Theses/Dissertations from 2011

A study of the right to public information concerning the necessity & relevance of a freedom of information law in supplementing the bill of rights, Ha Ye Jin Lee Park and Ephraim Federico T. Ponce

Dead set against political dynasties: A legislative proposal proscribing concentration of power in the local government and house of representatives, Kyna C. Pasamba and Ma. Felichie Ericka P. Valeriano

We are legitimate, what about our rights?: The moratorium on logging and the legitimate logging companies contractual rights, Gianna Maree D. Penalosa and Marivic T. Villaverde

Graveyard shifts for women in the call center industry: Boon or bane?, Bryan O. Ravalo and Lara Patriz F. Sabariaga

No approved therapeutic claim: A proposal to strengthen rules and regulations regarding food supplements, Norman Kenneth V. Santos and Wilson C. Astorga

A critique on the Mindanao sub-state proposal of the MILF and its constitutionality, Jezreel Joseph De Leon Sy

The constitutionality of the provisions pertaining to suspected and charged individuals under the Human Security Act 2007, Nico Carlo Y. Villanueva and Michael Vincent R. Baltazar

Theses/Dissertations from 2010

Keeping it under the basket: An analysis of the application of executive privilege to trade policy, Mark Emmanuel L. Abilo and Charles Joseph C. Anciado

Examining R.A. No.9334 under GATT 1994: The Philippines alcoholic beverages dispute, Luis Alfonso E. Artaiz and Monica Anna D. delos Reyes

Defining domestic work as a worst form of child labor in the context of R.A. 9231, Rexcia Maria B. Baldeo and Iris Katrine M. Exchaure

No-fault legal separation: A necessary evil, Maria Kristine P. Basilio

On the search for closure: The constitutionality of the Philippine truth commission of 2010, Jeremy Kay D. Binalla and Janella Carla C. Flordeliza

The human security act of 2007: Whether or not it violates a person's constitutional liberty to travel, Zhanika Marie O. Carbonell and Anna Patricia L. Veneracion

A critical study on the requirements of originality in copyright laws, Ana Katrina O. Constantino and Joseph R. Pangilinan

Executive privilege: A strong barrier to the People's Right to Information, Veronica Regina A. Cruz and Kharis M. Manahan

The different interpretations and enforcement of statements of assets, liabilities and net worth disclosure in the Supreme Court and in the Office of the Ombudsman, Maria Criselda M. Figueroa and Aimee E. Pedayo

The undefined term of marginalization: A determining factor of the party list law, Mark Joseph Thomas L. Flores and Anna Dominique L. Zaide

The limitations of the press: A threat to the people's right to know, Krizelle Natasha B. Go and Lara Angela F. Magulta

Strict compliance with the enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights policies pursuant to the agreement on trade related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS Agreement) will induce a positive effect on the economy, Aldrich Ransleigh Hui and Karvina Monika Li

Reprographic rights organizations: A study on the conceptual applicability and its effective implementation in the Philippines, Angela Li

The need for a law regulating the franchise industry to deter ambiguities and malpractices, Kirby Bryan M. Liao and John Philipps M. Reposo

A comparative study of the doctrines of fair use and fair dealing focusing on entertainment media, Camille May P. Medina and Kenneth Alvin C. Ang

A scrutiny on the COMELEC's resolution for allowing former President Joseph Estrada to run again, Rona Mae T. Pascual and Lee Anne L. Santos

The dark side of fiscal incentives, Gianina Mae C. Remo

Philippine agrarian land reform laws, Takako B. Sasamori and Nelynne Analiza L. Soliman

Abridging liberty rights to awaken the spirit of nationalism: A proposal to decriminalize the incorrect rendition of the Philippine National Anthem, Denie Vieve Tan and Kathryn Villalobos

Curtailing subjectivism: A comparative study of the appointment processes of Supreme Court justices under the Philippine and United States of America systems, Sheenalyn R. Tengco and Feliz Angela A. Villanueva

Non-fraternity contract: A perceived conflict between organizations guarantee of equal protection and the University's academic freedom, Sheena Day R. Villaflor and Trisha Alyanna Ah

Theses/Dissertations from 2009

Between a rock and a hard place: An assessment on two conflicting en banc decisions of the Supreme Court, Veronico O. Alon and Jaclyn Andrea T. Chua

Crossing the permissible boundaries: Revisiting the Philippine courts' pronouncement on the sub judice rule, Ian Zander Basconcillo and Roxanne Marie Cruz

The Bataan nuclear power plant: 33 years later, Pearl Charisse Bautista and Robin Harris So

Supreme Court Appointments: The power to appoint by the President Vis-a-vis the role of the JBC, Sid Angelo Bautista and Jose Eduardo Penaflorida

Granting unusual favors: An analysis of the implications of LGUs special allowance to the judiciary, Sarah Jean G. Canete and Crezzeile Suzette Leslie R. Francisco

A small price to pay: Regulating the use of plastic bags and styrofoam containers, Sharlene Anjelica L. Chiongson and Justine S. Cho

The constitutionality of the new baselines law, Albert N. Depano Jr. and Ana Karina P. Bartolome

Regulation on advertisements with indecent and/or offensive content: The proper exercise of the police power of the State without violating the constitutional provision on freedom of speech and expression, Mark Angelo M. Dolo and Pinkie Pearl T. Yap

Constitutionality of bigamy in the Philippines, Patrick Alexis V. Dy and Jack Bryan M. Hufano

Ma.L.A.S. ba maging Abogado?: An analysis on the legal merits of the prevailing objections against the rule on mandatory legal aid service (Bar Matter No. 2012), Rafael Rodrigo S. Esguerra and Maria Victoria A. Lagundino

Fast track delegation of authority: A study on the constitutionality of sections 401 and 402 of the tariff and customs code of 1978 (P.D. no. 1464, as amended), Fredrick Y. Fernandez and Hauri Park

The third sex?: Third in line, no more? a study on the constitutionality of proposed House Bill no. 956 or the Anti-gender Discrimination Act, Karla Rose E. Gutierrez

The ASEAN free trade area and the Philippines: The need for the harmonization of laws, Adrian Jay N. Hicarte and Abigail D. Palomo

An interdisciplinary approach on night work prohibition of the international labor organization and the Philippine labor code, Annalyn T. Magcawas and Marian Lylee S. Pascua

Political dynasty: A thorn in the government, Al B. Natividad

A study on the constitutionality of the judiciary, executive, and legislative advisory and consultatitve council, Michael Andrew V. Tong

Theses/Dissertations from 2008

A comparative study on the Philippine and Mexican procedure to protect human rights: The writ of Amparo, Eunice C. Abdon and Marisol A. Prieto

Genuine agrarian reform program: A constitutional analysis of house bill 3059, Jamie Esther Agra and Jhoanna Katrina Gonzales

Social legislation: Navigating the society through economics, Jayke Ang and Rosela Arcillas

Prohibition of non-political organization intervention in Barangay elections: Are we deprived of the right to associate?, David Anthony B. Aranas and Joyce Bernadette M. Lames

The mines and minds of the Philippine mining industry: A detailed analysis testing the validity of department of environment and natural resources administrative order 96-40, Patrick Jason P. Atilano and Francis Paul N. Fernando

Put your breaks on: Bumping through the divergences between the speedy trial act of 1998 and the Supreme Court circular 38 - 38, Mikhail Jullwyn B. Beltran and Jose Ma. Rosalila M. Lapira

A study on the effect of Republic Act 133 on foreign banks debt recovery from loans secured by real estate mortgages, Frances Ianna S. Canto and Ivan Viktor N. Mendez

Examining the limits and coverage of the executive privilege: Neri case, Katrina P. Cruz and Madeline Lovaire J. Pahimna

A discourse on the rule on the writ of habeas data, Anna Marie Antoinette S. Delmo and Allan G. Revote

The constitutionality of section 22 of Republic Act 9211 or the tobacco advertisements ban, Jerome Bart M. Frias and Sheila Marie V. Talosig

An interdisciplinary study on law and economics: The imposition of price control in the pharmaceutical industry in the Philippines, Azenith Gonzalgo and Danica Rio Manahan

Article 351 of the Revised Penal Code and the equal protection clause of the Philippine Constitution, Pol David G. Infante and Maria Corinna C. Lapina

A study on the constitutionality of the right to reply bill (Senate Bill 2150), Katherine C. Keh and Nico Bryan P. Tan

A look into the legal questions in the Japan Philippine economic partnership agreement (JPEPA) regarding Japan access to Philippines natural resources: Does the JPEPA provisions on private land ownership and deep-sea fishing obey the foreign equity rules under the Philippine laws?, Kyle Anthony B. Lao and Jovan Angelica J. Santos

Chasing rainbows: The Philippine coconut farmers' endless pursuit of coconut levy funds, Czarina Lim and Anna Loraine Mendoza

A study on the validity of the NBN-ZTE agreement in the light of existing laws, Farrahmila A. Mala and Pauline Anne L. Sy

Should cybersex operations be punishable?: A review of the constitutionality of the pending Senate Bill 1748, Abdul Rafi M. Onos and Michaelangelo A. Coronado

Breaking the legal stalemate: Revisiting the case of Cruz v. DENR in determining the constitutionality of R.A. 8371 or the indigenous peoples Rights Acts of 1997, Ashleigh P. Panopio and Alyssa Ana M. Zapata

Forced witnesses: An evaluation of Senate Bill No. 2356, Kristhia Carissa A. Quema and Kenneth O. Sychingping

Protection by the gavel: A study on the power of the Supreme Court to promulgate rules concerning constitutional rights, Diana Rueda and Kyle Nem Singh

The constitutionality of section 47 of Republic Act No. 8791 also known as the General Banking Law of 2000, Rafael Gregorio V. Sta. Maria, Rafael Gregorio V. Sta. Maria, and Vincent Bryan Young

Accreditation: To fee or not to fee: A critical analysis on the validity of accreditation and other requirements issued by the Bureau of Customs for Customs Brokers, Francis Peter C. Tan and Aaron Paul C. Lobo

Theses/Dissertations from 2007

Spousal support in the Philippine context, Rickmon Albert Alcantara and Vea Kristine Vallo

A comprehensive study on the constitutionality of the controversial provisions of the Human Security Act of 2007, Aisha Kristi M. Anigan, Madelyn C. Delos Santos, and Armand Dietrich M. Eleazar

Regulation or deregulation of the POEA's function: A proposed amendment on R.A. 9422, Melissa B. Atienza and Maria Monika S. Lapina

I.P.R.: Instant price reduction?: Study on the amendments of the intellectual property code to lower the prices of medicines, Ivan Vincent L. Balauag and Leonard Martin E. Syjuco

The Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA): Promoting economic development versus sacrificing sovereignty and environmental rights, Irene B. Balmes and Vanessa Lou A. Guinto

Indigenous people: Are they being deprived of their ancestral lands?, Laura Leonida Sarah C. Belza and Philip D. Chua

A critical analysis of Republic Act No. 9344: The Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006, Katrina M. Calugay and Ruskin G. Principe

The constitutionality of the right to strike in the public sector, David Anastacio G. Castillo

Decriminalization of libel: A dichotomy of freedom of the press and one's reputation, Joyce Aiza Z. Chan and Krystle Rits T. Cu

Biopiracy: An investigation on the provisions governing bioprospecting activities conducted within Philippine soil, Evelyn C. Chua

A study on the constitutionality of the proposed anti-terrorism law based on House Bill 4839 and Senate Bill 2137, Stephanie Chua and Jennings Ian Sy

A review of the legal parameters of two communication privacy laws (R.A. 4200 and R.A. 8792) in accordance with the changing times, Stacy L. Cunanan and Anna Olivia S. Lee

Aliens detained for extended lengths of time: Whether or not aliens undergoing deportation proceedings should be granted the right to bail, Katrina J. Diaz and Carla Bianca T. Torre

Two sides of the coin: A constitutional analysis on Republic Act 9439, Alexandra Gerardine S. Escucha and Shiela A. Mendoza

Uniform dispute resolution policy: A violation of the legal rights of domain name registrants?, Kimberly Lace L. Fama and Harly Jason U. Reyes

The natural born clause as enunciated in the case of Justice Gregory Ong, Jimzon Kristian O. Jimenez

Snub: How long will Congress stand it? An assessment of the constitutionality of Memorandum circular 10, Clarissa Anne Q. Julian and Jamielle Ann C. Lee

Undermining property rights?: A study of the legality of certain provisions of the Urban Development and Housing Act of 1992 to Property Rights, Jassen Ralph A. Lee and Hency L. Tanbengco

Open Sesame: The liberalization of the Philippine legal profession, Jerica Clara Santos Machado, Princess Poa Ong, and Michael Gerard Chua Sy

Sir, Yes Sir!: A comparative study of the doctrine of command responsibility as applied in the Philippines, international criminal courts and ad-hoc international criminal tribunals, Julienne Alyson Rae V. Medalla and Raul Marie C. Torres II

The enforceability of free and open source software (FOSS) licenses under Philippine law, Marychelle T. Mendoza and Maica P. Pineda

Prosecuting minors: Understanding the legal theory behind section six (6) of the juvenile justice and welfare Act of 2006, David B. Miranda and Stephanie Lynn A. Yap

Branching out: Historical school of legal philosophy as the basis of Republic Act 9262 otherwise known as antiviolence against women and their children, Robin Murillo and John Louie S. Tejada

Theses/Dissertations from 2006

Critical evaluation of the Senate bill entitled Anti-Dial-a-Porn Act, Ma. Berniefel F. Bernardo and Grace Anne R. Medina

RP vs. selected Southeast Asian Countries: A comparative law study on rape, Mary Bianca O. Calalang and Christian Benedict S. Chua

A study on the validity of DLSU-Manila faculty retirement age and rata tax practices, Martin Campos and Julius Cesar Lerit

A comprehensive review and proposed amendments to the labor code of the Philippines to promote gender equality, Victor Carlo Antonio V. Cayco and Joseph Carlo V. Pinon

A study on whether or not Executive Order No. 399, also known as the No Audit Program , is valid and constitutional, Joaquin Chipeco and Rommel Galingan

Is the overseas absentee voting act relevant in the Philippine electoral process?, Jacqueline Mae Choi and Maria Soccoro Custodio

Judging the judge's interpretation: The application of the purposive approach of statutory interpretation in Republic Act No. 6735 in the case of Defensor-Santiago v. COMELEC, Wendelline L. Chua and Syrus Dominique S. Gabales

The suffering right of suffrage: Is it constitutional for a religious leader to dictate to this flock who to vote for in the elections?, Joshua G. Dairo and Bryan Chester F. Ocampo

Born to rule or born to rule out?: Does the prohibition of political dynasty curtails the people's right to suffrage?, Alfredo B. Dimafelix II and Erol Roudel C. Ecalnir

A comparative study of Supreme Court's decision in cases of illegal dismissal, Alfonso Ceferino P. Emralino, Stephen Brian T. Lim, and Juan Paulo J. Prado

A comprehensive analysis of House Bill No. 261, also known as The Magna Carta of Patients' Right Obligations according to its validity under the laws promulgated by the state and its effects in the Philippines upon enactment, Jemillee Lorraine G. Go and Mary Caroline A. Tan