Submissions from 2012

Finding motifs in psychophysiological responses and chord sequences, Rafael A. Cabredo, Roberto S. Legaspi, and Masayuki Numao

An emotion model for music using brain waves, Rafael Cabredo, Roberto Legaspi, Paul Salvador Inventado, and Masayuki Numao

Commonsense knowledge acquisition through children’s stories, Roland Christian Chua and Ethel Ong

On modelling emotional responses to rhythm features, Jocelynn Cu, Rafael Cabredo, Roberto Legaspi, and Merlin Teodosia Suarez

Comparison of the electronic realization of the fractional-order system and its model, L'ubomír Dorčák, Ján Terpák, Ivo Petráš, Juraj Valsa, Pavel Horovčák, and Emmanuel Gonzalez

Electronic realization of the fractional-order system, L'ubomír Dorčák, Ján Terpák, Ivo Petráš, Juraj Valsa, Pavel Horovčák, and Emmanuel Gonzalez

A dynamic input-output work capacity model for a group of agents, Emmanuel A. Gonzalez

Student learning behavior in an unsupervised learning environment, Paul Salvador Inventado, Roberto Legaspi, Rafael Cabredo, and Masayuki Numao

Student learning behavior in an unsupervised learning environment, Paul Salvador Inventado, Roberto S. Legaspi, Rafael A. Cabredo, and Masayuki Numao

A real-time, multimodal, and dimensional affect recognition system, Nicole Nielsen Lee, Jocelynn Cu, and Merlin Teodosia Suarez

Aiding digital natives learn positive learning behaviors through reflection, Roberto S. Legaspi, Paul Salvador Inventado, Rafael A. Cabredo, and Masayuki Numao

Performance comparison of ASR classifiers for the development of an English CAPT system for Filipino students, Darlene Daryl Obach and MacArio O. Cordel

Pattern matching refinements to dictionary-based code-switching point detection, Nathaniel Oco and Rachel Edita Roxas

Feature-based subjectivity classification of Filipino text, Ralph Vincent J. Regalado and Charibeth K. Cheng

Building a multimodal laughter database for emotion recognition, Merlin Teodosia Suarez, Jocelynn Cu, and Madelene Sta Maria

Using common-sense knowledge in generating stories, Sherie Yu and Ethel Ong

Submissions from 2011

Theme-based cause-effect planning for multiple-scene story generation, Karen Ang, Sherie Yu, and Ethel Ong

Towards empathic music provision for computer users, Roman Joseph Aquino, Joshua Rafael Battad, Charlene Frances Ngo, Gemilene Uy, Rhia Trogo, and Merlin Suarez

Design of a structured 3D SOM as a music archive, Arnulfo P. Azcarraga and Sean Manalili

Predicting academic emotion based on brainwaves signals and mouse click behavior, Judith Azcarraga, John Francis Ibañez, Ianne Robert Lim, Nestor Lumanas, Rhia Trogo, and Merlin Teodosia Suarez

Use of personality profile in predicting academic emotion based on brainwaves signals and mouse behavior, Judith J. Azcarraga, John Francis Ibañez, Ianne Robert Lim, and Nestor Lumanas

Gesture-based affect modeling for intelligent tutoring systems, Dana May Bustos, Geoffrey Loren Chua, Richard Thomas Cruz, Jose Miguel Santos, and Merlin Teodosia Suarez

Identifying emotion segments in music by discovering motifs in physiological data, Rafael A. Cabredo, Roberto S. Legaspi, and Masayuki Numao

Processing comparisons and evaluations in business intelligence: A question answering system, Kenston Choi, Rosalyn Margret Pacaña, Adrian Lester Tan, Jonathan Yiu, and Nathalie Rose Lim

Modeling and identification of fractional-order dynamical systems, Ľubomír Dorčák Technical University of Kosice, Juraj Valsa, Ján Terpák, Pavel Horovčák, and Emmanuel Gonzalez

Advanced Excel training: Functions, macros, V.B.A. programming logic, Christian D. Echavez

A robust and accurate color-based global vision recognition of highly dynamic objects in real time, Noel S. Gunay and Elmer P. Dadios

Predicting levels of rapport in dyadic interactions through automatic detection of posture and posture congruence, Juan Lorenzo Hagad, Roberto Legaspi, Masayuki Numao, and Merlin Suarez

Observatory: A tool for recording, annotating and reviewing emotion-related data0, Paul Salvador Inventado, Roberto Legaspi, Masayuki Numao, and Merlin Teodosia C. Suarez

Investigating transitions in affect and activities for online learning interventions, Paul Salvador Inventado, Roberto Legaspi, Merlin Teodosia Suarez, and Masayuki Numao

Investigating the transitions between learning and non-learning activities as students learn online, Paul Salvador Inventado, R. Legaspi, Merlin Teodisia Suarez, and M. Numao

Exploring melodic motif to support an affect-based music compositional intelligence, Roberto S. Legaspi, Akinobu Ueda, Rafael A. Cabredo, Takayuki Nishikawa, Kenichi Fukui, Koichi Moriyama, Satoshi Kurihara, and Masayuki Numao

A simple surface realizer for Filipino, Ethel Ong, Stephanie C. Abella, Lawrence L. Santos, and Dennis C. Tiu

Knowledge as power on the internet, Zelinna Pablo and Cynthia Hardy

Activity recognition using incremental learning, Rhia S. Trogo, Merlin Teodosia Suarez, Nikka Jennifer Bautista, Manuel Cua, Jed Aureus Gonzales, and Marc Urquiola

Submissions from 2010

MyMuseum: Integrating personalized recommendation and multimedia for enriched human-system interaction, P. Alabastro, M. Ang, R. DeGuzman, M. Muhi, and M. Suarez

Predicting the difficulty level faced by academic achievers based on brainwave analysis, Judith Azcarraga, Merlin Teodosia Suarez, and Paul Salvador Inventado

Introducing Filipino wordnet, Allan Borra, Adam Pease, Rachel Edita O. Roxas, and Shirley Dita

Autolex: An automatic lexicon builder for minority languages using an open corpus, Evan Liz C. Buhay, Marie Joy P. Evardone, Hansel B. Nocon, Davis Muhajereen D. Dimalen, and Rachel Edita O. Roxas

A framework towards sustaining scalable community- Driven ontology engineering, Danny Cheng

Crowd sourcing through social gaming for community driven ontology engineering, results and observations, Alloy Martin Chua, Roland Christian Chua, Arthur Vincent Dychiching, Tinmon Ang, Jose Lloyd Espiritu, Nathalie Rose Lim, and Danny C. Cheng

The TALA empathic space: Integrating affect and activity recognition into a smart space, Jocelynn Cu, Rafael Cabredo, Gregory Cu, Paul Salvador Inventado, Rhia Trogo, Merlin Teodosia Suarez, and Roberto Legaspi

Predicting student's appraisal of feedback in an ITS using previous affective states and continuous affect labels from EEG data, Paul Salvador Inventado, Roberto Legaspi, The Duy Bui, and Merlin Teodosia C. Suarez

Multimodal emotion recognition using a spontaneous Filipino emotion database, Marc Lanze, Ivan C. Dy, Ivan Vener, L. Espinosa, Paul Patrick, V. Go, Charles Martin, M. Mendez, and Jocelynn W. Cu

Addressing the problems of data-centric physiology-affect relations modeling, Roberto Legaspi, Ken Ichi Fukui, Koichi Moriyama, Satoshi Kurihara, Masayuki Numao, and Merlin Teodosia Suarez

Discovering emotions in Filipino laughter using audio features, Miguel Miranda, Julie Ann Alonzo, Janelle Campita, Stephanie Lucila, and Merlin Teodocia Suarez

A commonsense knowledge base for generating children's stories, Ethel Chua Joy Ong

Rating the raters: A reputation system for Wiki-like domains, Alexis V. Pantola, Susan Pancho- Festin, and Florante Salvador

Computer games: A new medium for traditional Asian art, Conrado R. Ruiz, Sujitra Chodnok, Nor Hidayu Salimi, and Pham Trung Ha

Centralized data acquisition unit for the empathic space, Andrew Stephen, D. M. Estrada, Rey Angelo, B. Magdaong, Darell Bennett, C. Manalo, Paulo P. Oblepias, and Gregory Cu

MyMuseum: An adaptive personalized museum guide for mobile devices, Merlin Teodosia C. Suarez, P. C. Alabastro, R. L. de Guzman, and M. S. Muhi

Submissions from 2009

Information extraction from legal documents, Tin Tin Cheng, Jeffrey Leonard Cua, Mark Davies Tan, Kenneth Gerard Yao, and Rachel Edita Roxas

EVOGENTS: Evolving agents, Michael Hermano, Shirley B. Chu, Daniel Pua, Stephen Tan, and Andrei Victor

Modelling digital natives in social learning environments, Paul Salvador Inventado, Roberto Legaspi, and Merlin Teodisia C. Suarez

A preliminary study of comparative and evaluative questions for business intelligence, Nathalie Rose T. Lim, Patrick Saint-Dizier, Brigitte Gay, and Rachel Edita Roxas

A system for learner-support integrated cooperative learning environment, Teresita Limoanco and Raymund Sison

Merging, masquerading and morphing: Metaphors and the World Wide Web, Zelinna Pablo and Cynthia Hardy

Online corpora of Philippine languages, Rachel Edita O. Roxas, Genevieve L. Asenjo, Shirley N. Dita, Paul Inventado, Raquel Sison- Buban, and Dolores R. Taylan

Computer games: A new medium of the culture and arts, Conrado D. Ruiz Jr., N.H.M. Salimi, S. Chodnok, and P. T. Ha

Combining shape and color for retrieval of 3D models, Conrado R. Ruiz, Rafael Cabredo, Levi Jones Monteverde, and Zhiyong Huang

Exploring traditional art and culture in modern computer games, Conrado R. Ruiz, Nor Hidayu Salimi, Sujitra Chodnok, and Pham Trung Ha

An automated thematic role labeler and generalizer for Filipino verb arguments, Briane Paul Samson, Bianca Pamela Alcera, Ed Oswald Go, Czarina Meg Gonzales, and Nathalie Rose Lim

Sign language number recognition, Iwan Njoto Sandjaja and Nelson Marcos

Investigating the effect of pair programming and software size on software quality and programmer productivity, Raymund Sison

Submissions from 2008

Constituent structure for Filipino: Induction through probabilistic approaches, Danniel Alcantara and Allan Borra

Image-based pornography detection, Rigan Ap-Apid

Using a PC camera to generate cryptographically strong random numbers, Rigan Ap-apid

Improved SOM labeling methodology for data mining applications, Arnulfo Azcarraga, Ming Huei Hsieh, Shan Ling Pan, and Rudy Setiono

Enhancing SOM digital music archives using scatter-gather, Arnulfo P. Azcarraga and Aldrich C. Caw

Market research applications of artificial neural networks, Arnulfo P. Azcarraga, Ming Huei Hsieh, and Rudy Setiono

The influence of FLickr groups on the photo selection and evaluation rubric scores of students enrolled in a digital media course, Kiran S. Budhrani

Natural language generation of museum object descriptions based on user model, Hsiao Wei Chen, Mary Grace Lim, Patricia Bea Perez, Joanna Patricia Reyes, and Nathalie Rose Lim

Natural language database interface for the community based monitoring system, Krissanne Kaye Garcia, Ma. Angelica Lumain, Jose Antonio Wong, Jhovee Gerard Yap, and Charibeth Cheng

Incorporation of WordNet features to n-gram features in a language modeler, Kathleen L. Go and Solomon L. See

Generating punning riddles from examples, Bryan Anthony Hong and Ethel C. Ong

Automatically extracting templates from examples for NLP tasks, Ethel Ong, Bryan Anthony Hong, and Vince Andrew Nuñez

Using aword-space model to determine the relevance of messages in anchored asynchronous online discussions, Rodolfo Raga, Jennifer Raga, Erick Bonus, and Raymund Sison

Foreword, Rachel Edita O. Roxas

Building language resources for a multi-engine English-Filipino machine translation system, Rachel Edita O/ Roxas, Allan Borra, Charibeth Ko Cheng, Nathalie Rose Lim, Ethel Chuajoy Ong, and Michelle Wendy Tan

Investigating pair programming in a software engineering course in an Asian setting, Raymund Sison

Investigating pair programming in a software engineering course in an Asian setting, Raymund Sison

Automatic construction of a bug library for object-oriented novice Java programmer errors, Merlin Teodosia Suarez and Raymund Sison

Automatic bilingual lexicon extraction for a minority target language, Eileen Pamela Tiua and Rachel Edita O. Roxas

Submissions from 2007

Animation toolkit based on a database approach for reusing motions and models, Akanksha, Zhiyong Huang, B. Prabhakaran, and Conrado R. Ruiz

Autocor: A query based automatic acquisition of corpora of closely-related languages, Davis Muhajereen D. Dimalen and Rachel Edita O. Roxas

Incremental classification of object oriented programming errors, Paul Inventado and Merlin Suarez

A shape distribution for comparing 3D models, Levi C. Monteverde, Conrado R. Ruiz, and Zhiyong Huang

The proposed computer engineering curriculum for the YLFI-Emilio Aguinaldo College: A response towards global competitiveness, Edwin C. Obra, Adoracion L. Bacani, Melvin A. Ballera, Edgardo T. Cruz, Geanne Ross L. Franco, Mary Ann P. Joaquin, Nieva M. Reintar, Marion Salvador C. Sadia, and Ariel M. Sison

A proposed computer laboratory design for the College of Engineering and Technology, YLFI-Emilio Aguinaldo College, Edwin C. Obra, Geanne Ross L. Franco, Marion Salvador C. Sadia, and Ariel M. Sison

Use of agile methods and practices in the Philippines, Raymund Sison and Theresa Yang

Submissions from 2006

Representation of basket constructs using braid theory, Stephen Ng Dellosa and Florante R. Salvador

A category-based framework of a self-improving instructional planner, Roberto Legaspi, Raymund Sison, and Masayuki Numao

Automatic generation of plagiarism detection among student programs, Rachel Edita Roxas, Nathalie Rose Lim, and Natasja Bautista

Knowledge acquisition and revision using neural networks: An application to a cross-national study of brand image perception, R. Setiono, S. L. Pan, M. H. Hsieh, and A. Azcarraga

Software practices in five ASEAN countries: An exploratory study, Raymund Sison, Stanislaw Jarzabek, Ow Siew Hock, Wanchai Rivepiboon, and Nguyen Nam Hai

Submissions from 2005

Extracting salient dimensions for automatic SOM labeling, Arnulfo P. Azcarraga, Ming Huei Hsieh, Shah L. Pan, and Rudy Setiono

A data mining approach in opponent modeling, Remedios De Dios Bulos, Conirose Dulalia, Peggy Sharon L. Go, Pamela Vianne C. Tan, and Ma Zaide Ilene O. Uy

Implementation of a PID-based partially stabilized control system for the X4-Flyer, Karlo Shane Campos, Clement Ong, Adrian Refuerzo, Joseph Tamondong, and Karen Lou Yap

Multi-device, multi-player gaming: Issues and application, Danny Cheng and Allan Christopher Chu

Ontologies for self-regulated learning, Moma De La Torre and Raymund Sison