Theses/Dissertations from 2019

Breaking the barrier: Questioning the presumption of animosity against illegitimate children, Kyle Dominique Lim Navarro

The CC twist: The relevance of Philippine copyright laws on the use of creative commons licenses, Irish May D. Quintana and Katrina Janine M. Sta. Ana

Theses/Dissertations from 2018

A multi-criterion optimization model integrating reuse and disposal options for a wastewater treatment facility, Michael Vincent S. Ang, Jensen Duyag, and Kimberly Alyza C. Tee

Pointing fingers with unclean hands : dealing with corruption in international investment arbitration, Michelle Aman. Laureta

Rise of the trolls : exploring the constitutional challenges to social media and fake news regulation in the Philippines, Jose Angelo C. Tiglao, Keir Cedric L. Enriquez, and Jomari James T. De Leon

Theses/Dissertations from 2017

Life after debt: The relevance of sovereign ratings on stock market development, Siennah Loyce C. Aguilar, Justine Adam C. De Guzman, Dianne A. Mangilet, and Vince Harvey M. Verdadero

Art fines : a short film about a young woman struggling to free herself from mediocrity with the help of an ability-enhancing pill, Alexandra. Alaurin, Tyra. Alvarade, and Jamielyn. Cheng

Catch me if you can: Detecting the effect of stock manipulation to Asian markets, Elmer G. Anion, Nicole Mariette B. Garay, Camille Christianne Y. Lim, and Bianca Rose J. Santillan

Manilenyal kweens: Sampung kuwento ng mga babaeng petmalu in postmodernity, Mitchelle Jessallyn F. Balladares

Going with the flow: An empirical study on the industry and market level herding in the Philippine stock market from 2007-2016, Paul C. Cabual, Eldrick Sheldon L. Lim, Miriam D. Tan, and Kyle Russell M. Yang

Contemporary due process : online service of summons via Facebook and/or email, Olive Grace Ma. P. Cachapero

Salt: Short stories on seafarers, Alliah Robelle T. Castro

Ang bagong brilyante ng pelikulang Pilipino : isang pagsipat sa kapangyarihan ng auteur at aliw sa mga obra ni Brillante Mendoza, Christopher Bryan A. Concha

CMOS implementation of hysteretic controller fo a DC-to-DC buck converter using 0.35um library, Arainne Grace O. Dela Cruz, Charles C. Li, Cris Edward S. Tomboc, and John Kerwin Ty

Impact analysis of aerial ropeway transport system as a form of mass transportation in Baguio City, Alessandra Francesca H. Estrella, Anna Kristina P. Mendoza, Mel Anthony D. L. Mendoza, and Kim R. Sanchez

Domus sua cuique est tutissimum refegium : an examination of the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act of 2010 and its related laws vis-Ã -vis the Japanese model of disaster management in light of the Philippine experience during typhoon Yolanda with the goal of creating a safer refuge for the Filipinos, Kelvin Y. Hung and Lilibeth Grace L. Vetus

Primitivity, the repressed culture and the lost object of desire: A pyschoanalytic analysis of Nick Joaquin's short fiction, Michael Justine D. J. Sales

Theses/Dissertations from 2016

Microwave-assisted extraction of phenolics from pineapple (Ananas comosus) peel for green zero-valent iron production, Marc Joseph A. Capili, Michael Owen S. Lombos, and Carmelle Jessica P. Oblepias

A study on the development of specialized intellectual property rights courts and tribunals in the United States and South East Asia and the proposed creation of a specialized intellectual property division in the Court of Appeals, Celyne Klaire L. Esden

The Philippine congestion tax law: A solution to traffic congestion and the economic, environmental, and health problems that follow it, Wilfred Francis B. Martinez

Theses/Dissertations from 2015

An artificial neural network model for estimating road construction cost in the Philippines, Jerald B. Cristobal, Sara Eunice M. Hao, Rachelle Marie G. Rabino, and Fulgencio M. Revalde Jr.

The constitutionality of revenue memorandum order no. 20-2013, as amended, as it applies to non-stock, non-profit educational institutions, Redentor A. Feliciano

The impact of tax avoidance, corporate governance, and audit firm affiliation on the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) of publicly listed firms in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia, Keanu Regino A. Molano, Kimberly K. Tanhui, Julian Patrick P. Ymasa, and Micah S. Zambales

Theses/Dissertations from 2014

Electric vehicle with current regulated regeneration system, Ryan Robert A. Angeles, Clifford Fielle M. Guillermo, Ian Greg R. Pelayo, Emmanuel Quiambao, and Rachelle Antonette P. Serrano

Microinsurance as it moderates the impact of coping strategies on poverty levels, Lia Arabella B. Calingacion, Althea M. Ilustrisimo, Ma. Criselda B. Macatangay, and Monica Carmeli C. Martinez

Isa pang Harana a short feature on Alzheimer's disease patients and spousal caregiving, Kevin C. Candelaria, Princess Saintrich H. Corrado, and Dinah Kerstin A. Pinto

Over and above probable cause: The application of the doctrine of reasonable expectation of privacy in the Philippine justice system, Chantal Chua Chua

Intelligent system device for cleaning glass windows on high rise buildings, Giselle Monique C. Cobankiat, Jan Denrick D. Geronga, Arvin Bryan C. Sia, and Brian Nicole D.D. Uy

Study on the effects of land use changes to the urban Hydrology of Tarlac City, Tarlac, Jose Victor M. Mercado, Arvin Christian C. Peyra, Jemima Job A. Tadena, and Kristoff Walter G. Zosa

Decentralization of mining: Resolving the conflict between the national mining laws and policies and local government ordinances, Jan Aldrin C. Ramos

A methodology for site-specific wind contouring and hazard mapping: A case study in Surigao City, Marvin Aldrich R. Salazar

Problem bigger than law school: Reforming Philippine legal education through an institutional approach, Justin De Jesus Sucgang

Theses/Dissertations from 2013

Product and service types on deal sites and its role on SME sales turnover, Francesca Esperanza A. Alano, Abigail B. Angeles, Roel Cristian A. Nuñez, and Samantha C. Yuzon

Book-tax gap as a tool for the detection of anomalous corporate tax-sheltering behavior: The case of firms in the Philippine Stock Exchange, John David C. Castillo, Renz Kristofer M. Cheng, Troy James R. Palanca, and Ira Gayll C. Zamudio

Automated soap-less dirt and stain removing ultrasonic dishwasher, Albino C. Cordova III, Joshua C. Dizon, Emmanuel Joseph S. Sia, and Stephanie Anne S. Sze

Microcontroller-based energy management for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, Hazel Anne M. Dimay, Camille Bea Nicole A. Rico, Angelo Raphael Y. Santos, and Jose Immanuel E. Velasco

Dancing through childhood: Three storybooks for children, Ma. Gabriella Frida R. Fortun

Affect recognition for handheld devices, Giorgio Ferrero O. Go, Giselle Odelia C. Ling, and Timothy Christian T. Uy

Level of compliance with the revenue disclosure requirements of IFRS and its impact on stock prices, market capitalization, and financial ratios in the Philippine property sector, Yanyan Li, Kristy Mae L. Lim, Justine Audrey S. Mejia, and Aimee Nicole L. Oliveros

Arduino-based human-follower pushcart with vision sensor and ultrasonic sensor implementation, Brent Byron C. Que, Thomas Derrick Q. So, and Paul Emmanuel Y. Tria

Theses/Dissertations from 2012

A water level monitoring apparatus integrated with a UPS designed for River Environments, Charles Emil A. Almazan, Erwin Aaron C. Eleria, and Carl Patrick T. Selibio

Entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial intentions and their determinants across degree programs in De La Salle University, Erica S. Ang, Gellina Crystel O. Dy, and Emilienne Joyce Tai

Ambient sound reproduction through inter-aural earphones, Samuel Charles U. Cheng, Patrick Bernard L. Joaquin, Charles Daniel S. Ong, and Abigail Beatrice E. Tiu

Leadership style effects on employee job satisfaction, organizational commitment and developmental opportunities, Janine M. Noblezada, Abigail Therese L. Salazar, Camille A. Taguba, and Monique F. Villanueva

Examining the relationship of Electronic Customer Relationship Management and Customer Satisfaction in E-commerce in the Philippines, Ana Paula D. Perez, Alyanna Nastasya Carmina C. Reyes, Margarita Camille C. Salud, and Maria Martina M. Spakowski

Theses/Dissertations from 2011

A comparative study on the effects of flexi-time on sales and marketing employees' work-life balance in selected Pharmaceutical in Metro Manila, Eunice Desiree G. Choa, Nathania Jin S. Chua, Justine Albert O. See, and Katherine Joanne C. Tang

Factors that influence the initiation of CSR practices in selected Chinese family businesses, Ma. Hiyesmin Helendelle H. Lao, Karen Gayle K. Ong, Dianne Nicole T. Siy, and Diane Sophia Y. Tan

Theses/Dissertations from 2010

Automated Malunggay leaves drying and powdering machine, Jerico Mark Abedania, Andrew Casey Ang, Jean Paul Cristobal, Marie Precious Marasigan, and Enrique Miguel Palomar

Robots search and rescue operation using swarm behavior, Carl Thomas M. Acampado, Charles Edrine G. Chan, Jerico D. Delos Santos, Patrick P. Espineli, and Richardson M. Lim

Adaptability of vetiver grass as a material for an alternative wastewater treatment, Ammer M. Ali, Dominick R. Bombales, and Aizel Maria Kristina A. Llanes

Assessment of carbonation-induced corrosion of vertical structures in Binondo using half-cell potential, Lex Ian C. Alviar, Jefron T. Gaw, and Hans Ivan O. Go

A Case based analysis on the management of stakeholders in Alriver Export Corporation and Modern Concept Woodshop, Ma. Loren Cristina R. Avila, Pamela Rae C. Deluria, Vera Katrina A. Kalingasan, and Justinne Rae C. Narag

Rollercoaster ride in a fully simulated virtual world utilizing Open Dynamics Engine (ODE), Paolo Lorenzo N. Barlis, Terence G. Go, John Alvin G. Morelos, and Ron Jacob R. Yambot

Developing a framework for business-community partnership in the Philippine setting, Michelle S. Bernardo, Maria Katrina T. Del Rosario, Jaime Miguel R. Leogardo, and Michael Raymond L. Park

The Impact of adopting technology in supply chain management (Philippine Garments Manufacturing Industry), Kristine Capellan, Maria Fe Escueta, Nikki Charmaine Tan, Ruby Anna Torres, and Franz Yao

Automatic multimodal human identification for a self-improving, ambient intelligent empathic space (HuMaNRecog), Oi Hing Cheung, Marjorie Chuacokiong, Milton Go, and Nicole Lee

The Relationship of corporate governance and earnings management as witnessed in the various listed companies in the Philippines, Nur Halifa N. Dilangalen, Ana Christina C. Fernandez, Jelo Mari L. Labadan, and Mary Claire C. Sy

An Analysis on the quality of work life of business process outsourcing firms in the metropolitan area of the Philippines based on the perception of customer service representatives, Maria Katrina Echavez, Lara Stephanie Jacinto, Camela Jellene Lee, and Carmina Rosales

A predictive model of motorcycle accident occurrence considering driver and environment dependent factors on main roads in Quezon City, Glaiza Marie T. Flores, Maria Patricia T. Gotohio, and Noel Gabriel C. Paras

Introducing congestion pricing as a key to reducing road congestion, Joan T. Jao, Raiza Liah G. Lee, and Lorraine Nicole L. Tan

Do founders matter?: A study on the presence of founders and firm performance in the Philippines, Jerome Brian T. Marcelo, Cranston Hans S. Ng, and Vance Aaron C. Te

Helmet-mounted actuating system for motorcycles, Dan Angelo B. Mendiola, Jayvee P. Ramirez, and Venancio D. Villena Jr.

Fate stay night: The contemporary hero in the Japanese visual novel, Vincenzo Roberto G. Mercado

On some digraphs arising from congruences and some properties of the Zero-Divisor Graph of the ring Zn, Steven Pua and Josef Aleksander Suatengco

Theses/Dissertations from 2009

Simulation of a human hand movement in 3D virtual environment, Michael Francis J. Abad, Michael Jordan P. Baysic, Rowie Mae R. De Leon, Danah Iceal A. Garchitorena, and Leslie G. Laqui

Assessing accounting conservatism in the property and the food, beverage and tobacco (FBT) industries in the Philippines, Herbert Philip C. Alba, Kenneth B. Dy, Andrew Starsky S. Gan, and Irish Kristine M. Ha

Usahay na'ay Boholanang nagaguma: Ang virtwal na pag-ibig mula sa internet, Khiara Remedios G. Albaran

Matematika (a + b) or Mathematics (a + b - c)?, Rosemarie Ponce De Leon Alimon, Vernice Rica De Jesus Liao, and Paul Kelvin Yap Ong

Ophthalmic bottle labeling machine, Francis Gabriel Andaluz, Raine Vincent Gumban, Robert Raphael Robles, Rodrigo Ruiz, and Michelle Dianne Yu

Does diversity help?: Relating religious pluralism to the income differences among selected Asian countries, Alddon Christner C. Ang and Everic Mikhail Suguitan

Isang komparatibong analisis ng salin ng orihinal at dubbed ng Hana Kimi-Taiwan, Eunice Zyrene V. Ang

File transfer between USB mass storage devices using mobile phone interface, Martin M. Banaria, Jamie Maricar A. Corvera, Katrina Diana Bon T. San Pedro, Jan Arvee F. Sosa, and Mary Donnezhlli F. Young

A Microcontroller-based guiding system using infrared and ultrasonic sensors for the blind, Lawrence Matthew J. Bantayan, Erick Reynielle S. Go, Mike Randall D. Ngo, and Jeremy C. Sy

Design of a PC-based PABX system for De La Salle University-Manila and an implementation of a pilot system for the ECE Department, Arvin Wesley S. Bordon, Heinrich Rudolf N. Chan, and Rainier N. Ong

Hablandolo lo peor posible: Si ate Glow sa mala-kanyang Gloria, at ang politikal na impersonasyon, Fritzie Faye L. Cabial

Microcontroller-based humanoid robotic arms with computer aided programming, Martin Alden A. Carandang, Sheena Jeanne L. Chiu, Edwin Jaustin M. Garcia, Magnus Michael M. Musngi, and Armando C. Zabala

Are Philippine domestic commercial banks procyclical or anticyclical?: A study on bank credit risk management policy and the business cycle, Andrea Therese Cheng, Darlene Cindy Cu, Maria Beatrice Ong, and Rachel Marie Ong

Automated slush vending machine, Jeremiah D. Co, Jonathan David T. Go, Erwin Arnaldo F. Lim, Oliver Chris O. Lo, and Marlon T. See

Constructing over Continents: The inclusion of a military component in the European Union's intervention approach towards the Arab-Israeli Conflict, Diana Jasmine R. Cristino, Margarita Francesca A. Littaua, and Arvyn Peter T. Radovan

A Non-contact eye infrared thermal imaging sensor device, Christian Cruz, Marvin Cruz, Calvin Feliciano, David Ong, and Lysander Ong

Do I worry to get the right solution?, Sherwin Chuacokiong Diu, Stephanie Koshing Dy, and Kriszel Marciano Siasoyco

The impact of elderly presence on households' demand for transportation, Celyne Klaire L. Esden, Alvin Bryan O. Sim, Cameron V. Cabanlig, and Martin Pocholo T. Pascual

Flagellation: Isang pagsipat sa tradisyon ng pagpepenitensiya ng mga Mandarame at Kristo ng San Pedro, Cutud, Pampanga, Elaine Rose Z. Espiritu

The land of milk, honey, and idols: The construction of the Filipino perception of the "American Dream" through the reality television show American Idol, Lianne Grace D. Gonzalvo, Louie Dane C. Merced, and Al James C. Untalan

The photocatalytic degradation of lignin from simulated recycled paper mill effluent using nano titania, Ria Angelica L. Hermoso and Shaira Sharmaine G. Montero

Tuksong-tinik: Ang erotik na pagbuwag sa patriarkiya sa mga pelikula ni Rosanna Roces, April Karnette Sotto Maniacup

The impact of transport infrastructure investments on gross regional output, Paula Reya D. Mendoza, Mark Jensen Sy, and Ramon T. Valerio Jr.

Decentering Manila's underworld: Approaching trese: Murder on Balete drive as a hybrid form, Micah Camille R. Valero

Indaynisasyon: Isang modelong sosyo-kultural sa pagdadalumat sa danas-salita, Paula Leonor E. Venturina

Theses/Dissertations from 2008

Today's education, the quality of tomorrow's future: An assessment of academic achievement and the contribution of individual, family, and school factors on student performance, Bernadette Liza F. Aco, Charmina P. Odsinada, Angelyne Milagros H. Pagaspas, and Roselee B. Santos

A Comprehensive gait data acquisition system: An integrated pedobarograph and imaging system, Chrissete C. Agustin, Janina Marie A. Geslani, Beverly Ann M. Lee, Bernard P. Peralta, and Alvin Arthur A. See

Household economic portfolio, Gabrielle Denise A. Aragon, Leah Francine C. Cu, and Jo Anne S. Illescas

Microcontroller based car usage authentication and activity monitoring with the use of driver's license and finger print matching, Romnick P. Asio, Lyle Christianne M. Jover, John Paul D. Menjares, and Cyrus Vivar

The Impact of corporate governance mechanisms on the market valuation and agency costs of listed nonfinancial firms for the period 2002-2006, Joseph M. Atangan, Madeleine V. Balane, Nicole C. Kaw, and Elaine B. Mariano

There is real mathematics in Sudoku, Maisie T. Bersamina and Honeylyn A. Garde

Quatrobot humanoid robot, Jazper Jan C. Biliran, Ron-Ron G. Garcia, Johnson D. Ng, and Adranne Rachel B. Valencia

A performance measurement framework considering undesirable outputs, exogenous inputs and missing data using additive dea model, Victor John M. Cantor, Martha Lauren L. Tan, and Rachelle Joy S. Yu

Transgressive aesthetics in Edward De Los Santos Cabagnot's The Theatre of Director Julius Opus, Anthony Joseph B. Covar

Creme of the crop: The search for the most economy-benefitting biodiesel feedstock in the Philippines, Jessamin Jana E. Dela Cruz, Regino Jo-Vincen G. Gamboa, Maria Katrina T. Lachica, and Alexis Bilton C. Tong

Family control and financial reporting quality in the Philippines: An empirical analysis, Daniel Jan E. Del Mundo, Henry C. Flordeliza, Evann Sanders F. Kho, and Ricky F. Limlingan