Theses/Dissertations from 2006

Accountability in museums: Recognition, valuation, and disclosure of heritage assets in the Philippines, Marinelle M. Casillan, Pamelinda Aira M. Diolata, Leonides C. Katigbak II, and Charisse Ann Y. Ponce

A Study of the performance of selected companies in the dried mango production business, Sharlene Choi, Julie Ann Lee, Erlyn Sim, and Valerie Anne Yu

CPA career pattern: Initial career moves, transitions and future career plans: A study of Lasallian CPAs for the years 2002-2006, Andrea Clarice Chua, Ma. Monica Ruste, and Fiel Marise Susi

Corporate tax savings when hiring a big 5 auditor: A Philippine manufacturing case, Christian Edmund Chua, Aigina Krystel Ogali, Jessa Parallon, and John Philip Te

The short-run impact of the increase in value-added tax rate on the operating cash flows of the selected publicly-listed industry subsectors in the Philippines 2004-2006, Gladys Gayle Chua, Ronnell Erwin Dy, Maricar Lee, and Cheiryl Urbino

Social Security System: A study of the financial performance of the Social Security System, Jaymie Ross Chua, Shervin Miguel, An Anne Retuya, and Elvin John Veluz

A Study on the effects of deferred income taxes on the financial ratios of manufacturing companies under the food industry belonging to the top 1000 in the Philippines for the year 2004, Kirk Halbert C. Co, Jenny Lyn A. Dalisay, Justinne D. Dizon, and Jenna Celine L. Gonzalez

A Case study on the policies that affect the operations of national irrigation administration specifically its project funding, Rena-Ann U. David, Faye Melissa O. Ty, Anna Rica J. Vicho, and Riz Jeanne S. Viloria

An industry study: Coco-biodiesel in the Philippines, Jose Arvin C. De Guzman, John Stevenson L. Go, Fico Mark Atom D. Mesina, and Marcel Jerome C. Navarro

Creating a balanced scorecard for Happy Toys Inc., Alma Isabel T. De la Cruz, Erik Choi T. Estacio, Dianne Rose G. Evangelista, and Kristina Irene U. Velasco

A study of the impact of PFRS adoption on publicly-listed food and beverage companies, Julie Anne L. Dimayuga, Mary Grace B. Macadangdang, Ellie Chris C. Navarra, and Mysue L. Tantiansu

Measuring the effectiveness of the Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) in fulfilling its mandate through corporate governance and public expenditure management for the years 1984 - 2004, Ramoncito Emmanuelle Dizon, Shanez Berdine Li, Lourdes Angela Pineda, and Abigail Serna

A Study on expectations of certified public accountants working in selected audit firms, Carlo S. Jamer, Jason V. Halago, Rey Christian F. Sikat, and Thomas John F. Tan

A study on the relationship of family influence and satisfaction on financial performance in Chinese family businesses, Mark Matthew Y.C. Joven

Benchmarking information technology (IT) governance practices among listed expanded and non-expanded commercial banks in the Philippines, Pamela P. Lichengyao, Kathleen O. Perez, Karen Patricia A. Rogacion, and Wainwright Gregory S. Yu

A Study on the implementation of Philippine accounting standards 39 (recognition and measurement: Financial instruments) and Philippine financial reporting standards 4 (insurance contracts) to account for pre-need education contracts and the comparison of their corresponding effects to the financial health of pre-need education companies in the Philippines, Annalyn Madamba, Jennifer Cenzon, Michael Ortiz Luis, and Noelle Halley Notario

Theses/Dissertations from 2005

A correlative and descriptive study of knowledge management and financial and staff performance of RFM Corporation, Leah Anne D. Abcede, Kristine Joy G. Carlos, Maria Esmeralda Jean E. Chua, and Czyrah Angelica V. Par

The determinants of successful CPA exam performance of DLSU accounting students: A logistic approach, Abigail Achacoso, Leo. Braganza, Leon Jose Ortega, and Dino Saavedra

The existence of audit expectations gap in the Philippines, Lawrence Aguinaldo, Ciara Mae Ong, Georgia Tioleco, and Diane Cecilia Yu

An empirical study on earnings of quality of publicly-listed and nonpublicly-listed firms in the manufacturing industry of the Philippines: 1999-2004, Jhoann Marie Alana, Anna Carmela Altarejos, and Ana Janice Esguerra

Effects of the differences between the current prices of laboratory services and prices derived from the activity-based costing on the perception of Breath of Life Hospital's management on their existing costing system, Martin Alinsod, Christian Elvin Ayson, Wendy Chan, Paul Jasson Palmar, and Ma. Irene Cristina Victa

Pillowpuff dough knots: A feasibility study on introducing pillowpuff dough knots in Greenhills Shopping Center, Diana Carolina R. Andes, Aiselle Marie T. Chua, and Erlemark Russel John S. Ea

Intra-company opportunities of Filipino Certified Public Accountants in the United States as exhibited by the top seven Philippine Auditing Firms, Michelle Ang, Gian Marco Avenido, Melody. Chua, and Charlie Edwin Khia

Assessing economic value added as a measure of the performance of all publicly listed property development entities in the Philippines from the year 1994 to 2003, Paul Michael Ang, Marylou Cheng, Shiella Nonna Morales, and Karen Joanne Tang

A descriptive study on the current status of the Philippine accountancy profession regarding its financial auditing services commitments in the ASEAN framework agreement on services and the general agreement on trade in services, Menen Jurina Mae O. Ano-os, Dana Maricel G. Bercile, Jeremiah Mari G. Carag, and Dianne Grace A. Dizon

An industry analysis: The textile manufacturing sector in the top 7000 and the next 5000 corporations in the Philippines, Ann Valerie T. Antonio, Rizza Mae L. Garcia, and Leah Fe B. Valera

A comprehensive study of the internet service provider industry in the Philippines: Development and competition, Dani Rose P. Aquino, Giancarla Evlin L. Dulce, and Kirsten Noreen T. Osea

The extent of the effects of capitalizing human resource cost on the profitability of security agencies in Metro Manila, Eliseo Raul Bacalzo, Rheena Cunanan, and Joseph Anthony Somoray

A research study on the key success factors of the outstanding multi-purpose cooperatives in Laguna, Sharleen Barrameda, Apriline Elbo, Andrew Lardizabal, and Annabelle Lee

A study on the Philippine furniture industry in Pampanga, Marco Rene Barredo, Jaime Ong, Ma. Flordelin Tating, and Reuben Ezra Terrado

A strategic plan for the De La Salle University Press, Inc., Mary Margareth M. Bernus, Marianne K. Garcia, and Michella Linda S. Lingan

The effects of the implementation of environmental management systems in ISO 14001-certified semiconductor manufacturers in the Philippines, Raphael Bondoc, Sarah Grace Padre, Felisa Irma Redondo, and Darren Evan Santos

A feasibility study on the opening of Angel's Touch Wellness Center, Rhia Bianca B. Cabalfin, Channel C. Gevana, Mary Grace Go, and Kathrina Marie B. Zulueta

Predicting bankruptcy in domestic pre-need companies in the Philippines using the Altman Z-score model and the springate model, Mary Adrienne Cabello, Kesmin Chan, Hershey Roth See, and Louvy Michael Tan

The probability of bias in professional judgment exercised by auditors in the Philippines, Jamie Lou L. Calibara, Maridi M. Carandang, and Angelica M. Castillo

A descriptive and correlative study of corporate social responsibility and profitability of the Big Three oil firms in the Philippines for the years 2000-2004, Simony Grace D. Canoy, Elgin Mari V. Salaveria, and Marie Kimberly C. Tan

A study of the determinants of corporate environmental disclosures of Philippine corporations, Lourdes Marie C. Casas, Evrille C. Cerujano, Melissa A. Escalante, and Ivy Joyce A. Mahinay

Corporate governance, firm-specific and macroeconomic factors as determinants of stock performance 1996-2004, Stephanie L. Chan, Chloe Chizu Go, and Aaron Say

The relationship between derived intangible value and profitability in selected Philippine food and beverage companies, Johanna Lynn Chua, Leah Evangelista, Jennifer Rose Reyes, and Cara Francesca Suarez

A study on the efficiency of governance mechanisms through internet investor-related disclosures of publicly-listed companies in the Philippines based on agency theory, Marco Leandro Sobremonte Crudo, Kristianne Santiago Magat, and Mariam Frances Pallasigui Maglaya

An empirical study of the interrelations between executive compensation and company performance in the Philippine setting, Melanie Ang B. Cu, Mark Joseph. Princesa, Jonathan Q. Relos, and Ivan Lloyd D. Tan-Leh

Adoption of the balanced scorecard approach in a hotel company, Maria Teresa Densing, Kimberly T. Kua Chun Ming, and Rachel Lillens G. Lee

A feasibility study on a proposed accessory boutique in SM North Edsa, Michelle Jean Dolorfino, Marie Christine Gapac, John Joseph Jalbuena, and Ivy Claudette Puno

A feasibility study on the expansion of an optical business, Kristine Flaire J. Enriquez, Kristine Marie M. Sy, Philip Joseph D. Tolentino, and Lady March Diam C. Trinidad

A descriptive study on management accounting practices and roles of management accountants in selected top manufacturing corporations in the Philippines, Karen Espiritu, Gretchen Leigh Lim, and Anna Leah Vichuaco

Cost-benefit analysis of Mercury Drug Corporation's Suki card program, Selina Paola Gabriel, Clarissa Ganzon, Alvin Laurena, and Jemkin Teo

A study on coolmate corporation's costing system to attain corporate cost objectives., Nazarene C. Galang; Lim, Mary Gene A.; Mendoza, Caroline.; and Molina, Lester Felixon O.

A study on the effectiveness of the balanced scorecard of Wellmade Motors and Development Corporation, William Benson S. Gan, Kathrina Grace F. Matibag, Rheena E. Rosales, and Mary Josephine D. Tesalona

National Food Authority: A case study on financial performance for years 1990-2004 using vertical analysis (as supported by a research on NFE programs implemented under the Aquino, Ramos, Estrada, and Arroyo administrators), Reginald Angelo Gripal, Nikki Ann Mariel Tungol, Ingrid Xyza Ty, and Chantal Lhae Zuniga

The degree of accounting harmony of selected accounting policies using the H-index: All publicly listed companies in 2004, Jerome Guinto, Brian Lim, and Catherine Santos

An experimental investigation of self-regulatory mechanisms and auditor liability regimes, Margarette Mae Ilano, Shirley Ann Magtipon, Andrew Adrian Yu Pua, and April Vidal

Comparison of market-perceived audit quality and actual audit quality among selected audit firms in the Philippines, Jameel Aurea B. Layco, Paul Christopher S. Manalang, Welinda Amor S. Reyes, and John Paul F. Udarbe

A descriptive study of the relation of the number of registered Certified Public Accountants to potential factors affecting its demand and supply in the Philippines, Elmer R. Lizada, Ma. Concepcion T. Melgarejo, and Wenchester Raud T. Tan

Inclusion of intellectual capital in financial reporting effects on investors decision-making in the Philippine Telecommunications Industry, Juan Miguel Machuca, Jamie Lynn Ong, and Rhoda Engracia Rejano

A study on the applicability of a practical experience requirement for the licensure of Certified Public Accountants in the Philippines, Victor Ishmael B. Manibo

A correlation study between human resource accounting and revenues of domestic passenger airlines in the Philippines, Cielo Ann P. Manio, Joanna Grace P. Manuel, Shannon Valerie L. Montano, and Rachelle Anne T. Tizon

The extent of harmonization of the accounting practices of the publicly-listed food manufacturing companies in the Philippines and its compliance with the international accounting standards from 2000-2004, Maximilian Nino Marfa, Jong Ho Moon, and Carl Marlou Saranillo

Six sigma and its benefits to Advanced Contact Solutions, Inc. (ACS), Marie Caress Clarissa V. Matibag, Kirby Erin C. Ng, and Jennevie P. Uy

The need for continuing professional education to attain the desired skills of Certified Public Accountants practicing in small and medium house wares industry, Ma. Joyce R. Millendez, Meggie Anne O. Orallo, Neniga L. Ong, and Ma. Monina Theresa J. Palomo

The quality of audit rendered by the big-four Philippine audit firms in the holdings sector using discretionary accruals and audit-firm tenure as proxies.\, Sherwynn Lawrence Lim Say and Jordan Elias Sicam Tapang

The readiness of pre-need companies to Philippine Financial Reporting Standards (PFRS), Tanni T. Teodosio, Michele S. De Torres, and Marienesse Y. Quino

Theses/Dissertations from 2004

A study on the effects on investors' decision regarding additional compliance and disclosure requirements of sarbanes oxley act on publicly listed companies in the Philippines, Cyrus John O. Acla, Eliza Mari D. Lagamayo, Allan Ritchie L. Ngo, and Lyndon Gerard B. Sese

A comparative study on the performance and financial position of Jollibee and McDonald's for the years 1999-2006, Christine Marie Acuna, Rose Angeli Bernaldo, Lesley Anne Dy, Ryan Malabanan, and Laurie Jane Young

Reengineering the general-purpose financial statements of merchandising corporations: A proposed format of balance sheet, income statement and notes to the financial statements based on the current needs of the users, Jo Ann Alcantara, Darcy Duane Diaz, Kestrel Jude Lozano, and Tiffany Marcel Villanueva

A feasibility study on the establishment of a food court outlet in food choices @ market! market!, Yumiko Elesia E. Almendras, Christine Martha M. Anievas, Christine D. Calaguas, and Jessica Chesa G. Yu

A feasibility study: Exclusive distributorship of maxon cellular phones, Lizzette Loraine Lim Ang, Mary Joy Amparo Dela Vega, Rhea Angela Irasusta Milo, Mary Grace Nazareno Resurreccion, Sandra Dee Ayuro Sarmiento, and Annabel Sy Uy

A feasibility study on the establishment of MMIV Printing, Daisy Lyn Arcenas, Karen Hau, Kenneth Ng, and Catherine Ong

Corporate governance in family corporations in the Philippines, Lee Hazel T. Balangue and Lyanne M. Dela Cruz

A feasibility study on a proposed convenience store in Batangas City, Eileen Mae C. Baleva, Celene Elvie Maybelle L. Matela, Maria Bernadette M. Rivera, and Jeonisa K. Tan

A feasibility study on the expansion of the laboratory department of Christ the King Maternity & Lying in Hospital, Donnabel Bariuan, Sheena Bonifacio, and Emerson Que

Transforming air Philippines into a low cost airline: A feasibility study, Jaime Liza Bautista, Mafel Ann Kho, and Lorraine Grace Marquez

A feasibility study: Eastern Petroleum GNB-Quezon Avenue, Imelda Diana P. Bielgo, Clarissa Erika P. Hatulan, Chelsea Katrina C. Lao, and Erwin E. Salvador

Formalization of the accounting system of a small-scale shoe manufacturing company: A move towards sustainability, Jose Manuel A. Bolivar, Arianne P. Go, Jamielynn C. Ong Lopez, and Zarah Angeline C. Pascua

A feasibility study on the proposed lease and remodeling of a two-storey building into a seafarers' dormitory by labor education and research network incorporated, Marvin Bringas, Jaidy Noceda, and Reny Ramido

The extent of compliance of the Philippines to pre-qualification requirements of international education standards as prescribed by international federation of accountants, Mauro Anthony Cabading, Ma. Carissa Geronimo, Sara Luz Guban, and Kalvin Sy

An analysis of Metro Manila's water service industry, John Jeric S. Cantillon

A feasibility study on a proposed masteral program in public management, Erwin T. Capisan, Howard Fuchi C. Lu, Michael Edward S. Mercado, and Pearl Ivy A. Santos

A proposed accounting system for public hospitals in the province of Batangas, Veronica Joy R. Catajoy, Sharleen Lanna A. Choi, Mary Grace A. Dalisay, and Julie S. Lim

A comparative financial ratio analysis of the top shopping mall developers and managers in the Philippines-SM Prime Holdings, Inc., Ayala Land Inc., and Robinsons Land Corporation-from 1999-2003, Harold Richmond Ching, Miljay Luna, Jose Oliver Rivera, Clare Siopongco, and Eric David Tan

LEARN's Construction of the five-story building, Catherine Chong Wing Sau, Candice Daguman, and Nerissa Que

Accounting outsourcing and its impact on Philippine publicly-listed companies, Cristina Ivy Co, Catherine De Chavez, Paul Frederick Manlapig, Janet Tamondong, and Ma. Carmen Vallarta

Accounting conservatism and the quality of earnings in the food, beverage, and tobacco sector for the five-year period ending 2002, Eileen Co, Johnny Rayray Jr., and Jo Anne Tan

A feasibility study on the establishment of a Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting undergraduate study program in De La Salle University, Marie Kristine C. Corella, Kristine Anne A. Legaspi, and Stephanie G. Lim

Inflation accounting as applied to the Philippine telecommunications industry: A comparative analysis, Farida Corpuz, Jasmine Flores, and Florianne Miranda

The level of stress, stressors, and perceived proximate coping mechanisms of BSA students, Leah Damalerio, Fernando F.E.J. Gapuz, Genalyn Parumog, and Benedict Villalon

Assessing Edward I. Altman's Z-score model of bankruptcy prediction in the financial service industry of the Philippines, Maria Gisela Angelique T. David, John Michael S. Ganipan, and Virgilio I. Macasaet Jr.

Fast food industry in the Philippines: Strategies used in reducing purchasing costs while maintaining or improving product quality, Angeli Frances De Castro, Leslie Anne Dianne Lao, and Mary Joy Ramirez

A feasibility study for a butterfly farm in Victoria, Laguna, Mark Joseph D. Dela Cruz, Elaine L. Enoc, Dan Oliver A. Mia, and Anna Merceditas B. Sanqui

Testing the suitability of a firm's asset turnover in signifying the occurrence of earnings management in the Philippine food and beverage industry for the time period 2001-2002, Rainer P. Dela Fuente, Rainer P. Dela Fuente, and Michael Brian C. Mosende

Industry analysis: The non-alcoholic beverages sub-sector, Ernest Paul S. Diaz, Clint Daniel S. Fadera, and Joel DL. Poh

A feasibility study on the planned expansion of Rizal Funeral Homes, Inc. to be established in Maliksi 11, Bacoor, Cavite, Rosalyn Anne Dorado, Arcee Haspela, and Jill Abigail Leque

A feasibility study of the meat processing department of Cavite Farmers Feedmilling and Marketing Cooperative, Maria Riqueza B. Dumael, Abigael G. Enriquez, Richard D.J. Tan, and Aileen D.V. Yap

A study of the financial and managerial implications of the new treatment to expense stock options, Geraldine Fellizar, Anne Margarette Jariol, Anna Camille Lucin, and Katrina May Sy

A feasibility study on a proposed 5,000-metric ton cold storage facility in Navotas, Jennifer Fernando, Francis Tan-Gatue, and Noreen Young

A feasibility study on the opening of a new hot spring resort in Pansol, Calamba, Laguna, Catherine Gamutan, Jenifer Maliksi, Michael Andrew Mesina, and Mary Joy Racelis

The considerations in implementation of a point-of-sale system in fun and family dining restaurants in the City of Makati, Kathryn S. Gesilva, Kristine P. Tabunar, and Gayle Marriane S. Tan

A project feasibility study on a soap manufacturing business that utilizes recycled cooking oil, Ma. Carmen N. Jimenez, Joy Ann R. Saldana, and Catherine Anne C. Vasquez

An investigation on resource utilization and product competence of selected manufacturing companies in the Philippines, Natassja Anjelyn S. King, Louise Concepcion R. Pestano, Joy Ann L. Tan, and Jacqueline C. Young

A study on the Norzagaray Academy Bulacan: Performance assessment using balanced scorecard, Teresa Ann Lacuanan, Nelson Misagal, Leni Arlene Ramos, and Eileen Marie Tanquieng

A study on the components of the dupont system of analysis which influence the profitability of the top 500 companies in the Philippines per industry basis for the five-year period ending 2002, Katrina Anne T. Limbonhai, Dianne Angela S. Mancita, Ammabel T. Torres, and Joycelyn L. Wong