Submissions from 2022

CAN: Case-based reasoning in an adversarial non-player character, Anne Marie M. Africa, Karmela Angela G. Cortez, Gian Kristian A. Fontanilla, Paul Michael O. Go, and Danny C. Cheng

ZipNet: ZFNet-level accuracy with 48× fewer parameters, Arren Matthew C. Antioquia, Daniel Stanley Tan, Arnulfo P. Azcarraga, Wen-Huang Cheng, and Kai-Lung Hua

Research directions in computer game AI, Rafael A. Cabredo

Diverted transmissions in a seemingly complex election system, Nelson J. Celis

Transparency by design, Nelson J. Celis

Transparency in RMA?, Nelson J. Celis

Transparency review, Nelson J. Celis

Transparency still at risk, Nelson J. Celis

Transparency under siege, Nelson J. Celis

Adaptation of an adversarial non-player character through case based reasoning, Danny C. Cheng, Gian Kristian A. Fontanilla, Anne Marie M. Africa, Karmela Angela G. Cortez, and Paul Michael O. Go


A simple lung sound enhancement for automatic identification of lung pathologies, Cadwallader C. Chua, Kevin Lloyd D. Cocuaco, Alexis Jamie R. Lao, Eldridge Sherwin S. Tan, Macario O. Cordel II, Joel P. Ilao, and Adrian Paul J. Rabe

Internet of things: Managing wireless sensor network with REST API for smart homes, Fritz Kevin Flores, C. K. Magdaong, and Gregory G. Cu

A simple unification method for CFG, Gian Kristian A. Fontanilla

Hybrid Filipino-English machine translation system, Gian Kristian A. Fontanilla and Rachel Edita O. Roxas

Development of a web-based faculty information system, Geanne Ross L. Franco

Computational systems biology, Rhia S. Trogo, Rafael A. Cabredo, and Levi Jones Monteverde

Submissions from 2021

Beyond the GIs, Nelson J. Celis

Clean voter's database: A challenge to a transparent 2022 elections, Nelson J. Celis

Clean voters' database: A challenge to a transparent 2022 elections, Nelson J. Celis

Clean voters' database: A challenge to a transparent 2022 elections, Nelson J. Celis

Clean voters' database: A challenge to a transparent 2022 elections, Nelson J. Celis

Clean voters' database: A challenge to a transparent 2022 elections, Nelson J. Celis

On proclaiming a winning candidate, Nelson J. Celis

Outsourcing democratic processes, Nelson J. Celis

Simplify transmission of election results for transparent 2022 elections, Nelson J. Celis

The formidable force to contend with in 2022 elections, Nelson J. Celis

The GIs and the unexplained, Nelson J. Celis

The ideal OQC operations for the 2022 elections, Nelson J. Celis

Vote protection: Reengineer election results processing, Nelson J. Celis

Who cares about supporting transparency to win?, Nelson J. Celis

Who cares about supporting transparency to win?, Nelson J. Celis

Who cares about supporting transparency to win?, Nelson J. Celis

Submissions from 2020

CATe: An embodied conversational agent for the elderly, Sean Latrelle Bravo, Cedric Jose Herrera, Edward Carlo Valdez, Klint John Poliquit, Jennifer Ureta, Jocelynn Cu, Judith Azcarraga, and Joanna Pauline Rivera

Blog post analysis: a look into student participation, content, and writing style, Kiran S. Budhrani

A bilingual chatbot using support vector classifier on an automatic corpus Engine dataset, Jasper Kyle Catapang, Geoffrey A. Solano, and Nathaniel Oco

Comelec's PCOS-OMR system rejects public counting, enhances wholesale cheating, Nelson J. Celis

Hybrid election system in 2022: How do we proceed?, Nelson J. Celis

When history repeats itself, Nelson J. Celis

Who dares put the law to work?, Nelson J. Celis

Forecasting and pattern analysis of Philippine regions' palay and corn production, Michelle M. Cortez

ViTune: A visualizer tool to allow the deaf and hard of hearing to see music with their eyes, Jordan Aiko Deja, Alexczar Dela Torre, Hans Joshua Lee, Jose Florencio Ciriaco, and Carlo Miguel Eroles

Blind first-order perspective distortion correction using parallel convolutional neural networks, Neil Patrick Del Gallego, Joel Ilao, and Macario Cordel

Understanding filipinos' perceptions of data privacy in crowdfunding: A social contract and virtue theory perspective, Lumer Jude P. Doce and Nelson J. Celis

Understanding filipinos' perceptions of data privacy in crowdfunding: A social contract and virtue theory perspective, Lumer Jude P. Doce and Nelson J. Celis

Circular economy on construction and demolition waste: A literature review on material recovery and production, Clarence P. Ginga, Jason Maximino C. Ongpeng, and Ma. Klarissa M. Daly

Serial and parallel implementation of Needleman-Wunsch algorithm, Yun Sup Lee, Yu Sin Kim, and Roger Luis Uy

Tools and techniques for capturing possible HIV risk-related tweets of Filipinos, Alma Theresa D. D. Manaloto and Rodolfo C. Raga

Cloud removal from aerial images using generative adversarial network with simple image enhancement, Mark Phil B. Pacot and Nelson Marcos

Malnutrition causal modeling analytics for Mandaluyong City's Nutrition Committee, Christine Diane Ramos, Kamille Gamboa, Maclarenz Lojo, Jose Maria Lontoc, and Karl Luigi Tutaan

An integration of image processing solutions for social media listening, Christine Diane L. Ramos, Ivana Koon Yee U. Lim, Yuta C. Inoue, John Andrew Santiago, and Nigel Marcus Tan

Are two heads better than one? exploring two-party conversations for car navigation voice guidance, Briane Paul V. Samson and Yasuyuki Sumi

Therapist vibe: Children's expressions of their emotions through storytelling with a chatbot, Kyle Althea Santos, Ethel Ong, and Ron Resurreccion

Detecting pneumonia in chest radiographs using convolutional neural networks, Jennifer Ureta, Oya Aran, and Joanna Pauline Rivera

Submissions from 2019

Building the language resource for a Cebuano-Filipino neural machine translation system, Kristine Mae M. Adlaon and Nelson Marcos

Neural machine translation for Cebuano to Tagalog with subword unit translation, Kristine Mae M. Adlaon and Nelson Marcos

Single-fusion detector: Towards faster multi-scale object detection, Arren Matthew C. Antioquia

Single-fusion detector: Towards faster multi-scale object detection, Arren Matthew C. Antioquia, Daniel Stanley Tan, Arnulfo Azcarraga, and Kai Lung Hua

Laughter classification using 3D convolutional neural networks, Faramarz Ataollahi and Merlin Teodosia Suarez

Analyzing group performance in small group interaction: Linking personality traits and group performance through the verbal content, Umut Avci and Aran Oya

Identity concealment when uploading pictures of patients in a tele-medicine system, Judith Jumig Azcarraga, John Zachary Raduban, Ma. Christine Gendrano, and Arnulfo P. Azcarraga

Emotion Recognition on Selected Facial Landmarks Using Supervised Learning Algorithms, Maria Jeseca Baculo and Judith Azcarraga

Image-based classification and segmentation of healthy and defective mangoes, Maria Jeseca C. Baculo and Conrado Ruiz

Static zoning division elevator traffic simulation using agent-based modeling, Angelika C. Batosalem, Janelle Marie B. Gaba, Jan Bertel O. Ngo, Jonal Ray G. Ticug, and Courtney Anne M. Ngo

Impact of the STEM program on information technology college students’ goals: Perspectives from the Philippines, Jypzie M. Catedrilla, Josephine M. de la Cuesta, and Rowena Ma. R. Caguiat

Amending the constitution? Consider reengineering the Comelec, Nelson J. Celis

Unveiling the myths about PH automated elections, Nelson J. Celis

Static profiling of assembly code performance and optimization effectiveness using instructions performed and program latency, Jonathan Paul C. Cempron, Chudrack Shalym Y. Salinas, and Roger Luis Uy

Applying user-centered techniques in the design of a usable mobile musical composition tool, Kevin Gray Chan, Jordan Aiko Deja, John Patrick Tobias, Allen Vincent Gonzales, and Migo Andres Dancel

Towards compliance management automation thru ontology mapping of requirements to activities and controls, Danny C. Cheng, Jod B. Villamarin, Gregory Cu, and Nathalie Rose Lim- Cheng

Improving restaurants’ business performance using Yelp data sets through sentiment analysis, Michelle Renee D. Ching and Remedios De Dios Bulos

Implementation of Hyyrö’s bit-vector algorithm using advanced vector extensions 2, Kyle Matthew Chan Chua, Janz Aeinstein Fauni Villamayor, Lorenzo Campos Bautista, and Roger Luis Uy

Modeling human attention by learning from large amount of emotional images, MacArio O. Cordel

Characterizing the SOM feature detectors under various input conditions, Macario O. Cordel II and Arnulfo P. Azcarraga

Emotion-aware human attention prediction, MacArio O. Cordel, Shaojing Fan, Zhiqi Shen, and Mohan S. Kankanhalli

Analysis of depression based on facial cues on a captured motion picture, Bryan G. Dadiz and Nelson Marcos

Detecting depression in videos using uniformed local binary pattern on facial features, Bryan G. Dadiz and Conrado R. Ruiz

Recursive least square and least means square equalizers optimization algorithms in Rayleigh fading, Arianne Grace Dela Cruz, Camilo Cajayon, Joseph Jay Luna, and Cris Edward Tomboc

Personality traits of future nurses and cyberchondria: Findings from an emerging economy, Josephine de la Cuesta, Jypzie Catedrilla, Ryan Ebardo, Laiza Limpin, Cecilia Leaño, and Hazel Trapero

Barriers to the adoption of electronic medical records in select Philippine hospitals: A case study approach, Ryan A. Ebardo and Nelson J. Celis

Factors affecting the behavioral intention of K-12 students to pursue an IT degree in a transitioning educational system, Ryan Ebardo, Laiza Limpin, and Ma. Rowena Caguiat

Exploring game aesthetics as antecedents of game continuance: An analysis in the lens of self-determination theory, Bernie Fabito and Rafael Cabredo

An expert system for a broadcasting network, Galen W. Gan, Jim Patrick N. Ong, and Marvin Domenick M. De Guzman

RISC-based simulation of longest common subsequence algorithm in MIPS64 simulator, Glenn Paul P. Gara, Mark Phil B. Pacot, and Roger Luis T. Uy

Using Stanford part-of-speech tagger for the morphologically-rich Filipino Language, Matthew Phillip V. Go and Nicco Nocon

Information systems strategic plan for Sorsogon State College, Ruel G. Grafia and Estefanie U. Bertumen

A study on how evolution simulator utilizes the windows operating system to demonstrate artificial intelligence learning, Daniel Lester C. Guillermo, Floyd Robert C. Dim, Sandra Margarita L. Fernando, and Leila Yasmin C. Young

Motif search using Gibbs sampling: Notes on effectiveness in a distributed environment, Joseph Marvin Imperial, Czeritonnie Gail Ya-On, and Gregory Cu

An experimental Tagalog Finite State Automata spellchecker with Levenshtein edit-distance feature, Joseph Marvin R. Imperial, Czeritonnie Gail V. Ya-On, and Jennifer C. Ureta

Packet key-based end-to-end security management on a blockchain control plane, Younchan Jung, Marnel Peradilla, and Ronnel Agulto

Software-defined security controller-based end-to-end packet key security management, Younchan Jung, Marnel Peradilla, and Ronnel Agulto

Utilizing tweet content for the detection of sentiment-based interaction communities on Twitter, Alron Jan Lam and Charibeth Cheng

QCKer-FPGA: An FPGA Implementation of Q- gram Counting Filter for DNA Sequence Alignment, Jan Carlo G. Maghirang, Roger Luis Uy, Kaizen Vinz A. Borja, and Joven L. Pernez

Automated tobacco grading using image processing techniques and a convolutional neural network, Charlie S. Marzan and Conrado R. Ruiz

On building design guidelines for an interactive machine learning sandbox application, Giselle Nodalo, Jose Ma Santiago, Jolene Valenzuela, and Jordan Aiko Deja

Modeling dyadic and group impressions with intermodal and interperson features, Shogo Okada, Laurent Son Nguyen, Oya Aran, and Daniel Gatica- Perez

Challenges posed by voice interface to child-agent collaborative storytelling, Ethel Ong, Junlyn Bryan Alburo, Christine Rachel De Jesus, Luisa Katherine Gilig, and Dionne Tiffany Ong

Document classification of Filipino online scam incident text using data mining techniques, Eddie Bouy B. Palad, Marivic S. Tangkeko, Lissa Andrea K. Magpantay, and Glenn L. Sipin

QCKer: An x86-AVX/AVX2 implementation of Q-gram counting filter for DNA sequence alignment, Joven L. Pernez, Roger Luis Uy, Kaizen Vinz A. Borja, and Jan Carlo G. Maghirang

National government agency's compliance on Data Privacy Act of 2012: A case study, Vicente A. Pitogo

Web-based GIS ancestral domain management using pull technology, Vicente A. Pitogo