Theses/Dissertations from 1955

Cutting oils., Alexander C. Ysrael

Designing for aluminum and magnesium die casting., William. Ysrael

Theses/Dissertations from 1954

Design of a braiding machine., Pedro. Alegria

Analysis of water around Manila, Sergio Aro and Zoilo Zablan

Pulleys., Cleto M. Buensuceso

Analysis of a steel bridge., Hernando D. Caluag

Ion exchange : its theory and application., Rafael B. Cinco

Transmission belting : engineering and installation data., Eduardo C. Clemente

The solubility of agar-agar, Salvador Del Mundo and Florencio Dimaculangan

Design of a steel roof truss., Leo. Dos Remedios

The extraction of agar seaweed., Adolfo Teodoro P. Eleazar

Construction of cement roads and pavements., Rodolfo M. Gallardo

Alcohol from cassava by acid-saccharification, Carlos Hilado and Joaquin Abieta

Household refrigeration., Sergio Y. Hilado

Determination of the calorific value of Philippine woods, Antonio Lacambra and Mariano Villanueva

Analysis of sewerage system., Julius A. Panuncialman

Boiler heat losses and causes., Eliodoro R. Sandejas

Zoning and subdivision control., Victorio C. Santos

Design of a low-cost phonograph for local production., Jose A. Trapaga

Theses/Dissertations from 1953

Reclamation of lubricating oils., Regino S. Acosta

Performance analysis of internal combustion engines., Eduardo B. Banaag

Application of the Milwaukee system in the disposal of sewage in Manila., Jose R. Bernardo

The hydraulic turbine., Guilermo. Buenaventura

The construction of roads and pavements., Antonio G. Espiritu

The practical aspects of air conditioning, Mauro C. Fonacier and Jose B. Generoso

The double-plate rectifying column., Enrique N. Fructouso

Mechanized farming of upland rice in the Philippines., Manuel M. Gomez

Ion exchange in cane sugar industry, Jose L. Gonzales and Rene L. Unson

Flood control schemes., Leonardo V. Gutierrez

The reinforced concrete beam., Antonio L. Heredia

The construction of a power plant., Jose Manuel. Mantecon

Water supply in towns and in cities., Alfredo S. Mejares

Control of steam engines., Juan L. Melendres

Design of a timber roof truss., Augusto V. Natividad

Manufacture of tin foil by the electrolytic process, Marciano J. Salud and Arturo Fiaoqui

The manufacture of ready-mix asphalt and concrete., Dan. Salvador

City water supply., Rodolfo A. Tirona

Glycerin purification by ion-exchange, Eng Hua Yap and Manuel R. Eugene

Proposed power plant for the city of Davao, Alexander. Yu

Theses/Dissertations from 1952

Curing of tobacco, Pedro Adique and Calixto Yue

Assembly of motor cars as featured by Fabar., Pedro. Alegria

The phenolic plastics., Salvador. Del Mundo

Engine oil filters., Leo. Dos Remedios

The cracking process., Adolfo T. Eleanor

Development of refrigeration unit., Francisco I. Ferrer

Refining of platinum., Mariano C. Gonzales

Cellulose from bagasse., Alberto L. Hilado

Report on the automobile carburetor., Sergio Y. Hilado

Operation and construction of a two cycle diesel engine., Edilberto D. Lacson

Manufacturing of photographic paper., Ramon S. Navarro

The part of the simple gasoline engine., Eliodoro R. Sandejas

Shoe adhesive., Nicanor M. Santos

A study on the tannins and their large scale extraction., Romeo V. Santos

Theses/Dissertations from 1951

The manufacture of glucose, Ernesto B. Ledesma