Theses/Dissertations from 2021

Militarisasyon sa Paombong, Bulakan: Katalist para sa kapayapaan?, Jose Valentino G. Dave and Glenn B. Parra

Descriptive study of the process of litigating administrative cases in the Bureau of Customs, Stara Ann M. Elarmo

Musician: Transcendence of the ordinary to an exemplary agent of our society, Josephine Marie Tulfo and Socorro Grace Villaflor

Theses/Dissertations from 2019

Amerasians: Identity in the margins: A documentary on the Filipino Amerasians of Olongapo and Pampanga, Eunice Louisa Abalos

Metamorphosis: The transformational art of drag: A photo essay on drag queens and a day in their lives, Peter Andrew B. Acierto

Work productivity of underclass males who underwent rehabilitation for methamphetamine and are currently employed at rehabilitation centers in Metro Manila, Rikki Mae Jessica Marie M. Adriano, Robertino Gerardo P. Borromeo, John Matthew N. Morante, and Julius Gabriel M. Taccad

New wave migration: How urban-rural migration has influenced the overall mental health of individuals, Anyana Mari Africa, Anne Carla C. Centeno, Ysabel Katrina C. Koh, and Viktor Miguel T. Natividad

Impulsivity and compulsive buying: examining the moderating role of socioeconomic status, David Aris M. Agustin, Misael Joe Antonio S. Belen, Kristyne Danielle L. Chua, and Jose Jerico I. Romana

Sundo: A short feature film, Bianca Nicole Alcaraz, Andre Gaite Flores, and Adalard Shawncey Santiago

Deserted homes: A screenplay, Alyssa J. Alea

Hiraya sa mga bituin: A short feature film on how horoscopes can indirectly influence a child's decision-making, Kyle Gabriel Allanigue, John Michael Lizarondo, and Alyzza Bianca Recalde

Assertiveness and flourishing in self-intiated expatriates: A self-determination theory approach, Diana Angelica E. Ampil, Jasper Agustin T. Balmes, John Vincent O. Uy, and Desiree Hannah M. Wong

Client rejection in the life insurance industry through kapwa lens: A qualitative study on the experience and coping of Filipino insurance agents, Gerard Angelo S. Angeles, Manasseh Ephraim S. Dizon, John Oliver T. Real, and Bennette Y. Revillosa

The importance of family: The effects of family relationships on the recreational substance use of the university student, JiEun An, Monica Jillian S. Buniao, Tyana A. Flores, and Hazel Faith M. Hernandez

Experiences and motivations of young adults in online gaming, Inigo Antonio C. Arce, Maria Claudia H. Joson, and Stephanie Shariah C. Llana

Allie, allure, Marice Rae C. Ashford, Sabrina Marie G. Hizon, and Gabrielle Ann E. Vera

Seeking sound: A podcast, Baron Jacob Sia Azarcon

Handog: A documentary, Chelsea Bay Y. Bagotsay, Kathleen Rose E. Balinong, and Celine S. Villanueva

The impact of parental infidelity among late adolescents' perception of parenthood, Erika Shaine C. Bana Lim, Samantha Gillian H. Chan, Kyla Gail C. Mariano, and Joanne O. Pinlac

Production book for short film Do not disturb, Reine Gabrielle B. Bantang, Reinard Christian M. Sarmenta, and Samuel Jordan C. Surla

A moderation analysis on the psychological factors of the IBB model by Iram & Chacharkar, Laureen Alpha N. Barredo, Jein Lee, Lorenzo Miguel B. Macapagal, and Gabrielle Mikhaila B. Serrano

A place: A young adult's book about anxiety, depression and art therapy, Anna Patricia Bautista and Dominique Anne Domingo

The impact of mental toughness on the coping abilities of female student athletes, Peter Bryan A. Bautista, Gabrielle Terese F. Morfe, Matthew Robert C. Ocampo, and Fleur Denisse C. Santos

Stage fright: The effects of audience types on public speaking anxiety moderated by expectancy bias, David Benjamin P. Bayang, Matthew Philip D. Ghosh, Rudolf Love V. Talaro., and Hal Jordan S. Velasco

A 20-minute short feature film on consequences and realities of male domestic violence within the Philippine context, Bianca Angelica P. Benedicto, Johans Migo V. Cervantes, and Nicolle Bernadette S. Cuevas

No change: A music video, Jonathan Alfredo Gabriel V. Bengzon, Robert Miguel R. Gantuangco, and Lorenzo Romario T. Panlilio

Perceptions and integration as they impact on acceptance : the experience of DLSU international students, Ly-or Thomas G. Besares, Miguel Anton C. Conducto, Rosanne Mikhaela N. Razon, and Joiccel L. Tan

Prestige or pernury? How belief in just world influence attitude towards the out-group, Luis Rafael D. Breva, Paolo Francisco B. Fernandez, Khristian Bernard E. Mauricio, and Ianne Hazel R. Montealto

Mums: A screenplay, Faith P. Buenaventura

A comparative study on stigma, discrimination, and life satisfaction between single and coupled emerging adults in the LGBT community, Alexandria Marie Rosario M. Buendia, Seung Hyun Lee, Ma. Cassandra Dior D. Manala, and Renjo S. Redondo

Domains of trait emotional intelligence as predictors of suicidal ideation, Fiona Caitlin B. Buendia, Andrea Nikkole E. Lopez, and Anna Patricia T. Sarmiento

Employee voice: A qualitative research study on voice expression among alliance of model management in the Philippines' members and models, Samantha Diane Q. Burgos, Alexander Ritchell P. Cagang, and Alana Teresa D. Vicente

Hanapbuhay sa patay: A photo essay on training and profession on embalming, Althea Marie C. Cabrera

Full house: sibling adjustment experiences in blended families, Johanna Therese B. Capinpin, Kristina Erika A. Leoncio, Keely Shaye N. Leuterio, and Namie. Marteja

Past experiences as a catalyst to the gay identity development of Filipino gay men aged 18-22, Arianne Marie M. Castillo, Micah Isabel P. Cruz, Armand Hernandez, and Francis Michael H. Tianco

The reality of embalming: an investigative documentary on the embalming procedure of two different funeral homes, Kimberly D. Castro, Jairus L. Francisco, and Erin Danielle N. Nery

The perceived effect of lack of autonomy in choosing a career path to students' beliefs about themselves, socio-emotional well-being, & interest & perseverance, Margarita E. Catindig, Ferdinand Alessandro G. Espero, Pamela Frauline L. Malit, and Ramon Alfonso A. Recto

The moderating role of perceived teacher expectation and academic self-concept in the relationship between athletic status and academic performance, Lorenzo Lenze D. C. Celis, Jennie Celine C. Dizon, and Christian C. Nañola

Changes in hiya over time: A cross-sectional study on the causes and effects of the natural progression of the Filipino value of hiya across generations, Samantha Jade Bobon Cenizal

Ang kapwa sa bahay: Understanding the development of the Filipino amo-kasambahay relationship, Monica Louise S. Coronel, Danzel Rafter Y. Fernandez, Bernice Danielle G. Jajalla, and Tristan Dylin M. Tano

Pana-panahon: A short feature film on the transcending role of the Filipina woman, Julienne Pearl R. Crisostomo, Caitlin Anne E. Gonzales, and Franz Maynard P. Moreno

A public relations package for Philippine Skating Union: Facilitating online stakeholder engagement, Tracey Anne Crisostomo and Jericho Tomas Zeta

Best fish forever (B.F.F.): A short feature film, Jericho Roel P. Cruz, Isabel Marie Lorenzana, and Bianca Darleen S. Santos

Transparenthood: A-7 article series on parents raising trans children, Lorenzo Marco M. Cruz

Coping styles as a mediator between masculine strains and life satisfaction among men with experienced intimate partner violence, Pietro Adri Miguel J. Deña; Go, Bianca Patricia Gerardine H.; Sacramento, Sophia Louise V.; and Saulog, Miguel Lorenzo A.

Kasting kol: Short feature, Ulric Vincenzo B. De Guzman, Keana Mae L. Del Rosario, and Maegan Breanna C. Estuar

Gabun ku = (My land): A documentary on the Aetas of Sitio Kalangitan, Capas, Tarlac who are affected by the construction of New Clark City, Angela Joyce R. De Juan and Chatty Marie G. Saliendra

Uniko: A short feature film on how social anxiety takes place in the most familiar places, Rafael Luis Dela Cruz, Teresa Maria Melo, and Jon David Samson

Ang pagkabuhay muli, Katrina D. De Leon, Lia Noelle J. Delos Reyes, and Willanicole Alexa S. Ngo

Mulat, Katherine Faye Marie F. Dy, Andrea Mateo, and Charles Pandi

Shoes to fill : mobilizing against the chalenges of being a Filipino stepparent, Catherine Rose E. Estepa, Ma. Coleen C. Galura, Camille June C. Leuterio, and Dominique Marie A. Siazon

Play through: A children's book about excessive use of gadgets among children, Benjamin Willy N. Felix

Joy in hunger games: How guilt moderates the effect of the outgroup status on pleasure, Mikaela Isabel M. Feraren, Juan Gabriel A. Latorre, Miguel Manuel A. Manikan, and Jose Antonio L. Suarez

Long-distance parenting and child-parent relationships of domestic workers in the Philippines, Patrice Ines I. Ferrer, Robert A. Sarte Jr., Nicole Sobria, and Gerik Raffertee B. Tan

Irisdescent: A story on cultivation theory and self-image, Alexander Flores, Leira Lacuata, and Mary Jomailah Sumndad

Ang huling palabas ni Maestro at Mariana, Francheska Marie C.P. Gaddi, Abigail T. Ramos, and Juan Paolo Leonardo A. Valmonte

An interactive video tool for the Gifts and Graces Fair Trade Foundation Inc.: An interactive video tool, Margarette Anne Q. Garciano, Camille Christine F. Ledesma, and Hilary Alexanne B. Mendoza

Look : an instant story: A web series inspired by finsta and rinsta users on Instagram, Angela Maxine Ick Gatchalian and Martina Joaquinne Francisco Roman

College drinking, psychopathy, and the moderating role of parenting styles, Anika Bianca C. Ibarra; Leviste, Kassandra Isabella L.; Poblete, Patricia Isabel S.; and Ramos, Jaznin Kate L.

A dialogic organizational development approach in end-of-life communication of a veterinary hospital: Vets in Practice Philippines, Paula Rae S. Joson, Maria Briana C. Que, and Ramona Margarita R. Raymundo

Caring for the caregivers: an emotional labor manual for the supervisors of Childhope Philippines Foundation, Inc., Rainier Phillip Y. Kiong, Ma Sophia Ysabel S. Navidad, and Samantha Christine L. Tabada

Ayon kay nanay at tatay ...: perceived parental involvement on career decision-making of Filipino senior high school students, Leslie Amber S. Lao, Joanne Chelsea B. Pecson, Cymbeline Faye R. Tejada, and Kristina Ysabel K. Todino

The difference of job satisfaction and work values among blue-collar and white-collar millennial workers, Aira Selena D. Lapasaran, Alphard Virgil S. Sagana, and Miguel Antonio S. Vergel de Dios

Tahan na, Ken Llanes, Angela Romero, and Fiona Yang

Ruby, Danielle Alexandra D. Macaranas and Nicholas R. Martin

Factors influencing graduating college students' career choices: Evidences from selected social science programs in Metro Manila, Marie Noelle C. Mercado, Jacob Gabriel C. Reyes, Arianne Nadja Tan, and Justin Adriel O. Tejada

Sa tamang panahon: a short feature film, Danielle Renee B. Ng, Kevin Ryan A. Ong, and Angelica Anne Marie E. Reyes

The young and the restless: The effect of self-compassion to the self-esteem and self-stigma of juvenile delinquents in the Philippines, Regina Sofia T. Ong, Eva Marie M. Sazon, and Liane Matthew L. Tan

The mediating role of sense of belonging on the relationship of social support and death anxiety, Martin Dominique P. Ramirez, Marta Sabrina G. Roces, Lourdes Sumico A. Romero, and Marie Antoinette M. San Diego

Binakol: Ugoy ng kamay at habihan: A photo essay on the binakol weavers of Sarrat, Ilocos Norte, Andrea Mariel U. Ungson

Leveling up: A study on the stages of video game addiction, Jashen Ann V. Wong and Derrick John G. Yap

Theses/Dissertations from 2018

Predicting Narcissism: The mediating effect of self-esteem on the relationship of parenting styles and Narcissistic tendency, Jerard Matthew A. Abad, Aaron Kyle P. Bautista, Maria Monica Nicole F. Camahort, and Daena Niccole J. Valencia

Age is just a number: The work ethic and individual work performance of young bosses and older subordinates and how it predicts productivity and approaches, Jaime Luis T. Abella, Jervene Jeantin J. Cruz, David F. Redula, and Haruka A. Tachibana

Tag-lagas = (The end of forbidding): A short feature on cultural identity and social acceptance, Felix Marciano L. Acebedo IV, Eunice Tria S. Casas, and Marmeelyn E. Sinocruz

The role of grit in the relationship between academic self-concept and self-forgiveness among college students, Nesreen C. Adrada, Jeizel Lois B. Alvarez, and Princess Billie S. Lorica

A corporate visual identity manual: For the Filipino Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers, Inc., Karisthea A. Adriano

Dimensions of social dominance in relation to employee behaviors that constitute organizational citizenship, Lorenzo Antonio D. Aguas, Joaquin Ma. B. Anareta, Kyle Cedric C. Cruz, and Diego Alfonso M. Herrera

To seek or not to seek: Factors that predict help-seeking behaviors, Kim Hershey S. Aguilar, Joanna Kirsten B. Altarejos, Abigail Faith M. Basilio, and Ted Michael M. Cuaresma

Me vs. my Facebook self: Spirituality and online self-representation as moderated by developmental stage, Robilyn A. Alemania, Allen Patrick S. Camino, Maria Christiana M. Pagsuyuin, and Mikaella Pola Marya Toyhacao

Fashion Revolution Philippines: A communication package, Pio Angelo Alfonso, Christine Eunice Gandia, and Timothy James Garcia

The moderating effect of positive psychological capital on job stress and burnout: A non-experimental predictive study on Philippine business process outsourcing employees, Razelle Mae M. Alva, Jaezelle Anne F. Bernabe, Camille Anne O. Eduvane, and Allysa Claudette T. Escaran

Cubicle no. 4: A short feature film, Alissa M. Amado and Aerielle B. Ching

Double date: A short feature on the perceptions of single mothers and cougars, Diana Therese N. Ambray and Pamela Dawn T. Ngsuy

Through the lens of self-presentation: The experiences of young adult women in online dating, Arrianne Marie S. Amoroso, Andrea Remedios L. Castillo, Danica Gwyneth S. Cueto, and Diana Mae F. Santiago

The psychology of fake news: an exploratory inquiry into social media users' consumption of fake news, Patrick Joshua M. Angeles, Timothy Joseph S. Pangilinan, Anthony Carl A. Torres, and Jose Lorenzo V. Villabroza

Hiding in plain sight: Experiences of direct and indirect bulllying in the Philippine industrial setting, Marco Gabriel H. Aradillos, Ada Faye C. Borbon, Angelica June K. De Luna, and Juan Gabriel J. Garcia

Coping self-efficacy as a mediator between socioeconomic status and the development of anxiety related symptoms among disaster stricken children and adolescents, Daniela Gabriele B. Arcadio, Sara Jane P. Bay, Marco Luigi N. Miguel, and Nathalie Cleo Rayos

A qualitative study on loneliness among Filipino elderly, Irish Stacey A. Arugay, Nicole Patricia M. Belmonte, Carina Therese H. Gacias, and Aya P. Watanabe

The missing chapter: A film about a writer struggling to finish his story, Dannika Gene Atienza and Senica Ryel Raymundo

Pintura: A film on affirmation and confirmation, Kristine Azurin, Vincent Garcia, and Samantha Padilla

Itty bitty tiffy committee and other essays, Ana Patricia Bacay

The subjective well-being, counterproductive work behavior and work performance of BPO professionals in Manila, Imari Joyce C. Balbedina, Cyril D. Carbonel, Katrin Angela G. Cuello, and Jan Carlo M. Cunanan

The effects of the intensity of instagram usage on body dissatisfaction as moderated by gender, Maria Monica C. Basco, Bianca Denice D. Concepcion, Jason Aaron R. Lazaro, and Sean Gabriel F. Pobre

Pamilya Dimagiba: A short feature film on a disconnected techie family who is forced to work together during flood, Jessiah Hannah S. Baylon, Patrisha Love D. Calumpag, and Ricia Alecsandra S. Deguito

Loneliness, boredom, and self-regulation with problematic internet use, Miguel Francisco B. Beltran, Danielle Arielle S. Camcam, Maria Valeria T. Fajardo, and Jesus Emmanuel T. Pajara

The impact of emotions and their regulation on decision making in a risk taking task, Enrico Nicanor Cubero Bernabe, Rene Lorenzo Dioso Chavez, Izel June Ang Tan, and Wileen Eda Tantuco Ty

Ang mahiwagang kwintas ni Jas: Dulang ganap ang haba, Camille Joyce O. Billones

Paglubog ng araw: a short feature film, Vanessa Angela C. Bodios, Bethany Grace G. Lucero, and Quennie G. Robiso

Kahit sino, nakakahiya pa rin!: Empathic embarassment in the relational perspective, Nica Beatriz P. Buhay, Jasmine Frances C. Burgos, Ricah Mae R. De Guzman, and Patricia V. Esquivel

The moderating role of relevance on charismatic leadership and platform content to voting decision: The moderating role of relevance, Blanche Louise G. Buhian, Moon Jeong Choi, Joseph Danielle Stephen R. Malimata, and Rafael Luis Alfonso L. Montelibano