Theses/Dissertations from 2020


An action research on building a data driven organization through advocating analytics and data integrity at MNLBank, Ma. Angelica L. Basada


Ensuring a timely processing of brokers’ commission, Amelia T. Bautista


Mall celebrity endorser characteristics and its influence on mall saliency amongst consumers, Victoria Carla Yap Berroya


Improving customer acquisition process monitoring in solar panel business, Joseph Ian Blanco


Integrative action research paper: Improving finance business strategy, Rose Ann Bumatay


Action research on on-site counselling: Addressing employee mental health issues in improving workplace performance, Analyn D. Caindoy


Improving the payment process of credit purchases from MLEX's meal vendors, Janice F. Clerino


Improving sales performance in remote areas through online training, Lea Marjorie Co


Restructuring the sales force to improve the sales revenue of Green Development Sustainable Solutions, Inc. (GSSI), Michael A. Coruña


An action research on improving and designing the accounting and bookkeeping process for an offshore company, Jeneva Marie Cuadra


Addressing inequitable workload delegation of head office service section, Rea Cassandra Baena Dela Cruz


Improving the marketing process of NRS Process Systems Sdn. Bhd. representative office in the Philippines, Reginald L. de Leon


Applying the Japanese 5S concept in a Chinese family business, John Hudson K. Go


Driving partners engagement in APS: Promoting positive team relationships and developing effective communication, Danelyn C. Gomez


Factors affecting new product listing decisions of sari-sari stores owners, Peter Benjamin Nacalaban Gonzales


Integrative action research paper: Creating an employee manual, operations manual, and job description for Sannovex Pharmaceuticals, Faye Lorraine B. Lumanas


Inter-departmental coordination for timely traffic forecasts in preparing project financial feasibility studies, Joemon O. Montanez


Improving sales of a family-owned hospitality business through social media marketing, Diane Christine E. Morano


Action research on documenting the validation of output of the risk & control self-assessment, Arlene E. Ouano


Improving the payroll system of a virtual organization, Ma. Clarisse D. Paguio


Restructuring the new data analysts training program, Cristine Jeny T. Paxton


Improving the marketing communication strategies of the DTI's Go Lokal brand to better support the local MSMEs, Fatima M. Peyra


Integrative action research concept paper: Managing account enrollment in a local stockbroker, Mary Antonnette E. Quiring


Sales generation for brick & mortar retail stores of a premium brand during a pandemic, Jo Anne C. Salazar


Awareness and donation sustainability for Project Bente Organization Inc., Joshua Jeru V. Sarmiento


Leveraging business intelligence to sustain data integrity in workload management report and to create culture of transparency and accountability in the workplace, Ma. Mercedes D. Tan


Addressing the outdated fund allocation percentage of the finance ministry of a local Christian church, Ronnel D. Vergel de Dios


An integrated action research (IAR) on improving the procure-to-pay cycle of ABC Company, Jerold Angelo Vizconde


Improving the technical product knowledge of the sales agents of a family business, Ryan Yuquico

Theses/Dissertations from 2019


Growth plan for the motorcycle parts and accessories store, People's Choice Cycle Parts Corporation, Diana Lim

Theses/Dissertations from 2018

Improving the performance review process: An action research on promoting professional development through performance review and coaching, Ria Anne P. Abanto

The role of corporate social responsibility on the link of real earnings management with financial performance and firm value of publicly listed companies in the Philippines, Rina A. Abner

The savings and investment behavior of selected personnel of the Philippine Army, Little Rose Ann C. Abutin

Bridging the organization silos of the St. James Renewal Movement Teaching Ministries, Mark Kevin G. Acha

An action research on streamlining the check payment process in Company ABC, April D. Aduana

The efficiency model of the insurance industry in the Philippines, Ali Hamoud Almutairi

Improving user acceptance of MarketAxess for effective investment recommendation and efficient execution of fixed income securities in ABC Private Bank, Bianca Marie P. Angala

Delegation of duties and tasks to manage role conflict, Charmaine Mikaela U. Ang

Improving the working relationship of social workers and student coordinators toward case management: An action research, Wabel D. Animoza

Process enhancement through email management improvement and better delegation, Lorezze B. Antenor

Internal control of Roman Catholic churches in the Philippines, Amir T. Auditor

Formulation and effective communication of policy to improve turnaround of procurement of IT items, Karen Avila

Implementing an automated workflow to improve the approval process of change request management team, Jym Yurick Baltores

Determinants of the income strategy of publicly listed corporations in the Philippines: Does accounting choice matter?, Jessa Mae S. Banse


The application of loss modeling in pricing for group health insurance in the Philippines, Soleil G. Baria

The moderating role of agency costs on the impact of free cash flow on firm performance: Evidence from the Philippines, Marven T. Bermudez

Improving the front deskreception area for Pacific Front Baler Beach Resort, Jonathan De Vera Buenviaje

Greening of Dr. Yanga's Colleges, Inc. Campus as part of market positioning, Joliber M. Caminong

Improving the customer feedback mechanism of ABC Bank-Trust Banking Group, Dan Carlo F. Camoras

An action research on improving collection of rental income of apartment X, Charmine C. Canites

Effect of environmental accounting on financial performance and firm value of listed mining and oil companies in the Philippines, Jamil C. Carandang

Improving usage of the information communication technology platform in AXA Philippines Distribution Learning and Development for dealer productivity and increase customer responsiveness, Diane Grace Carumay

Improving data quality in the preparation of shareholder identification report, Dorethy Ruby Castillo

Dimensions of bank capital regulation and integration: An analysis of the effects and determinants of capital adequacy of ASEAN5, Roma Adnexa R. Casubha

The role of face-to-face human interaction in integrating separate teams: An action research, Formina Jayne A. Cayab

Process improvement through creation of a portal system: An insider action research, Jobielyn S. Chan

Reducing support center call abandoned rates with a cross-trained workforce, Margarita Chua

The effect of leadership style of academic leaders on BSA student performance and faculty effectiveness among accountancy schools in Region IX, Armee Jay L. Cresmundo

Utilizing mentoring program in addressing low level morale among the career consultants, Jakielyn Anne O. Cruz

Increasing brand awareness of Digichive Philippines Direct consumers, Doreena P. De Guzman

An action research towards minimizing error on voucher examination of vendor payments, Maria Angelica De Leon

Action research on improving the operational performance metrics report of the human resources shared services group, John Michael C. De Mesa

Establishing a system of monitoring and control for the pre-event and logistics of a global cosmetics brands marketing activities, Nicola Mari B. Ebrada

An empirical study on the factors that determine the Filipino preferences for blended spices within Metro Manila, Nicholas Eduardo Tan Elegado

Formalizing a sales training program for newly hired salespeople, Oliver Y. Espiritu

An empirical investigation on the change in the impact of cost efficiency, sales growth, liquidity and leverage on financial performance after merger and acquisition of selected publicly listed companies in the Philippines, Clarice April Estores

Managing employee stress to increase job satisfaction and team's performance in fund accounting team, Rizzie Ann J. Felix

Improving the BPI multiple account opening payroll process, Justine Fernandez Ferrer

Enhancing the prompt submission of the central file of directors and officers report through process improvement, Marie Isabelle P. Flores

Effective management of monthly reporting process through the use of project management tools towards a better work- life balance, Loriedee Garcia

Addressing bottlenecks in deliveries of Fix n Mix Bakers Inc. thru the introduction of a web based software, Jezel B. Gatoc

Addressing low technical competency of fund accounting specialists of Trades Reconciliation Group: An action research on professional advancement through training and development, Arlien V. Gerosanib

The effect of board characteristics, managerial ownership and top executives characteristics on mitigating earnings management of Philippine publicly listed companies, Cora Marie R. Gonzales

Increasing employee productivity in the investment research of Big Company, Inc., Sarah Jane Y. Go

Does Facebook group engagement moderate smartphone brand preference?: An analysis using structural equation modeling, Nelson B. Guillen Jr.

Minimizing negative office politics: An action research on promoting a humane and enabling work community by improving communication, Raffy Niño T. Gutierrez

The current condominium unit purchase behaviour of Filipino cohorts in relation to condominium price, features, and location within the Greater Manila Area, Resurreccion Aileen H. Hernandez

A structural analysis of the effects of conventional and non-conventional accounting measures on firm value among publicly-listed Philippine firms from 2012-2016, Roman Julio B. Infante

An action research in Signs and Wonders' product development for the M 24/7 brand, Luvimin U. Joquico

An empirical analysis of Universal Robina Corporation's financial plan, Jennelyn A. Jurado

Addressing poor teamwork in managing inventory: An action research on promoting an enabling work community through shared KPIs, Dione Derrick G. Kocencio

What does it take to make a difference: A study on the effect of demographic characteristics and leadership styles of instructional leaders on teacher effectiveness and student performance of BSA schools in Mindanao, Rose Mae S. Langot

Improving the timeliness in the processing of the procurement of appraisal services in a department of a government agency, Isbert L. Lauc

The mediating role of earnings management on the relationship of corporate tax avoidance on profitability and firm value of Philippine publicly-listed firms, Joan Mae M. Lugtu

Improving the records management of the Air Force Accounting Center to minimize unreconciled accounts, Maria Estela M. Mabiling

Improving parish youth engagement, Michael D. Mallari

Addressing employee knowledge gaps: An action research on improving knowledge-based capability development through training for organizational development, Ma. Lovely Janella B. Malong

Addressing patient's queueing time: An action research on promoting socially useful service through inter-professional teamwork, Leidyann Valdepeñas Maravillas

Prettiserie: An insider action research, Christian Edward P. Martinez

Improving grade performance efficiency of the accounts management team in a real estate company, Clarice-Patricia D. Medina


Yield curve estimation in the Philippine secondary bond market, Aldrean M. Mendoza

Improving the users' satisfaction rating of an IT service operations team: An action research in promoting an enabling work community through the implementation of a service knowledge management database, Robin Raymund L. Miclat

Piloting a deceased organ donation program: An action research, Retchell Rubin L. Morales

Portfolio management tool for project delivery improvement, Alexis Neal B. Narciso

Beautification of Barangay 402 Zone 41: An action research on improving the local community, Teddy R. Nieveras

An empirical study on the determinants of tax morale using structural equation model (SEM): A Philippine particularity, Raymond S. Pacaldo

Entrepreneurial income and poverty alleviation in the Philippines: Evidence from the 2012 FIES, Karla Jenine P. Pacificador

Formalizing Qualiprint Inc. through collaborative development of an organizational structure, policies and procedures, Kristine Anne S. Patron

The mediating role of dividend policy on the impact of capital structure and corporate governance mechanisms on firm value among publicly listed companies in the Philippines from 2013 to 2016 using structural equation model, Franklin S. Ramirez

Addressing the absence of documented job description in the Helpdesk Department of CP Telecom, Algerica Blanche R. Ramos