Submissions from 2017

Prospects in modeling reader's affect based on EEG signals, Kristine Kalaw, Ethel Ong, and Judith Azcarraga

MIPSers: MIPS extension release 6 simulator, Nyssa Michelle D. Kho and Roger Luis Uy

MIPSers: MIPS extension release 6 simulator, Nyssa Michelle D. Kho and Roger Luis Uy

A theoretical framework in mapping the philippine creativity landscape with ICT, Christine Diane Lim

Local government unit analytics for program planning & policy-making in Caloocan city, Christine Diane Lim, Shermaine Sy, Gian Carlo Roxas, and Geraldine Atayan

A hybrid agent for automatically determining and extracting the 5Ws of Filipino news articles, Evan Dennison S. Livelo, Andrea Nicole O. Ver, Jedrick L. Chua, John Paul S. Yao, and Charibeth K. Cheng

A primary morphological classifier for skin lesion images, Jules Matthew A. Macatangay, Conrado R. Ruiz, and Richard P. Usatine

Time series analysis and crime pattern forecasting of city crime data, Charlie S. Marzan, Remedios De Dios Bulos, Maria Jeseca C. Baculo, and Conrado Ruiz got hacked, Taufeeq Mohammed, Utkarsh Shrivastava, Ashish K. Das, and Quynh T. Nguyen

A spell checker for a low-resourced and morphologically rich language, Manolito Octaviano and Allan Borra

Building a semantic ontology for virtual peers in narrative-based environments, Ethel Chua Joy Ong, Danielle Grace Consignado, Sabrina Jane Ong, and Zhaynechong Soriano

Anduyog: A web-based application for relief and casualty monitoring and early warning system for local government units in the Philippines, Ramon L. Rodriguez, Elcid A. Serrano, and Ariel Kelly D. Balan

Using morphological operators and inpainting for hair removal in dermoscopic images, Julie Ann A. Salido and Conrado Ruiz

Crowd dynamics and control in high-volume metro rail stations, Briane Paul V. Samson, Crisanto R. Aldanese, Deanne Moree C. Chan, Jona Joyce S. San Pascual, and Ma. Victoria Angelica P. Sido

Analyzing novice programmers' EEG signals using unsupervised algorithms, Vanlalhruaii Swansi, Tita Herradura, and Merlin Teodosia Suarez

Fast 1-itemset frequency count using CUDA, Roger Luis Uy and Nelson Marcos

Towards a narrative-based game environment for simulating business decisions, Stanley Yu Galan, Michael Joshua Ramos, Aakov Dy, Yusin Kim, and Ethel Ong

Submissions from 2016

Comparing affect recognition in peaks and onset of laughter, Faramarz Ataollahi and Merlin Teodosia Suarez

Validating the stable clustering of songs in a structured 3D SOM, Arnulfo P. Azcarraga, Arturo Caronongan, Rudy Setiono, and Sean Manalili

Somphony: Visualizing symphonies using self organizing maps, Arnulfo P. Azcarraga and Fritz Kevin Flores

Gender-specific classifiers in phoneme recognition and academic emotion detection, Arnulfo Azcarraga, Arces Talavera, and Judith Azcarraga

Convolutional neural network for vehicle detection in low resolution traffic videos, Carlo Migel Bautista, Clifford Austin Dy, Miguel Iñigo Mañalac, Raphael Angelo Orbe, and Macario Cordel

Quantifying the throughput and latency contribution in secured IEEE 802.15.6 WBAN simulated transmission, John Adriel Benolirao, Anton Jaie De Joya, Isaac Lim, Lois Klaryze Osayta, and Macario Cordel

Network analysis with report authoring (NARA), Reginal Caldez, Jan Gilbert Castro, Kelvin Richie Co, and Geanne Ross Franco

MIPS64 simulator on a mobile environment, Ma. Angelica Capuz, Lorraine Policarpio, Brylle Joseph Quinto, Selwyn Emerson Reyes, and Roger Luis Uy

Modeling user music preference through usage scoring and user listening behavior for generating preferred playlists, Arturo P. Caronongan and Rafael A. Cabredo

Neural analyses validate and emphasize the role of progesterone receptor in breast cancer progression and prognosis, Arturo Caronongan, Barbara Venturini, Debora Canuti, Satnam Dlay, Raouf N. G. Naguib, and Gajanan V. Sherbet

A static transliteration approach for assembly language translation, Jonathan Paul Cempron, Chudrack Salinas, Jonathan Benedict Gonzales, Roger Uy, and Yuuki Hayakawa

Organizing news articles and editorials through information extraction and sentiment analysis, Charibeth Cheng, Bernadyn Cagampan, and Christine Diane Lim

Self-organizing maps as feature detectors for supervised neural network pattern recognition, Macario O. Cordel, Arren Matthew C. Antioquia, and Arnulfo P. Azcarraga


A computer assisted diagnosis system for the identification/auscultation of pulmonary pathologies, Macario O. Cordel II and Joel P. Ilao

Design and evaluation of a multi-model, multi-level artificial neural network for eczema skin lesion detection, Launcelot C. De Guzman, Ryan Paolo C. Maglaque, Vianca May B. Torres, Simon Philippe A. Zapido, and Macario O. Cordel

Breadcrumb: An indoor simultaneous localization and mapping system for mobile devices, Duke Danielle Delos Santos, Alron Jan Lam, Jules Macatangay, Ivan Paner, and Courtney Anne Ngo

Design and implementation of a web-based faculty information system, Geanne Ross L. Franco

Developing an unsupervised grammar checker for Filipino using hybrid n-grams as grammar rules, Matthew Phillip Go and Allan Borra

Neural network training and rule extraction with augmented discretized input, Yoichi Hayashi, Rudy Setiono, and Arnulfo Azcarraga

Improving Twitter community detection through contextual sentiment analysis of tweets, Alron Jan Lam

Beamforming pointing error of a triaxial velocity sensor under gain uncertainties, Tsair Chuan Lin, Kainam Thomas Wong, Macario O. Cordel, and Joel Paz Ilao

Texture-based detection of lung pathology in chest radiographs using local binary patterns, Gil Paulo Melendez and Macario Cordel

SMTPOST: Using statistical machine translation approach in Filipino part-of-speech tagging, Nicco Nocon and Allan Borra

A conversational agent to shift students’ affect state, Ethel Chua Joy Ong and Zhayne Chong Soriano

Blood provision and service application for people in Manado using mobile web technology, Cindy Rambitan, Ari Samadhi, Angreine Kewo, and Thomas Suwanto

A flood detection and warning system based on video content analysis, Martin Joshua P. San Miguel and Conrado R. Ruiz

A framework for measuring infection level on cacao pods, Daniel Stanley Tan, Robert Neil Leong, Ann Franchesca Laguna, Courtney Anne Ngo, Angelyn Lao, Divina Amalin, and Dionisio Alvindia

On the complexity of implementation of recursion on factorial and Fibonacci algorithms using RISC-based MIPS64 instruction set architecture, Roger Luis Uy and Nelson Marcos

Optimal planning of incentive-based quality in closed-loop supply chains, Antonio Yamzon, Veanney Ventura, Paolo Guico, and Charlle Sy

Submissions from 2015

Kidnew: The kidney transplant patient personal health buddy, Mary Jane B. Arcilla, Viana Celina T. Ang, Mikaela Nazarene Ochoa, Christian Paulo L. Padua, and Riezl E. Payawal

Selective prediction of student emotions based on unusually strong EEG signals, Judith Azcarraga, Nelson Marcos, Arnulfo Azcarraga, and Yoichi Hayashi

Towards an automated, high-throughput identification of the greenness and biomass of rice crops, Rhett Jason C. Buzon, Louis Timothy D. Dumlao, Micaela Angela C. Mangubat, Jan Robert D. Villarosa, and Briane Paul V. Samson

Maturity analysis and monitoring system for sugarcane crops, Jonathan Clark S. Camacho, Anthea Marina A. Co, Jan Percival SJ Hao, Ana Carmela P. Salazar, and Joel P. Ilao

Towards an automated plant height measurement and tiller segmentation of rice crops using image processing, Karol Paulette Constantino, Elisha Jeremy Gonzales, Lordd Michael Lazaro, Ellen Chelsea Serrano, and Briane Paul Samson

Fast emulation of self-organizing maps for large datasets, Macario O. Cordel and Arnulfo P. Azcarraga

Crowd density estimation in extremely crowded images, Kyle Mc Hale Dela Cruz, John Paul Garcia, and Kristine Ma. Dominique Kalaw

iXray: A machine learning-based digital radiograph pattern recognition system for lung pathology detection, Ria Rodette G. De La Cruz, Trizia Roby Ann C. Roque, John Daryl G. Rosas, Charles Vincent M. Vera Cruz, Macario O. Cordel, and Joel P. Ilao

Unsupervised habitual activity detection in accelerometer data, Carolyn Domingo, Solomon See, and Roberto Legaspi

WSAN: Node network communication protocol through coordination messaging, Fritz Kevin S. Flores and Gregory G. Cu

Code it! A gamified learning environment for iterative programming, Jeffrey Garcia, Jo Rupert Copiaco, John Philips Nufable, Francis Amoranto, and Judith Azcarraga

Towards context based affective computing introduction to the Third International CBAR 2015 Workshop, Zakia Hammal and Merlin Teodosia Suarez

Development, implementation and testing of language identification system for seven Philippine languages, Ann Franchesca B. Laguna and Rowena Cristina L. Guevara

Improving inertial navigation systems with pedestrian locomotion classifiers, Courtney Ngo, Solomon See, and Roberto Legaspi

Generating animated paper pop-ups from the motion of articulated characters, Conrado Ruiz Jr., Sang N. Le, and Kok Lim Low

Using sample selection to improve accuracy and simplicity of rules extracted from neural networks for credit scoring applications, Rudy Setiono, Arnulfo P. Azcarraga, and Yoichi Hayashi

Submissions from 2014

Open domain continuous Filipino speech recognition: Challenges and baseline experiments, Federico Ang, Rowena Cristina Guevara, Yoshikazu Miyanaga, Rhandley Cajote, Joel Ilao, Michael Gringo Angelo Bayona, and Ann Franchesca Laguna

Tagging documents using neural networks based on local word features, Amulfo P. Azcarraga, Paolo Tensuan, and Rudy Setiono

Educational data mining and learning analytics, Ryan Shaun Baker and Paul Salvador Inventado

Exploring data mining and gamification as tools for poverty analysis and policy formulation: A methodological framework, Remedios De Dios Bulos, Neriza M. Delfino, and John Paolo R. Rivera

Sidekick: A tool for helping students manage behavior in selfinitiated learning scenarios, Paul Salvador Inventado

NormAPI: An API for normalizing Filipino shortcut texts, Nicco Nocon, Gems Cuevas, Darwin Magat, Peter Suministrado, and Charibeth Cheng

Philippine component of the network-based ASEAN language translation public service, Nicco Nocon, Nathaniel Oco, Joel Ilao, and Rachel Edita Roxas

Self-improving instructional plans on the level of student categories, Ralph Vincent J. Regalado, Jenina L. Chua, and Justin L. Co

Adaptive information extraction of disaster information from Twitter, Ralph Vincent J. Regalado, Jenina L. Chua, Justin L. Co, Herman C. Cheng, Angelo Bruce L. Magpantay, and Kristine Ma. Dominique F. Kalaw

Extracting conceptual relations from children’s stories, Briane Paul Samson and Ethel Ong

MofN rule extraction from neural networks trained with augmented discretized input, Rudy Setiono, Arnulfo P. Azcarraga, and Yoichi Hayashi

Automatic rating of movies using an arousal curve extracted from video features, Daniel Stanley Tan, Solomon See, and Thomas James Tiam-Lee

Building a sentiment corpus using a gamified framework, Thomas James Tiam-Lee and Solomon See

Beyond multi-core: A survey of architectural innovations on microprocessor, Roger Luis Uy

Alternative feature extraction from digitized images of dye solutions as a model for algal bloom remote sensing, Roger Luis Uy, Joel P. Ilao, Eric Punzalan, and Mariel Prane Ong

Submissions from 2013

Recognizing student emotions using brainwaves and mouse behavior data, Judith Azcarraga and Merlin Teodosia Suarez

Discovering emotion-inducing music features using EEG signals, Rafael Cabredo, Roberto Legaspi, Paul Salvador Inventado, and Masayuki Numao

A multimodal emotion corpus for Filipino and its uses, Jocelynn Cu, Katrina Ysabel Solomon, Merlin Teodosia Suarez, and Madelene Sta. Maria

SMO-based system for identifying common lung conditions using histogram, Ria Rodette G. De La Cruz, Trizia Roby Ann C. Roque, John Daryl G. Rosas, Charles Vincent M. Vera Cruz, Macario O. Cordel, Joel P. Ilao, Adrian Paul J. Rabe, and Petronilo J. Parungao

Lung nodule detection and diagnosis using circle detection through plain radiographs, Ria Rodette De La Cruz, Trizia Roby Ann Roque, John Daryl Rosas, Charles Vincent M. Vera Cruz, Macario O. Cordel II, and Joel P. Ilao

Analogue realization of fractional-order dynamical systems, L'ubomír Dorčák, Juraj Valsa, Emmanuel Gonzalez, Ján Terpák, Ivo Petráš, and Pivka Ladislav

A method for incorporating fractional-order dynamics through PID control system retuning, Emmanuel A. Gonzalez, Concepción A. Monje, L'Ubomír Dorčák, Ján Terpák, and Ivo Petráš

Towards context based affective computing, Zakia Hammal and Merlin Teodosia Suarez

Identification of effective learning behaviors, Paul Salvador Inventado, Roberto Legaspi, Rafael Cabredo, Koichi Moriyama, Ken Ichi Fukui, Satoshi Kurihara, and Masayuki Numao

Modeling affect in student-driven learning scenarios, Paul Salvador Inventado, Roberto Legaspi, Rafael Cabredo, and Masayuki Numao

Towards building incremental affect models in self-directed learning scenarios, Paul Salvador Inventado, Roberto Legaspi, Ken Ichi Fukui, Koichi Moriyama, and Masayuki Numao

An architecture for identifying and using effective learning behavior to help students manage learning, Paul Salvador Inventado, Roberto Legaspi, Koichi Moriyama, Ken Ichi Fukui, and Masayuki Numao

Helping students manage personalized learning scenarios, Paul Salvador Inventado, Roberto Legaspi, and Masayuki Numao

Measuring language similarity using trigrams: Limitations of language identification, Nathaniel Oco, Joel Ilao, Rachel Edita Roxas, and Leif Romeritch Syliongka

Dice's coefficient on trigram profiles as metric for language similarity, Nathaniel Oco, Leif Romeritch Syliongka, Rachel Edita Roxas, and Joel Ilao

The democracy cube as a framework for guiding participatory planning for community-based it initiatives, Zelinna Pablo, Sherwin Ona, Rachel Edita Roxas, Charibeth Cheng, Allan Borra, and Nathaniel Oco

Subjectivity classification of Filipino text with features based on term frequency - inverse document frequency, Ralph Vincent J. Regalado, Jenina L. Chua, Justin L. Co, and Thomas James Z. Tiam-Lee

Submissions from 2012

Automatic guitar music transcription, Lance Alcabasa and Nelson Marcos

Planning children’s stories using agent models, Karen Ang and Ethel Ong

Towards providing music for academic and leisurely activities of computer users, Roman Joseph Aquino, Joshua Rafael Battad, Charlene Frances Ngo, Gemilene Uy, Rhia Trogo, Roberto Legaspi, and Merlin Teodosia Suarez

Keyword extraction using backpropagation neural networks and rule extraction, Arnulfo Azcarraga, Michael David Liu, and Rudy Setiono

Online vocational education: a Philippine experience, Kiran S. Budhrani and Jose Lloyd D. Espiritu

Weaving pedagogies of possibility, Marcus Bussey, Ase Eliason Bjurstrom, Miriam Sannum, Shambhushivananda Avadhuta, Bernard Nadhomi-Mukisa, Leonel Ceruto, Muwanguzi Denis, Ananta Kumar Giri, Asha Mukherjee, Gennady Pervyi, and Maria Victoria Pineda