Submissions from 2005

Learning in coaching, Conirose L. Dulalia, Peggy Sharon L. Go, Pamela Vianne C. Tan, Ma Zaide Ilene O. Uy, and Remedios De Dios Bulos

Predicting high-level student responses using conceptual clustering, Roberto Legaspi, Raymund C. Sison, Ken Ichi Fukui, and Masayuki Numao

A cluster-based predictive modeling to improve pedagogic reasoning, Roberto Legaspi, Raymund Sison, Ken Ichi Fukui, and Masayuki Numao

ANSI C program slicing tool and text generator for an interactive learning environment, Nathalie Rose T. Lim-Cheng, Christie Diane Y. Lopez, Cheryl Anne G. Cordova, and Carissa P. Recto

Ultrasonic accurate sensor platform, Clement Ong, Anna Margarita S. Amat, Gerome Ivan C. Ling, Dennis Alberto M. Ng, and Marco Niccolo G. Suatengco

Force feedback for 13 degree of freedom teleoperation, Clement Ong, Roberto Mar Bolos, Myles Ansley Desipeda, Christopher Enero, and Francis Josue Gustilo

Separating core and noncore knowledge: An application of neural network rule extraction to a cross-national study of brand image perception, Rudy Setiono, Shan L. Pan, Ming Huei Hsieh, and Arnulfo P. Azcarraga

Personal software process (PSP) assistant, Raymund Sison, David Diaz, Eliska Lam, Dennis Joseph B. Navarro, and Jessica M. Navarro

Learning translation rules from bilingual English - Filipino corpus, Michelle Wendy Tan, Raymond Joseph Ang, Natasja Gail Bautista, Ya Rong Cai, and Bianca Tanlo

Automated license plate recognition of Philippine license plates, Myra Josephine S. Villanueva, Joel P. Ilao, Chloe Michelle K. Cervania, Vincent Spencer Y. Ku, and Desmond Carvey T. Ragos

Submissions from 2004

Knowledge acquisition and revision via neural networks, Arnulfo Azcarraga, Ming Hsieh, Shan Ling Pan, and Rudy Setiono

Evaluating keyword selection methods for WEBSOM text archives, Arnulfo P. Azcarraga, Teddy N. Yap, Jonathan Tan, and Tat Seng Chua

A category-based self-improving planning module, Roberta Legaspi

MSIP: Agents embodying a category-based learning process for the ITS tutor to self-improve its instructional plans, Roberto Legaspi, Raymund Sison, and Masayuki Numao

Belief-evidence fusion in a hybrid intelligent system, Nelson Marcos and Arnulfo Azcarraga

DARC2: 2nd generation DLX architecture simulator, Roger Luis Uy, Marizel Bernardo, and Josiel Erica

Submissions from 2003

Visualizing animation databases, Akanksha, Z. Huang, B. Prabhakaran, and C. R. Ruiz

Genetic local search in an automated contracting environment, Ma. Fe R. Alvarez and Remedios De Dios Bulos

Using page access behavior for load sharing on software distributed shared memory system, Elaine Jane Chua

Interactive visual method for motion and model reuse, Akanksha Huang, Z. Huang, B. Prabhakaran, and Conrado R. Ruiz

Learner agents as student modeling: Design and analysis, Teresita Limoanco and Raymund Sison

A conversational model of online learning, Raymund C. Sison

Generalized associative memory models for data fusion, Teddy N. Yap and Arnulfo P. Azcarraga

Submissions from 2002

An algorithm for resolving the join component selection problem in parallel join optimization, J. Esquivel and P. Chan

A machine learning framework for an expert tutor construction, R. S. Legaspi and Raymund C. Sison

Use of learner agents as student modeling system and learning companion, Teresita Limoanco and Raymund Sison

Using case-based reasoning approach in planning instructional activities, Rhodora L. Reyes and Raymund C. Sison

Case retrieval in CBR-tutor, R. L. Reyes and Raymund C. Sison