Theses/Dissertations from 2018

The offering plate going digital: Factors affecting the adoption of electronic church giving (e-giving), Rommel Garcia Ramos

A study on the optimum alternative work arrangement and its impact with the motivation, performance and retention of IT sector employees in Metro Manila, Jennifer Caraliman Realon

Improving operations through organized purchasing and inventory in management, Gian Carlo Regner

Addressing low core competency of sales admin department: An action research on building enabling work process through initiating and implementing personal action learning, Abel Catapang Reyes

Factors affecting capital structure of publicly listed construction companies in the Philippines before and after the economic boom of the construction industry, Virginia C. Reyes

Improving financial reporting in shared services company of a multinational bank, Ma. Stella Sophia Rivera

The effect of FoMO on generation Zs consumption behavior of Masstige Brand Apparel, Carlo Miguel Saavedra

Improving and enhancing the documentations used during the process rotation transitions, Nicole Anne E. Samaniego

The use of Microsoft Excel as an automation tool for the test execution in the workbrain testing process of Safeway Philtech, Alex John Sevilla

Developing a procedure for handling containers in Ecoasis Water Station, Louise Carleen Blancaflor Singson

Using liquidity gap analysis for managing foreign currency denominated funds, Sheila P. Sy

Development of a trend-tracking dynamic fund-of-index-funds, Kyle Tan

Factors influencing consumers' purchase decision of automobiles in Metro Manila, Joana Patricia C. Tolentino

An action research on using people empowerment (stage 1) to fuel the organizational growth of the marine agency, offshore support and commercial divisions of a shipping agency, Terence L. Uytingban

Improving the orientation process of the Retail Systems Department of Northwind Corporation, Fernando M. Vergara II.

Applying technology in small business loan collection, Ana Mae D. Vidal

Implementing a work standardization program in XYZ team, An Ni Wu

Improving the operational processes of retail brand A, Edilyn Ruth Yu

Improving employees performance in Financial Department of Beidahuang (BDH) Seed Group Co., Ltd., Heng Zhang

Theses/Dissertations from 2017

Improving trust accounts review through document and information management, Liezel B. Abinuman

Addressing outstanding accounts receivable of RVD law: An action research on enhancing billing and collection policies and procedure, Gene Rose D. Aduana

Drivers of self-expatriation among Filipino millennials, Jaika Almira R. Agena

Improving teams performance under the accounts management department, Krizel V. Aguila

Improve lead-time processing of accounts payable in Company X, Dally Ann T. Agustin

Process improvement in a finance shared services center, Karen C. Alvarez

System automation for improving asset disposal management in an automotive parts manufacturing company, Lester R. Alvarez

An integrated marketing communications campaign for Hotel Covo, El Nido, Palawan, Ma. Jonah Louise Bidol Ancheta

An action research on improving the electronic records management of Accounting Department in Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation, Noreen F. Anyayahan

Moderno Food Park, Nicole Dominique L. Aquino

An action research on improving the onboarding training program of Payment Department (PD) for Company ABC, Jaymelyn De Leon Arce

Integrated marketing communications campaign for Tupperware Brands Philippines: Baby care plus+ natural care, Trixie Marie Caravana Arre

Improving the promoters turn-over rate through change in career employment, Joanne Abigael B. Asistin

Corporate governance, ownership structure, firm characteristics and their effects on effective tax rate: A study on Philippine publicly listed companies, Robert Aspa

Responding effectively to credit card customer complaints, Melanie P. Atog

Controlling linen losses through implementation of centralized linen management system, Mark Anthony H. Austria

Reducing call center onboarding turnover rate In Transcom Phils.: An integrative action research paper, Christian Lloyd A. Baking

Centralization and outsourcing of accounts payable functions, Maryjane S. Balicol

HR documentation process workflow improvement using kaizen to achieve quality & compliance: ARCADIS Philippines, Judah Ray Banez

Improvement of non-motor claims processing of a non-life insurance company, Winifred S. Bato


Application of block maxima and PoT on the market risk exposure of PHP/USD, Mary Cliedy Angelie I. Bersola

Establishing project risk management policy documents in Company ABC, Angelique C. Blasa


Exploring duration-based methods of estimating interest rate sensitivity of bonds: With application in the Philippine government bond, Nancy Grace F. Busto

Improving task monitoring for timely submission of financial reports, Maryjon S. Cabatbat

Sustaining employees' active participation to PSG-Manilas knowledge management (KM) initiative, Sheila Mae N. Calamiong


An empirical study on the performance of fundamental indices vs. traditional market capitalization-weighted indices as applied to the Philippine stock market: A smart beta strategy application, Maria Carmela Calaquian

Improving the timeliness in the preparation and distribution of highly confidential agenda items in a department in a government agency, Kris Anne P. Capinpin

Is IAS 41 relevant?: Representing the fundamental perceptions of selected banana and pineapple companies in the Davao Region, Rhea Jane V. Carpio

The effect on stock price and performance among M&A bidder firms listed in Philippine Stock Exchange for the period 2005 to 2011, Cecille L. Carreon

Developing the brand of a joint venture between two financial companies, Ma. Monique G. Castro

An action research on improving the accuracy and timeliness of income reporting for international assignment cross reporting repository (IACRR) for Company ABC mobility tax, Rey Neil G. Catague

Strengthening the sales force through training, Kristin Leslie Chan

Reducing the impact of employee movement within Home Care Research and Development Deploy Team in Unilever Philippines Inc., Earl Ryan S. Cheng

Creation of pre-screening process for the due diligence activity, Charlotte Camille L. Chow

An integrated marketing communications campaign for Meralco Bayad Center, Marie Joyce A. Chua

Establishing standard operating procedure for regulated products in a pharmaceutical company, Maria Josefina N. Claravall

Rebranding of All Soled Out, a sports specialty store, Maria Roanne C. Comendador

Transforming the barangay into a cleaner and healthier community, James Vincent E. Cruz

Improving selection of documents for auditing by Fin Ware Quality Control Team, Zaneta Louise P. Dacquel

Reducing store operating costs of a quick service restaurant through monthly analytical templates, Ana Katrina E. Dapo

Increasing the number of volunteers in the Rotary Club of Pasay Silangan, Lallaine F. Darum

Finding the right one: The determinants of general insurers profitability, Niño Datu

An integrated marketing communications campaign for Autism Society Philippines, Jerome A. Dazo

Improving timely submission of weekly sales call report to help increase sales performance in field sales division, Peter John B. De Castro

Work-life balance and employee engagement of the employees of Micro Image International Corporation, Kimberly Lopez De Guia

Improving the shared value program of Milk Company A, Pia Jennylyn B. De Leon

Improving collaboration among telecommuters, Alyssa Nicole R. Dequito

An integrated marketing communications campaign for Office of Sports Development, Derrico Gabriel R. Diamante

An integrated marketing communications campaign for Foot Zone Makati, Ma. Franze N. Dionisio

Improving the regularity of monthly assessment and planning sessions in Philkraft Wellness Corporation, Marjure Rodrose N. Dycontreras

A study on the correlation of motivation and employee job performance in the BPO industry in Metro Manila, Maria Lourdes Bernadette B. Egargo

Monitoring the requests of GOCC Departments in preparing/reviewing their internal policies, Paula Romina S. Elbinias

An integrative action research on improving cash management through the development and use of cash forecast, Julius D. Escala

The influence of celebrity endorsers on the hog feeds industry: A study on backyard hog raisers consumer buying behavior, Clint B. Escondo

Updating credit policies through a common electronic mailbox, Marjorie Theresa Ann C. Espino

Designing an effective inventory management in big bank's global markets marketing unit, Camille Abigail P. Esquillo

Addressing the job dissatisfaction of project-based laborers of S C Estolano Construction Corporation, Joan Carla E. Estepa

A management action research for improving the attendance monitoring of Aqua 2000 Water Refilling Station - Don Quijote Branch, Maria Kathleen Eula M. Fabila

Improving teamwork among accounts receivable team, Elaine Joy Ferrer

Maintaining accuracy of employee data in system A, Michelle M. Fidel

Factors that influence customer loyalty on car repurchases in Metro Manila, Chezsana Marie P. Florentino

Strengthening retention strategies to millennial workforce in Metro Manila, John Carlo B. Gadaingan

Financial management practices of small and medium enterprises in Nueva Ecija, Gaudencio P. Gallardo Jr.

Improving efficiency in reimbursement of non-trade payables, Kristine Anne Galvez

Improving employee engagement in Niniks Sisig Liempo and Lechon Manok, Ma. Aira Angelica A. Gementiza

Managing task coordination to improve customer service support, Jonathan C. Geraillo

Influence of corporate social responsibility and corporate image on James Hardie's brand of equity, Patricia Angela M. Gimenez

Improving financial reporting to a government agency through information dissemination and training, Charlette R. Gingosa

Timely financial reporting through daily cash reconciliation, Janice T. Go

An integrated marketing communications campaign for ride revolution, Paolo Miguel G. Gomez

Addressing the difficulty of using the manual accounting system in sales transactions of a real estate project, Karla Guia P. Gonocruz


A panel data econometric approach to Real Exchange Rate (RER) as a signaling early warning indicator of currency crisis in ASEAN Region, Raymond H. Gonzales

Creating an improved Intranet platform to enhance internal communication, Ann Rozainne R. Gregorio

An action research on enhancing selection process and monitoring job demands of engagement teams, Sophia Marie D. Ilagan

An analysis of planned purchase of life insurance products among Metro Manila consumers, Anne Kristine P. Ingente

The effect of the interaction of fiscal and monetary policy on the performance of the financial markets and the operating profitability of the banking industry: An economy wide analysis using structural vector autoregression (SVAR), Jose B. Jao III

Increasing employee usage of executive information system, Jo Katrina C. Jardin

An empirical study on the impact of board mechanisms and diversity on performance and value: The case of publicly listed companies in the Philippines during 2012 to 2016, Ali Zohaib Javed

Action research on improving report creation process through business intelligence dashboard deployment, Jerome Jimm Javier

Improving the order fulfillment process for first foods customers, Ann Margarette U. Joquico

Operational improvement on sales support center: Develop a sales commission guidelines and process for Asia Pacific sales agents, Marianne San Luis Katigbak