Theses/Dissertations from 2006

Knee sprain detection and diagnosis using MRI processing and expert rules, Karen Claire J. Casimiro, Jhaphet Sheim S. Flordeliza, Jocelyn N. Ong, and Jose Alberto G. Sese

L.E.F.T (Lexical Fucntional Grammar Based English-Filipino Translator), Erwin Andrew O. Chan, Chris Ian R. Lim, Richard Bryan S. Tan, and Marlon Cromwell N. Tong

e-Assyst an online automated scheduling system, Karl Nickerson C. Chan, Renz Marvin G. Eullo, Kenley Kim Y. Liong, and Lloyd Alfred T. Pineda

Magellan - Map Generation of Local Land Roads and Navigation, Schulz Aaron C. Chansiy, Alvin Jasper T. Chua, and Gerard Kyle D. San Diego

Representing and visualizing ethnic fabric patterns in the Philippines, Crisler H. Chee, Mark Ryan G. Estipona, Edelynn Marie Ong, and Hazelle A. Sevilla

Win-to-lin VPD: Windows to linux virtual printer driver, Freda P. Co, Carlos Jaime C. De Leon, and Riezel R. Ramos

Demand-based Automatic Shifting System (DASS), Michael Jayson Y. Col-long, Dante E. Garcia, and Kevin Patrick Alfredo C. Paraiso

Fixed assets management system for Cocolife, Marie Angeli S. Corral, Ace Patrick E. De Leon, Sharina Rose B. Mayor, and Karen Anne S. Villar

Secured data transmission using voice as key, Don B. Covar, Gianfranco M. Leuterio, Jose Antonio D. Lumang, and Robert G. Ong

Mesh-guided lego model synthesis, Mary Joy T. Cruz, Sue Kathleen D. Tan, Cris Michael O. Topacio, and Haiyan W. Wu

SimText: Text simplication of medical literature, Jerwin Jan S. Damay, Gerard Jaime D. Lojico, Kimberly Amanda L. Lu, and Dex B. Tarantan

Vision-based vehicle tracking (ViVet), Mong Tuyet Trinh L. Dang, Alvin Paul D. Daquioag, Timothy Joseph R. Ramos, and Franz Allan V. See

Traffic sign recognition system (TraSRes), Steven Edgar G. De Guzman

An IDE for making two dimensional mobile games, Ross Vergel Delantar, Felizia Facultad, Jesse Emmanuel Fontelera, and Ritchie Allan Lu

The wizard's secret: Forces and motion, experiencing physics in Enchanted Kingdom, Ramuel Francis C. Derige, Kristina Ana T. Matanguihan, Ryan R. Quizon, and Jhan Michael G. Yabut

P-SPA: Personal software project assistant, David Aaron M. Diaz, Eliska Y. Lam, Dennis Joseph B. Navarro, and Jessica M. Navarro

Voice over internet protocol application programming interface for mobile devices, Lyka Leslie T. Dimacuha and Emilio Ramin Y. Moghareh

Vision System for Hand Gesture Recognition (VISOR), Jerome M. Enero, Kristine D. Gonzalvo, Ryan P. Salvador, and Erwin I. Ticson

Supply chain management system brands worldwide manufacturing corporation SCMSBWW, John Michael R. Engco, Nadia Clarissa L. Garcia, Paolyn Lou Virginia E. Verzosa, and Harley-Henson S. Wong

3D facial movement replication using digital video, Derrick G. Espiritu, Rommel A. Mendoza, Randolph Jon L. Nieto, and Arich C. Uyecio

Cartographic sketch matching using eigenfaces, John Rommel Estropa, Angelo Carlo Reyes, Noel Fernando Rubio, and James Carlo Villegas

Video Controlled Hand Mimicking System (VCHMS), Eugene Angelo S. Fabian, Ivan Remington C. Or, Lutherford A. Sosuan, and Glenn S. Uy

Coordinating system for personal digital assistants, Timothy Earl S. Fernandez, Francis Felix B. Rapadas, Shi Qi Su, and Michelle DJ Tan

DAGAT: DAnjuGan artificial environment, Rex Raymond B. Flores, Michael Onasis S. Ogbinar, John Richard T. Sera Jose, and Juan Jason S. Taborda

Electronic Fuel Injection in Diesel Engines (E-FIDE), Eduardo Samuel B. Garcia IV, Jay Alfred S. Montemayor, Antonio T. Munoz IV, and Michael Alvin C. Sy

Face evaluator and editor through beauty mask comparison using digital image processing, John Ross T. Gazmin, Loyvin M. Ramirez, Frytz B. Razal, and Renz Edward C. Sui

Vision-based obstacle detection using optical flow, Candice Jean V. Go, Sherry Maine E. Medina, Ronel P. Navoa, and Daniel A. Tan

Text translation: Template extraction for a bidiretional english-filipino example-based machine translation, Kathleen L. Go, Manimin R. Morga, Vince Andrew D. Nunez, and Francis Germiline S. Veto

EasyG: An automated electrocardiograph analyzer and interpreter, Jefferson Haw, Eric Bradford Ong, Francis Joseph Sorreta, and Wren Mackinley Sy

Sales, inventory & production management system for MGM Food & Commodities Corporation, Kenneth Lau, Jon Vincent Lim, James Rommel Saldua, and Andrew Sia

Auto-parking vehicle prototype 2 (APVP2), Celene Anne Denise S. Liwanag, Jerome Allen G. Pelayo, and Marion Hazel T. Toledo

R.E.A.D (Reading Enhancement Aid for Dyslexics), Alexander A. Manabat Jr., Amor Seann H. Redondo, Jenny L. Tanedo, and Maria Angela J. Villaceran

Using iterated local search for the Philippine Public School Timetabling Problem, Emmanuel Patrick S. Mineses

Theses/Dissertations from 2005

Mobile Robot Platform having an Enhanced Underpinning system, MoRPHEUS, Alvin Drexel N. Abad, Albert Christian D. Guevarra, Andrew T. Javellana, and Anne C. Mabilangan

System for enhancement and restoration of characters, Albert Francis B. Abadicio, Elspeth C. Galapon, Jeffrey Christopher L. Nachor, and Charles Benedict C. Pascual

PROSPEC: Specification for emulating x86 hardware with prototype, Alvin Aldrich C. Abrogena, Beverly Joy C. Ng, Sally V. Ramos, and Mae Isabelle T. Turiana

SPEC: Specification for emulating x86 hardware, Alvin Aldrich C. Abrogena, Beverly Joy C. Ng, Sally V. Ramos, and Mae Isabelle T. Turiana

Hellopol: An adaptive political conversationalist, Paul Michael H. Alimario, Aleydis P. Cabrera, Emmanuel T. Ching, and Elaine Joyce S. Sia

Ultrasonic accurate sensor platform, Anna Margarita S. Amat, Gerome Ivan C. Ling, Dennis Alberto M. Ng, and Marco Niccolo G. Suatengco

Mussymo: Multimedia streaming system for mobile devices, Jeffrey L. Ang, Jeline Alexandra T. Co, Roland-Paul C. Santos, and Certino C. Yae

Program for Automated Counting of Objects (PACO), Manuel S. Angostora, Daniel Anthony M. Rodriguez, Johann Filemon G. Tan, and Vincent Francis C. Tiu

TWIRL: Translation with rule learning, Raymond Joseph O. Ang, Natasja Gail R. Bautista, Ya Rong Cai, and Bianca Grace G. Tanlo

MACO: MIPS64 assembly code optimizer, Benedict G. Basa, Rachelle N. Lao, Louis Marvin T. Ng, and Jowell C. Tan

Salinwika: An English-Filipino example-based machine translation system, Marcenino V. Bautista, Melissa Gay U. Fule, Kathlenn Joyce Gaw, and Kathy Lee B. Hernandez

Mark-it! digital video watermarking in MPEG, Anna Maria Czarina B. Bayle, Wilsen Rey T. Jiao, Ramon G. Macalinao, and Aimee Suzette E. Monteiro

Comparative study of pattern recognition algorithms in scoliosis detection: Technical manual, Earl Christopher G. Bihis, Kathereen Celeste J. Kampana, Wayne Steven D. See, and Bettina L. Serviano

Interactive multicast video over IP, Jairus T. Bondoc, Marvin Paolo M. Noguera, Vincent John R. Rosaldes, and Warren B. Santiago

Online network monitoring system using the RMON standards (NEMSYS online), Patrick D. Bulanhagui, George Rotsen L. Redulla II, and Lionel Chase C. Tan

Device Builder Integrated Development Environment (DeBuil IDE), Benjamin Leonard V. Bustos, Joan Vanessa T. Chua, Gretchen C. Napa, and Carl Daniel D. Santos

SoftPADS: Software package and asset deployment system (asset installation module), Michael Ned B. Cabanlig, Marc Danwyn E. Marable, and Charles Jefferson S. Segubre

Simulator/assembler for the MIPS64 architecture (SAM64), Carlo Jose D. Calope, Paul Bernard R. Gabion, Louie Andrew V. Go, and Ramon Antonio C. Pendoza

Software Package and Asset Deployment System (SoftPADS): Repository and distribution modules, Aldrich C. Caw, Benedict Alvin Lee, Richard C. Obiles, and Lian Jie Zheng

CAuse: A computer automated use case diagram generator system, Christobal T. Cayaba and Joseph Astrophel E. Rodil

Online signature verification system, Edward J. Celestino, Sheila Ana D. De Leon, Dulce S. Go, and Kristine Camille A. Meneses

Automated license plate identifier (ALDEN), Chloe Michelle K. Cervania, Vincent Spencer Y. Ku, Desmond Carvey T. Ragos Ty, and Myra Josephine S. Villanueva

Programmer's object-oriented collaborative learning environment (POOLE II), Litz Mitchell S. Chan, Patrick K. Flores, Karen Lin, and Vicky L. Sy

Exfilm: Extensible file manager for Linux, Oliver L. Chan, Jennifer M. Ison, John A. Lim, and Bradford Y. Wee

Visual cryptography by multilevel watermaking, Mark Regan Cheng, Kenzo Lim, and Karen Gay Ong

MIPS64RTE, Nicole Marie D. Concepcion, Ma. Ellaine D. Gabutero, and Donna Marie T. Lee

MaPa Linux: Manage Pane for Linux, Yvette Kyla C. Cruz, Rebecca S. Liceralde, and Jennifer K. Tia

Obstacle-avoiding vision-based mobile robot (visionary), Christian P. De Guzman, Kenny L. Kung, Alden Raymund C. Ramos, and Oliver G. Tan

DIGMA: A role-playing game with agent plan reformulation and situational reassessment, Deryk Ysidore S. De Guzman, Stephen N. Dellosa, Paul Salvador B. Inventado, and Paul Elton T. Lao

Automatic text summarization, Almira Mae V. Diola, Joan Tiffany T. Ong Lopez, Sherwin C. So, and Phoebus Ferdiel L. Torraba

PC-based kiosk management system, Emperatriz Lizalynn PR Gutierrez, Bernhard Ernst Heinz T. Hackh, Dennis LA Lee, and Mark Dominic P. Niesta

BAN: Bluetooth ad-hoc network, Kenneth S. Lim, Nicholas John C. Nocom, Calvin Jay S. Suratos, and John Arthur Russell R. Tolentino

Theses/Dissertations from 2004

Arabian nights: learning agent in a game environment, Ronald Van Andrew C. Abada, Albert Eugene T. Ang, and Karl James N. Kimseng

Centralized security manager, Adrian Joseph A. Adriano, Nathanielle L. Sanchez, Jethro S. Trogo, and Ryan Dexter M. Villamayor

SCAV (stair climbing autonomous vehicles), Erwin Earl B. Aguila and Maria Cecelia N. Gabuyo

PCB plotter, Jeremy Patrick E. Alejandro, Kenneth John M. Garcia, Angelica S. Lacson, and Michael Francis C. Sy

ACTS: Academe collaboraTion system, Paul Kristian T. Aragones, Rizzel Jill T. Dy, and Rodemir A. Reyes

Tiangge: Dynamic strategies on buying and selling using distance-weighted nearest neighbor, Ryan Z. Arago, Cheryl Mae G. Beloso, Leo Andrew Q. Garcia, and Jose Miguel Antonio G. Samaniego

Logistics management system for AGK Printing and Plastic Industries Co.: Technical manual, Nikki O. Araki, Jomar B. Coronel, Raymond S. Guerzo, and Lionel Joseph A. Hung

Object finder robot, Kathrina T. Aribon, Dennis P. David, Karren G. De Jesus, and John Michael V. Estrella

TREC ONLINE: Three-dee rendered environment chat [online], Brian Rey Balote, Benjie G. Reyes Jr., and Jason Josef T. Tan

Gooch3d: Web3d graphics engine, Juan Paolo P. Basa, Zosimo Richard S. Carlos III, Charles Harvey A. Casiano, and Jefrey Romel T. Tagunicar

DARC simulator 2 (DLX architecture simulator 2), Marizel D. G. Bernardo and Josiel A. Erica

Vertical limit: Simulation of a free-falling human body, Carlo V. Cabanlig; Jonathan D. Lim; Federico Paolo Lunaria Jr., III; and Caleb John Yu

CluMSy: Cluster management system, Reynaldo Jose C. Camarillo, Frances Ellen O. Pe-Aguirre, Jessamine Y. So, and Mara Ailiez C. Sy

PinoyTalk: A Filipino text-to-speech synthesizer, Diane Erika M. Casas, Sarah A. Rivera, Gerald S. Tan, and Gerald I. Villamil

Kid's quest III, Ferdinand Emmanuel P. Catabian, Patrick Lorenz T. Gueco, Ramon Miguel L. Pleno, and Ramil G. Ripalda

Programmer's object-oriented learning environment (POOLE), Elito L. Chan, Odello P. Pulido, Leslie Ann S. Torchiva, and Rafferty D. Uy

ERgenerator with participation constraints: Entity-relationship generator, Bernard Gladwin L. Cheng, Joann D. Liao, Buddy Hope E. Salvador, and Joanne Louise F. Sobrevilla

NIPS with load balancers network intrusion prevention system with load balancers, Aileen N. Choa, Antonio C. Ipili, Kent Derrick C. Tan, and Anthony O. Yan

Kokak: A stair jumping robot, Lawrence Anthony L. Chua, Richard Ian V. Estrellado, and Ricardo Benito R. Goco

Dynamically adjusting robot implemented as human leg., Raymond c. Chua; Go, Warrick Vinson O.; Seares, Therese A.; and Ty, Mark Lincoln T.

Billing, Order Production Inventory System for Phoenix Industries (B.O.P.I.S.): Technical manual, Ronald Joseph G. Coguin, Joanne Kristine T. Lim, Anthony C. Sy, and Otania K. Tiu

Network appliance framework, Ailenne M. Crisostomo, Pamela Lesley S. Lu, Anna U. Shih, and Mark Joseph V. Torrijos

Real-time global illumination using photon mapping, Emir M. Cruz, Mark Andrew R. Ringol, Mark Kerwin O. Uy, and Miles Christian J. Yu

Optimized cost estimation of architectural design (archiTech Tool), Ernani Omar S. Cruz, Dina May L. De Belen, Love T. Lee, and Lloyd Aron M. Sahagun

P3P: Peer-to-peer + mobile peer: API for developing P2P applications for desktop computers and mobile devices, Wilbert E. Dela Torre, Manuel M. Pineda, Willie L. Tang, and Thomas Ellyson O. Ting

Cali86: Computer assembly language illustrator for the intel 80x86 software architecture, Roseller T. Deriquito Jr., Edmark Rev J. Diaz, and Jan Jerick H. Torreno

Wavelet-based edge detection, Celine Angela G. Dimla, Jocelyn T. Reyes, Kristine N. Vallejo, and Glenn Paul S. Martinez

SimSoccer Coach: Soccer coach simulation, Conirose L. Dulalia, Peggy Sharon L. Go, Pamela Vianne C. Tan, and Maria Zaide Ilene O. Uy

Integrated Development Environment and Testing System for JAVA, Vina Zerlin T. Dy, Aeson M. Lim, Jamie-Lyn L. Martin, and Aldrin James T. Nepomuceno

Automated essay evaluator, Mabel Trinidad M. Escutin, Allan Patrick D. Estioko, and Megann Ruth V. Plaza

Clutchless manual transmission, Juan Rene S. Goco, Joanne Relly O. Jose, Richmond C. King, and Sean C. Manalili

JAVA IDE with roundtrip engineering, Jan Alwyn A. Grajo, Reayen Ron T. Lim, Greyson Allan C. Ling, and Mario Miguel E. Villacorta

Visual OS, Vikram S. Karnani, Mark Allan L. Pao, Wayne Andrew Y. Tan, and Parkin K. Yu

Ergenerator (entity-relationship generator), Joann D. Liao, Buddy Hope E. Salvador, and Joanne Louise F. Sobrevilla

War machines G: a partial-order planning system for a war game domain, Kane Chelster M. Macaspac, Jeffrey B. Sta. Ana, and Madeleine Ariane A. Wong