Theses/Dissertations from 2022


Development of content-based instructional materials for English grade 2 students of De La Salle-Araneta University, Glicerio A. Manalo

Theses/Dissertations from 2020


Counselor academic training, counseling experience, and counselor self-efficacy as predictors of counselor psychological well-being, Minh To Nga Hoang

Theses/Dissertations from 2018

Students and language teachers attitudes and beliefs towards the learning and teaching of qualitative research: An exploratory study, Holden Kenneth G. Alcazaren

The effectiveness of using the 7E learning cycle model in grade 10 students' mathematics performance and motivation, Joan Marie T. Alegario

A critical analysis of the socio-emotional challenges Filipino daughters face in succession of selected family-owned educational institutions, Ma. Preciosa Monica V. Ang

Integration of gamification in teaching grade 10 physics: Its effect on students motivation and performance, Hazel H. Arabeta

The lived experience of mothers of adolescent with autism spectrum disorder, Nanette A. Custodio


Effects of historical physics vignettes on student's understanding on the nature of science and epistemological beliefs toward learning physics, Marc Vener C. Del Carmen

Exploring the experiences of Filipino single fathers: A qualitative study, Ma. Angelica Christine A. Diesta

Improving students' performance, motivation, and learning attitude through influence-embedded physics instruction, Domarth Ace G. Duque

The effects of instructional scaffolding in students conceptual understanding, proving skills, attitudes and perceptions towards direct proofs of integers, Audric Curtis Pe Dy

The efficacy of creative play approach in teaching modern physics, Martin Antonio V. Frias

Exploring senior high school STEM students' critical thinking skills and metacognitive functions in solving non-routine mathematical problems, Meriam J. Lepasana

Performance satisfaction of employers to Persons with autism spectrum disorder: Implications on transition enrichment, Jasmine Jaro Mercado

Perceived social support and spiritual experience as predictors of subjective well-being among drug users in drug rehabilitation centers in Indonesia, Markus Reponata

Development and validation of pre-assessment tools in grade 7 physics, Edwin A. Rieza Jr.

Learning molecular genetics in a metacognitive-oriented environment, Richard Deanne C. Sagun


Integration of historical chemistry vignettes on students' understanding of the nature of science, Jan B. Sarmiento

Lived experiences of persons with disabilities as they journey towards employment, Maria Felizel S. Tanteko

Theses/Dissertations from 2017

Investigating the effect of gamifying a physics course to student motivation, engagement and performance, Coleen M. Amado

Scientific reasoning across grades 7-11 in the K-12 curriculum, Isalyn F. Camungol

The effectiveness of utilizing peer feedback in technical writing classes at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela, Winma Jane P. Carvajal

Describing students' problem-solving in differential calculus through metacognition and attitude in mathematics, Joanne R. Casanova

Teachers implementation of the new grade 7 mathematics curriculum in selected schools: Opportunities for improvement, Anthony C. Castro

Comparative study of students performance in Newtonian physics, Jhoanne Catindig

Regular education public school teachers' perception towards inclusion, Joyce Vernadeth B. Cruz

The impact of the station rotation model in grade 11 STEM students' learning: A blended learning approach to teaching trigonometric functions, Carlo R. Dela Cruz

The use of books in addressing the socio-emotional problems of children with hearing impairment, Rowena V. De La Cruz

Use of guided inquiry with interactive simulations to enhance students conceptual understanding and attitude towards learning forces, motion and mechanical energy, Ma. Kristine L. Estipular

Lived experiences of regular teachers handling students with visual impairment in inclusive setting, Julius Cezar T. Laylo

Metacognitive awareness and conceptual understanding in flipped physics classroom, Jaypee M. Limueco

The ultimate chemistry experience: A gamified learning system to improve student motivation and learning, Ronadane Narido Liwanag

Topical progressions and grammatical errors of EFL students descriptive essays, Myla B. Magayanes

Exploring the initial implementation of the senior high school program in three schools in the National Capital Region, John Roger M. Maghuyop

The impact of a metacognitive intervention using I.M.P.R.O.V.E. model on grade 7 students' metacognitive awareness and mathematics achievement, Napoleon A. Montero III

Use of statistical investigation in assessing student's understanding and performance statistics, Jessica T. Obrial

Assessing the electric circuits conceptions of technical vocational education students, Jasmin Elena Boñon Orolfo

A study on beginning teachers perceived sense of teaching efficacy in implementing inclusive practices, Erika Ruth V. Que

Ang inaasahang anak: Exploring the experience of family obligation by Filipino young adults from poor families, Maria Joana Kristiana M. Riñoza

A case study: Understanding bullying behaviors of young female students, Teri Lee Pe Symaco

The socio-emotional competencies of children with ADHD in selected inclusive private schools in Metro Manila: Basis for IEP enrichment activities, Esperanza C. Tanchingco

The spirituality of effective public secondary school principals in Northern Mindanao, Nelson C. Tantoco Fr.

Gamified physics instruction in a reformatory classroom context, Analyn N. Tolentino

The implementation of the mother tongue-based multilingual education policy in mathematics education, Katherine Therese S. Tungul

Effect of vocabulary learning strategies on word and concept retention among different learning styles, Roxanne Diane R. Uy

Proposed Philippine model of collaboration for children with autism given interdisciplinary experiences, Maria Luisa S. Valenzuela

Theses/Dissertations from 2016

Experiences of parents of children with disabilities whose children dropped out of school, Anton Jose A. Alcazaren

Dyadic experiences of advising relationships in the master's thesis writing process, Michelle Jessieca T. Calsado

Preschool teachers technology and interactive media acceptance and use, Dhana Canoy

Learner- centered schools: A multiple case study, Christelle Angelica C. Corpin

Gamification: Enhancing students' motivation and performance in grade 10 physics, Ma. Krisitina B. Dela Cruz

Factors affecting the academic performance of children with ADHD in inclusive setting, Ma. Easter Rose O. Ebio

Lived experiences of caregivers of children with autism, Kristine Mae R. Escuril

Multilingualism as a resource in language policy in education: Examining the linguistic landscapes of Irosin, Sorsogon, Richard I. Floralde

Understanding women principals in conflict affected areas in Maguindanao, Jayson Zafra Guerrero

The effectiveness of using the 7E learning cycle model in the learning achievement of the grade 8 learners with different science views, Theresann T. Hernandez

Parental involvement in early childhood education in Cambodia, Thida Hun

The development and validation of Grade Eight physics test in the K-12 science curriculum, Arnel A. Lorenzana

The laboratory performance, anxiety level, and perceptions of Grade-8 students at Tanza National Trade School toward a guided inquiry physics experiment, Luzette Divina Oraa

Development and implementation of RME-based lessons on sinusoidal functions using geogebra, Maria Celeste R. Rellosa

Word reading abilities of early multilingual readers of Aklanon, Tagalog and English, Philip Adrianne A. Rentillo

Understanding the temporal factors contributing to the subjective well-being among mid-adult waste pickers of Payatas, Quezon City, Joel De Leon Rescober C.M.

Civility as antecedent to job satisfaction, organizational citizenship behavior and self-efficacy among the teachers of the Daughters of Charity academic institutions in NCR, Zenaida C. Sison

Civility as antecedent to job satisfaction, organizational citizenship behavior and self-efficacy among the teachers of the Daughters of Charity academic instituions in NCR, Zenaida C. Sison

Integrating play in art activities to enhance the social skills of children with autism, Pamela Cristina C. Tumang

Theses/Dissertations from 2015

Assessing the mathematics performance of grade 8 students as basis for enhancing instruction and aligning with K to 12 competencies, Romee Nicker A. Capate

Intercultural competency of Chinese teachers and the implementation of multicultural education among the Chinese schools in Metro Manila, Liang Chang

Mathematics teachers' perceived preparedness in the senior high school modelling program, Von Christopher G. Chua

A case study on the environmental management and practices of RSC schools, Melanie G. Cutamora RSC

Subjective well-being and interdependent happiness as moderator in the relationship between ethnic discrimination and academic achievement motivation among Asian international students in Metro Manila, Philippines, Wisnu Tri Widodo Endro

Antecedents and consequences of servant leadership among the seminarians in China, She Jun Ma

Parents of children with autism: Exploring their resiliency, Kinney Dune B. Minez

Towards a framework of leadership practices of principals in La Salle Schools in Vietnam, Hong Hung Nguyen

Toward a framework of effective professional development for primary schools in Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam, Thi Phuong Linh Nguyen

An assessment of number sense among Grade 7 students of De La Salle University Integrated School, Perlita Torrente Padua

Attitude toward seeking school counseling help among Chinese High School students: The role of public stigma and self-stigma: A replication study, Ze Pan

An investigation of the problem posing skills of selected college students in business mathematics, Geoffrey Reuel J. Pasague

Attributes associated with career success of persons with hearing impairment, Maria Shalyne Permalino-Vierneza

Common writing problems and writing self-efficacy among freshman college students from three (3) major universities in Metro Manila: An exploratory study, Eduardo Teodoro Bañez Ramos Jr.

Students' conceptions of forces: Similarities and differences among grade six and grade ten students, May R. Ronda

Effects of Geogebra on students' attitudes and achievement in learning quadratic functions, equations and inequalities, John Nico A. Urgena

Understanding teacher leadership in elementary schools in China, Fen Yan Wei

Theses/Dissertations from 2014

Behavior of gases: Describing students understanding pattern and experience variation through phenomenographic approach, Ranie G. Abia

Development and evaluation of an educational multimedia storytelling courseware for children with autism, Arvie S. Andal

Case studies on teaching functional words and phrases to individuals with mental retardation, Vannida Joane C. Antonis

Factors influencing parent involvement in early childhood settings, Ma. Rosario S. Camacho


A case study on the professional development programs in five progressive schools in the Philippines, Jo Dennis S. Castillo

An exploratory analysis of the listening activities in grade one to grade nine english textooks in China, Yujing Chang

Perceived academic stress and coping strategies among Cambodian college students: Examining the role of achievement emotions as moderators, Mak Chansophal

Power, authenticity, and happiness: Evidence from Filipino college students, Jesus Alfonso D. Datu

An analysis of the organizational and linguistic features of maritime research articles, Patrocino C. De Vera II

Correlates of social competence of children with autism, Paula Kristine C. Garcia

A Case study on exploring happiness among the De La Salle Brothers in Myanmar, Noel Hrang Lal FSC

Perceived stress, marital coping efforts and marital satisfaction among young Chinese in Shanghai, Ying Fang Huang

Towards developing a framework for understanding cooperative learning as experienced by Chinese students in Metro Manila: A multiple case study, Hui Zhen Lin

Stress and social support among left behind adolescent children of overseas Filipino workers, Arun Lobo

Understanding teacher commitment: A case study on secondary school teachers of Pangudi Luhur, Agustinus Marjito

Transitions in the life experience of resigned priests, Joaquim SFX Mascarenhas

The lived experience of learners with visual impairments: A phenomenological study, Irish Ayesa N. Mendez

Peer mediation to enhance classroom engagement of a child with ASD: A case study, Genevieve P. Pablo