseph Alfred J. Lim

Case-based reasoning approach search engine (CASE), Lennard James O. Baetiong, Arthur R. Gimenez, Floriel G. Hernando, and Marlene C. Lim

Luke-11: A visual information retrieval system, Aaron F. Balatbat, Erick L. Querido, Abigail P. Plata, and Anthony E. Yulo

Zip code identification, verification, and association, Christopher James O. Banares, Bryna T. Lee, and Janina C. Ricerra

Image cryptography usage (ICU), Michael Jeff M. Baranda, Michael Jeff M. Gotencio, and Hanz Kendrick L. Yu

Real time dynamic signature verification system, Erika Joy N. Bumatay, Joan L. Chu, Polly Ann S. Manzano, and Joanna Paula B. Salientes

Folgen: A trackless vision guided transport vehicle prototype, Roel C. Cagantas, Grace C. Hermedilla, Mary Kathleen S. Pring, and Marie Lizbeth F. Yanga

Document writer, Kenneth Y. Chan, Jeanette L. Lim, Melissa R. Paguio, and Diana Estrella E. Suyat

Tri-arts: 3D animation software, Louise L. Chua, Stephen S. Cua, John Michael E. De Leon, and Jonathan Edwards B. Lacdao

RPILE (Recursive programming in an ILE), Eustacio Q. Cuevas, Hazelyn Yvette Y. Haw, Crisnina Hyler R. Lee, and Stefanie-Jane C. Lim

[BIN]: Facial animation with text-to-speech synthesizer, Catherine R. Diaz, Grace P. Gayao, Rolando M. Perez Jr., and Marc Anthony T. Polican

The HearSeeker, Darwin M. Diocares; Kho, John Paul M.; Lim, Dennis T.; and Toribio, Sherman G.

Synchro online learning environment, Johnmarc Fernandez, Ryan Philip Ko, Bjorn Lim, and Jayruz Limfueco

Synchro: User's manual (Instructor)., Johnmarc. Fernandez; Ko, Ryan Philip.; Lim, Bjorn.; and Limfueco, Jayruz.

A cooperative task-sharing multi-agent robotic system, Renan G. Galang, Michael R. Junginger, Patrick John O. Mendoza, and Kristoffer John B. Teves

Computerized fingerprint recognition system, Richmond Rodd O. Go, Maria Lora E. Pineda, and Al Kherwin V. Yance

PowerPoint slide show remote control system, Lorraine V. Guevara, Princess M. Mariano, and Adrian Jude D. Ramoy

Collision-free path planning for vehicles, Renee A. Joaquin, Doris I. Pagauitan, Charisse A. Ruffy, and Dude A. Taparan

[Automated sketch to image matching software] Mukha mo: A.S.I.M.S., Ralph Heinz H. Kierulf, Angelo M. Lavides, and Ramon P. Sedilla Jr.

HandTalk: An interactive web-based sign language modeler, Ma. Melissa I. Mejia, Marjorie Joy G. Pantig, Natalie Rubnan P. Que, and Jackson Velasco

Net explore, Jerome G. Revilla, Rodolfo R. Roberto II, Monica L. Sacasas, and Penelope R. Salvosa

Theses/Dissertations from 2001

Instructional Tool for Network (ITNet), Mary Ann D. Abella, Mark Lester S. Ching, April Love U. Lim, and Suzara C.O. Yu

NetDork 4.0: A network simulation software, Cynthia G. Abello, Russel Stuart T. Chua, Elson Niel S. Dagondon, and Michelle F. Sannadan

Fernando Amorsolo Elementary School enrollment system, Cecilia Natividad T. Alcasabas, Karen G. Kue, Milanne G. Pizarro, and Ma. Johanna R. Reario

Farm-spraying mobile robot prototype, Robert Jeffrey C. Alcasid, Marlon C. Camus, Ma. Daranee R. Quimpo, and Cherry Anne J. Santos

Rain tree pro library system, Paul G. Alvarez, Jose Ricardo R. Montaño, Selwyn L. Uy, and Alexander B. Yao

B2B Engine: Technical manual, Mary Jane t. Ang, Wendy S. Ang, Jhoanna L. Lao, and Regina C. Ong

Access denied!, Melanie G. Ang, Philip Dexter P. Ang, Wihelmina Aileen B. Mayuga, and Michelle C. Tan

[MEALS] Mutual exclusion algorithm simulator, Santy Brian S. Ang, Andre MIguel D. Cervantes, MIchael Jose M. Lapuos, and Jose Paolo D. Lucas

Ifu-r: Innovative fashion unleashed revised, Kathie Ann L. Arakan, Maria Paula J. Bautista, Sharleen Jayne G. Co, and Rhia S. Trogo

A comparative study between the fast fourier transform and wavelet transform in terms of audio signals, Mitch L. Arenas, Irene Natividad P. Estrella, Calvin P. Lo, and Mark Ryan G. Oliveros

Tesselcraft, Andrew F. Artajos, Art Raynard C. Bajacan, Aris C. De la Cruz, and Tomas P. Gutierrez

BOSCH Robert Bosch, Inc. web application for, Jon Paolo B. Atanis, Cherie Ann L. Choa, and Cindy Louella Joy C. dela Cruz

MapMaker, Vienna Vanessa D. Austria, Kirstin Thyra Grace D. Cardones, Katrina T. Murga, and Joy Ruth B. Roman

Celworks digital motion template animation, Jonathan Bagsit, Michael Ong, and Stanley Sison

Filipino syllable recognition system: An analytical study, Kristine M. Banados, Rubelyn B. Lozano, Ma. Jennifer S. Plaza, and Mary Ann C. Tan

(CHIRP) Chord input recognition in piano, Josephine D. Bautista, Ma. Roxanne P. Blaza, Cyndirella M. Chua, and Cheryl Mae K. Lee

The dextrous tactile robotic hand (The DexTeRH), Monark A. Buhain, Neil U. Costales, Vanessa G. Crisostomo, and Edwin S. Darjuan

Automated Following Vehicle System (AFVS), Lester P. Castillo, Brian A. Dizon, Richardson O. Mamangon, and Jay N. Tolentino

MFG/PRO-Financial Module Customization for Products Unlimited, Inc., Grizzel S. Castro, Diana L. Chua, Elizabeth L. De Belen, Rochelle C. De Jesus, Maryann M. Mancera, Lalaine G. Montero, Joanne Y. Rivera, and Jenniffer D. Vidamo

iAuto, Kingson C. Chan, Andrew James T. Chua, Richmond S. Co, and John Garrick Hung

Mobile Autonomous Robot in an Industrial Environment (M.A.R.I.E.), Benmar S. Chua, Marianne M. Facun, Fernando Rima III, and Karen T. Ting

(TOTS) TicketBayan Online Ticketing System (Wap System): User's manual, Bryan F. Chua, Jamillah Anne A. Dimaculangan, Kathleen Joy L. Ong, and Debby Gayle L. Sih

Absorb, Cheryl Lynn G. Chuah, Gwilym G. Garcia, Anne Valerie G. Hau, and Giselle Marie S. Tan

Upfront hotel information system, Sherleen N. Co, Liza Marie Flamiano, and Christian James G. Lee

Systematics Technology Services, Inc. Personnel Help Desk (STSI-PHD), Elissa C. delos Angeles, Shelly Anne Y. Gan, Melissa N. Pabilonia, and Andrew Michael O. Tiu

Multi-directional hexagonal robot with stair-climbing capability (HERO), Jay Benedict W. Despi, Arnold P. Manuel, Giff D. Ricarte, and Jonathan T. Uy

Asian Business Solutions, Inc.: Customer care system for pre-need education and non-life insurance ((ABSi-CCS), Fritzie F. Dungca, Sheryl M. Llorente, Edgardo Masamayor, and Anna Cristina M. Uy

Fire Extinguishing Autonomous Robot (F.E.A.R), Fitzroy C. Dy, Christian t. Ismael, Timothy g. Teo, and Vincent c. Yap

Portal: Portable Asset Locator, Gerard Alexander B. Fallarme, Jan Arman B. Figueroa, Jonathan Louie T. Ong, and Jose Carlo C. Santamarina

Translator's assistant, Christopher George Garchitorena, Carlo Edgardo T. Manongdo, Joselito N. Onghocgan, and Lord Wilfrando M. Sy

Customization of MFG/PRO for North Border Industries, Inc, Maricris C. Gonzalvo, Karlo Romeo B. Lindain, Patrick Henry G. Llado, Maureen Joyce C. Palafox, John Andrian D. Pasquin, Maria Lowella D. Santos, Ryan Tom G. Siasoco, and Cindy-Aimee O. Sy

AFP pension management information system (PMIS), Jia Jen H. Hsieh and Rejoyce Glacier G. Siy

Mobile PC: Technical manual, Michelle F. Lau, Janice C. Li, Katherine V. Torrijos, and Caroline C. Young

(Trend IP-HRIS) Trend Micro Integrated Payroll and Human Resource Information System, Joanne Ymelda Rosario C. Pascual, Maria Mildred R. Quiambao, Rowena S. Ramos, and Jose C. Vergel De Dios

Web wizard, Alvin Shih, Jon Erwin So, Steven Sy, and Jon Rodney Tan