Theses/Dissertations from 1996

The impact of innovative construction technologies in low-cost housing production, Elsa H. De Villa

A preliminary study on propylene oxidation with oxygen on alumina, Ninaliza H. Escorial

A study to evaluate and improve the application of the just in time manufacturing system in the Philippine semiconductor industry, Aileen L. Guazon

Development of a PC-based network analyzer that presents the frequency response characteristics of a voice-grade data communication line, Roseller Benin Lim

System identification and analysis of a non-isothermal CSTR for control purposes, Armando Tibigin Quitain

MSC2-SSS upgrade and SSS-Malolos microwave link., Marites P. Rigor

Design of an FM radio broadcast station at the Velasco building, De La Salle University, Jesunino R. Rusit

Neural network implementation for the semantic interpretation of sentences, Amor Celeste Sandigan

Estimation of on-site parameters of infiltration models in determining rainfall excess for a watershed, Nestor L. Sy

Development of a selective compliance assembly robot arm using micro controller., Thanit. Vairojanawong

Rehoming of Visayas and Mindanao cell sites from MSC1 (Makati) to MSC3 Cebu, Irene S. Vitug

Theses/Dissertations from 1995

Analysis of beams prestressed with external tendons based on external post-tensioning method, Majid Mohammad S. Abu Atmeh

Automated brand inspection of plastic IC packages through computer vision using neural network, Generoso A. Arciaga

Exergy-loss analysis of a typical geothermal power plant system in the Philippines, Noel Papas Cabigon

Optimal number of standby units for a multi-stage, multi-machine, logically serial production system, Lobella G. Damian

Development of an on-line industrial telemetering system using time-domain reflectometry, Arthur E. Edang

Properties of Cebu field-run coarse aggregates, Marilou G. Magno

Evaluation of soil bearing capacities in San Mateo, Rizal area, Khaled H. Mustafa

A quality function deployment application to measure and improve service quality for a paging company., Debbie Ann Puzon Nacu

The effect of pore size on carbon monoxide oxidation over alumina catalyst, Noreville Salem Salcedo

Modeling of transport contaminants movement in a geothermal reinjection system, Andrea E. Servino

Cellulose acetate membrane preparation for the separation of small molecules, Gladys Paz R. Taladua

Theses/Dissertations from 1994

Design and evaluation of locally-fabricated water-pumping windmill for small-scale irrigation, Pablito O. Anino Sr.

Identification of a chemically reacting system using modulating function, Florinda T. Bacani

Identification of a chemically reacting system using modulating function, Florinda T. Bacani

Production of ethanol from sawdust, Josephine Q. Borja

The design of an instrumented charpy impact tester using the deconvolution method, Alvin Y. Chua

An economical design of a reinforced concrete spandrel-ribbed arch bridge, Mohammed Salem Elsaoud

Retrofitting computer numerical control to conventional lathe machine : a simulated approach, Gregg R. Garcia

Design and evaluation of waste heat recovery refrigeration apparatus, Jimmy Guillena

An experimental investigation of a modified-halftone encoded gray scale image compression system for slow-scan videoteleconferencing, Antonio Jose

Computer modeling and simulation of a single cylinder, 4-stroke cycle, gasoline fueled spark ignition engine, Martin Ernesto L. Kalaw

A text-to-phoneme conversion with backpropagation neural network implemented using an INMOS T800 transputer module (TRAM) parallel processor and phoneme-to-speech conversion using a sound blaster, Mercedenia A. Lambino

A development of burn-in self test capability for Intel flash memory devices, Felix Chan Lim

Two-period stochastic inventory model for critical spare parts of thermal power plants, Edgar F. Samonte

Laboratory-scale combustion of coal-oil mixtures, Gileo Capagngan Sulla

Theses/Dissertations from 1993

An optimal job satisfaction model with multiple objectives, Dennis Beng Hui

A multi-period repair limit preventive maintenance model, Hector De Guia Cham

Some network-theoretic applications of convolutional analysis and linear operators of the Hilbert space of energy signals, Aliento V. Estalilla

Optimal lot sizing model with reprocessing of defective output, Eppie V. Estanislao

Self tuning digital proportional integral derivative (PID) controller applied to flow and level processes, Ma. Lyn N. Genota

A two-period, single product stochastic inventory model using perishable and seasonal raw materials, Richard Li

A system for displaying the force response of an elastic plate due to the impact of a steel cylindrical rod using the deconvolution method, Rene B. Morta

Development of an intelligent (neural network) navigation system for an automated guided vehicle, Edward T. Ong

An image processing algorithm and implementation for determining holes on a printed circuit board (PCB), Lyne R. Palomar

Using a neural network for industrial character recognition, Lord Kenneth M. Pinpin

A periodic review model under stochastic demand and stochastic occurrence of defectives, Ronaldo V. Polancos

The multi-period stochastic plant layout problem, Rosemary R. Seva

Mapping and inverse mapping relation in image compression using neural network, Edwin Sybingco

Process control: implementation using a personal computer, Luisito G. Villamayor

Programmable cyclic redundancy check encoder, Roderick Yap

Theses/Dissertations from 1992

Design and fabrication of a pneumatic pick and place cylindrical robot for machine load and unload, Nilo T. Bugtai

Theses/Dissertations from 1989


A preliminary study on Semirara/Bagacay coals and ipil-ipil (Leucaena) charcoal as slurry fuels for industrial application, Cynthia De Arao Tan