Theses/Dissertations from 2001

A systems study on the distribution system of Phoenix Construction Corporation., Rodel B. Melendres

A simple prototype of an electronic guiding cane for the visually challenged, Marquis Albert Minlay and Len Michael Tan

A computer program for the evaluation of the ultimate bearing capacity for shallow foundation, Jonathan M. Tamondong and Elmer R. Estrella

A system study on the Plant Operation Department of Structural Industrial Sales Steel Fabrication, Henrietta K. Tan and Jannette T. Uy

Theses/Dissertations from 2000

Design aids for ASEP steel handbook, Maria Lilibeth L. Abat and Ma. Melanie E. Soriano

The utilization of pulverized fly-ash as partial cement substitute for concrete hollow blocks, Andrew Angelo P. Abrenica and Francis Richmond Z. Villegas

Development of an evaluation tool for earthquake induced settlements in sands, Cris G. Almeda and Eymard Robby B. Bangcero

Determination of the heavy metal content of the liquid wastes disposed by the chemistry and physical chemistry laboratories in Velasco building, Michelle P. Ang and Sharon Dundee T. David

A study on the different alternatives in reusing concrete wastes generated by new vertical construction projects in Metro Manila., Cristina S. Barredo and Larsen Dela Cruz

A systems study on the production of crew neck shirts of the Big Blue Company, Anthony Raymond Bejar and Francis Joseph Garcia

An evaluation of some existing bridges in Metro Manila (hydraulies approach) (applied on Tullahan, Sevilla, and Don Galo-La Huerta bridges)., Ana Marie Joy C. Benitez

Instructional software tool for the Intel 8086/8088 microprocessor, Melissa C. Buban and Raymond N. Ramirez

A systems study on the Manufacturing Department of the Export Division of the Fil-Pacific Apparel Corporation, Carmencita Abraham Carag and Criselda Therese Cruz Trivino

A system study on the production of chairs of Rattan Pacifica Incorporated., Pia Jenina M. De Yre

A system study on the ice bag manufacturing division of Howell Plastics Manufacturing, Inc, Oliver Dy and Karl Lim

Workflow system using local area network., Erwin S. Edoria

A systems study on the Production Department of Miyata Corporation, Ivan Inumerable and Gene Tomelden

Analysis of air traffic control delay at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila Domestic Airport and Centennial Airport, Marilou Sahira G. Lacson and Jaziel M. Dimatulac

Computer software for design of plate girders, Norbert O. Lagaya and Jayron P. Rocillo

An ergonomic design of a manual rice transplanting device, Tiffany Joyce S. Lao and Tabitha Ricci K. Lua

PC based computer laboratory monitoring system, Sheryl T. Lumawig and Gabriel Fidelis B. Payawal

A multi-purpose ergonomically designed chair for physical therapy patients in the rehabilitation centers of selected hospitals in Metro Manila, Parrish Traben I. Luna and Rosette M. Nicolas

A system study on the manufacturing department of KATO International, Inc.., Luis Kenneth. Ongelico

A system study on the Warehousing Department Parco-QC of Gant Diamond Corporation, Jonathan Ongtiapco and Alan Saradpon

Pedicabs in the city of Manila., Barby A. Paragas

A system study on the manufacture of distribution transformers of Philippine Electric Corporation, Marion Antonieta C. Pineda and Betty Grace Villanueva

A study on rebar waste in high-rise building construction in Metro Manila, Herbert F. Ponce and Julius Miaco

A study and development of recycled concrete as a substitute of aggregate in concrete, Janel Que and Jose Victor Pantangco

A study on the applicability of quantity surveying in the Philippines, Antonio Santillan and Jazon Sia

The effect of the construction of the MRT along EDSA., Dennis Rainier. Saw

A study on the effects of weathering on limestone based compressed earth blocks (CEBs), Streisand C. Tuason and Tomas Abram L. Tan

Theses/Dissertations from 1999

A system study on the manufacturing department of Vichem Coating and Chemical, Inc.., Francis Roy M. Adajar

A system on the loading and unloading of the San Miguel polo brewery plant., Ronald M. Agoncillo

A system study on the roofing profiles of Philmetal Products Incorporated., Oliver. Agravante

Flood alleviation scheme for Barangay Napindan, Taguig., Ethel San Andres Asuncion

A systems study on the landline service of the Subic exchange of Pilipino telephone corporation., Maricel G. Biscocho

A product design on public Bus passenger seats., Michael. Cheng

A proposal on the use of smart card as library card for De La Salle University Library, Eugene Choa and Wellington Golekoh

Computer-aided instructions for satellite communications, Jefferson L. De Guzman and Harolds Q. Teodoro

A system study on the production of swan collection armchair of Pacific Arts and Decor International, Incorporated, Aris C. Escobio and Mark Lawrence C. Tan

Application of fuzzy logic on conveyor bottling process., Jemifel. Fabic

A pure research study on an optimal simultaneous maintenance policy of a serial system., Ria Ritz T. Lim

A pure research study on opportunity evaluation., Ronald. Macapinlac

A system study on CHA/SE Ventures Incorporated., Michael. Masamayor

An industry on the forecasting system of large-scale wood furniture manufacturers in Metro Manila., Edsel A. Rodriguez

A system study on CHA/SE logistics., Melvin M. Sevilla

A system study on the production department of DWI Plastics, Incorporated., Irene. Sy

Development of an evaluation tool for liquefaction potential, Bjorn Buford T. Timario and Tonie Grace A. Vera Cruz

A system study on CHA/SE ventures' warehousing of SC Johnson's consumer products., Kathleen Rose A. Zafra

Theses/Dissertations from 1998

A system for the warehouse & traffic department of Rohm & HAAS Philippines, Inc.., Liza Raquel T. Abacan

A system study on the production department of Rich Fashion, Inc.., Teresa R. Aldeguer

A systems study on the Production Department of CoArfarm Grains, Incorporated, Felipe Araullo and Edward C. Hizon

A system study on the warehouse and stores department of the feeds division of Swift Foods Incorporated., Kristine C. Arevalo

Hovercraft with GPS feedback., James Albert A. Barretto

A system study on operations system of Capri Hauz Corporation., Raymond Angelo. Buzon

A system study on the manufacturing division of Tradesphere Industrial Commodities, Incorporated., Ryan Joseph S. Cariaga

Transister characteristic curve tracer, Peter Reynald A. Cebedo and John B. Payumo

A system on the solid sodium silicate manufacturing department of Glass World Corporation., Michael L. Chan

A study on the distribution system of Blitz Soutag, Jazmin Chong and Jennifer V. Paz

Rainfall-runoff analysis in evaluating storm drainage systems, Paolo Bongbong E. Cruz and Hubert Ivan C. Chan

A system study on the production department of Jowbi Wood Products Mfg. Inc.., Brian. Cua

A system study on an internet service provider., Michael Lyndon K. Dy

A framework for a railroad obstruction detection system module, John Robert Guray and Dennis Joseph M. Romero

A system study on the bestanking system of ABC Corporation, James Timothy L. Macasa and David M. Magbanua

A system study for the underwriting division of Rizal Surety & Insurance Company., Jhoanna A. Sanchez

An ergonomically designed workstation for the lasting department of Xander Shoe manufacturing company., Roselle. Santos

A system study on the operations department of Columbia Shoe manufacturing., Denise Ann. Sychingiok

On a dynamic job shop production scheduling and maintenance policy, Andy Joseph C. Tan and Wilbert A. Yu

A system study on the operations department of Manila glass plant., Michelle. Tan

Theses/Dissertations from 1997

A system study on the production system of Somawear, Inc, Benjamin A. Atayde and Rachelle A. Cariño

A system study on the production department of Blue Bay Garments Manufacturing, Mark Kristian Baluyut and Andy Pinto

A system study on Felicidad Gaita Enterprise, Glenda C. Capco and Kristine H. Profeta

Optimum interplay of price, sales staff and advertising to maximize expected return on investment given a budget constraint over discrete points in time, Amparo Cheung and Dianne Karem Ong

A system study on the Export Department of Pac-Atlantic Lines (Philippines) Inc, Carmina Del Rosario and Florinda Parentela

The workspace design of kitchens for condominiums in Metro Manila., Karen Joyce C. Yam

A system study on the production department of Solid Ace Company., Aldwin Ellison Sia Yu

Theses/Dissertations from 1996

A study on some of the approximate methods used in the design of rectangular R.C. columns subjected to biaxial bending, Raymond S. Aguilar and Eddie C. Tan

A system study on the production process of Chemical Dispersions Inc. (CDI) Sakata Inx, Gian Carlo B. Bautista and Edgar C. Herrera

Pinatubo sand stabilized with clay used as sub-base coarse for rural road construction., Joseph Anthony L. Bautista

A study on the effect of water addition on the production of methane gas from anaerobic digestion of duck waste, Mylene F. Casiguran and Faith C. Sansano

Redesigning of the Grand Industrial Steel, Inc. workplace, Cheryl Co and Clinton Tan

Engineering faculty pager system, Michael Vincent M. Corpus and Jessie B. Lopez

A system study on the production department of Cruzvale Incorporated, Larry M. Lizares and Roman B. Mojica

Correlation of equation using the experimental data from density, viscosity and thermal conductivity of crude coconut oil., Jocelyn L. Quiroz

Integrated door access control system with remote control application, Michael Alfonso Ramos and Ferdinand Cuevas

Thermogravimetric analysis of different-Philippine woods in inert and oxidative atmosphere., Charlie Ong Tembresa

Theses/Dissertations from 1995

A study on the relationship of water/cement ratio with the corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete, Doreen E. Adona and Jonna V. Aquino

PC-based voice cryptography via telephone lines., Cirilo. Alarcon

Experiments on time & frequency domain visualization of continuous wave modulation system, Pantaleon P. Castillo and Allen H. Manigo

A comparative study between the use of plywood and particleboard in concrete formworks, Jesus G. Chua and Frederick T. Tan

Characteristics of heavy equipment operator in the Philippines today, Michael Cosiquien and Glenn Yu

A system study on the production of leather stocklots of Uni-Leather Corporation, Milagros De Peralta and Bobby Bernard Uy

Soil moisture analyzer, Remus C. Duenas and Rogel C. Gatchalian

VHDL design of digital time switch, Carmelo Francisco and Anthony Quizon

An investigation of the compatibility of cement and admixture used in concrete construction in Metro Manila, Jocelyn T. Guico and Michael M. Milaor

A systems study on the production department of Karlast Industries, Inc, Jennifer C. Huidem and Xylene C. Pancho

A study on the use of lahar as fine aggregate in the manufacture of concrete hollow blocks, Richard M. Jambalos and Darwin L. Yasis

Automated bathtub, Blitzen Nucum Nuez and Samson Cabilig

A system study on the production of structural steel bars of ABC Steel Manufacturing Corporation, Carlos Miguel T. Paca and Armand S. Valencia

A study on the rehabilitation of water supply system in Barrio Kapitolyo, Pasig City., Joel C. Punzalan