Theses/Dissertations from 2006

Imposition of taxes on text messages: Analyzing the mechanism, effects and legal issues, Kristine S. Go and John Joseph S. Tamares

A comparative study on the current anti-sedition law and its proposed repeal to determine the necessity and applicability of the anti-sedition law at present, Maryl Karren Ang Gaw Go and Irene Marie Pena Qua

The withdrawal of support by the Armed Forces of the Philippines from the Commander-in-Chief: A comparative study of the political science theory and legal theory, Ma. Veronica S. Guangco and Carlo Luis C. Moro

The Philippine Domestic violence laws and the Filipino men: Are men deprived of equal protection?, Jaybee S. Hizon and Joanna Patricia C. Ulanday

The criminalization of cybersex in the Philippines, Liz Dainty L. Landicho and Joey Marinette L. Reyes

A critical analysis of the law on corporal punishment in the Philippines and its implications on public school teachers, Eileen Rizza Chua Lim and Jobelle Untalasco Villareal

Pay per bride: A comprehensive study on the mail order bride law, Rafael Paolo L. Mangibin and Melanie Jill S. Tan

A study on the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2005, Melissa Meimban and Andrea Asuncion P. Silvala

Monopoly and public benefit: a study on the balance between patent rights and easy market access of the public to patented pharmaceutical products and the role of Senate Bill No. 2139 on the Philippine pharmaceutical industry setting, Cyril Vincent S. Noel and Miguel Paolo R. Soliman

The constitutionality of the right to strike in the public sector, Kristine Paolin Pampilo

Senate Bill No. 1817: Anti-Prostitution Act of 2004 Constitutional or not?, Jessamyn H. Uy and Karl Andrei S. Pulido

Theses/Dissertations from 2005

A critique on the proposal of mandatory self-defense on all women as a means to eradicate rape and other forms of violence - Security at the cost of liberty and equality, Sheena Abrea, Catrina Barbara Binondo, and Siena Karen dG. Peralta

A comprehensive legal analysis and economic evaluation of the imposition of full backwages in illegal termination cases, Ma. Angela Leonor C. Aguinaldo

A critique of the legislative investigation process in the Philippines, Jonuel Alejandrino and Carla Nicole Hontiveros

A thesis on the disadvantages of the legalization of jueteng, Newlyn Lester Ang and Ben Joseph Fuentes

Whether or not random drug testing is constitutional, Sherilyn Bacay and Kelly Tsang

Is the Attrition Act of 2005 in violation of the equal protection clause?, Gemicks Ace T. Bueno, Goldwin Ruben De Castro, and Jerico D. Salenga

The nationalization of the Philippine Oil Industry, Roy Cabrera, Jonathan Cahinhinan, and Ria Camille de Jesus

Does special treatment of youthful offenders violate the equal protection of the laws clause of the constitution?, Maria Paz Geraldine J. Campos and Grace Sarah S. Tria

Greater protection for children in conflict with the law: A move for a comprehensive juvenile justice system, Maria Paz Geraldine J. Campos and Grace Sarah S. Tria

National IDs: One way of the other?, Christian Ray Canalita and Alston Kevin Anarna

Is there a need for a central government in Metro Manila?, Paula Chan and Dindo de Vera

Acceptance or refusal of medical treatments: The legalization of living wills in the Philippines, Michelle H. Chua, Izah Katrina T. Reyes, and Annaisa Y. Sy

Child welfare vs. rights of the accused: A study on the rule on examination of a child witness in relation to the constitutional provision affording the accused the right to meet the witness face to face, Joan Kristel Cu Co, Kathleen April Raz, and Winchester Reyes

An assessment of the Philippine population problem and the necessity of law, Katrina Felize S. Cruz and Nino Martin B. Cruz

A study of the legal rights and obligations of a pregnant woman who is HIV-positive in relation to the rights of her infant, Carl Derick C. Dungo and Felix Conrad B. Reyes

The Legalization of jueteng, Christian Mari S. Escolar and Stephanie Erin Yao Yu

Kids gone bad: A study of the proposed comprehensive juvenile justice syetem bill, Jamie S. Flores, Noelle S. Gavino, and Jeremiah Dexter M. Landicho

Should the jury system be adopted by the Philippine legal system, Juan Miguel M. Flores and Jaime Lorenzo O. Ilagan

Amendment of Batas Pambansa Bldg. 22 (Bouncing checks Law), Anna Michelle S. Genuino, Mary Jane L. Go, and Siena Karen Peralta

Establishing illegitimate filiation beyond the father's lifetime via scientific evidence and other more credible means than a certificate of birth ministerially recorded by the office of the Civil Regisrar, Kohei T. Higashi, Jose Carlos M. Sasis, and Grace K. Syalomesen

Educational malpractice in the Philippines, Darleen Marie T. Javier and Eunicia Rica S. Mediodia

In addressing our population problem, is greater state involvement justified and necessary? A critique of the constitutionality of House bill no. 3773 and its ability to promote the national policy on responsible parenthood and population management, Arvin Alcanar Jo and Gumersindo Ilagan III

The stock distribution option: Mode of agrarian reform for Hacienda Luisita, Inc.: Legality and remedy, Gerardo Domenico V. Lanuza and Kengie A. Whang

No longer man, but not yet a woman? Whether or not postoperative transsexuals can seek correction of gender entry in the birth certificate, Ruby Margaret Tan Lao and Stephanie Erin Yao Yu

Legal protection of the unborn child: A proposal to amend Articles 40 and 41 of the New Civil Code of the Philippines, Jan Michael U. Lim, Lionel D. Relucio, and Isabelle Therese J. Tamayo

A critical study of selected laws afflicting the Philippine cellular mobile telecommunications industry: Do they promote competition?, Joanna Marie F. Paguio and Carmi Czarina V. Tugday

Tax exempt corporations under the National Internal Revenue Code, George Meyer L. Salud

Theses/Dissertations from 2004

An examination of constitutional rights that are possibly violated in a buy-bust operation, Sarah M. Casaje and Leah P. Calamiong

A study of law/Filipino comfort women: The saga that must end, Hazel Ann L. Cua and Jomelle Mutiangpili

In the eyes of my batterer: A study on the anti-abuse of women in intimate relationship (Anti-AWIR) act and the anti-domestic violence act, Ilyn Manongtong and Eilis Chery Tan

Theses/Dissertations from 2003

Laws on the secrecy of bank deposits and investments: A refuge for graft and corruption in government?, Jacqueline Ann C. Alegre and Ashley Lene N. Tan

The right to privacy of employees in the workplace: The fading privacy rights of employees amidst the rising advances in technology, Joseph Michael R. Bautista and Saga, Alvin L.

The regulation of the sale, use and distribution of blank cd's and duplicating machines, Aileen Blanche T. Chiong and Catherine C. Wee

First-to-file rule: Is it constitutional?, Jocelyn Chiu and Katrina Clemente

Amending the law on legitimation, Jayraldine Ann F. Inciong and Concepcion S. J. Orbigoso

onstitutional law:, Leah Theresa L. Labadan and Manuel Eufracio Zosa III

Awarding of separation pay to employees dismissed for just causes: A close scrutiny of social justice applied in labor laws, Deane Ruth S. Monfero and Lancaster L. Uy

Mandatory training in public administration: A panacea for the nations ill-equipped leaders, bringing renewed hope for a better government, Syndiana C. Obiles, Goldwin Ruben De Castro, and Jerico D. Salenga

Theses/Dissertations from 2002

A close scrutiny of the proposed bills on medical malpractice and their implications, Rita Jessica S. Arda and Ma. Carla Therese O. Tolentino

The legality of the Philippines deferment of the common effective preferential tariff (CEPT) scheme for the petrochemical industry, Catherine S. Caampued and Charitie T. Kho

A legal research paper on employee right to participate in policy-decision making and the changing role of management prerogative do it my way and behave as I told or you're fired, Joan Lou P. Gamboa and Ivy S. Sarmiento

Liability of the Board of Directors for violation of Republic Act 1161, as amended by Republic Act 8282, Maila Katrina Ilarde and Ma. Eliza Camille B. Yamamoto

The foreign investment act of 1991: is it prejudicial to the interest of one hundred percent Filipino owned companies, Maila Katrina Y. Ilarde and Dana Paula B. Mendiola

Conundrum of jurisdiction (an analysis of the legal considerations involved in the assassination of a diplomatic person), Gan Joaquin III and Kim Min

The viability of industry -wide bargaining, Janette C. Lim and Reezann Keith E. Ramos

Assessment of tax liability: A necessity or accessory?, Carmina Limuaco and Carmela Tindog

A review on the proposed Senate Bill 2060 an act providing for the imposition of the penalty of imprisonment for thirty (30) years instead of the death penalty in cases where the law prescribes the death penalty, Marie Dominique E. Pechuela and Ma. Anna Irene L. Guzman

The legality of automatic cost adjustment, Benjamin Jose Ruste and Vismarck Uy

Theses/Dissertations from 2001

Lack of proof of juridical antecedence is it the only hindrance to the annulment of hopeless marriages?, Carlos M. Caringal and Anna Christine M. Carlos

Assumption of office by a convicted public official: A legal expose' on the Romeo G. Jalosjos case, Jackie Lyn L. Choa and Louiecille M. Larcia

Splitting deposit, Michelle C. Lao and Bernard Garvin Tiu