Theses/Dissertations from 2004

A study on managing the cost of occupational illnesses and injuries in the factory of sanitary wares manufacturing corporation in the Philippines, Benedick Manalaysay, Carlo Lorenzo Cuevas, Jerrymel Lubin Guevarra, and Machel Jesus Navarro

A feasibility study on the construction and operation of the proposed Ellinwood Malate Church columbarium, Ma. Kristina I. Martin, Xina E. Pascual, and Agatha Cristie C. Santos

A feasibility study on Alfonso Holiday Homes, Erick Andrew Olonan, John Michael Pacabis, Eunice Que, and Kristine Sucgang

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy major in Forensic Accounting in De La Salle University-Manila, Michelle Romero, Nina Rommelle Almonidovar, Sarah Monica Jacinto, and Prince Michael Lao

Theses/Dissertations from 2003

A study on the relationship of the asset-liability structure and economic value added of commercial banks, Melizza Mildred V. Alcayaga, Lea Joy D. Aranzamendez, Rejan T. Dalupan, and Marie Grace C. Noche

Impact of E-commerce in the financial performance of deluxe hotels in Metro Manila, Michelle C. Allauigan, Raymond I. Hernandez, Laura N. Sanchez, and Jeanalyn C. Veneracion

A feasibility study on establishing a fashion warehouse boutique in New Farmers Plaza, Jennifer D. Ang, Marie Antoniette F. Arenas, Anna Romina L. Del Rosario, and Neil T. Penacerrada

A comprehensive study of the current status of the domestic air transportation industry in the Philippines, Hardy B. Aquende and Don-Vic P. Quezon

A study on the current level of satisfaction of selected companies from the top three auditing firms that outsource internal audit, Janice May I. Arenas, Zarah Jane P. De Zuniga, Sendrely M. Dolor, and Mark Cyril B. Rafael

Development of a bankruptcy predictor model using discriminant analysis to determine the key financial ratios indicating bankruptcy in the Philippine garments & textile industry, Alma Luz C. Austria, Shereen A. Chu, and Chiara Feliz C. Gutierrez

The correlation of investors' confidence and misery index, Bernadette Bagtas, Michael Gion Rivera, Annie Jane Salvador, and Kristine San Diego

Electronic-SME on demand (eSMEod) Geospatial Solutions, Inc., Camille Y. Balce, Sher Mirzi N. Co, Karla A. Funtila, Ryan Jonn U. Lim, and Jayson U. Yu

A feasibility study on the establishment of a Caltex service station, Amerissa Base, Joseph Matt Ciudadano, Caroline Guadana, and Anthony Tan

Maximizing a child's potential...: A feasibility study on learning center, Lara Erika De Leon, Santiago De Guzman, and Roland Ray Evangelista

A feasibility study on Caylabne Bay Resort developing a SPA within its premises through a joint venture with a premium asian SPA operator, Lester John L. Dy, Lorraine G. Francisco, Anne Maureen C. Mababangloob, and Jerome Carlo S. Mejia

An assessment on the relationship of the price/earnings ratio, price/sales ratio, and price/book value on the stock prices of publicly listed companies in the food and beverage industry in the Philippines from 1995-2002, Julie Anne Ip, Janina Paula Mangalindan, Candice Faye Ty, and Michelle Angelie Young

The study of the plastics industry focusing on the manufacture of household wares, Ma. Catherine Sheryl Lacson, Patricia Grace Palma, Catherine Penafiel, and Rochele Tabirao

A feasibility study on the establishment of a preschool in B.F. Executive Triangle, Las Pinas City, Philippines, Perfecto V. Lacuesta, Rhea P. Pena, and Maria Cristina Zaide

Customer delight and business success: An analysis and investigation of selected hamburger establishments in the Philippines, Valerie H. Manay, Ma. Aisha P. Mangondato, Judy E. Rivera, and Maureen Day G. Santiago

A study on the relationship between changes in inflation rate, interest rate, unemployment rate, nominal exchange rate, gross domestic product, government spending and OFW remittances with the changes in the market value of stocks of real estate companies for the years 1994 to 2002, Severo Maraño III and Ralph Ivan Uy

The impact of selected macroeconomic determinants on capital budgeting decisions by commercial-industrial firms in the Philippines, Freia Celine Ocampo, January Pizarro, Kennard Pua, and Gregory Vincent Yap

Theses/Dissertations from 2002

A study on the effect of financial measures and the level of disclosure in financial statements on the market share price of publicly-traded banks in the Philippines, Robert John C. Abada, Julie Ann Domino, Carlo Angelo Licuanan, Odessa Lopez, Miavel Menor, Maria Cecilia Sicangco, and Gerard Boz Tungol

A comparative study on the internal control policies and procedures adopted by credit card companies to effectively minimize fraudulent acts in on-line shopping, Ashley Abalos, Niersen Custodio, Martha Famatigan, Wenda Loyda, and Raymundo Marras

An evaluation of the effectiveness of internal controls in the revenue cycle of network marketing companies in Manila, Charmaine Agapito, Angela Aguilos, Christine Cabrera, Charlemagne Chua, Anna Liza Pallen, and Rochelle Roque

An evaluation of the effectiveness of internal control on fund management of Catholic parishes in the National Capital Region, Leila Aguasin; Hazel Jade Alonzo; John Paul Erasquin; Jennifer Galang; Alma Joy Macapagal; and Sy, Christopher Alexander

Value effects of business combinations undertaken by publicly listed banks in the Philippine banking industry, Maria Bernadette Aguila, Rose Anne Gonzales, Ann Barbara Santos, and Ma. Clarice Uvas

Significance of auditors' rotation in improving auditors' independence and strengthening investors' confidence in the objectivity of the audit, Athena Muriel Aguirre, Maria Estela Ann Cabahug, Michelle P. Robles, and Janylaine Sing

The investor's perception of auditor independence when audit and management services are combined: The Philippine case, Anne Clarice A. Alipon, Miguel U. Ballelos Jr., Mervi P. Chupinghong, Donna Faye T. De Cadiz, and Jerome C. Garcia

A study of the changes on the internal control system applied in the revenue cycle effected by the shift from manual to automated fare collection system by the Light Rail Transit Authority, Emily G. Aquino, Mary Grace N. Chung, Jovilyn S. Cotio, Glo-anne O. Mole, and Priscilla E. Navarro

A correlation analysis between compliance to air pollution prevention policies and company performance of manufacturing companies, Katheryn Aseron, Odette Anne Burcer, Johnson Co, John Vincent Mendoza, Ronald Mercado, and Allen Jose Tingzon

A study on the impact of online advertising on the profitability of deluxe hotels within Metro Manila, Betsy Rose D. Aw, Jeremiah Dela Cruz, Ellen Myra H. Sy, Donnabelle L. Wong, and Jessamyn P. Wong

A comparative evaluation of the electronic filing and payment system (EFPS) and the manual filing and payment system of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Leah Marie R. Babasa, Karen Lindy A. Go, Sheela C. Go, Mark P. Mariano, Carlo A. Paulino, and Abigael P. Tan

Comparative evaluation of the efficiency of the Electronic Filing and Payment System (EFPS) and the Manual Filing and Payment System of the Bueau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Leah Marie R. Babasa, Karen Lindy A. Go, Sheela C. Go, Mark P. Mariano, Carlo A. Paulino, and Abigael P. Tan

A study on the relationship of the credibility index to the level of investments in the Philippines, January Bangit, Christine Joyce Lao, Stephanie Sunshine Sy, Marie Stephanie Tan, Roberto Tanyag, Irene Anne Ting, and Qiuyue Zhuang

The relationship between asset revaluation and leverage & earnings of utility companies in the Philippines, Jericho Batin

The contribution of internal audit and other determinants of external audit fees to life insurance companies in the Philippines, Ronnie Boncan, Cielo Campos, Cristina Gabaldon, and Edelweiss Mendoza

The applicability of the proposed accreditation of external auditors of publicly listed companies and their additional reporting requirements, Jhoanna Paula Castillo, Wendy Marie Chua, Lorevie Cortez, Ma. Jasmine Reyes, Katherine Uy Sobremonte, and Natalline Umali

An analysis of the actual roles of audit committees in the corporate governance among the top 50 publicly listed corporations in the Philippines, Candy Y. Chua, Kenneth K.H. Lee, Emma Malou U. Lim, Diane Jean A. Ong, Charlton C. Sy Su, and Margarita W. Tatad

A study of intellectual capital as perceived by selected deluxe hotels in Metro Manila, Mary Grace Chua, Angela Hernandez, Kathleen Mariano, and Cristine Joy Sy

Analysis of the factors aside from interest rates that determine total investments in the Philippines, Fabell Dann Clasara, Paulo Paulino, Cicero Ray Rufino, Chancer Victoria, and Aaron Glenn Yu

A study on the determinants of profitability and asset utilization on Nuwhrain member hotels using the Du Pont model for the years 1996-2000, Marie Joy Co, Sigrid Gener, Katherine Limlingan, Dennis Lorenzo, and Carissa Panlaque

The effectiveness of risk management in mitigating the business risks present in the ordinary transactions of pawn broking companies in Metro Manila, Ma. Visitacion M. Corpuz, Marcvermon Vileo L. Dela Cruz, Granie Ro L. Gatlabayan, Mylene N. Lim, Marie Wendy C. Maningas, Leah Mae A. Salvador, and Dominic L. Yang

A comparative study on the internal control system of ISO 9000 certified and non-ISO certified electrical manufacturing companies in Metro Manila, Katherine Delos Santos, Maricar Lerma, Michelle Oppus, Ernesto Cissus Pascual, and Monique Ethellin Yiu

An evaluation of the credit standards set by commercial banks in the Philippines, Pocholo C. Domondon, Ma. Carla U. Fargas, Tracy Anne G. Ignacio, John Joseph Emmanuel S. Paglinawan, and Maria Golda L. Pasic

An analysis of the impact of investing in waste management and pollution minimization programs to Mega Farms, Reva Farms, and PFM Agro-Industrial Corporation, Rowena Escalante, Paula Sarena Nepomuceno, Cheryl Reyes, and Jennifer Santos

A study on the certified public accountants' job burnout in relation to the busy season workload, Cleo A. Estrella, Llyne R. Francisco, Melodie Anne K. Huan, Marianne Arween L. Manzanillo, and Jenina A. Yap

A study on the extent of the application of balanced scorecard on companies in the information technology industry in the Philippines, Cynthia Maria M. Francisco, Lourdes Grace B. Silverio, Frances Rose J. Villamayor, and Kristine Joy K. Wong

A proposed set of guidelines for formulating a micro economic environmental report appropriate for publicly listed mining companies, Bryan Peter Garcia, Desu Calvin Gonzales, Glenn Conrad Jao, Kent Mervin Kho, and Johnwin Sim

A theory validation of the labor stock model: The relationship of labor stock with equity investment risk and profitability, Sharmaine C. Lim, Aina A. Liwanag, Cresta Joyce S. Santos, Carmina C. Sy, and Katherine Ann T. Zafra

An analysis of the popular CPA review centers in Manila as to whether they warrant their reputation, Celina Maria C. Santiago, Tiffany Noralyn G. Soberano, and Ma. Guillermina G. Totanes

Theses/Dissertations from 2001

Multimedia Incorporated, Rio Agramon, Maria Eloisa Buenaventura, Maria Clarissa De Vera, Mary Grace Enguerra, Maria Pilar Hernandez, Legeen Igcasenza, Sofia Ngo, Jacqueline Saavedra, and Johnny So

Absorb' Ador: A feasibility study, Palmira Altura, Dyan Camara, Michelle Chua, Camille Consunji, Pamela Irineo, Melissa Lopez, Erick Paragua, Margarita Victor, Desiree Yap, and Raymond Yap

Home Builder, Sheridan Andres, Emily Avelino, Richard Cruz, Kathryn Liv Ong, Jonathan Quaianzon, Simonette Saguinsin, Arwin John Sy, Iris Tan, and Jennifer Pearl P. Wee

An in-depth study of the demand for forensic accounting services as perceived by the top corporations in the Philippines as of 1999, Desiree Ang, Anna Lorraine Arevalo, Catherine Chiong, Patty Rosse Chua, Maenelle Maris Colobong, and Christine Angelie Tan

A comparative study of the local and international accounting treatment and financial statement presentation of deluxe hotels, Ma. Ramona Ang, Adeline De Guzman, Marjorie Anne Lee, Anna Lea Velasco, and Rey Alfred Santillan

A study on the financial and non-financial factors that influenced Bank of the Philippine Islands to apply the pooling of interest method in its mergers with Citytrust Banking Corporation and Fareast Bank and Trust Company, Jose Enrico G. Atienza, Claire Marie G. Gallardo, Grace Leah Y. Montalla, Rhys Alexei Y. Murillo, and Renee Rose P. Tomas

Scented Rocks Manufacturing Co., Shella Y. Barrameda, Joan B. Cierva, Mark Allan A. Gatdula, Aileen Y. Geraldizo, Olivia R. Malaluan, and Leigh-Ann T. Tan

A study on the applicability of foreign currency control in the Philippines based on economic indicators, Charlot Barrientos, Jan Cheng, Beverly Dela Cruz, Erzil Kho, and Ma. Anna Margarita Tan

Extreme Ventures, Incorporated: A feasibility study on the establishment of X-Park, an Extrema Sports Center, Paul Baysa, Aldric Borlaza, Mishella Cordero, Maria Rosario Fermin, Anna Luz Jacinto, Abigail Ramos, Joseph Brian Tan, Almar Tiozon, Jane Barbra Vasquez, and Leslie Ann T. Yapkianwee

A study on the deficiency of the current accounting standards in providing information on intellectual capital, Yvette Kristine C. Callejo, Janice S. Eder, Eillien G. Fernandez, Jinky M. Irada, and Chase M. Sarmiento

A study on the negative transitionary financial and perceived non-financial effects of the several bank acquisitions made by Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company on its operations, Jerome Chua, Ma. Anne Kristine De Jesus, Gonzalo Go, Chester Lew Ilagan, Arnella Tabernilla, and Anne Jane Tan

An in-depth study on the effects of business-risk auditing on the acquisition of knowledge about the current condition of the clients of the top auditing firms of the Philippines, Albert James Chu, Richard Chua, Bennette Lou Ng, Lester Maximilian Ng, Oliver Quijano, and Lovely Emily Zuniga

A study on the determinants of the pooling of interests method versus the purchase method in accounting for mergers in the Philippine banking industry, Cecille Marie A. Custodio, Chris D. De Jesus, Katrina F. Francisco, Michelle Mara E. Uy, and Samantha Lizabeth A. Velasco

A project feasibility study on the manufacture of a catalytic converter, Gwendolyn Dee, Kelanie Lamadrid, Jaime Lao, Marinessa Lucas, Paul Chester See, and Dominador Torres

A study on the applicability of including forensic accounting services as part of the BS accountancy program based on the level of willingness of the schools, Joshua Armand S. De Leon, Kristine A. Dereches, Jean Angela P. Oh, Marianne R. Palisoc, and Allouraine D. Sabiniano

A study on the cost considerations in arriving at the year's cost of generating pollution and waste as support in making decisions for pollution management in chemical companies situated in Metro Manila and nearby provinces, Charita D. Dominguez, Vanessa Anne D. Rafael, Princess Marie A. Tayag, and Venus S. Tuazon

A study on capital maintenance practices of selected companies, Joanna Elissa T. Dy, Romalyn F. Lamano, Marie Antoinette Santillan, Shella Marie G. Soriano, Mark James W. Sy, and Dorothea Torres

Feasibility study on the manufacture of enviro-blinds, Maria Angela P. Gatmaitan, Kathleen B. Latorre, Ana Flordeliza A. Lipa, and Kathryn Virginia C. Manalo

The level of viability and acceptability of an on-line study guide for the De La Salle University accountancy program, Chrissie Mae Ty Say, Ma. Kristine T. Caisado, Sarah Lanuza, Joselito Magtibay, Immanuel Canda, and Mark Alvin Poa

Theses/Dissertations from 2000

Outdoor Mates, Inc., Abigail L. Abril, Benedict Alix, Brian Gellido, Maria Ana Malanyaon, Katherine Anne Manucdoc, and Linda C. Yu

A project feasibility on Tik Tak lamp, Cecille Adona, Jenny Ann Del Rosario, Raymond Mark Francisco, Benazir Ismael, Ma. Florinda Lucio, and Rhegina Saavedra

A feasibility study on the production of hamper totes, Anabelle Aguirre, Mary Rose Fandino, Jose Marcelo Jarabe, Clarissa Mae Lopez, Michelle Marie Mayshle, Mark Lawrence Pleyto, and Michael Vincent Yusingbo

Jolly Foods, Inc.: A feasibility study on the franchising of Jollibee, Isa Portia Alcantara, Fortunato Cordero, Jean Marie Datu, Carmela Maria De Los Reyes, Mark Lawenko, Brian Ocampo, Jameson Ocampo, Joyce Ochoa, Jose Marie Pabiton, and Michael Ricaza

The level of computer proficiency of DLSU BSA graduating students of school year 2000-2001 as needed by auditing firms, Eubell Alcovindas, Zita May Arreza, Ryan Hernandez, Jonas Felix Ordonez, Lemuel Remoreras, Perrie Nita Reyes, and Ma. Angelica Taguinod

Skin Essences, Inc.: A feasibility study, Christiane Alonzo, Mary Jean Balboa, Joseph Chio, Kristin Galang, Michael Ray Makanas, Ryan Mancera, Christian Ponce, Roma Luna Rubi, Ginger So, and Charmaine Torres

Scru Bubble, Anna Rosario Aquino, Abigail De Leon, Flordeliza Garing, Mae Christine Lao, Leellian Lau, Michelle Pamaran, Vanessa Ramos, Nelly Anne Soliman, and Katherine Joan Tan

A feasibility study on the production of travelope, Dennis C. Aquino, Cheryl S. Garcia, Sheryl Ann M. Gonzalez, Evangeline F. Jimeno, and Jennifer H. So

The Effectiveness of the present continuing professional education program in meeting the needs and demands of an accountant's profession: A research project, Marita Lourdes Azur, Maria Cristina Garde, Ma. Lois Gregorio, Deonah Marco, and Melissa Angela Velarde

A project feasibility study on rayt-it-right pens, Ma. Celina Bacani, Vincent De Guzman, Rhizzy Ann Roque, and Anna Lissa Tolod

Spara Incorporated, Rhea A. Banez, Rico J. De Guzman, Rozelynne L. Dizon, Grace P. Garcia, Anthony B. Palanca, and Ronaldo G. Torreno

Factors underlying the success of De La Salle University regular accountancy students in the accounting qualifying examinations, Giovanni Bautista, Charlynn Lim, Desiree Ng, Elynor Reyes, and Precious Jochelle Santiaguel

A study on the significance of audit committees in the top three softdrinks companies in the Philippines-Coca-Cola Amatil Pepsi Cola Products Incorporated Philippines, & Cosmos Bottling Corporation, Ma. Cecilia D. Bazar, Jeffrey H. Lim, Aimee J. Penaflor, Ruby Jane L.U. Sia, and Mary Ann U. Tan Casis

A research on the relationship of transfer pricing in the downstream oil industry and Philippine crude oil prices, Priscilla Besana, Dennis Ferrer, Mia Kate Lim, Karen Rodriguez, Marie Paz Ramoy, and Junie Grace Sotto

Creative soaps: A project feasibility study on proposed product soap sheets, Irene Borro, Monica Dy-Dumalasa, Jeffrey Go, Ma. Lourdes Mendoza, and Zidney Tan

A study on the accounting for spoilage in selected fastfood companies in the Philippines for better decision-making, Ron Ryan S. Buguis, Ma. Leilani M. Cuneta, Sandra Y. Del Rosario, Jennifer C. Dionisio, and Julie Ann E. Domingo

A study on the applicability of metering landline phones in the Philippines, Jorge L. Chiong, Margaux R. Cimafranca, Catherine Franco, Ma. Sheila Ann M. Jacinto, Ofelia P. Ortiz, and Clarissa G. Soriano

An analysis of the underlying causes of inactivity and non-renewal of membership of PICPA members in public practice in Metro Manila, Yvette P. Chua, Raquel R. Dujunco, Merlyn G. Reselva, Josephine F. Syjuco, and Eleanor A. Tabirao

A feasibility study on jackpack, Anna Blesilda C. Cristobal, Charity P. Mandap, Abigail G. Manto, and Johnston F. Po

A project feasibiilty study on CLRC Food Corporation, Maria Rochelle Diaz, Charito Ferrer, Roxanne Reyes, and Lee Celso Vivas

Toilet Shield: WEe Cover, Inc., Caren Ann R. Esquilona, Marie Grace D. Hernandez, Glenn T. Jao, Charina Madarang, and Sabrina A. Sarmiento

Agricylce Inc.: A feasibility study on the production of organic fertilizer, May Pearl R. Fulgencio, Aurreli T. Habacon, Gennet S. Limtanhoa, Rubylle Q. Luna, Laarni D. Oblenida, Maricris A. Ona, Donna Margarita DLS Quiadit, and Michelle B. Sandil

Bookworm Co.: A feasibility study on the comfort reader bookholder, Daisy Grace F. Javier, Miriam Rose R. Macabagdal, Michelle C. Navarro, Saida Melani Noche, Michelle A. Sanchez, and Nancy S. Sio

Determining the effectiveness of AUDPRAC seminar in providing actual audit experience of staff to accounting students of De La Salle University for the years 1998 to 1999, Desiree Ann V. Leonor, Kristine Sheila C. Manalo, Sherryl Marie C. Rayray, and Ria Alba R. Vitug

A study on the readiness of selected multinational companies in the food and beverage industry to comply with the disclosure provisions of international accounting standards not addressed by Philippine GAAP, April Lim, Randell Liwanag, George Michael Punzalan, Anthony Carlo Rivera, and Raul Rivera

Theses/Dissertations from 1999

Ourmoney Incorporated, Raymund Anthony F. Acebu, Mary E. Asis, Judy Therese G. Cablao, Kristine B. Estable, Nathalie Ilagan, Jane Sherrelyn C. Lim, Warren Rex H. Liong, Robledo S. Magat, Aldrin A. Ramirez, and Marco Gregory G. Solano

Snoozy Bean: Mr. Bean and Co., Nelson Charlesegun Aquino, Cheryl Ann Casas, Sheila Marie Chang, Richard Ching, and Marianne Deza

U-Winder, Inc.: A feasibility study, Kerville Ignatius Balandra, Loreto Cervantes, Kristine Cheng, Rustum Corpuz, Pierre Francois Gadpaille, Edmond Juan, Adrian Joseph Manuel, Haydee Organo, and Ronilo Tolentino

Woodsigns Corporation: A feasibility study on sawdust-inked pen, Jaclyn Farahnaz A. Banag, Diana C. Choi, Jessamine T. Chua, Aileen D. De Villa, Federico D. Evangelista, Rico Vincent A. Perez, Eliza A. Ramos, Wilson S. So Hu, Romina S. Torres, and Larry B. Vergara

A feasibility study on the production of cari-card-tures greeting cards, Herbert B. Bergancia, Charlton N. Carandang, Sofronio P. Fortich, Jhowell R. Jamili, Jacqueline T. Ko, Eden O. Ng, Melody Grace L. Ong, and Christian G. Sia

Sweep 'n Shoot : Mightz, Inc.: A feasibility study, Rowena Gerolaga, Victor Thomas Hizon, Desiree Imperial, Bernadette Maranan, Catherine Terrel, and Joseph Brian Zuniga