Theses/Dissertations from 2015

Development of gas leak detection system using fuzzy logic, optical flow and neural networks, Edgar Carrillo II

Artificial neural network modeling of rheological parameters and compressive strength of self-compacting concrete with zeolite mineral as partial replacement for cement, Stephen John C. Clemente

Development of an automated transesterification reactor controller using refractive index to detect end point of reaction, Dana Mae S. Co

An Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) approach in the design study of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) in a food manufacturing plant, Ronald Allan Santos Co

Proposed methodology on performance-based assessment and retrofit of reinforced concrete heritage buidlings with case studies on selected heritage buildings in the Philippines, Marabelle R. Del Prado

Microwave-irradiated zinc chloride catalyzed glycerolysis of high free fatty acid vegetable oil, Arniel Ching O. Dizon

Development of volume delay functions for trip assignment in Metro Manila, Jiaan Regis G. Gesalem

Characterization of different stent designs through numerical modelling, Earl Henri E. Go-Aco

Multiple camera video surveillance for customer behaviour analysis in a retail store, Emmanuel C. Guevara

Development of a multi-perspective assessment tool in the evaluation of the service quality of public higher education institutions in the Philippines, Marc Immanuel G. Isip

Development of depth level estimation algorithm for breast self-examination, John Anthony C. Jose

Development of the positive anticipated experience and emotion engenderment model (PAXEEM), Joseph Mari F. Lumanlan

Development of a reference for seismic amplification: The case of Metro Manila, Carlo Joshua M. Macaraeg

Design and implementation of a database management system for an android ECG device, Abel Ross A. Maningas

Combustion characteristics of Philippine coal blended with Indonesian Coal, Ariziel Ruth D. Marquez

Modeling, design and simulation of AC reverse energy absorber for uninterruptible power supply systems, Alex Andrew Mosqueda

Synthesis and characterization of silver-titanium dioxide nanomaterials via horizontal vapor phase growth (HVPG) technique for antibacterial applications, Muhammad Akhsin Muflikhun

Multiple response optimization of pH, coagulant dose and coagulant types on different water conditions using PACl and PSF, Patrick Jerome C. Ngo

Critical path determination in a multi-router environment using genetic algorithm, Rhey Christian A. Noche

Application of carbon nanotubes, cobalt and molybdenum in a dye-sensitized solar cell, Raniela R. Rabe

Seismic analysis of a bridge structure on liquefiable deposits using a spatially varying ground motion, Danniel Jerome B. Ramos

Combustion effect of jatropha producer gas fumigation in a stationary diesel genset, Monorom Rith

Detection of Floating Impurities in Filled Beverage Bottles Using Digital Image Processing Techniques, Alvin Arthur A. See

Evaluation of properties of pervious concrete with fly ash and bottom ash, Jeffrey M. Tepace

Public transport demand modeling for Metro Manila, Sean Johnlee Q. Ting

Theses/Dissertations from 2014

Design and implementation of a low-voltage selectable fractional-order differentiator in a 0.35um CMOS technology, Geoffrey L. Abulencia

Design and development of a fuzzy-PLC controller for an earthquake simulator shake table, Renann G. Baldovino

Design for assembly of the jointed articulating laparoscopic tool, Luis Miguel Firmalino Banuelos

Power output optimization OF DSSC with Fe-Ni cocopant, TiO2 photoanode and carbon nanotubes as counter electrode, Nikko M. Barongan

Low process corner library sensitivity, low voltage, high CMRR instrumentation amplifier design, Michael Angelo B. Braga

Development of P-graph approach for designing polygeneration systems, Christina D. Cayamanda

A multi-objective closed-loop supply chain model for multiple generations of a product with mandatory product take-back, Justin S. Contreras

Design and development of the computer vision algorithm for a real-time breast self-examination, Mohammadi Nejad Eman

Investigation of the effects of a blade profile geometry in a hinged blade cross axis turbine, Arvin H. Fernando

Design of a fuzzy GS-PID controller for payload drops of varying mass for a quadrotor, Ivan Henderson V. Gue

A bi-objective mathematical model for a simultaneous pickup and delivery green vehicle routing problem with backhauls and time windows, John Steven G. Lee

DLSU intranet site reimplementation through Microsoft SharePoint 2013 using full custom web architecture, design, and programming, Gian Carlo L. Lim

Design and development of a computer vision-based breast self-examination instruction and supervision system, Rey Anthony A. Masilang

Development of an input-output based analytic hierarchy process model for disaster vulnerability assessment in Vietnam in the implementation of a bioethanol policy, Thi Hoa Nguyen

Planning for forestation sustainability: Balancing environmental and socio-economic gain through species selection, harvest rotation and planting schedule decisions, Catherine Denise L. Rollan

Evaluation of the performance of bimetal mixture from scrap iron, copper wire and nickel oxide as oxygen carrier in chemical klooping combustion of Philippine coal using thermgravimetric analysis, Kheang Sokuntheany

Mode choice analysis of urban trips in Iloilo City, Philippines, Frederick Lloyd A. Sosuan

An Evaluation of the factors in comprehensibility of industrial warning safety signs for the color vision deficient population, Joselisa Shiela Mary L. Tiong

Enabling activity to review and update the national implementation plan of the Philippines for the Stockholm convention on persistent organic pollutants, Jes Andre G. Trillana

Theses/Dissertations from 2013

Microwave chemical vapor deposition synthesis of carbon nanotubes from carbon dioxide and acetylene using nickel, cobalt and molybdenum catalysts, Fritzie Hannah O. Balean


Modeling mobile phone user preferences on incentives and convenience of mobile phone take-back program in the Philippines: A choice experiment approach, Sheila C. Balisado

Design, development and implementation of a fuzzy logic controller for DC-DC buck and boost converter in an FPGA, Rionel Caldo


Adsorption of lead in fixed-bed column using sodium carbonate treated rice husk, Sovattei Chea

Extraction of bioactive compounds from Garcinia Mangostana pericarp using supercritical carbon dioxide with hydrothermal process, Kimthet Chhouk

Design and characterization of a 0.25um all-MOS sub-IV bandgap voltage reference, Donato Arellano David

Design and development of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) with fuzzy logic based controller, Kanny Krizzy Abulad David

Analysis of early-age cracking in thin steam-cured precast concrete elements, Karlo Garcia Gino


Experimental evaluation and net energy analysis of methane gas production through anaerobic digestion of jatropha press-cake and pig manure, Jeremias A. Gonzaga


A study on the performance of jatropha press cake-coal cofiring in a fluidized bed combustion system, Maria Flor De Liza F. Jarquio

Multistage microwave assisted solvent extraction of soil from turmeric, Pisey Lim

Image fusion of multidirectional transforms for image denoising, Carlo Noel Estrada Ochotorena

Set-up and evaluation of internet radio broadcasting capabilities of DZLB AM station through reverberation measurements and webstreaming test broadcast, Annie Liza C. Pintor

Dynamic simulation study on fuel gas system, Leslie Erica P. Quiles

Application of response surface methodology: Optimum mix design of concrete with slag as coarse aggregate, Rhea Espinosa Regulacion

Vision based road lane tracking using macro block temporal predictions, Edison A. Roxas

Design and development of a wireless communication link for underwater robot system, Kristan Bryan Caluntad Simbulan

Generation of strong earthquake accelerograms using the particle filter with richter magnitude, source depth & epicentre distance as model parameters, Patrick B. Taclibon

A novel fuzzy supervised controller for digital parallel buck converters for balanced converter utilization, Mark Ryan See To


FPGA implementation of a one-way hash function utilizing HL11-1111 nonlinear digital to analog converter map, Kristine Jean Diane A. Virtudez

Designing anaglyphs with minimal ghosting and retinal rivalry, Cecille Adrianne Li Yap

Development of systematic partnering for Chinese contractors in international construction projects, Wu Yibao

Emissions and performance of diesel engine using blends of waste cooking oil methyl ester (biodiesel) and diesel, Sheila M. Zakiya

Theses/Dissertations from 2012

Comprehensive gait data acquisition system, Chrissete Castro Agustin

Coconut oil biodiesel as an emulsifier in diesel-ethanol blends for diesel engines, Tanti Ardiyati


Development and design of mobile robot with IP-based vision system, Argel A. Bandala

Optimization of water network using big bang-big crunch algorithm, Rena Angela Sanchez Bautista

Automated bulk cartoning of folded sachet linked strips using constrained gravity stacking, Aaron Dee Bea

CNT production through the catalytic thermal decomposition of methane over Ni-Cu/A12O3 catalyst in a fluidized bed, Gian Paolo Obligacion Bernardo

Modelling the impact of risk mitigation strategies in a supply chain with global sourcing in the presence of continuous risks, Harwin Maynard C. Chen

Traffic scheduling algorithm with enforced minimum rate reservation for IEEE 802.16D wimax systems, Fernando Mercado Dimaala

In Situ production of fatty acid methyl esters from copra using methanol and tetrahydrofuran as co-solvent, Khang Sy Dinh

Optimization of coco-biodiesel production through conventional and micro-wave heating and phase equilibria analysis of the transesterified coconut oil using the unifac-lle model, Clarissa Santos Dizon

Photocatalytic degradation of lindane using nano-tiO2 co-doped with iron and niobium prepared by sol-gel method, Nhat Minh Doan


Characterization of signal response for surface water movements in underwater optical wireless communications, Hansel Chua Dy

A system study on the capital planning and management process at CBP Philippines Corporation, Fernando P. Elizaga Jr.

Sustainability impact assessment of biofuel systems using an economic equilibrium model, Norbert Santos Enriquez

Upgrading and implementing a secured network infrastructure for United CADDTech Philippines, Incorporated, Eliezer John Dionisio Evangelista

An image-processing diagnostic program for identifying common rice diseases in the Philippines, Gio Kristofer A. Fontanilla

An empirical investigation on the factors affecting consumers' attention when scanning menu of quick-service restaurants, Kristine Francisco Gallevo


Rapid prototyping methodology of a non-assembly robotic structure with a shape memory alloy (SMA) actuator, Janina Marie Agcaoili Geslani

Modelling the dynamics of customer information feedback and service delivery in high contact service system, Paul Anthony S. Go

A study on the factors influencing pet groomers' work related musculoskeletal discomfort in the shoulders, lower back and hands/wrists, Katherine Grace T. Gosiaco


Vision based pedestrian detection using histogram of oriented gradients, adaboost, linear support vector machines and optical flow, Samantha Denise Fuentes Hilado


Production of bioethanol through cofermentation of rice straw hydrolysates by saccharomyces cerevisiae and pachysolen tannophilus, Jimmie Neil Chua Kang

The effects of operational parameters on the removal of pollutants from simulated tannery wastewater by electrocoagulation process, Uyen Tu Lieu

Real-time traffic data collection and dissemination from an android smartphone using proportional computation and freeSim as a practical transportation system in Metro Manila, Joseph M. Magtoto

Bliss: Gate-level netlist to mixed-signal spice simulation environment synthesis tool, Noriel Cano Mallari


Telecommunications outside plant designing tool using genetic algorithm, Ramil T. Maniulit

Design and implementation of an acoustic-based car engine fault diagnostic system in the android platform, Roy Francis R. Navea

Spectral subtraction speech enhancement integrated to automatic speech recognition system implemented in FPGA, John William F. Orillo


A study on the development of instrument to measure and test organizational alignment of a multi-tier organization, Arla Marie A. Penaflorida

Developing a template of information design for City Government websites in the Philippines, Marie Dawn Charisse S. Pring


Understanding service provider behavior in the pre-purchase phase of service encounter in a high contact customer-oriented service system: Using a game-based simulation experiment approach, Rachelle Parentela Red

The measurement of the cognitive work ability of nurses, Maria Dominique Bautista Rustia

A system study on the manufacturing process at DPL Technology Incorporated, Rommel Mercado Someros