Theses/Dissertations from 1995

An assessment of scismic damage and vulnerability of the bridges in Oriental Mindoro (Baco, Calapan, San Teodoro and Puerto Galera), Robin V. Salandanan and Albert Gene Bautista

Non-contact infrared thermometer, Marcor B. Santos and Paul Francis T. Daya

The determination of correlated equations for the density, viscosity, and thermal conductivity of crude coconut oil, Demrod Schroth and Jose Y. Villarinte

Traffic improvements for La Salle Green Hills, Ross William S. Tan and Cheng-Yu W. Yang

Effect of light intensity on the growth of algae Chlamydomonas (a preliminary study)., Ethel R. Tiamzon

Theses/Dissertations from 1994

Evaluation of heat transfer coefficient in a fabricated double-pipe heat exchanger, Edward Afable and Erwin Thomas Sia

Modulus of rupture of concrete with pulverized fuel ash (fly-ash) admixture., Enriquito V. Asuncion

A predictor-model in evaluating heat and mass transfer coDaefficients for a counter-current wetted cooling tower, Jocelyn S. David and Mellan A. Pinto

A proposed method using the Vicat apparatus for determining Atterberg's limit, Ireneo G. De los Santos and Lawrence F. Harder

Wireless printing from PC to printer, Lemuel Z. Elesterio and Joseph Raymund B. Sucgang

Simulation of a flood warning system., Arsenio G. Josue

The macrobenthic algae in the waters of Sitio Talisay, Brgy. Laiya Aplaya, San Juan, Batangas with notes on their physico-chemical factors and economic importance, Cristina Dominguez Reyes and Reliejungear Hernandez

Theses/Dissertations from 1993

An experimental study on the strength of ordinary portland cement combined with rice hull ash in concrete, Edgardo G. Aguas and Ka Fat Ang

Design of filtration system of deep-well water using indigenous materials in Dinalupihan, Bataan., Luis C. Aningat

Wireless data acquisition system, Benjamin Randy S. Areza and Jonathan E. Sacro

An algorithm for a machine vision system on image reproduction and distance computation., Eduardo A. Asprec

An experimental project to monitor fetal heartbeat and labor contractions., Gayle Russel V. Capulong

Powermax automatic voltage regulator, Alexander Chan and Rafael Tantuco Jr.

Production of zinc chloride from zinc dross, industrial waste, Johnny B. Garcia and Jose Amado Francisco Yulo

A study on the traffic management of the Aurora Blvd.-G. Araneta Ave. intersection, Reynaldo Garcia and Nixon Ong

Motor vehicle emission concentration measurements: Carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and hydrocarbon, Nixon Go and Jeffrey David

A preliminary study on some properties of Portland cement concrete mixed with hair fibers., Judy. Lejos

Six-legged spider robot, Michael Angelo Mendoza and James Voltaire Bontuyan

CGA RGB-to-NTSC video encoder, Onezimo M. Suena and Marc Noel O. Ambrosio

A study on the mechanical properties of rattan., Arvin H. Tan

Theses/Dissertations from 1992

Analysis of corrosion behavior of type 304 stainless steel & ordinary mild steel in HCL & H2SO4, Shakespeare T. Ang and Chuen Pui Ting

An experimental study of the flexural strength of rectangular concrete beams reinforced with recycled reinforcing bars, Larry L. Arduo and James U. Chan

Study and development of crushed concrete as a substitute for gravel in concrete, Rommel M. Carrillo and Carolyn S. D. Dulog

Liquefaction of sawdust by pyrolysis, David L. Chua and Bernard De Venecia

A proposed cost control system for residential construction in Metro Manila., Eduardo. Cruzado

A comparative study on mountain-crushed and river-run aggregate., Alexander C. Del Moral

Water purification system, Brian Raymund R. Hernandez and Hermie Fernando Alba Limbo

Influence of variable carbon dioxide concentration on carbon dioxide removal by algae pond, Jose Ronald Magsino and Randolf T. Rellera

Quantification of the amount and the corrosive action of stray current (from the LRT) entering the DLSU water mainlines, Teddy Go Monroy and Kam tai Wong

Deterioration of various paints in 5 aqueous citric acid and 5 aqueous acetic acid solutions, Marlyn T. Resuello and Mayon R. Silva-Netto

An integrated wastewater recovery scheme for De La Salle University, Felix Valera and Ramon Rey Inting

An experiment in digital signal processing., Edwin Derez Volante

Theses/Dissertations from 1991

Design and fabrication of a pili nut cracking machine, Elbert Silva Angulo and Alex Tadena Manila

Highway interchange proposal at EDSA-South Avenue-East Avenue including EDSA-Kamias-Kamuning, Cherie Beltran and Deorose Daus

A systems study on the scheduling and monitoring of Remerco Garments Manufacturing, Inc.., Benedict R. Bonoan

Extraction of wax from filter pressmud, Eureka Cullado and Edwin Kawpeng

Utilization of agro-industrial wastes for mushroom production., Edwin B. De la Pena

Numerically controlled XYZ drilling machine, Roger S. Dy and Benedicto L. Lacsamana

Theses/Dissertations from 1990

Card operated public phone., Diana Angelica Z. Balido

Mathematical modelling of the pyrolysis of single particles of wood, Joel Chua and Jonathan T. Lim

A system study on the household division of Pilipinas Kaw, Inc., Joel B. Francisco

A project study on spectrum analyzer using an oscilloscope as display., Joselito C. Roco

Theses/Dissertations from 1989

A project study on the design and development of chemical engineering laboratory equipment from local available materials., Ma. Gladys. Locsin

Theses/Dissertations from 1988

Water heater monitor-controller with graphical display., Gerardo C. Jose

Microprocessor based stepper motor controller, Wilbert Lua and Andrew Chuah

Underwater lighting system with particulars on eliminating potential shock hazards., Carlo C. Mesina

A design of a discrete computer, Jefferson Ty and Jordan Uy

Theses/Dissertations from 1987

In-circuit emulation, Michael Aguilar and Erwin Meer

Design and construction of a light-duty drill stand, Benjamin Barreto and Efren Pascual Jr.

Digital water level control unit for overhead tanks., Emmanuel M. Mercado

Theses/Dissertations from 1986

A microprocessor-based automatic telephone dialer, Alfonso Arceo Jr. and Ronald Erlano

An evaluation of Solanos concentrator, Alex G. Gatdula and Rommel L. Rosales

Brushless DC motor using photo-electronic switching, Winston A. Sia and Avegel C. Leynes

Theses/Dissertations from 1985

A preliminary study of treating wastewater using trickling filter, Joselino Flores and Edwin Lombridas

Project study-two EPROM copier, Enrico D. Igualada and Ramon Tiongson

Theses/Dissertations from 1984

A review on the Unit Operations Laboratory (UNILAB) experiments of De La Salle University, Cecilio Vicente Gallo and Amelia Montas

Theses/Dissertations from 1983

A study of heat transfer between refined coconut oil and water by direct contact, Roberto Florendo and Emmanuel Valencia

Determination of the drying rates of silica gel, Jovita M. Ligaya and Noel J. Toledo

Theses/Dissertations from 1982

Fluid behavior in a Reynolds number apparatus fluidized bed and fixed bed, Rodolfo T. Pasco and Aloysius L. Santos

Theses/Dissertations from 1981

A technical study of the radio, outside plant and PABX system for the Dasmarinas Estates Development Corporation, Andre C. Bati and Jose Raymundo B. Lopez

Feasibility study on the manufacture of electronic digital alarm clocks, Noel Bondal and Placer Velasco Jr.

Experimental evaluation of a rotary drier, Nancy E. Chua and Cecilia H. Cinco

A feasibility study on the manufacture of silicon wafers, Ramon Francisco and Roberto Moran

Experimental study on the production of alcohol from sugar cane juice, Ma. Theresa H. Llamas and R. E. C. Racelis

A study on the computerization requirements of Banco de Oro., Ciriaco I. Rivor

Theses/Dissertations from 1979

A feasibility study on improved method of prawn culture for the local market., Michelangelo. Aguilar

Manufacture of grain storage silos, Enrico Bautista and Rodolfo Vizcarra

A feasibility study on the manufacture of nicotine sulfate, Fe De La Cruz and Helen Dee

A feasibility study of establishing a modern swine farm, Henry Go and Frederick T. Ong

A feasibility study of a farm utility vehicle, Sergio L. Hilado Jr. and Roberto R. Licu

Aberay goat farm., Abraham B. Lim

A feasibility study on the production of ethyl alcohol for motor fuel, Gertrude J. Malicdem and Ma. Vivian G. Padua

Integrated duck farm and balut production, Marianito Manzano Mateo and Frederick Ferrer Sta. Barbara

Theses/Dissertations from 1978

A feasibility study of the manufacture, assembly and marketing of bicycles, Francisco Barbin and R. Martelino

Brake fluid production in the Philippines, Robert Chantong and Hane Sy

A feasibility study on manufacture of rice from bran oil, Wilson K. Ching and Rogelio Chuakaw

A project study on the manufacture and marketing of sidecars and the operation of tricycle units in Cotabato, Rogelio Arboleda Chua and Edmundo Quilantang De La Vega

A feasibility study on car demisters, Dennis Demson Dayrit and Carlos Soriano Llave

A project study on the construction and marketing of swimming pools in the Philippines, Antonio V. Espiritu and Lorquel Pascual

Fish reduction plant: Marine Industries Corporation, Virgilio P. Laluces and Cesar G. Montelibano Jr.

Cattle production by feedlot fattening, Ronald Lorilla and Augusto Paliza

Programmable automatic telephone dial, Bernardo B. Palma and Edgardo B. Ramos

Concrete aggregates plant: A project feasibility study, Filomeno R. Racelis and Vivencio Romero Jr.

The feasibility of establishing an ice plant in Pres. Roxas, Capiz, Ernesto B. Suplido and Francisco D. Velez

A feasibility study on the manufacture of chemical gypsum, Robert T. Tan and Nian Tang Lee

A project feasibility study of PVC leather, Ruben Tan and Alexander Yu

Theses/Dissertations from 1977

A feasibility study on the carbide-acetylene route integrated vinyl chloride monomer plant, Virgilio T. Castillo and Romarico E. Galvez

The manufacture of phthalic anhydride by Von Heyden method, Benjamin Chua and Philip S. Lu

The cashew nut shell liquid extraction by expression method, Winston V. Cu and Anito I. Tan

A study on methanol from bio-gas, Antonio M. Elizaga and Alex Ventura

A feasibility study on manufacture of bone charred meal, Octavio P. Santos Jr. and Rustico V. Morales

Theses/Dissertations from 1976

The manufacture of shoe polish, Jorge Echevarria and Domingo D. Gotauco

The manufacture of hydrogen and oxygen by the electrolysis of water, Renato L. Lat and Victor Santos

A feasibility study on the manufacture of hydroxyethyl cellulose, Arturo Morando and Jesus Nicolas

Theses/Dissertations from 1975

Kwikky koffee-an instant coffee drink., Roberto Q. Abada