Theses/Dissertations from 2002

High strength concrete modeling by artificial neural networks, Arturo C. Flores, Tiffany L. Ng, and Christian Carlo L. Roxas

An industry study of the treasury financial derivatives in the Philippines from 1998-2001, Jon Lrenz Go, Mary Dayrich Mindanao, Pia Satimbre, and Joy Marie Tiong

A Kristevan analysis of three selected short stories from Sitoy's Mens rea and other stories, Dina P. Honrada

Ang konsepto ng utuan, Loujane Anne A. Jaberina, Joanna Paula A. Padaoan, and Joan L. Ronquillo

Autonomous minirobot: A prototype for mirosot, Erwin K. Medina, Solomon Y. Pascual, Bryan Macaire O. Tan, Tait Kenric C. Tan, and Ye Xin C. Zhuang

Autofeeder for shrink wrap labeling machine, Jasper S. Ong, Aimee-mee K. Santiago, Paul Andrew M. Sy, John Benedict C. Tajan, and Noreen Hazel O.Y. Yu

Through the lens of humor: How Gilda Cordero-Fernando's stories deconstruct society, Cris Barbra Pe

DISRUPTIONS: The lesbian narrative space in the short stories of Joy Cruz, Melinda Racquel S. Tongco

Theses/Dissertations from 2001

Konsepto ng pagiging bukod-tangi ng tao sa kontekstong Pilipino ayon sa mga mag-aaral sa kolehiyo, Maricris Agregado, Amantha Eugenio, and Raquel Legaspi

The interdependence among contract features in bank term loan agreements: An analysis of bank borrower choice on contract terms in a simultaneous decision framework, Julienne Marie Avecilla, Sundy N. Bergardo, Michael T. Gonzales, and Andrea T. Nacianceno

Design and development of static testing laboratory set-up for beam-column connection, Jayson C. Brigado, Anthony Y. Tan, and Mark Anthony Y. Tan

An application of the chaos theory in the Philippine stock market using 5 stocks with the highest market capitalization and 5 stocks with the lowest market capitalization that are listed in the 1997 composite index for the period January 1997 to March 2001: A rescaled range analysis, Ma. Cristina O. Cabrera, Rosanna Marie C. Catanag, Rosalyn B. Flores, and Eleanor Anne T. Yap

TicketBayan Online Ticketing System, TOTS: Web system, Bryan F. Chua, Jamillah Anne A. Dimaculangan, Kathleen Joy L. Ong, and Debby Gayle L. Sih

Design and implementation of an automated oil packaging system: A study, Jenny Y. Chua, Ronaldo C. Guevara, Yih Liang Lin, Maximillian F. Medina, and Ryan Christopher J. Wong

An optimal portfolio mix for stable and turbulent times: A study on Philippine assets using a modified Markowitz mean-variance model for the years 1990-2000, Paul Vincent Chua, Marie Grace Ong, Elinore Tumbaga, and Ma. Katrina Vital

A Comprehensive study of the effectivity of color indexing using a large database in plastic bottle sorting, Tifanny Co Cua, Michael Ryan Reyes Fernando, Grech Ng Go, and Charisse Anne De Belen Laus

The role of Japan in the proposed regional integration of East Asia, Kristine Susan R. De Vera

Automatic PVC tape packaging machine, Roberto S. Dimaano, Andrew P. Donggay, Vincent O. Que, Ryan G. Quiogue, and Kenneth F. Teng

Irony and hybridity as modes of postcolonial subversion and re-writing history in Eric Gamalinda's My Sad Republic, Friena Francesca Prieto Guerrero

A determination of vegetation type in the North- and East-facing lower slopes of Mts. Palay-Palay/Mataas na Gulod National Park, Ternate, Cavite, Anne Marie Kathryn P. Ingente, Fleurdeliz N. Kallos, and Faith Victory A. Mejor

An analysis on the determinants of bank interest margins of all domestic universal banks in the Philippines for the period 1995-1999, Logene M. Laureola, Francis Mark M. Mas, Normann Dale A. Mendoza, and Mark E. Santiago

A stochastic bi-criterion model for supply chain optimization with stockout consideration, Roy Michael O. Peñaranda, Sergio L. Victoriano, and Annette Phoebe G. Young

Maningning Miclat - writer, woman, and woman of color: Selections from Voice from the Underworld, Michelle C. Sia

Theses/Dissertations from 2000

Image compression system hardware compression test bed, Rommel B. Aguilar, Charles Philip A. Banag, Mark A. Bullen, and John Norman S. Palma

Computer numerically controlled lathe machine, Giovanni Belependio, Joseph Co, Grace Porciuncula, Alfred Tan, and Rachelle Woo

Isang pag-aaral sa persepsyon ng ugnayan ng sarili sa kapaligiran, Sheryl C. Chiong, Inigo Mortel, and Isagani Simpliciano

Assyst: Automated scheduling system, Frederick Lloyd U. Chiu, Juan Carlos Miguel Reyes, Eric Jayson Uy, and Raymund Vidar

Six-legged mobile robot, Jerome Chua, Ranna Michelle Go, Anna Margarita Lacson, Rene Charles Ponce, and Rainier Trillanes

A model for a binary multi level marketing compensation plan, Prince Dingwell K. Co, Wilson Q. Lim, and Richie D. Tan

A preliminary study on the application of membrane separation technique for the refining of the sugarcane wax from filter press cake, Daniel Allan B. Cruz, Ivy B. Quitasol, and Redentor J. Salonga

The efficacy of credit ratings as bankers' assessment of international credit worthiness: The case of LDC borrowers' capacity and willingness in debt servicing, Desiree Mae T. Dumo, Richard S. Sabado, and Joan Patricia C. Santos

A content analysis of media coverage on bilingual education by the print media for the year 1994-1999, Jean Ferry

An ergonomically designed cellular phone for the Filipino youth, Ivan Franco

Modelling stock price behavior through financial ratios: A study on the impact of 1997 Asian financial crisis to the commercial & industrial sector in the Philippine stock exchange (January 1996 - June 2000), Abigail Jaye A. Fu, Candy Claire Y. Ong, and Nina-Karla M. Manapat

Graduate School of Computer Studies Interactive GSCS Interactive, Pamela Christine C. Guanlao, Ryan C. Javier, Rholette F. Plana, and Glenn C. Tan

Graduate School of Computer Studies Interactive GSCS Interactive: Appendices, Pamela Christine C. Guanlao, Ryan C. Javier, Rholette F. Plana, and Glenn C. Tan

Graduate School of Computer Studies Interactive GSCS Interactive: Technical manual, Pamela Christine C. Guanlao, Ryan C. Javier, Rholette F. Plana, and Glenn C. Tan

Graduate School of Computer Studies Interactive GSCS Interactive: User's manual, Pamela Christine C. Guanlao, Ryan C. Javier, Rholette F. Plana, and Glenn C. Tan

An evaluation of the effects of the car development program on the Japanese automakers in the Philippines, Leon-Michel P. Harb, Marilyn T. T. Que, and Marko V. Fojas

A non-linear approach on the analysis of the behavior of 13 real estate company stock prices subject to different real rate of interest regimes from July 1995 to December 1999, Christian Alvin A. Ong, Allan Robert Sicat, and Jayrous L. Villanueva

Using genetic algorithms to facilitate schedule optimization, Bryan Christopher Que, Reymel Barrientos, and Joseph Aldrich Cheng

Foreign policy behavior analysis: RP-China relations during the Marcos administration, Catherine Touwaide

Theses/Dissertations from 1999

An engonomic design on the manual handling and palletizing task at Pepsi Cola products Philippines, Inc., Michael James J. Alejandrino

Life review process of the frail elderly Filipinos from a selected institution, Ena Marie R. Ang, Mirabelle U. Chan, and Ryan C. Pangilinan

An application of Altman's Z-score on selected manufacturing companies in the Philippines covering the period of 1978-1998, Nikki Anne F. Astom, Walther W. Gozon, Ma. Cristina C. Hidalgo, and Stephen Lawrence B. Seludo

Scalable http cache server system, Irene Ching, Willy Ching, Kristine Del Rosario, and Michael Duff

Designing an improved work shift system for the nightshift workers of Simon Enterprises, Inc., Derrick N. Chua, Katherine Ann S. Napisa, and Wendy O. Sy

Flood risk analysis and mapping of the Penaranda River basin using hydrological-hydraulic approach, Agnes D. Galang, James N. Lim, and Handsel S. Yu

Effects of trade liberalization on Philippine sugar industry: A case study on Central Azucarera Don Pedro, Luzvie T. Gonzaga, Alvin Neil A. Gutierrez, and Sabrina J. Samonte

Simulation tools for speech processing, Melvin .M. Juban, Edzel R. Lapira, Winson G. Lim, Willie O. Pua, and Cary C. Sy

Making sense out of a senseless death: Death experiences of parents who lost a son to hazing, Mary Grace M. Mariano, Ron R. Resurreccion, and Sheryll B. Sabbun

Authenticity: A comparative analysis between Zen Buddhism and Soren Aabye Kierkegaard, Jayme Ngo

Suicidal ideation among adolescents, Raisa Clarissa K. Ramos, Chris Ginger Y. Tomas, and Leslie Ann T. Yapkianwee

Loss of limb: Factors of adjustment of males who have lost a limb in the absence of formal rehabilitation, Ernest Ong Valdez-Tan

Theses/Dissertations from 1998

Semantics and emotional behavior of anger, happiness, fear and sadness across cultural groups, Joriel Lourdes B. Aguas, Hannah Faye C. Chua, and Donna L. Yaw

A computerized optical signal analysis system, John Paul D. Agustin

Automated mango classifier, May Ann Ah, Joseph Ray Basilio, John-John P. Cabibihan, Michael Chua, and Katherine Ku King

An optimal network model for the design of water distribution systems, Marissa A. Banaga, Cesar N. Bernardo, and Bernardo S. Garzon

Dynamic tuna sorter by weight: An automated tuna fish sorting system, Alvin M. Calderon, Modesto L. Gopez I, Joseph Conrad F. Ledesma, Conrad Y. Que, and Charles Steven C. Sy

A comparative study on the efficiency of privately owned domestic life insurance companies and a government-owned insurance company (SSS), Mariel Chuacuco, Leo Linsao, Leah Sol Manawatao, Ruth Ann Reporen, and Michelle Sitosta

MISA 101: An instructional video about the holy mass, Jennifer Chua, Mary Joy Cu, and Lilibeth Gan

Beliefs used to justify child sexual abuse among child sexual abusers, Jessamine T. Chua, Rhea Lourdes Garcia, and Ma. Veronica C. Vilela

Pulse-32++, Kennard Lewin O. Dee, Alex K. Lim, and Eric S. Lim

The mythicizing of the Bikol Tigsik, Benjamin Xerxes Matza

Theses/Dissertations from 1997

A feasibility study on EST ablishing master of science in financial services, Agnes I. Alba, Cherish C. Roque, and Rudy Tomasoa

3M hot melt system marketing plan, Marverick Arcega, Haydee Casapao, Emy Tan, Sonia Uy, and John Villaflores

Exoarm manipulator-power arm recyclobot, Robert Anthony M. Armas, Samuel S. Chua, Noel A. Gonzales, Derwin M. Ren, and Mark Lawrence V. Tan

Road navigation and collision detection system (RoadNav-CoDeS), Michael Bautista, Francisco Dalina, Li Brandon Lim, and Jingson Lua

Replica: A fault tolerant RPC facility for UNIX, Paulo B. Bustilla, Jesus S. Lim, Edwin C. Sy, and Martin Albert J. Yuson

A hydrologic study and site survey for the proposed micro-hydro power plant for the community in Gacab, Abra, Marieta Cristina L. Castillo, Robert E. Tagayuna, and Jeffrey S. Woon

Random walk in the Philippine stock market: Fact or fiction?: An observation of the behavior of the index and selected securities comprising the Philippine composite index from the period October 1994-October 1996, Cherryl Anne C. Castro, Daphne S. Kaw, Michael T. Lo, Ron Tristan Purisima, and Amylane W. Sy

The personal, psychological, social and economic experiences of single mothers, Anne Marie P. Catapang, Kenneth L. Co, and Michelle L. Tanking

Documentor on Software Engineering (DOSE): A computer-aided software engineering tool: Technical manual, Kurby Glennford C. Chua, Helena W. Lim, Jennifer Joy C. Shih, and Mary Ann A. Tan

A marketing plan for Royal Gourmet pasta sauce: A proposed new product for the pasta division of California Manufacturing Company, Maryanne Karl M. Gan, Eduardo T. Ledesma, Ma. Cielini L. Reyes, and Hiu Fan F. Tsang

Deadlock Detection Algorithm Simulator (DDAS), Chona C. Garcia, Jacqueline Liezl C. Ong, Jeremy L. Pontaniel, and Paolo Nino N. Reyes

The text and the reader of fantasy: A Todorovian and phenomenological analysis of Marivi Soliven Blanco's Jenny and Jay Mystery Series, Bernadette S. Gatbonton

A study on the marketing of rent-to-own computers, Jeffrey Chu Ngkaion, Franklin Yee Loy Poon, Rainier Yu Tan, and David Don Ong Wong

Where in the world is middle-earth?: A post-colonial reading of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion, Michael Chan Rubio

An assessment on how the Makati development Council adopts NGO-PO initiated policies, Rowena Candice M. Ruiz

An oral history of Alfred A. Yuson with a social commentary on his anthology, The Music Child and Other Stories, Grace Braceros Salita

An ergonomically designed sewing machinists' workstation for Remerco Manufacturing Inc., Melvin T. Sanchez and Arlene C. Sta. Maria

Theses/Dissertations from 1996

CAVE G++, Veronica D. Abad, Ma. Christina L. Alvaro, Gilchrist Gentley F. Escalante, and Gerald C.F. Go

Real time numerically automated machine vision for chip marking quality control, Gerald Simon Aguilar, Paul Patrick Buenviaje, Andre John Cruz, and Llewellyn Yance

Process migration in unix, Alejandro B. Amarillo, John Patrick S. Cua, Gavin C. Lim, and Humprey C. Sy

Mini-automated storage and retrieval system, Great Chua Ancheta, Vincent Liwanag, Robert Ong Ong, Alia Villarroya Pura, and Maria Kristina Frances M. Ramos

Assessment of the mobilization capabilities of the Sangguniang Kabataan: Focus on the municipality of Paranaque, Maria Aileen Enrile Apolo, Johannes Leo Dule Badillo, and Alan Castro Tanay

Ang empirikal na paglilinaw ng konsepto ng hiya at mukha: Isang paglilinang ng pagkataong Pilipino, Kathleen Michelle F. Assad, Eduardo Antonio T. Ledesma, and Eriberto Pedro Antonio C. Roxas

Design and fabrication of a programmable pulsed current source and its applications in the fabrication of conducting PPy(p-TSA), Nancy G. Averia and Mary C. Chua

Mini-gantry robot, Glenn Beni Dy, Christopher Chua, Joan Margareth Hao, Brenth Hallaby Kaw, and Patrick Ngo

Virtual reality teach user operation simulation (VRTUOS), Heman Chua, Terence Lee, Winston Lim, Ricky Sy, and Genevieve Tang

Computer controlled metal cutter, Alexander Dee, Stephen Santos, Hurbert Sy, Kissinger Sy, and Tan Schubert

Mean reversion in the Philippine Stock Exchange, Justin Dela Rosa

Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm (SCARA) for instructional purposes, Ruel Franco, Steve Steve Luminaras, Victor Luminarias, Ian San Agustin, and Jogenio Uy

Analyzing and forecasting investment and its relationship with macroeconomic and trade policy variables, Annabell Go, Christina Liu, and Joelle Ona

Sa ngalan ng ina: A short video feature, Rosa Lourdes Ibarra, Coreen Jimenez, and Nelissa Rodriguez

An empirical investigation of the existence of the January effect and the value effect in the Philippine stock market, Jay Raymund Jallorina, Katrina Olivares, and Joseph Romana

The life cycle hypothesis and its extensions: Their applicability towards explaining savings behavior in the Philippines, Jacquiline Ko, Bernadette Maranan, and Meredith Ngo

Mini conveyor system, Eduardo Montenejo, Edison Ng, Jocelyn Palpal-latoc, Sanlie Pe, and Evan Tan

Ganito ako noon-- ano ako ngayon?: Isang pag-aaral ukol sa proseso ng pagbabago ng mga piling Pilipinong lalaking homosekswal tungo sa pagiging lalaking heterosekswal, Marie Jaynee Nery, Betty So, and Janet Teng

Incest-isang pang-aabuso sa loob ng tahanan ang sistema ng pamilya at ang kaugnayan nito sa kaganapan ng incest, Grace Rhodelia Odejar and Adele Ranosa Rex