Submissions from 2022

'Genchi genbutsu', Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Going blended mode? Some points to consider, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Hybrid work is real work, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Liberal arts in the new industrial revolution?, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Philippine basketball and 'skilled incompetence', Jesus Jay Miranda OP

'Quiet quitters,' are they here to stay?, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Rethinking the ways of Catholic universities, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

The lethargy of lectures, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

The prestige and demand of being a Catholic school, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

University rankings still a gamble, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Wanted: Education innovators, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Client personality traits and preference for effective counselor characteristics: An inquiry into the perceptions of Filipino college students, Aileen Grace Ong, Ivan Jacob Pesigan, and Estesa Xaris Q. Legaspi

Pre-service teachers’ reflection on their efficacy beliefs in conducting action research, Gina B. Ugalingan, Aileen C. Bautista, and Ma. Joahna Mante Estacio

The pedagogy of multiliteracy and multimodality through memes, Gina B. Ugalingan, Gene Marie L. Flores, Leif Andrew B. Garinto, and Ma. Joahna Mante Estacio

Contextualizing English language teacher education for young learners in the Philippines: Challenges in the practice teaching for pre-service teachers' practicum, Paolo Niño Valdez, Ma. Joahna Mante Estacio, Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan, and Ariane Macalinga Borlongan

Speaking, learning and sharing: Insights from difficulties encountered among Filipino college students, Paolo Nino M. Valdez and Bernardita O. Gonzalo

The discursive construction of new citizen Identities in Singapore, Raymund Victor M. Vitorio

Submissions from 2021

Design, development and implementation of contextualized learning materials in grade 7 mathematics, Clemente M. Aguinaldo Jr. and Alicia Domingo

Challenges encountered by physical education teachers in online learning, Jerrwin C. Aguinaldo

The discourse of print advertising in the Philippines: Generic structures and linguistic features, Danilo T. Dayag

Constructivist learning amid the COVID-19 pandemic: Investigating students’ perceptions of biology self-learning modules, Aaron A. Funa and Frederick Torralballa Talaue

Pluralist publics in market driven education: Towards more democracy in educational reform by Ruth Boyask ..., Rowland Anthony S. Imperial

COVID-19 and its impact on adult education and learning: A scoping research in the UK, Afghanistan and the Philippines, Gina Lontoc, Arceli Amarles, Katrina Ninfa Topacio, Ma. Joahna Mante Estacio, Rosalie Quilicol, and Marie Grace Reoperez

Caring, not conforming, is what schools need now, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Irreplaceable talents in institutions, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Let education leaders lead, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Necessary risks in education, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Quality of education can never be an independent enterprise, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Rethinking standardization in the university, Jesus Jay Miranda

Soft skills deliver tangible resutls, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

The golden year of the indigenous Dominican Province, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Why Catholic university education matters, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

The role of input in language revitalization: The case of lexical development, William O’Grady, Raina Heaton, Sharon Joy Bulalang Estioca, and Jeanette King

Model of integrating service learning in the teaching of disaster readiness and risk reduction (DRRR): Focus on physics, Jhoanne Catindig Orillo

Influence of work-life balance of preschool teachers to their self-efficacy through student engagement in synchronous online classes, Grace Regis, Hannah Repotente, and Kristine U. Hernandez

L1 and L2 syntactic ambiguity resolution of relative clauses, Philip Adrianne A. Rentillo

An integrative approach to scientific argumentation: Pedagogy and technology tenets of IASA, Lay Hoon Seah, Azilawati Jamaludin, and Frederick Torralballa Talaue

Reader-text connection: Reporting the engagement of high school students with culturally relevant texts, Dannah Neriah L. Tan and Ma. Joahna Mante Estacio

Linguistic and cultural features of Philippine COVID-19 infographics, Gina B. Ugalingan

Writing anxiety in the midst of the pandemic, Gina B. Ugalingan

Pre-service teachers online practicum during the pandemic, Gina B. Ugalingan, Dianne B. Edjan, and Paolo Niño M. Valdez

Tears evoke the intention to offer social support: A systematic investigation of the interpersonal effects of emotional crying across 41 countries, Janis H. Zickfeld, Niels van de Ven, Olivia Pich, Thomas W. Schubert, Jana B. Berkessel, Jose J. Pizarro, Braj Bhushan, Niño Jose C. Mateo, Sergio Barbosa, Leah Sharman, Gyöngyi Kökönyei, Elke Schrover, Igor Kardum, John Jamir Benzon R. Aruta, Ljiljana B. Lazarevic, María Josefina Escobar, Marie Stadel, Patrícia Arriaga, Arta Dodaj, Rebecca Shankland, Nadyanna M. Majeed, Yansong Li, Eleimonitria Lekkou, Andree Hartanto, Asil A. Özdoğru, Leigh Ann Vaughn, Maria del Carmen Espinoza, Amparo Caballero, Anouk Kolen, Julie Karsten, Harry Manley, Nao Maeura, Mustafa Eskisu, Yaniv Shani, Phakkanun Chittham, Diogo Ferreira, Jozef Bavolar, Irina Konova, Wataru Sato, Coby Morvinski, Pilar Carrera, Sergio Villar, Agustin Ibanez, Shlomo Hareli, Adolfo M. Garcia, Inbal Kremer, Friedrich M. Götz, Andreas Schwerdtfeger, Catalina Estrada Mejia, Masataka Nakayama, Wee Qin Ng, Kristina Sesar, Charles T. Orjiakor, Kitty Dumont, Tara Bulut Allred, Asmir Gracanin, Peter J. Rentfrow, Victoria Schonefeld, Zahir Vally, Krystian Barzykowski, Henna-Riikka Peltola, Anna Tcherkassof, Shamsul Haque, Magdalena Smieja, Terri Tan Su-May, Hans IJzerman, Argiro Vatakis, Chew Wei Ong, Eunsoo Choi, Sebastian L. Schorch, Darío Paez, Sadia Malik, Pavol Kacmar, Magdalena Bobowik, Paul Jose, Jonna K. Vuoskoski, Nekane Basabe, Uğur Doğan, Tobias Ebert, Yukiko Uchida, Michelle Xue Zheng, Philip Mefoh, Rene Sebena, Franziska A. Stanke, Christine Joy A. Ballada, Agata Blaut, Yang Wu, Judith K. Daniels, Natalia Kocsel, Elif Gizem Demirag Burak, Nina F. Balt, Eric Vanman, Suzanne L.K. Stewart, Bruno Verschuere, Pilleriin Sikka, Jordane Boudesseul, Diogo Martins, Ravit Nussinson, Kenichi Ito, Sari Mentser, Tugba Seda Çolak, Gonzalo Martinez Zelaya, and Ad Vingerhoets

Submissions from 2020

Investigating secondary mathematics teachers’ self-efficacy beliefs, TPACK and challenges towards technology integration, Clemente M. Aguinaldo, Jr. and Minie Rose C. Lapinid

Goal orientation and burnout among national pool of obstacle course racing: An analysis, Jerrwin C. Aguinaldo, Anthony Cabreros, Christopher Olarte, and Darwin Ryan Oña

Filipino English teachers overseas: A case study of the Filipino English teachers’ language ideology, Aileen C. Bautista

Measurement and antecedents of national resilience in Filipino adults during coronavirus crisis, Carmelo Callueng, John Jamir Benzon R. Aruta, Benedict G. Antazo, and Alelie Briones Diato

Organizational commitment in relation to work values of physical education instructors in private higher educational institutions, Jonathan P. Catapang, Janet S. Mariano, and Ma. Socorro Gigi V. Cordova

Flourishing is associated with achievement goal orientations and academic delay of gratification in a collectivist context, Jesus Alfonso D. Datu, Charlie E. Labarda, and Maria Guadalupe C. Salanga

Educational equity through engagement in the Bachelor of physical education major in Sports and wellness management program in the National Capital Region, Heildenberg C. Dimarucot and Ma. Junithesmer D. Rosales

SAyaw LIKha ng SIning at kultura (SALIKSIK): Status of folk dance documentation in the Philippines, John Paul R. Domingo

A grammar of western Subanon, Sharon Joy Bulalang Estioca

The cost of helping: Altruism, compassion fatigue, and compassion satisfaction of Filipino school counselors, Rochelle T. Fernandez

Developing 21st century skills: An action research on the use of digital platform in language learning, Gene Marie L. Flores and Gina Ugalingan

Formal features of Filipino ESL research papers, Miguel Lorenzo B. Garcia

Cognition toward the mother tongue, attitude toward English, Chavacano, and Filipino: A structural equation modeling approach with bootstrap analysis, Byron B. Go Silk, Ramon S. Medriano, Sonny Boy C. Dela Cruz, Jerry James C. Deran, Ericson O. Alieto, Marites M. Abdon, Richard M. Rillo, and Irene Rochelle G. Lucas

Depressive and anxiety symptoms among pediatric in-patients with dengue fever: A case-control study, Von Ralph Dane M. Herbuela, Ferdinand S. de Guzman, Girly D. Sobrepeña, Andrew Benedict F. Claudio, Angelica Cecilia V. Tomas, Carmina M. Arriola Delos Reyes, Rachele A. Regalado, Mariama M. Teodoro, and Kozo Watanabe

Impact of blended learning instruction in academic performance of grade 10 students in a selected private high school in San Juan City, Philippines, A. I. Hipol, R. Cabahug, and R. Bongon

Country-level and individual-level predictors of men's support for gender equality in 42 countries, Natasza Kosakowska-Berezecka, Tomasz Besta, Jennifer K. Bosson, Paweł Jurek, Joesph A. Vandello, Deborah L. Best, Anna Wlodarczyk, Saba Safdar, Magdalena Zawisza, Magdalena Żadkowska, Jurand Sobiecki, Collins Badu Agyemang, Gülçin Akbaş, Soline Ammirati, Joel Anderson, Gulnaz Anjum, John Jamir Benzon R. Aruta, Mujeeba Ashraf, Aistė Bakaitytė, Chongzeng Bi, Maja Becker, Michael Bender, Dashamir Bërxulli, Janine Bosak, Serena Daalmans, Justine Dandy, Soledad de Lemus, Nikolay Dvorianchikov, Edgardo Etchezahar, and Laura Froehlich

Culture Moderates the Normative and Distinctive Impact of Parents and Similarity on Young Adults’ Partner Preferences, Kenneth D. Locke, Daniela Barni, Hiroaki Morio, Geoff MacDonald, Khairul A. Mastor, José de Jesús Vargas-Flores, Joselina Ibáñez-Reyes, Jose Alberto S. Reyes, Shanmukh Kamble, and Fernando A. Ortiz

Young adults' partner preferences and parents' in-law preferences across generations, genders, and nations, Kenneth D. Locke, Khairul A. Mastor, Geoff MacDonald, Daniela Barni, Hiroaki Morio, Jose Alberto S. Reyes, José De Jesus Vargas-Flores, Joselina Ibáñez-Reyes, Shanmukh Kamble, and Fernando A. Ortiz

The role of social status in the realization of refusal speech act: A cross-cultural study, Rochelle Irene G. Lucas

Preparedness of [K-12] teachers for the implementation of the senior high curriculum in a selected Philippine private school, K. M. Migallos, R. G. Cabahug, and A. I. Hipol

Remembering Fr. Sonny of the Order of Preachers, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Will campuses become relics?, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Integrating physics in disaster risk reduction (DRRR) through YouTube videos, Jhoanne Catindig Orillo, Maricar S. Prudente, and Mark Joseph F. Orillo

Exploring the psychology of resilience: A narrative inquiry among parents of children with autism, Dominic T. Paguio

Religiosity’s influence on self-regulation and subjective well-being of Filipino Muslim and Catholic college students, Shan Shan Pan, Estesa Xaris Q. Legaspi, and Norma A. Baluca

What does competence mean during the transition to language teaching? Insights from future-oriented identities of Filipino NLTs, Edward Jay M. Quinto, Eunbi Kwon, and Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan

Culinary linguistic landscapes of urban Western Visayas, Philip Adrianne A. Rentillo

Contemporary camareros: Santos sponsorship in the Philippines today, Jose Antonio Lorenzo L. Tamayo

Contemporary camareros: Santos sponsorship in the Philippines today, Jose Antonio Lorenzo L. Tamayo

Humor styles and perceptions of college students in Central Luzon, Joel M. Torres, Jose Cristina M. Pariña, Leila M. Collantes, and Richard K. Tan

Promoting advocacies in an ESL classroom in the Philippines: Insights from an action research project, Gina B. Ugalingan, Paolo Niño M. Valdez, and Gene Marie L. Flores

Research in critical pedagogy: Implications for English language classrooms in Asia, Paolo Nino M. Valdez

Using memes to teach critical inquiry in the ESL classroom, Paolo Nino M. Valdez, Jocelyn Amor S. Navera, and Leif Andrew B. Garinto

Language, affect, and carnivalesque: Tourism encounters and transgressive narratives on a party island, Raymund Victor M. Vitorio

Sociolinguistic approaches to the discursive construction of citizenship and integration: Constructions of migrant integration in British public discourse: becoming British, by Sam Bennett, London and New York, Bloomsbury Publishing, 2018: Becoming a citizen: linguistic trials and negotiations in the UK, by Kamran Khan, London and New York, Bloomsbury Publishing, 2019, Raymund Victor M. Vitorio

Submissions from 2019

A morphosyntactic analysis of the pronominal system of Southern Alta, Marvin M. Abreu

American or British? A corpus-based analysis of Asian Englishes' orthographical norms, Abigail F. Antonio, Bernardita G. Bacang, Richard M. Rillo, Ericson O. Alieto, and Warrelen D.C. Caspillo

The experience of power in teacher–student relationships in collectivistic context, John Jamir Benzon R. Aruta, Ines Diana E. Barretto, Yeabin Shin, and Ahreum Jang

Perceived offensiveness of swear words across genders, Annie Mae C. Berowa, Jennibelle R. Ella, and Rochelle Irene G. Lucas

A linguistic landscape analysis of public signs after Typhoon Haiyan, Glenda Doroja- Cadiente and Paolo Nino Valdez

The effectiveness of utilizing peer feedback in technical writing classes at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela, Winma Jane Carvajal and Jennifer Tan De Ramos

Child abuse and compliance on Child protection policy in private and public basic educational institutions, Jeremay M. Cervancia, Kristine U. Hernandez, Maria Rosario Rodavia, and Erwin Roxas

Going the distance: A lesson study on deriving the distance formula, Von Christopher Gulpric Chua

Going global: Do consumer preferences, attitudes, and barriers to using e-mental health services differ across countries?, Bonnie A. Clough, Mostafa Zarean, Ilse Ruane, Niño Jose Mateo, Turana A. Aliyeva, and Leanne M. Casey

Investigating students' attitude and achievement in organic chemistry using interactive application, Karina L. Damo and Maricar S. Prudente

Asynchronous discussion forum: Fostering reflection among preservice math teachers, Josephine Luz S. De Leon and Maricar S. Prudente

Examining the Morphological Processing of Inflected and Derived words by Students in Grades 7, 8, and 9, Jennibelle R. Ella, Marvin C. Casalan, and Rochelle Irene G. Lucas

The phrasal-prepositional verbs in Philippine English: A corpus-based analysis, Jennibelle R. Ella and Shirley N. Dita

Elucidation of essential maps for 4Cs and informationmedia literacy, Denis Dyvee R. Errabo, Maricel B. Berdan, and Maricar S. Prudente

Four-factor analysis of L2 writers’ emotional experiences in the various stages of research writing in English, Ma. Joahna Mante Estacio, Jerome A. Ouano, and Edna S. Miraflores

To stay in or leave an abusive relationship: Losses and gains experienced by battered Filipino women, Alicia F. Estrellado and Jennifer M. I. Loh

Self-reported summarizing and paraphrasing difficulties in L2 writing contexts: Some pedagogical interventions, Eden Regala Flores and Michelle Lopez

Filipino adolescents’ thoughts on career interests, Angela Luisa Abaya Garcia and Karina A. Crisostomo

Critical pedagogy and multimodality in the Philippines: Engaging learners in a post-truth era, Leif Andrew B. Garinto and Paolo Niño M. Valdez

Intrusions of Masbate lexicon in local bilingual tabloid, Cecilia F. Genuino and Romualdo A. Mabuan

The intelligibility and acceptability of Internet Philippine English (IPE): Their implications to English language teaching in the new English varieties, Leah Gustilo, Abdul Wahid Tocalo, and King Arman Calingasan

Syntactic description of a language with unique patterns of symmetrical voice alternations, Gray Holton and Sharon Joy Bulalang Estioca

Comparing the differences of using mobile devices for learning between Filipino schools and Chinese schools in the Philippines, Wan Jin, Socorro E. Aguja, and Maricar S. Prudente