Theses/Dissertations from 2014

Gender identity as a right: A study on the legalization of sex change in the birth certificates of the transsexual Filipinos by reason of sexual reassignment surgery and its potential legal effects, Erika C. Sarmiento and Trishia C. Tan

Game of thrones: The return of chief justice Corona a research work regarding impeachment proceedings and the possible remedies of former chief justice Corona to appeal give that the bribery among the senators were true, Justine Mikaela M. Tria and Rhozabel B. Rivadeneira

No ticket, no problem?: A study on the legality of ticket scalping under the Philippine jurisdiction, Adam Earl D. Trinidad

Theses/Dissertations from 2013

Casting pearls before swine: A study on the extent of the legislature's power to identify projects funded by Congressional pork, Shannon S. Alim and Noemi Jane P. Vargas

Stem cell therapy: Boon or bane? A comprehensive study on the inadequacy of the DOH administrative order 2013-012 and FDA circular 2013-017, regulatory policies on the administration of stem cell products in hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, Conrado I. Andres and Jeanette N. Lacap

Pork on the run, Ma. Bea Joyce M. Au and Karen Joy P. Hicaro

A silent revolution: Weeding out vestiges of gender discrimination from the Revised Penal Code, Lei Megan B. Avisado and Nicole L. Caperal

Educational right of the minorities: A critique on the quality of special education in the Philippines in accordance with international treaties and conventions, Alberto Rafael R. Banaag Jr. and Kirk Erickson Y. Gajo

A woman's choice: Should abortion be allowed under certain cases specified by law?, Sofia Isabella V. Cabral and Louise Jillian G. Paris

Is Republic Act No. 10361: Batas Kasambahay enough? or its implementing rules and regulations too much?, Marcelle Margaret D. Capuz and Louise Jillian Paris

Atong Paglaum versus COMELEC: Requiem to representative democracy in the Philippine party-list system, Krisppina Krissanta A. Caraan and Camilla Rosanna H. Magsaysay

Fighting hate: A study on hate crimes and proposing a law to protect the LBGT community, Alyssa Vera G. Chua and Stephanie O. Kalaw

Impugning legitimacy: Extending such right to women and children, Mary Ann M. Clemente and Maria Denise Claire C. Marcelo

Conflict between the functions performed by the Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) and the one-China policy, Varna Elena A. Corpuz and Pauline Angela M. Rapada

A dignified death: Assessing the constitutionality and legality of the right to refuse medical treatment in Philippine context, Darlene Ciara G. Cristobal and Alexandra Paulyne P. Gutierrez

Chasing terrorists: A legal inquest into the human security act of 2007 and a comparative analysis of its salient features with selected anti-terror legislations, Darlene Ciara G. Cristobal and Sittie Aina D. Munder

Chasing terrorists: A legal inquest into the Human Security Act of 2007 and a comparative analysis of its salient features with selected anti-terror legislations, Darlene Ciara G. Cristobal and Sittie Aina D. Munder

I divorce you three times: Testing the constitutionality of granting absolute divorce exclusively for Muslims pursuant to the code of Muslim personal laws, Rainer Cruz and Jennifer So

Every man needs a home: An in-depth study on classifying the right to housing as a human right with respect to the current Philippine laws, Patricia Jillianne P. Degollado and Lourd Mackintosh G. Mantaring

Establishing a right to sex reassignment: Abolishing a modern day discrimination, Antonio Miguel R. De Guzman and Ralph C. Núñez

Antitrust law: improving the Philippines competition policies, Micaela Lourdes L. De Guzman and Martin Alfonso B. Villadolid

Government warning: Sec. 22of R.A. 9211 is dangerous to the constitution, Alfonso Miguel V. Dimla and Caleb L. Lauredo

Environmental displacement: Examining the gaps in the protection of persons and the environment amidst disasters and climate change, Khrismae C. Dy and Airiz Jessica Mia T. Parilla

Where does the money go? The study on the act and purpose of the Philippine legislative ranch on the legality of the disbursement of discretionary funds, Jovelan V. Escano and Nathaniel R. Espino

Gay rights are human rights: Protecting GBTI men from domestic violence, Jordan C. Handog and Joshua Cyrus C. Valera

Assessing the validity of the contract between Manila Goldcoast Development and the city of Manila, Maria Cleo A. Heraldo and Mary Yasmine V. Urbano

Filipinos right to eat right, Maria Isabel S. Hernandez and Glynnie Grace C. Palabrica

The battle between inalienable rights: Will the exercise of religion freedom violate other civil and political rights?, Charissa Grace U. Jao and Iris Hannah S. Yap

Insert caption: A study on whether to provide a new limitation in favor of the deaf with regards to closed captioning, Veronica Marie M. Lago and Jan Gabriel M. Ramos

PAGCOR: Gambling with too much power, Luisa Margarita S. Macasaet and Annalyn S. Superable

Building a court playhouse for a child witness: A study on whether the protective measures of the rules on examination of a child witness violate the confrontation rights of the accused, Orestes C. Magdaraog III

Man vs. Nature: The study on the proposed amendment of R.A. 7279 catering to making water pollution a ground for evicting informal settlers, Alnord Kevin G. Maniago and Christopher Michael G. Ona

Fed up: A study on freight forwarding as a public utility and subject to the 60/40 ownership rule, Karlo Francisco H. Marcilla and Alexander V. Valera

A proposal to amend the Omnibus Election Code to cover election offenses such as vote-buying occurring during the registration period, Katriziah Abbygail U. Montalbo and Marie Antoinette T. Sy

Post traumatic stress disorder as a justifying circumstance (revised), Maria Michaela O. Sarmiento and Karen Bianca M. Tinimbang

The cagandahan right: Assessing the legal implications of parents making medical decisions on behalf of their intersex children, Virgilia Marie M. Soriano and Brian Q. Chuahiock

A comparative study regarding the constitutionality of the mandatory drug testing clause contained between sections 6 and 7 in R.A. 10856 vis a vis social justice society, Jan Aldrin W. Tang and Lavina Celine R. Udquin

Modern warfare: The validity of the use of drones an exploration on the validity of US unmanned aerial vehicles in the Philippines under Philippine laws and international humanitarian laws, Kathrine T. Ting and Lorenzo V. Saldana

Theses/Dissertations from 2012

Under the gavel of the Supreme Court: An inquiry into the power of the Supreme Court to review the orders, resolutions or decisions of the Impeachment Court under the 1987 Constitution, Erik James G. Abejuela and Ernest Jeremy A. Jose

Opt me out!: Legalizing presumed consent for organ donation in the Philippines, Alyssa Mae C. Africa and Kathleen Mae C. Tan

The principle of absolute diplomatic immunity: Testing its legality against Philippine Laws and International Human Rights, Angelo Antonio and Remar Gutierrez

It's not your business, Sean Timothy Ballada and Roi Christopher Dizon

Perfecting the anti-medical malpractice bill: An analysis with recommendations, Frederick S. Boco and Lawrence J. Manahan

Palawan v. Republic of the Philippines: A legal examination and comparative analysis on the claim of territorial jurisdiction by the Province of Palawan over the Camago-Malampaya Deep Water Gas-to-Power project, Ramon Francisco P. Bonoan and Luis Alfonso S. Sena

The republic strikes back: Prevention is better than cure: The exploration on the validity and justifiability of anticipatory self-defense in a democratic state, Christian Gregory P. Buanales and Marco Nicholas G. De Padua

Express yourself before you wreck yourself: Using the views of the human rights committee as basis for the amendment of Philippine libel laws, Michael Francis Castro and Fides Rossini Siena

Decriminalization of premature marriages under Article 351 of the revised penal code for being discriminatory against women and violative of the equal protection clause provided in the constitution, Virnalyn P. Ching and Adrian Nigel H. Yap

The constitutionality of a citizenship retention and re-acquisition act, Juan Ruffo D. Chong and Christopher A. Rodriguez

A study of the limitations of one's right to travel, Lia Trisha J. Co and Jose Maria B. Santos

Being Gay at work: A legal research on the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender to equal work opportunity, Patrick Stephen M. Cua and Sheena Erica G. Ong

It takes two to tango: Whether or not the provision of Article 46 of the Family Code stating that no other misrepresentation or deceit shall be recognized as fraud and ground for annulment in connection with Article 46 (2) is unconstitutional for violating the Equal Protection Clause and the mandate to protect marriage and family life, both guaranteed by the 1987 Constitution, Kristine Mariz I. De Claro and Maria Fraulaine May L. Rapal

Divided we stand: An in depth study on the application of the Philippine intellectual property laws on dominancy vs. holistic test as applied in the case of skechers U.S VS. inter pacific, et al., Mikhail Isiah B. Dela Cruz and Rhys Derek S. Ruelos

Are we competitive?: A study on the alignment or non-alignment of Philippine Constitutional provisions to GATT provisions on competition, Mika Diaz and Sheila Lu

RP-AS SOVFA: A bilateral agreement that should enhance maritime border security of the participating countries, Nolan Redji Domingo and Sevilla, Rey Arvin D.

A study on the constitutionality of Women's Higher Education Act of 2010, Tricia Aimee O. Fabico and Joanna Marie S. Nidea

Clean, potable, drinking and sanitary water for every Juan, Rebecca Anne U. Flores and Ruby Mae F. Reyes

The dark side of the FCDU Law: Accountability of public officers vs. equal protection, Nicolai Ryuichi M. Francia and Marjorie N. Melgar

@PedroJuanDelaCruz@(*o/o)S#)S ka!: You and your family!: A study on the constitutionality of criminalizing cyberbullying, Arjuna Das Matthew F. Guevara and Maria Yvette V. Teepecuy

Women's rights and abortion, Kristine Ross Welsh M. Lacbayo

Punit of amparo: A case study on the limitations on Writ of Amparo set by the case of Navia et al. vs. Pardico, Marc Kevin C. Lim and John Elijah A. Mejia

Defamation: A constitutional violation: A study on the constitutionality of Senate Bill 3244 (An act to decriminalize libel and for other purposes, Jade Roxanne P. Lo and Celina Marie M. Santos

The journey to the land of promise: Bangsamoro, not Filipino?, Maricon T. Lorenzo and Jayson V. Manquiquis

Precarious employment: Contractual employees' welfare hangs while enterprises cut costs, Keshley Ann U. Macaraeg and Elias R. Sadicon

Does our Philippine laws merely over-protective towards women instead of giving empowerment?: A legal study concerning the empowerment of Filipino women, John Fernand F. Magcanlas and Paolo Lester M. Jamilarin

The antiquated provision: Protectionism on public utilities, Sarah C. Medalla and Monica Anne T. Yap

Scarborough shoal: Determining the legality of territorial claims, Carlwin Thomson Ong and Miguel Alfonso Lima

The exodus to K-12: The implementation of K-12 and its violation to the equal protection clause of the 1987 Philippine Constitution, Mark Steven A. Pempengco and Regine Ivah N. Temporal

Affording a cyber-upgrade: recommended enhancements to the cybercrime prevention act of 2012 based on practices of foreign jurisdictions, Jade Margarette S. Pitogo and Francis Arwin R. Roxas

Clear the air, Ralph Ivan T. Redoquerio

Juvenile justice: Protection of the rights of the child, Jasmine Ann A. Rosit and Charlene Mae C. Dacara

Blacklisted: A study on the cybercrime prevention act of 2012, April Joy C. Santiago

A call for the decriminalization of prostitutes, Jennica Santiago and Cassandra Santos

Animals are people too : The lack of rules dealing with para-veterinarians, Julius Geoffrey S. Tangonan

The right to die: A study of Senate Bill 1483 otherwise named as the natural death bill by Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, Richard Brett S. Uy and Gary Rafael S. Valera

Theses/Dissertations from 2011

The local government units' authority in exercising police power in line with regulating the number of business employees, Jean Antonette Pauline Abeng and Janessa Faye Chua

Philippine competition laws: An oil industry case study analysis, Jerome Abesamis and Kazzi Colmenar

Playing in the virtual battlefield of violence: Is the Philippine government concerned?: A comprehensive analysis of the applicability in the Philippines of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the case of Brown V. Entertainment Merchants Association invalidating the prohibition of the direct sale and rental of violent video games to minors, Charmaine A. Abes and Monique Camille Z. Noa

A study on the legality and constitutionality of President Benigno Aquino's denial of Ferdinand E. Marcos burial at the libingan ng mga bayani, Ramon Vicente B. Asuncion and Paul Michael D. Rillo

Legalities of the claims over Sabah: A study focusing on the Philippine claim, Aslani M. Balt Jr. and Sharie Lulu C. Tan

A quest for an effective technology transfer law: An assessment of the Philippine Technology Transfer Act of 2009, Kyrene Dennise T. Biag and Aihruz Lynell A. Mallari

Proposed right of reply: A violation of the freedom of the press?, Helene Rose C. Camacho and Alvie Marie T. Villapana

On libel: The lagging laws, Dominico Emmanuel O. Concepcion and Raymond Tito E. Ticman

The constitutionality of the Action of the PCSO: Donation of vehicles to certain catholic bishops, Nelvin Charles L. Crescini and Christopher Lambert M. Fabros

Same sex, different laws: A proposal to extend the definition of legal spouse to common law LGBT partners in relation to benefits in labor standard laws and welfare legislations in the labor code, Fatima Monica I. Datingaling and Arisa Maelle B. Suzuki

Filling in the gaps: Redefining the boundaries of Philippine media in the context of terrorism in Philippine setting, Patrick Densil Q. Decal and Irving Teddyson U. Gaw

Look who's stalking? A study on the validity of Senate Bill 2442 including the analysis on the applicability of the public figure doctrine to stalking laws, Josephus Ton O. de Leon and Ma. Cecille Alexandra B. Taguiam

Domestic corporal punishment: A Philippine legal perspective, Alexandra Delos Santos and Maria Salve Lorayne M. Nierves

She carried our baby: A study on how legalizing gestational surrogacy can address the international obligation of the Philippines, Mary Catherine A. Diesta and Johansen V. Ferrer

Criminalizing plagiarism, Merlin Gene C. Erese, Geanne Dareece L. Chan, and Hilario S. Caraan

PPRRTT!: A series of a typical events: An in-depth study of resignation and disqualification of a senator, Roxanne Gail M. Gabayno and Senen Antonio B. Lainez

Searched and seized evidence in Maguindanao: Admissible or inadmissible?, Sheila L. Gementiza and Airisa Fe Esperanza D. Molaer

The debt dilemma: Constitutionality of the automatic appropriation to debt servicing, Giancharlie P. Go and John Beau B. Masiglat

Including exclusions: Accommodating evidences to be inevitably discovered to the exceptions to the exclusionary rule in the Philippines, Jessy Marie Go and Carlito Reyes II

PAGCOR e-games: Complying with the provisions of the PAGCOR charter or not?, Jesus Angelo P. Gomez and Jarryd Anthony B. Pajara

Marriage over: A study on the legality of divorce, Louis Andrei M. Gonzales and Kelvin Y. Hung

Dispute settlement and international law: Verifying the legality and reconciling the conflicting claims over the Spratly Islands, Pawanjeet Kang and Perpetua Calliope Ngo

Modern times, modern laws: A study regarding the Philippine regulation on same-sex marriages in compliance with international treaties to which the state is a signatory, Simran Preet Kaur and Lyzette Arianne L. Siazar

Retirement age and maternity leave policies for airline employees, Irene Justin S. Maligat and Patricia Gianina C. Tuason

Don't bloc(k) my vote: A study on the practice of bloc voting of the religious group Iglesia ni Cristo in relation to the omnibus election code, Alma Alexandra L. Martinez and Pauline Marie I. Ubaldo

Wall of separation: A sword or shield of whom? an analysis of the principle on separation of church and state, Christopher Dann C. Mercado and Mark N. Valenzuela