Submissions from 2009

An analysis of contextual dimensions, multimodal features, and self-presentation strategies in screen-based writing: The case of Filipino personal home page authors scattered around the globe, Leah E. Gustillo

Sentence-level errors in ESL writers’ diagnostic essays: What students have achieved and what we can do, Leah E. Gustilo

Generating metacognitive skills through transformative learning in algebra, Minie Rose C. Lapinid

Development and validation of an interdisciplinary manual for use of parents, teachers and health professionals in the education of children with chronic illness, Ma. Cecilia D. Licuan

Investigating the effect of school ability on self-efficacy, learning approaches, and metacognition, Carlo Magno

Assessing grade school students metacognition in solving mathematical problem, Carlo P. Magno

Developing and assessing self-regulated learners, Carlo P. Magno

How I learned to speak English: Factors involved in ESL acquisition among Filipinos, Carlo P. Magno

Self-regulation and approaches to learning in English composition writing, Carlo P. Magno

Taxonomy of aptitude test items: A guide for item writers, Carlo P. Magno

School-related parental behavior with children in grade school and college, Carlo P. Magno, Janell Camela Lynn, Avlsworth Kyler Lee, and Robina Marie Ko

Lesson plan--Basketball, Janet S. Mariano

Selected personal and professional factors as predictors of teaching competency of physical education faculty: A correlation, Janet S. Mariano

Best practices on how to handle classroom behavior problems of children with intellectual disabilities: What we learned from our mentors, Thelma Rabago Mingoa

Children's drawings speak more than words, Thelma Rabago Mingoa

A study on the types of hedging devices used by opinion column writers in four major broadsheets, Edna S. Miraflores

Concept mapping in introductory physics, Voltaire Mallari Mistades

Language and the process approach to writing, Alen Mateo S. Muñoz

An innovative teacher education program in teaching Chinese as a second language: A Philippine experience, Bee Ching U. Ong Kian Koc

Transport and release of chemicals from plastics to the environment and to wildlife, Emma L. Teuten, Jovita M. Saquing, Detlef R.U. Knappe, Morton A. Barlaz, Susanne Jonsson, Annika Björn, Steven J. Rowland, Richard C. Thompson, Tamara S. Galloway, Rei Yamashita, Daisuke Ochi, Yutaka Watanuki, Charles Moore, Pham Hung Viet, Touch S. Tana, Maricar Prudente, Ruchaya Boonyatumanond, Mohamad P. Zakaria, Kongsap Akkhavong, Yuko Ogata, Hisashi Hirai, Satoru Iwasa, Kaoruko Mizukawa, Yuki Hagino, Ayako Imamura, Mahua Saha, and Hideshige Takada

Submissions from 2008

Investigating the grammatical features of Philippine English, Ma. Lourdes S. Bautista

Philippine English: Linguistic and literary, Ma. Lourdes S. Bautista and Kingsley Bolton

Southeast Asian Englishes, Maria Lourdes S. Bautista and Andrew B. Gonzalez

A preliminary descriptive analysis of Cuyonon language, Aquiles P. Bazar III

Introduction: Philippine English: Linguistic and literary perspectives, Kingsley Bolton and Ma. Lourdes S. Bautista

English-language media in the Philippines: Description and research, Danilo T. Dayag

Metadiscourse, argumentation, and Asian Englishes: A contrastive rhetoric approach, Danilo T. Dayag

Field study: Bridging theories with classroom experience, Lourdes G. dela Torre, Jerome A. Ouano, June P. Salana, and Erlinda V. Frogoso

Reading instruction for college students: Some concepts and practices, Ma. Joahna Mante Estacio

Investigation of college students' cognitive performance in trigonometry in a problem based learning environment, Noel Ande D. Estimo and Auxencia A. Limjap

An examination of the patterns and functions of Tagalog-English code switching in two oral discussions, Eden Regala Flores

Politeness in face-to-face interaction: An exploratory study, Eden Regala Flores

The second language classroom practices in selected areas of the Philippines: An assessment, Cecilia F. Genuino

Code-switching in television-mediated political campaign advertisements, Paulina M. Gocheco

Assessment process for SPED teachers, Mayumi F. Gonzales

Intervention plan for special learners in a regular classroom setting, Mayumi F. Gonzales

The status of counseling and psychological services in Davao City, Aime T. Guarino

A rhetorical organization of Filipino writings in L1 and L2 argumentative essays, Francis Kenneth D. Hernandez

"Barber talks" across genders: A sociolinguistic analysis, Francis Kenneth D. Hernandez

Lexical studies of Filipino person descriptors: Adding personality-relevant social and physical attributes, Shellah Myra Imperio, A. Timothy Church, Marcia S. Katigbak, and Jose Alberto S. Reyes

A proposed model of higher education institution - call center industry partnership, Robert S. Keitel

Improving employability of graduates for the business processing industry, Robert S. Keitel

Exploring mathematical investigations among selected students, Minie Rose C. Lapinid, Gladys Nivera, and Olivia Buzon

A typology of first person dual pronouns and their reconstructibility in Philippine languages, Hsiu-chuan Liao

An examination of the early discourse of Filipino preschool children's directed speech, Rochelle Irene G. Lucas

Exploring noun bias in Filipino-English bilingual children, Rochelle Irene G. Lucas and Allan Benedict I. Bernardo

Language amotivation and approaches to learning English among Filipino college freshmen, Rochelle Irene G. Lucas and Mildred A. Rojo-Laurilla

Reading strategy, amount of writing, metacognition, metamemory, and apprehension as predictors of English written proficiency, Carlo P. Magno

Construction and development of the student volunteerism scale, Carlo P. Magno and Ma. Cristina Eusebio

Towards an understanding of morality in the school leadership of secondary principals in the National Capital Region, Runvi Villafuerte Manguerra

The making of outstanding Filipino scientists: Implications on enhancing giftedness in science, Thelma Rabago Mingoa

Semantic changes in some English words when used or applied in the Philippine context, Edna S. Miraflores

An introduction to the Lasallian philosophy of education, Voltaire Mallari Mistades

Teaching academic English through principled readins instruction, Alen Mateo S. Muñoz

Enhancing teacher competence through online training: Basis in developing the triad teacher training model (T3M)*, Antriman V. Orleans


Online in-service training for secondary teachers: A prototype for the Philippines, Antriman V. Orleans

Inquiring into Filipino teachers' conceptions of good teaching: A qualitative research study, Ma. Alicia Bustos- Orosa

Magnetic susceptibility measurements of flux-grown YBa2Cu3O7-8, Lydia S. Roleda

Criminal women: Patterns of representation in the mainstream British press, Catherine Maeve R. Steel

An evaluation of students' level of conceptual and procedural understanding in solid mensuration, Sylvino V. Tupas, Junie T. Go, and Auxencia A. Limjap

Is perceived emotional support beneficial? Well-being and health in independent and interdependent cultures, Yukiko Uchida, Shinobu Kitayama, Batja Mesquita, Jose Alberto S. Reyes, and Beth Morling

Submissions from 2007

The impact pf instructional supervision among student teachers of AUF, Filipinas L. Bognot, Vilma L. Tacbad, Yolanda C. Valencia, Dennis DG Infante, Richard Albert G. Daenos, and Alita G. Agapay

Metacognitive strategies: Its impact on comprehension, Maria B. Cequeña

Productive pedagogy as a functional framework in implementing the new teacher education curriculum: The Region III pre service teacher experience, Richard Albert G. Daenos

Aligning curriculum, pedagogy and assessment as a paradigm shift in implementing the new teacher education curriculum, Richard Albert G. Daenos, Emelita G. Laganao, and Vilma L. Tacbad

Exploring the intelligibility of Philippine English, Danilo T. Dayag

Development of mathematics teacher education curriculum: Balancing the universal and cultural, Levi Esteban Elipane and Hiro Ninomiya

Gender portrayal in Filipino reading books for children, Ma. Joahna Mante Estacio

Conceptions of giftedness among Tagalog-speaking Filipinos, Barbara Wong Fernandez and Ma. Alicia Bustos Orosa

Critical discourse analysis of Philippine SONA 2006 of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Paulina M. Gocheco

English language skills for medical transcription, Paulina M. Gocheco

A case study of nominated effective counselors, Aime T. Guarino

An empirically derived model of effective counselors from the perspective of counseling stakeholders, Aime T. Guarino

Learning activities and teaching method preferences of junior and senior special science curriculum students of Dasmariñas National High School in their English classes, Francis Kenneth D. Hernandez

Language planning for naming and its socio-cultural connotations: A case study in Taiwan, Chun Huang

A study on portfolio assessment as an effective student self-evaluation scheme, Rochelle Irene G. Lucas

Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis of parental closeness and multidimensional scaling with other parenting models, Carlo P. Magno

Exploring business students' and liberal arts students' beliefs about physics and physics learning, Voltaire Mallari Mistades

Collaboration in materials development, Alen Mateo S. Muñoz

The behaviours of principals and teachers in selected top performing secondary schools in the National Capital Region of the Philippines, Michaela P. Muñoz

Exploring mathematical investigations: Implications to mathematics teaching and learning, Gladys Nivera, Olivia Buzon, and Minie Rose C. Lapinid

Improving academic curriculum in science education through technology: Implications for in-service training of science and mathematics teachers and economic globalization, Bee Ching U. Ong Kian Koc

The condition of secondary school physics education in the Philippines: Recent developments and remaining challenges for substantive improvements, Antriman V. Orleans

Experiences and prospects in teachers' professional development: A continuing journey of teacher empowerment, Jerome A. Ouano, Lourdes G. Dela Torre, and Judith C. Chavez

Jatropha curcas L. = Tubang bakod, Adora S. Pili

Submissions from 2006

Force concepts of Filipino students, Bhenjo Agaloos, Nelson Bataller, Vic Emerson C. Danao, Michael Hormachuelos, Libertie Vita Moya, Roberto Perez, Christopher Tolosa, and Lydia S. Roleda

Mathematics knowledge competency of prospective secondary mathematics teachers in the province of Isabela, Clemente M. Aguinaldo Jr.

In memoriam, Maria Lourdes S. Bautista

Implicit theories and self-perceptions of traitedness across cultures: Toward integration of cultural and trait psychology perspectives, A. Timothy Church, Marcia S. Katigbak, Alicia M. Del Prado, Fernando A. Ortiz, Khairul A. Mastor, Yu Harumi, Junko Tanaka-Matsumi, José De Jesús Vargas-Flores, Joselina Ibáñez-Reyes, Fiona A. White, Lilia G. Miramontes, Jose Alberto S. Reyes, and Helena F. Cabrera

In-service teacher training for second language teachers of colleges and universities: The Philippine experience, Danilo T. Dayag

Philippine English: Its status, functions, and lexical properties, Danilo T. Dayag

Self-regulated learning of low performing college students in plane trigonometry, Daisy C. de Borja and Auxencia A. Limjap

The typological characteristics of the grammatical/sematic structures of the Bikol language: An exploratory study, Eden Regala Flores

A comparison of attitudes toward reading of students in a Montessori school and students in a traditional school, Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan

Interactional resources as metadiscourse strategies in Philippine print advertising: An exploratory study, Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan

Genre analysis of legal provisions in Philippine real estate industry, Paulina M. Gocheco

Interface between language and disciplinary culture, Paulina M. Gocheco

A research paper on the detrimental effects of lack of nationalism among Filipinos to the national development of the Philippines, Michael Go

[Theology] = God-talk : renewing language about God in the Roman Catholic tradition / Andrew Gonzalez., Macario Diosdado Arnedo FSC, 1940-2006. Gonzalez

Call centers: Implications for Philippine education, Robert S. Keitel