Theses/Dissertations from 2003

Vibration analysis of motors using Gabor expansion, Tirso A. Ronquillo


Data recovery network for Bayer Philippines, Inc., Agustin B. Tanael


An assessment of the performance of concrete at Concepcion-Licaros building, Bernard S. Villaverde

Theses/Dissertations from 2002

The effect of depth of embedment on the design of spread footing, Mary Ann Q. Adajar

An alliance VLSI CAD system distribution package with the design of components for a 32-bit processor, Ayotokunbo I. John. Ajewole

Thermochemical pulping of Ipil-ipil tree by Kraft process, Melanie C. Labendia Alterado

Performance curve generation of an unglazed transpired collector system for a fish and crop solar drier, Jose Bienvenido Manuel M. Biona

A comprehensive study on the design and fabrication of tricycles in Metro Manila, John-John P. Cabibihan

An explicitly dynamic competitive facilities location model, Bryan O. Gobaco

Properties of stabilized compressed earth blocks made from soils in Nueva Vizcaya, Myrna B. Grospe


Design of a reactive control based autonomous mobile robot, Mark Jannson L. Kho

An application of the modified total factor productivity measurement (TFPM) model in the Cebu rattan and wood furniture industry, Delia Alota Leath

Spectrally selective visible and solar transmitting heat barrier coating for flat-plate collector, Reynaldo C. Muli

Flame cutting speed controller using computer vision and neural network, Herman Eric U. Segovia

Power line communications using timed transmission, Jezen P. Velasco

Theses/Dissertations from 2001

Neural networks vision system for an automated tuna quality sorter, Jose Jaime M. Bautista Jr.

Programming a contactless smart card system for time monitoring purposes, Gayle Russel V. Capulong

Using fuzzy logic in the governing system of a micro-hydro power plant, Laurence A. Gan Lim

Theses/Dissertations from 2000

PC-based retrofitting designed for the automation of a conventional milling machine, Richard Alducente Bayona

Cost comparison between the recovery of chromium from the wastewater of metal finishing industry using ion exchange and chromium disposal using chemical precipitation., Teodora C. Dayoan

A study of PLC transmission parameters for the remote control switching of a microhydroelectric power plant, Ann E. Dulay

Hydrogen sulfide gas degradation by microorganisms isolated from raw sludge, Nelson Garcia


Value engineering on reinforced concrete building structure, Almerick R. Pega

Theses/Dissertations from 1999

Erlang C for landline telephone traffic engineering, Aldwin D. Aurelio


Automation study using programmable logic controller and pressure controller, Emerito V. Banal

An optimal design of automated storage and retrieval system with product safety consideration, Dennis E. Cruz

Operating and maintaining the DZMM AM radio transmitter, Erwin L. Francisco

Tollway system software using Turbo C/C++, Antonio S. Gonzales

The design, construction, and testing of a radiated emission transcuder as an alternative to an open-area test site in the measurement of electromagnetic interference, Rommel I. Langomez

Globe telecom: Voice over internet service, Augustinus B. Primawan

A scheduling heuristic for simultaneous minimization of makespan and total weighted tardiness in the open shop setup, Eric A. Siy

Real-time gaze holding using a CCD camera, Christopher A. Syling

Comparative study of various models for hydrogen sulfide degradation in a biological packed tower, Andrew Benedict Tengkiat

Thermogravimetric studies on the pyrolysis of biomass materials, Vangie C. Wong

An optimal acquisition model for advanced manufacturing technology considering multiple objectives and timing of the acquisition, Willy Fernandez Zalatar

Theses/Dissertations from 1998


The setup of the telecommunications equipments at Citibank Alabang branch, Edgar D. Altarejos

Configuration of P-Com model 100 spread spectrum modem at Smart's Dasma 2 radio base station, Ceferiano C. Bautista

BayanTel's South Luzon Region 5A transmission operations network, Allan Belga

Pre-construction survey and partial supervision of the construction of telephone exchange in Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro, Oliver G. Daitol

A system dynamics study on the liberalization of the car sector of the Philippine automotive industry, Ma. Jilla Phoebe S. Decena


Performance evaluation and recommended use of the remote-controlled line switch, Diosdado E. dela Cruz

Treatment of wastewater from sugar industries using three-phase fluidized bed and fixed-bed column, Katherine B. De la Cruz

Installation of 55 POS systems and two direct telephone lines at Rustan's Makati department store using lucent technologies systimax structured cabling system (SCS), Russell L. Diona

Development of a process flowsheet for the centralized coal washing plant in Cebu, Cherry D. Eser

A study on foundry men's worklife and work efficiency, Evelyn E. Gallardo

Liquid fuel from the fluidized bed pyrolysis of used tires, Eduardo O. Hernandez

Occupational health and safety program for the U.S. Metal Industry Company, Inc., Ronaldo A. Juanatas


Statistical Process Control (SPC) on laboratory equipment: An ISO/IEC guide 25 requirement, Romela J. Lacanilao

Planning, implementation, control and maintenance of an instrument system for a cement plant, Ervine E. Lanquino

An automated client tracking and file management system for National Telecommunications Commission Regional Office Number 4, Rolando M. Lontok Jr.


Enhancing the performance of a cell site, Jonas Alfred V. Loy


An analysis of a VLSI test software speed optimization methods for semiconductor manufacturing, Irene R. Manongdo

Simplified and systematic design of a solid-state FM stereo transmitter, Gerino P. Mappatao

Retrofitting and testing of an on-line gas chromatography apparatus using the reaction NO-C3H6-02 over ceria-alumina catalyst, Marilyn V. Mendoza

A design of telephone distribution system for Clarkville Resort and Country Club, Roman A. Palo

Installation of an in-building repeater, Evelyn H. Quiambao

Cellular technology training module, Raymond Rivera Raguindin

Development of a maintenance program for the stamping, drawing, and bending divisions U.S. Metal Industry Co., Inc., Joselito H. Recio


LTI, Laguna-Calamba TMC microwave link design, Nesser Moh'd Sabah


Cable test and record verification system, Arnold N. Santos

An algorithm and design implementation for communication network dimensioning: Adapting system structure sizing in conjunction with marketing objectives, Bienvenido C. Sapida

An application of computer vision to bar code scanning, Samuel Socrates A. Solidarios

Waste plastic preparation, regeneration and peletizing system, Walter Chua Sy

Empirical modeling and optimization of the flotation of zinc II, Raymond Girard R. Tan

Instruction manual for CPU assembly and installation of software, Jun Agustin Teresa


Equipment calibration and maintenance system of testing laboratory for ISO/IEC guide 25 accreditation, Claire T. Tulay

Occupational health and safety program for the metalcasting technology division of the Metals Industry Research and Development Center, Arnel O. Valdez

Retrofitting of the NOx-02 analyzer and testing on the NO-CO-02 reaction over ceria-alumina., Concepcion S. Villaverde

Thermochemical liquefaction of wood and coconut shell sawdust, Cesar C. Villena

Theses/Dissertations from 1997

A project on the installation of domestic fiber optic network (DFON)-Loop 1, Abdalla I. Al-Haj Nemer


Determination of dragout rates of solderon acid in the plating cell by tank analysis method, Bernadeth S. Antonio

JeansPRO: computer aided custom jeans pattern maker., Ronald C. Beloy

Pyrolysis of waste treatment sludge from a polymer manufacturing company, Arnold B. Benitez

Voice mail over local area network, Antonette V. Camacho

Simultaneous minimization of cycle time and workstations with stochastic task times in a continuous assembly line production system, Juanito S. Chan

Reactivity of char derived from Philippine coal under different environmental conditions, Maela Katherine P. Dee

Study of the development of a low cost milkfish fry counter, Jennifer Chua Dela Cruz

A study on the effects of pH buffering on various wastewater characteristics from a denim finishing plant using the fluidized-bed reactor system, Mylene Golez De Ocampo

Comparison of devotilization rates of Philippine coal under pyrolytic conditions, Nathaniel P. Dugos

Liquefaction potential map of Manila, Jonathan R. Dungca

Utilization and end-users acceptability of compressed earth blocks (CEB) as wall panel for low cost housing, Juanito V. Eje

Civil Engineering Department independent consultant Metro Manila skyway projects, Tomas U. Ganiron

An integrated micro-computer based qualitative and quantitative superstructure rating system for highway RCDG bridges, Lessandro Estelito O. Garciano

A workstation design for a Philippine semiconductor firm, Alma Maria Jennifer A. Gutierrez

Process control modeling and analysis of a binary packed distillation column, Mary Ann Luz C. Ilagan

A directed study on the use of recycled asphalt pavement for repair and maintenance, Honesto T. Medina


Bottling line modification project in Bacolod brewery, Maximo A. Merilo

A study of paracetamol tablet decomposition by thermogravimetry, Ma. Glenda T. Mislang


A microwave link connecting the Bauang power plant to the National Power Corporation's communication backbone, Ramon V. Ocampo

Experimental verification of some linear operator identities in the Hilbert space of energy signals, Rolando A. Plero

Design and evaluation of a calibration station for liquid types of flowmeters using water as test medium, Roxan De Luna Roxas


Improvised hand test telephone (IHTT-RSO1), Rolito S. Salmo

An experimental evaluation on the performance of polarization diversity scheme on TACS versus space diversity scheme, Harry S. Sanchez

Biogas production from duck manure by anaerobic digestion, Alma C. San Gabriel

Control of a cooling tower: implementation using fuzzy logic controller, Jesus Dante B. Tonic

A synthesizable verilog model of an adaptive differential pulse code modulation (ADPCM) codec, Stephen U. Yao


Automated heat rate computation, Joshua D. Yucoco

Theses/Dissertations from 1996

Development of a microcomputer remote controlled 3-DOF mini robot with interactive graphic simulation, Edwin V. Abaquita

Design of a computer-based voice activated remote control system for household applications, Sheila Angela T. Cerin-Empleo

A development of artificial neural system for the interpretation of the outputs of machine vision wire bonding (third optical) inspection, Celso B. Co