Theses/Dissertations from 2017

Process improvements for error-free sales reports from XYZ Sales Middle Office, Javier Alfonso R. Labrador

Impact of selected factors on external audit fees for the case of publicly listed manufacturing and industrial sector in the Philippines, Charlotte Mei L. Lacap

An integrated marketing communications campaign for Playa Calatagan, Alelie Madeleine Cansino Lagasca

Revitalizing supply chain thru better coordination and harmony among organizational units in Company X, Erwin R. Lapuz

Developing the technical competency of the members of the financial accounting team, Muriel Bianca M. Larin

Improving task management through the use of the Ops Tool, Victor Antonio S. Leyva

Study on the cause-and-effect relationships among the different perspectives of the balanced scorecard in selected listed firms of the Philippines, Perry Carl A. Lim

The role of the financial resource department (FRD) in the institutional budgeting process, Maricel C. Llamas

Addressing timeliness of submission of trial balance: An action research using cooperation levers in CGM local government - Bookkeeping Division of the Accounting Department, Mary Jane V. Lofamia

Delimondo corned beef (Jaka Food Processing Corporation) advertising campaign, Pearl Avone G. Lumanao

An integrated marketing communications campaign for Good Filipinos: Advocacy arm of the Institute for Solidarity in Asia, Matt Lorenz P. Mabansag

Work of our hands: Case studies of select handmade jewelry manufacturers In the Philippines, their Investment on human capital development, and its impact on employee productivity, Annalyn T. Magcawas

Enhancing credit underwriting operations, Bernard Joseph B. Malibiran

Strengthening the technical competency of financial analysts in credit and risk assessment team, Crystalline G. Mejia

Improving absenteeism rate in call center operations, Benegildo Angelo P. Mendoza

Reducing over deductions of taxes withheld projects through effective system of coordination, Jordan Jefferson G. Mitra

An action research on improving customer relationship, Nick Anthony N. Naz

Receptivity to ASEAN integration: The case of Puerto Galera tourism professionals, Mary Lyka Tuan Nehlsen

Improving timeliness in the submission of risk profiling report through process documentation, Angeline D. Ofrecio

Improving payment approvals and release of accounts payables in Aster DM Healthcare, Inc., Julie Ann T. Pacapac

An integrated marketing communications campaign for Forever 21, Julius A. Palsis

Balancing a heavy workload in a BPO company to satisfy both client and employee needs, Mark Angelo B. Parana

An integrated marketing communications campaign for Onemusic PH, Jennica I. Parangue

Improvement of the accounts payable process through implementation of cut-off schedule, Michelle E. Paray

The association of work-life balance and well-being of employees in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector in the Metro Manila, Bianca Marie Leong Pascual

Managing the family and business of CE3 Incorporated, Kristine Dana B. Paule

Reduction of AP intercompany accruals and a change management approach across different zones in intercompany accounting, Michael L. Paulino

An integrated marketing communication campaign for Solstice by Ilustrado, Katrina Espineli Pimentel

Improving the effectiveness of a cross-functional IT operations team, Hazel Diane Poblete

Improving the assessment and implementation of new business opportunities in the A group of companies, Josef Karlo V. Prado

Enhancing the filing system of customer information folders of XYZ BankNew Accounts Section, Mylene T. Quero

The effects of conditions of employment to the job attitudes of non-regular employees in a broadcast media outfit, Eden Joy Dela Cruz Ramos

Standardizing a loan monitoring system in a merged bank, Marygirl D. Ramos

Institutionalizing the performance monitoring system of the power plant, Mary Grace E. Razon

Creating integrated automated reservation system in Saniya Resort and Hotel, Maria Kristina S. Remulla

Improving compliance activities through business process automation, John Christopher Retardo

Shaping the Entrepreneurial Intention: The role of Educational, Relational and Structural Support on Grade 10 Students of Aquinas School in the Business Cluster Program, Juan Miguel Martinez Reyes


Determinants of Republic of the Phillippines (ROP) bond spread movements and implications to sovereign bond trading, Ma. Carla Angelyn B. Reyes

Motivating group members to improve productivity, Ralph Raymund C. Robles

Enhancing inventory replenishment process flow through efficient sales & demand forecasting, April Rose M. Rodriguez

Improving the budgeting process of Cadence Inc., Michelle J. Rondario

Optimizing sales force automation system through effective technical support in Pacific Healthcare, Jennifer R. Rosapapan

An action research on incorporating corporate social responsibility in the product-creation process of Sweet Saturdays stuffed cupcakes, Marionnie C. Sabado

Innovating the perception on pawning: An integrated marketing communications campaign for Villarica pawnshop, Joses M. Sacilioc

Promoting efficiency by standardizing and automating the recognition and awards (R&A) program process in Chevron Holdings Inc., Gianne Lauren O. Salcedo

Coordinating timeframes and roles in submitting trust investment reports, Ramilyn S. Santayana

Addressing the issue of missing invoice incident in accounts payable group mailbox, Song Seok Hwan

Establishing effective communication practices in a startup company, Rachel Rosette Silva

An integrated marketing communications campaign for props tools and cosmetics, Micah Karenina Soriano

Improving the product line to increase sales and personnel productivity, Matthew Ross C. Tan

Addressing the insufficient supply of a Chinese food business, Nerissa Irelle B. Tan

Simplifying the complex: Towards a more manageable work process for KYCS-NB Team: An action research project, Ralph Joseph R. Tesorero

Instilling commitment to internal service quality for the employees of Restaurant X, Rose Ann D. Theogo

An integrative action research (IAR) on enhancing the quality of the risk and control metrics of the product control department, Justine Denise F. Tinio

Optimization of the bank consumer business training organization through maximizing the FTE capacity utilization for training delivery, and standardizing the taxonomy of business trainer roles, Juan Miguel Martin N. Tirona

Improving records management in construction firm, Emily G. Tiu

Improving employee motivation in the sales force of ABC Limited, Rothi-Binh R. Truong

An integrated marketing communications campaign for snok, Anna Clariza M. Tumesa

An integrated marketing communications campaign for Bikes for the Philippines, Inc., Timothy Francis L. Uichico

An integrated marketing communications campaign proposal for Philam vitality active, Joseph Raul Umali III

Improving timeliness of submission of periodic reports through scheduled updating, Ma. Karen S. Valenciano

Increase knowledge among employees of multinational XYZ to boost participation in CSR activities, John D. Vargas

Achieving business-IT alignment: An action research on onboarding and learning in Globe Telecom, Jose Ma. Escareal Velasco

Addressing the fintech partnership challenges of IntegratedBank to increase its digital presence, Jerry D. Victorio

An action research addressing the tardiness of employees in financial organization X, Jamaica S. Vinluan

Improvements in the workplace: An action research in a small family business using integral human development, Karla Isabel Z. Vistro

The relationship of perceived frequency of organizational change and the wellbeing of telecom employees in the head offices, Maria Kristina R. Wingkee

Handling customer complaints in field sales division, Ma. Carmina A. Ymson

The bigger, the better: A robust Philippine non-life insurance industry bolstered by efficient insurer taxation rates, Ribomapil C. Yuvienco

Theses/Dissertations from 2016

Developing employee engagement with the brand through training and ambassador programs, Carolyn A. Abedania

An integrated marketing communications campaign for Surfer Girl - Philippines, Darren B. Agaton

Improving the recording of sales activity transmittal in BPI, Kathreen U. Alcantara

Appropriate delegation of tasks among the officers int he fund management division of the Bureau of the Treasury, Melody Grace P. Alcera

From tunnel to funnell: Addressing project overload in a demanding, multi-project organization, Maria Karmela E. Amado

Improving performance of MCI through increased foreign investment and control Mindmap Commtech Inc., Manila, Philippines, Chawalit Amornsirikul

Managing and addressing overdue payments: An action research in a personal care company, Maria Carla Margarita F. Ampil

An integrated marketing communications campaign for PMAP-AIHRM, Hoxton Rhey D. Anapen

An action research on improving the credit initiation process at XYZ Bank, Mary Geraldine S. Ang

An integrated marketing communications campaign for Loftez Philippines, Michael Gerard N. Ang

Execution of turnaround strategies for ABC building towards financial recovery, Karen Selina A. Aquino

An integrated marketing communications campaign for Brownies Unlimited, Vernette Anne A. Arellano

Piloting business model innovation in the DLSU Center for Business Research and Development: General and specific action research cycles, Patrick Adriel H. Aure

An integrated marketing communications campaign proposal for ang mahiwagang black box ABS-CBN TVplus, Matt Alistair Leano Austria

A collaborative action research on enhancing job competency of the accounting team, Nherry A. Balicano

An action research on increasing awareness on the tourism brand of Taal, as the heritage town of the South, Bamielga Roselle R. Biscocho

Technical competency development through training for the PH customer service delivery team, Jon Kristian R. Bola

A test of relationship between organizational culture and organizational readiness for change in a Philippine-based manpower outsourcing cooperative: A research, Maria Ysabel B. Bordador

An integrated marketing communications campaign for Pure Nectar, Marco Joaquin D. Buenaventura

An integrated marketing communications campaign for Lead Tutorial Mandaluyong, Vhalerie S. Buluran

Integrated marketing communications plan for Order of St. Camillus, Gerrilyn T. Cadiz


USDPHP dual currency option bond: A financial instrument for investment with applications for hedging, Kashmirr Ibañez Camacho

An integrated marketing communications campaign proposal for Generali, Elaine Rose D. Capati

Improving sales performance through the institutionalization of a sales training program, Mark Ivan V. Carasig

An integrated marketing communications campaign for BDO Debit Card with MasterCard, Cindy Carino

An integrative action research on work-life balance in a shared services company, Jewel Pink K. Carrasco

Increasing knowledge on the loan pre-screening process in ABC bank, Honey Mae R. Castillo

An integrated marketing communications campaign proposal for Australian International School, Martin Allen D. Claudio

An integrated marketing communications campaign for Chicken Pork Adobo, Raissa Nhelyn L. Clemente

The moderating role of perceived risk in theory of planned behavior: A study on food electronic grocery shopping, Kristine Dianne Z. Co

An integrated marketing communications campaign for Metro, Marion Monique T. Co