Submissions from 2020

Flourishing is associated with achievement goal orientations and academic delay of gratification in a collectivist context, Jesus Alfonso D. Datu, Charlie E. Labarda, and Maria Guadalupe C. Salanga

Cognition toward the mother tongue, attitude toward English, Chavacano, and Filipino: A structural equation modeling approach with bootstrap analysis, Byron B. Go Silk, Ramon S. Medriano, Sonny Boy C. Dela Cruz, Jerry James C. Deran, Ericson O. Alieto, Marites M. Abdon, Richard M. Rillo, and Irene Rochelle G. Lucas

Culture Moderates the Normative and Distinctive Impact of Parents and Similarity on Young Adults’ Partner Preferences, Kenneth D. Locke, Daniela Barni, Hiroaki Morio, Geoff MacDonald, Khairul A. Mastor, José de Jesús Vargas-Flores, Joselina Ibáñez-Reyes, Jose Alberto S. Reyes, Shanmukh Kamble, and Fernando A. Ortiz

The role of social status in the realization of refusal speech act: A cross-cultural study, Rochelle Irene G. Lucas

Preparedness of [K-12] teachers for the implementation of the senior high curriculum in a selected Philippine private school, K. M. Migallos, R. G. Cabahug, and A. I. Hipol

Research in critical pedagogy: Implications for English language classrooms in Asia, Paolo Nino M. Valdez

Using memes to teach critical inquiry in the ESL classroom, Paolo Nino M. Valdez, Jocelyn Amor S. Navera, and Leif Andrew B. Garinto

Submissions from 2019

The experience of power in teacher–student relationships in collectivistic context, John Jamir Benzon R. Aruta, Ines Diana E. Barretto, Yeabin Shin, and Ahreum Jang

Going the distance: A lesson study on deriving the distance formula, Von Christopher Gulpric Chua

Asynchronous discussion forum: Fostering reflection among preservice math teachers, Josephine Luz S. De Leon and Maricar S. Prudente

Examining the Morphological Processing of Inflected and Derived words by Students in Grades 7, 8, and 9, Jennibelle R. Ella, Marvin C. Casalan, and Rochelle Irene G. Lucas

The phrasal-prepositional verbs in Philippine English: A corpus-based analysis, Jennibelle R. Ella and Shirley N. Dita

Elucidation of essential maps for 4Cs and informationmedia literacy, Denis Dyvee R. Errabo, Maricel B. Berdan, and Maricar S. Prudente

Self-reported summarizing and paraphrasing difficulties in L2 writing contexts: Some pedagogical interventions, Eden Regala Flores and Michelle Lopez

Intrusions of Masbate lexicon in local bilingual tabloid, Cecilia F. Genuino and Romualdo A. Mabuan

The intelligibility and acceptability of Internet Philippine English (IPE): Their implications to English language teaching in the new English varieties, Leah Gustilo, Abdul Wahid Tocalo, and King Arman Calingasan

Characterization and effect of enhanced flipped classroom implementation, Dylyn A. Junio and Argel A. Bandala

Innovating academic writing through flipped classroom instruction, Dylyn A. Junio and Argel A. Bandala

Comparing learning strategies in understanding process integration, optimization and sustainability, Rochelle Irene G. Lucas, Kathleen B. Aviso, Michael Angelo B. Promentilla, Lidija Čuček, Adeniyi J. Isafiade, Jui Yuan Lee, and Raymond Girard R. Tan

Perspectives on creativity and innovation levels among robotics elite team student members, Genevieve A. Pillar, Maricar S. Prudente, and Socorro E. Aguja

Gamified physics instruction in a reformatory classroom context, Analyn N. Tolentino

Lexical features and motivations of product reviews on selected Philippine online shops, Jimmylen Z. Tonio, Ali G. Anudin, and Rochelle Irene G. Lucas

Acceptability of Philippine English grammatical and lexical items among pre-service teachers, Joel Mayo Torres and Ericson Olario Alieto

English learning motivation and self-efficacy of Filipino senior high school students, Joel Mayo Torres and Ericson Olario Alieto

Submissions from 2018

Effective teaching of the macro-skills: Reflections from Filipino teachers of English, Ma. Joahna Mante Estacio, Paolo Niño Valdez, and Dennis Pulido

Hope and academic achievement among young Filipino college indigent students, Rochelle Irene G. Lucas and Jerome A. Ouano

Indirectness markers in Korean and Persian English Essays: Implications for teaching writing to EFL learners, Richard M. Rillo and Ericson O. Alieto

What is Reflective Teaching? Lessons Learned from ELT Teachers from the Philippines, Paolo Nino Valdez, Jocelyn Amor S. Navera, and Jerico Juan Esteron

Submissions from 2017

How to combat the negative impact of discrimination in a collectivist context? The safeguarding function of peer-oriented hope, Jesus Alfonso D. Datu and Nino Jose Mateo

Why power decreases happiness in a collectivist context? A qualitative study, Jesus Alfonso D. Datu and Jose Alberto S. Reyes

Introducing lesson study as a professional development model in the islands of the Philippines, Levi Esteban Elipane

For the Nth time, does educational technology really make a difference?—A large-scale investigation of the effects of educational TV on academic achievement, Minie Rose C. Lapinid, Leah Gustilo, Carlo P. Magno, Jessie S. Barrot, Mari Karen L. Gabinete, and Jovito C. Anito

Cross-Situational Self-Consistency in Nine Cultures: The Importance of Separating Influences of Social Norms and Distinctive Dispositions, Kenneth D. Locke, A. Timothy Church, Khairul A. Mastor, Guy J. Curtis, Pamela Sadler, Kelly McDonald, José De Jesus Vargas-Flores, Joselina Ibáñez-Reyes, Hiroaki Morio, Jose Alberto S. Reyes, Helena F. Cabrera, Rina Mazuera Arias, Brigida Carolina Rincon, Neida Coromoto Albornoz Arias, Arturo Muñoz, and Fernando A. Ortiz

Growing up to be an outstanding Filipino scientist: Implications for supporting gifted learners, Thelma Rabago Mingoa

The use of GeoGebra applets: Students’ attitudes and achievement in learning quadratic functions, equations and inequalities, John Nico A. Urgena and Minie Rose C. Lapinid

Exploring ICT tools in English language learning: Language, technology, and the globalized classroom, Paolo Niño M. Valdez, Neslie Carol C. Tan, and Lindsey Ng Tan

“It's more fun in the Philippines”: Resemiotizing and commodifying the local in tourism discourse, Paolo Nino M. Valdez, Ruanni Tupas, and Neslie Carol Tan

Submissions from 2016

Engagement, flow, self-efficacy, and Eustress of University Students: A cross-national comparison between the Philippines and Argentina, Belén Mesurado, María Cristina Richaud, and Niño José Mateo

The Dark Triad and social behavior: The influence of self-construal and power distance, Stephen A. Robertson, Jesus Alfonso D. Datu, Alice M. Brawley, Cynthia L.S. Pury, and Niño Jose Mateo

Submissions from 2015

A sociocognitive-transformative approach to teaching writing, Jessie Barrot

A sociocognitive-transformative instructional materials design model for second language (L2) pedagogy in the Asia Pacific: Development and validation, Jessie S. Barrot

Effects of Knowledge Channel videos on the achievement of students in various learning environments, Leah E. Gustilo, Minie Rose C. Lapinid, Jessie S. Barrot, Mari Karen L. Gabinete, Carlo P. Magno, and Abdul Jhariel M. Osman


Constraints of math teachers' in conducting action research in the Philippines: Rights analysis, Paolo Nino Valdez and Minie Rose C. Lapinid

Submissions from 2014

A macro perspective on key issues in English as second language (ESL) pedagogy in the postmethod era: Confronting challenges through sociocognitive-transformative approach, Jessie S. Barrot

Accuracy order of the grammatical morphemes in the oral production of preschool pupils, Jessie S. Barrot and Kristine de Leon

Modality in Philippine English: A Diachronic Study, Peter Collins, Ariane M. Borlongan, and Xinyue Yao

Forgiveness, gratitude and subjective well-being among Filipino adolescents, Jesus Alfonso D. Datu

Factors associated with battered Filipino women's decision to stay in or leave an abusive relationship, Alicia F. Estrellado and Jennifer M. I. Loh

High self-control predicts more positive emotions, better engagement, and higher achievement in school, Ronnel B. King and Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan

How you perceive time matters for how you feel in school: Investigating the link between time perspectives and academic emotions, Ronnel B. King and Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan

'I'd like to know why': Cultural capital and MA in Education students' interpretation of feedback commentaries, Josephine F. Mirador

The representation of internationalization in higher education in the Philippines: The case of the university newsletter, Paolo Nino M. Valdez and Kate Steel

Submissions from 2013

Revisiting the role of linguistic complexity in ESL reading comprehension, Jessie S. Barrot

Plagiarism: Shall we turn to Turnitin?, Edwina R. Bensal, Edna S. Miraflores, and Neslie Carol C. Tan

Within-individual variability in self-concepts and personality states: Applying density distribution and situation-behavior approaches across cultures, A. Timothy Church, Marcia S. Katigbak, Charles M. Ching, Hengsheng Zhang, Jiliang Shen, Rina Mazuera Arias, Brigida Carolina Rincon, Hiroaki Morio, Junko Tanaka-Matsumi, Shino Takaoka, Khairul A. Mastor, Nurul A. Roslan, Joselina Ibanez Reyes, José De Jesus Vargas-Flores, Kenneth D. Locke, Jose Alberto S. Reyes, Sun Wenmei, Fernando A. Ortiz, and Juan M. Alvarez

Submissions from 2012

The acquisition of case marking by L1 Chabacano and L1 Cebuano learners of L2 Filipino: Influence of actancy structure on transfer, Aireen Lozano Barrios and Allan Benedict I. Bernardo

The written discourse of interviewing style for a magazine interview, Jessie S. Barrot

Cultural differences in implicit theories and self-perceptions of traitedness: Replication and extension with alternative measurement formats and cultural dimensions, A. Timothy Church, Stephanie L. Willmore, Adisa T. Anderson, Masayuki Ochiai, Noriko Porter, Niño Jose Mateo, Jose Alberto S. Reyes, José De Jesus Vargas-Flores, Joselina Ibanez Reyes, Juan M. Alvarez, Marcia S. Katigbak, and Fernando A. Ortiz

Submissions from 2011

Higher education counseling: Keeping pace with rapidly changing learning environments, Rose Marie Salazar Clemeña

Factors involved in the use of language learning strategies and oral proficiency among Taiwanese students in Taiwan and in the Philippines, Carlo Magno, Moisés Kirk De Carvalho Filho, and Jennifer Ann L. Lajom

Motivational antecedents of academic emotions in Filipino college students, Jerome A. Ouano

Submissions from 2010

News reporting in the Philippines: English in print media, Danilo T. Dayag

A stylistic analysis of Montage, Shirley N. Dita

The role of metacognitive skills in developing critical thinking, Carlo Magno

Submissions from 2009

ACCESS: The 1st Philippine International English Language Conference and the 11th UK Education Fair, Shirley N. Dita

Transport and release of chemicals from plastics to the environment and to wildlife, Emma L. Teuten, Jovita M. Saquing, Detlef R.U. Knappe, Morton A. Barlaz, Susanne Jonsson, Annika Björn, Steven J. Rowland, Richard C. Thompson, Tamara S. Galloway, Rei Yamashita, Daisuke Ochi, Yutaka Watanuki, Charles Moore, Pham Hung Viet, Touch S. Tana, Maricar Prudente, Ruchaya Boonyatumanond, Mohamad P. Zakaria, Kongsap Akkhavong, Yuko Ogata, Hisashi Hirai, Satoru Iwasa, Kaoruko Mizukawa, Yuki Hagino, Ayako Imamura, Mahua Saha, and Hideshige Takada

Submissions from 2008

Investigating the grammatical features of Philippine English, Ma. Lourdes S. Bautista

Philippine English: Linguistic and literary, Ma. Lourdes S. Bautista and Kingsley Bolton

English-language media in the Philippines: Description and research, Danilo T. Dayag

Is perceived emotional support beneficial? Well-being and health in independent and interdependent cultures, Yukiko Uchida, Shinobu Kitayama, Batja Mesquita, Jose Alberto S. Reyes, and Beth Morling

Submissions from 2007

Exploring the intelligibility of Philippine English, Danilo T. Dayag

Submissions from 2006

Implicit theories and self-perceptions of traitedness across cultures: Toward integration of cultural and trait psychology perspectives, A. Timothy Church, Marcia S. Katigbak, Alicia M. Del Prado, Fernando A. Ortiz, Khairul A. Mastor, Yu Harumi, Junko Tanaka-Matsumi, José De Jesús Vargas-Flores, Joselina Ibáñez-Reyes, Fiona A. White, Lilia G. Miramontes, Jose Alberto S. Reyes, and Helena F. Cabrera

Submissions from 2005

Investigating implicit trait theories across cultures, A. Timothy Church, Marcia S. Katigbak, Fernando A. Ortiz, Alicia M. Del Prado, José De Jesús Vargas-Flores, Joselina Ibáñez-Reyes, Jose Alberto S. Reyes, Rogelia Pe-Pua, and Helena F. Cabrera

Submissions from 2004

An overview of the Philippine component of the International Corpus of English (ICE-PHI), Maria Lourdes S. Bautista

Negotiating evaluation in newspaper editorials in Philippine English, Danilo T. Dayag

The English-language media in the Philippines, Danilo T. Dayag

The social dimensions of Philippine English, Andrew B. Gonzalez

Submissions from 2002

Family ties and peso signs: Challenges for career counseling in the Philippines, Rose Marie Salazar Clemeña

Submissions from 2001

Attitudes of English language faculty in three leading Philippine universities toward Philippine English, Ma. Lourdes S. Bautista

Asymmetric activation of number codes in bilinguals: Further evidence for the encoding complex model of number processing, Allan Benedict I. Bernardo

Principle explanation and strategic schema abstraction in problem solving, Allan Benedict I. Bernardo