Submissions from 2014

Influences and processes of counseling orientation development: Its implication to future practice, Aime T. Guarino, Daisy Isaac, and George Palackal

Organophosphorus flame retardants (PFRs) in human breast milk from several Asian countries, Joon Woo Kim, Tomohiko Isobe, Mamoru Muto, Nguyen Minh Tue, Kana Katsura, Govindan Malarvannan, Agus Sudaryanto, Kwang Hyeon Chang, Maricar Prudente, Pham Hung Viet, Shin Takahashi, and Shinsuke Tanabe

High self-control predicts more positive emotions, better engagement, and higher achievement in school, Ronnel B. King and Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan

How you perceive time matters for how you feel in school: Investigating the link between time perspectives and academic emotions, Ronnel B. King and Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan

Impact evaluation for industrial human resource development policy, Lasallian Institute for Development and Educational Research

Extroversion: Nature, development and implications to psychological health and work life, Belén Mesurado, Niño Jose Mateo, and Marshall Valencia

'I'd like to know why': Cultural capital and MA in Education students' interpretation of feedback commentaries, Josephine Mirador

A stylistic analysis of the use of modality to identify the point of view in a short story, Jose Cristina M. Parina and Kristine D. De Leon

The representation of internationalization in higher education in the Philippines: The case of the university newsletter, Paolo Nino Valdez and Kate Steel

Submissions from 2013

Becoming selfless for others: A grounded theory of commitment to service, Roland Nino L. Agoncillo and Roberto T. Borromeo

Revisiting the role of linguistic complexity in ESL reading comprehension, Jessie S. Barrot

Plagiarism: Shall we turn to Turnitin?, Edwina R. Bensal, Edna S. Miraflores, and Neslie Carol C. Tan

Protocols for protection of human participants: A comparison of five countries, Bonnie A. Clough, Megan M. Campbell, Turana A. Aliyeva, Niño Jose Mateo, Mostafa Zarean, and Analise O'Donovan

The context of blessing in the inner circle and outer circle writings, Jennifer Tan De Ramos

Introducing lesson study in a remote island in the Philippines: testing the waters, Levi Esteban Elipane, Marvin Casalan, Marmon Pagunsan, and Shaolin Ladra

Bilingual readers’ metacognitive strategies as predictors of reading comprehension, Ma. Joahna Mante Estacio

Assessment focus on essay of university students: The case between language- and non-language based courses in two private universities, Mari Karen L. Gabinete

Assessment of family functioning among perpetrators of physical abuse, Aime T. Guarino and Glenda Mae V. Santos

An analysis of writer’s performance, resources, and idea generation processes: the case of Filipino engineering students, Leah E. Gustilo

Organophosphorus flame retardants in house dust from the Philippines: Occurrence and assessment of human exposure, Joon Woo Kim, Tomohiko Isobe, Agus Sudaryanto, Govindan Malarvannan, Kwang Hyeon Chang, Mamoru Muto, Maricar S. Prudente, and Shinsuke Tanabe

To study or not to study? Investigating the link between time perspectives and motivational interference, Ronnel B. King and Marianne Jennifer Gaerlan

Accumulation of brominated flame retardants and polychlorinated biphenyls in human breast milk and scalp hair from the Philippines: Levels, distribution and profiles, Govindan Malarvannan, Tomohiko Isobe, Adrian Covaci, Maricar S. Prudente, and Shinsuke Tanabe

Age related differences in language usage and reading between English monolinguals and bilinguals, Dylan Marshall and Hamid Gomari

Documenting systemic school reform from vision to standards and assessment: The case of DLSU, Sterling M. Plata

Editorial: Language testing in the Philippines, Sterling M. Plata

Within-individual variability in self-concepts and personality states: Applying density distribution and situation-behavior approaches across cultures, A. Timothy Church, Marcia S. Katigbak, Charles M. Ching, Hengsheng Zhang, Jiliang Shen, Rina Mazuera Arias, Brigida Carolina Rincon, Hiroaki Morio, Junko Tanaka-Matsumi, Shino Takaoka, Khairul A. Mastor, Nurul A. Roslan, Joselina Ibáñez-Reyes, José de Jesús Vargas-Flores, Kenneth D. Locke, Jose Alberto S. Reyes, Sun Wenmei, Fernando A. Ortiz, and Juan M. Alvarez

Submissions from 2012

The acquisition of case marking by L1 Chabacano and L1 Cebuano learners of L2 Filipino: Influence of actancy structure on transfer, Aireen L. Barrios and Allan Benedict I. Bernardo

The written discourse of interviewing style for a magazine interview, Jessie Barrot

Tribute to Br. Andrew-- Memorial mass for deceased fellows, February 29, 2012, Ma. Lourdes S. Bautista

Talang pambayan ng pananampalataya ng mga Lipenyo sa Ina ng Laging Saklolo, Jennifer M. Casabuena

Cultural differences in implicit theories and self-perceptions of traitedness: Replication and extension with alternative measurement formats and cultural dimensions, A. Timothy Church, Stephanie L. Willmore, Adisa T. Anderson, Masayuki Ochiai, Noriko Porter, Niño Jose Mateo, Jose Alberto S. Reyes, José de Jesús Vargas-Flores, Joselina Ibáñez-Reyes, Juan M. Alvarez, Marcia S. Katigbak, and Fernando A. Ortiz

Persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the workplace, Maria Corazon C. Colendrino

Explicating change in pre-service mathematics teachers education using the elements of lesson study, Levi Esteban Elipane


Infrastructures within the student teaching practicum that nurture elements of lesson study, Levi Esteban Elipane

Dimensions of reading motivation among Filipino bilinguals, Ma. Joahna Mante Estacio

The effectiveness of the enrichment program among Brokenshire College first year student nurses of SY 2005-2006, Aime T. Guarino, Glenda Mae D. Villarico, and Glenn Mitchell O. Laud

Contamination of benzotriazole ultraviolet stabilizers in house dust from the Philippines: Implications on human exposure, Joon Woo Kim, Tomohiko Isobe, Govindan Malarvannan, Agus Sudaryanto, Kwang Hyeon Chang, Maricar S. Prudente, and Shinsuke Tanabe

Asia-Pacific mussel watch for emerging pollutants: Distribution of synthetic musks and benzotriazole UV stabilizers in Asian and US coastal waters, Haruhiko Nakata, Ryu Ichi Shinohara, Yusuke Nakazawa, Tomohiko Isobe, Agus Sudaryanto, Annamalai Subramanian, Shinsuke Tanabe, Mohamad Pauzi Zakaria, Gene J. Zheng, Paul K. S. Lam, Eun Young Kim, Byung Yoon Min, Sung Ug We, Pham Hung Viet, Touch Seang Tana, Maricar Prudente, Donnell Frank, Gunnar Lauenstein, and Kurunthachalam Kannan

Matching digital tombstone documentation to unearthed census data: Surveying Taiwan's family names, ethnicities and homelands, Oliver Streiter, Yoann Goudin, Chun Huang, and Ann Meifang Lin

Actualizing critical English language teaching: A classroom experience in the Philippines, Paolo Nino Valdez

Submissions from 2011


Non-native English students learning in English: Reviewing and reflecting on the research, Allan Benedict I. Bernardo and Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan

Higher education counseling: Keeping pace with rapidly changing learning environments, Rose Marie Salazar Clemeña

Another look at Cebuano pronominals, Jennifer Tan De Ramos

Critical discourse analysis on the online Indian-English newsletters, Jennifer Tan De Ramos

Teacher effectiveness in academic research writing: An exploratory factor analysis, Jennifer Tan De Ramos


Incorporating lesson study in pre-service mathematics teacher education, Levi Esteban Elipane

An exploratory study of the phonological features of basilectal Philippine English: A case of some Cebuano speakers, Eden Regala Flores

Bias in Philippine news reporting: Real or imagined?, Eden Regala Flores

A requiem for Cementerio Balicbalic, Sampaloc, Manila (1884-1925), Martin R. Gaerlan

An analysis of the mathematical thinking of selected Filipino pupils, Auxencia A. Limjap

Factors involved in the use of language learning strategies and oral proficiency among Taiwanese students in Taiwan and in the Philippines, Carlo Magno, Moisés Kirk De Carvalho Filho, and Jennifer Ann L. Lajom

Motivational antecedents of academic emotions in Filipino college students, Jerome A. Ouano

Individual differences in a proficiency task as a function of L2 and non L2 specific dimensions, Jose Cristina M. Parina

The language and intercultural communication reader, Paolo Nino Valdez

Disfluencies in consecutive interpreting among undergraduates in the language lab environment, Kexiu Yin

Submissions from 2010

Revisiting the curriculum: The academician's role in culture education and tourism promotion, Gerald S. Abergos

The influence of actancy structure on language transfer, Aireen Lozano Barrios

Impact of a range of contextual influences on classroom practices, Maria B. Cequeña

Kung kaya ko, kaya mo: A monograph on rice preparation for inclusive education, Maria Corazon C. Colendrino

News reporting in the Philippines: English in print media, Danilo T. Dayag

A comparative study of the discourse marker types in the body section of the research papers of DLSU students, Jennifer Tan De Ramos

A comparative study of the discourse marker types in the body section of the research papers of DLSU students, Jennifer Tan De Ramos

A study on schema activation, summarizing, and critical evaluation as predictors of writing proficiency, Jennifer Tan De Ramos

A morphosyntactic analysis of the pronominal system of Philippine languages, Shirley N. Dita

A stylistic analysis of Montage, Shirley N. Dita

Dynamics of battered Filipino women: Validating a dynamics of abuse model, Alicia F. Estrellado and Rose Marie Salazar Clemeña

Manipulative prototypes in Philippine English newspapers: A critical discourse analysis, Eden Regala Flores

What goes on in an English classroom: A look at how grammar is taught, Eden Regala Flores

"Although if is more frequent than whether...": An analysis of the uses of adverbial clauses in Philippine English research articles, Leah E. Gustilo

"What you think, feel, and experience shape your writing: " Cognitive, affective, and contextual processes in ESL writing, Leah E. Gustilo

Looking at Filipino pre-service teachers' value for education through epistemological beliefs about learning and Asian values, Carlo Magno

The role of metacognitive skills in developing critical thinking, Carlo Magno

Differences between Filipino and Filipino-American's written outputs: A contrastive rhetoric of professional discourse, Jose Cristina M. Pariña

A neglected dimension in service-learning pedagogy: Developing projects from the perspective of rural community stakeholders, Lemuel Sollano Toledano and Minie Rose C. Lapinid

Submissions from 2009

Metacognitive strategies: Effects on metacognitive awareness, self-efficacy, reading performance and motivation, Maria B. Cequeña

Metacognitive strategy use: Effects on metacognitive awareness, self-efficacy, reading performance and motivation, Maria B. Cequeña

A comparative study of the discourse marker types in the body section of the research papers of DLSU students, Jennifer Tan De Ramos

Jeepney culture of politeness: structural functionalist perspective, Jennifer Tan De Ramos

ACCESS: The 1st Philippine International English Language Conference and the 11th UK Education Fair, Shirley N. Dita

Building online corpora of Philippine languages, Shirley N. Dita, Rachel Edita O. Roxas, and Paul Inventado

The transplantation of American English in Philippine soil, Andrew B. Gonzalez

An analysis of contextual dimensions, multimodal features, and self-presentation strategies in screen-based writing: The case of Filipino personal home page authors scattered around the globe, Leah E. Gustillo

Sentence-level errors in ESL writers’ diagnostic essays: What students have achieved and what we can do, Leah E. Gustilo

Investigating the effect of school ability on self-efficacy, learning approaches, and metacognition, Carlo Magno

Concept mapping in introductory physics, Voltaire Mallari Mistades

Transport and release of chemicals from plastics to the environment and to wildlife, Emma L. Teuten, Jovita M. Saquing, Detlef R.U. Knappe, Morton A. Barlaz, Susanne Jonsson, Annika Björn, Steven J. Rowland, Richard C. Thompson, Tamara S. Galloway, Rei Yamashita, Daisuke Ochi, Yutaka Watanuki, Charles Moore, Pham Hung Viet, Touch Seang Tana, Maricar Prudente, Ruchaya Boonyatumanond, Mohamad P. Zakaria, Kongsap Akkhavong, Yuko Ogata, Hisashi Hirai, Satoru Iwasa, Kaoruko Mizukawa, Yuki Hagino, Ayako Imamura, Mahua Saha, and Hideshige Takada

Submissions from 2008

Investigating the grammatical features of Philippine English, Ma. Lourdes S. Bautista

Philippine English: Linguistic and literary, Ma. Lourdes S. Bautista and Kingsley Bolton

Southeast Asian Englishes, Maria Lourdes S. Bautista and Andrew B. Gonzalez

Introduction: Philippine English: Linguistic and literary perspectives, Kingsley Bolton and Ma. Lourdes S. Bautista

English-language media in the Philippines: Description and research, Danilo T. Dayag

An examination of the patterns and functions of Tagalog-English code switching in two oral discussions, Eden Regala Flores

Politeness in face-to-face interaction: An exploratory study, Eden Regala Flores

The status of counseling and psychological services in Davao City, Aime T. Guarino

Lexical studies of Filipino person descriptors: Adding personality-relevant social and physical attributes, Shellah Myra Imperio, A. Timothy Church, Marcia S. Katigbak, and Jose Alberto S. Reyes

A proposed model of higher education institution - call center industry partnership, Robert Keitel

A typology of first person dual pronouns and their reconstructibility in Philippine languages, Hsiu Chuan Liao

Exploring noun bias in Filipino-English bilingual children, Rochelle Irene G. Lucas and Allan Benedict I. Bernardo

An introduction to the Lasallian philosophy of education, Voltaire Mallari Mistades

Inquiring into Filipino teachers' conceptions of good teaching: A qualitative research study, Ma. Alicia Bustos- Orosa