Theses/Dissertations from 2002

Counseling intervention strategies: Their effects on the psychosocial health of HIV/AIDS persons, David Emmanuel Lazarus FSG.

The relationship between cultural beliefs and pedagogical beliefs among science teachers in Ilocos Norte: Implications for science teacher education, Eva Balanay Macugay

Benchmarking CHED-supervised institutions in the Philippines: Towards developing quality indicators in higher education (1998-2000), Filomena G. Montealto

The constructs of happiness among Vietnamese living in the Philippines, Dinh Vinh Paul Nguyen


An evaluation of the magister management, major in human resource management program of Institut Pengembangan Wiraswasta Indonesia (IPWI), NoFirstName Prijono

A proposed ten year strategic plan for faculty development for Atma Jaya Catholic University Jakarta, John Tampil Purba

An evaluation of the Islamic study in the faculty of economics of the Muhammadiyah University Jakarta: Basis for curriculum modification, NoFirstName Siswanto


A summative evaluation of the human resource management program of the Indonesian Cooperative Management Institute (IKOPIN), Anwar Sitompul

Development and validation of a mathematics literacy test for Filipino elementary school graduates, Maria Victoria De Leon Tolentino

Theses/Dissertations from 2001

An analysis of governance of Daughters of Charity schools: Basis for framework and strategy to strengthen governance of the school system, Freida P. Benitez

Strengthening the management system of MAPSA schools, Marcel Bria

Washback effects on teaching listening comprehension in selected schools in Central and Southern Taiwan, Hsiao-lin Chang


Towards the development of a model of sustainability for Paulinian mission schools, Mary Edwardine Columbano


The effect of the integrated lecture-laboratory approach on the achievement in biochemistry and science process skills of science majors, Amelita Santiago Dayao

Development and evaluation of computer-based lectures for general biology, Cynthia Cervero Divina

Development and validation of environmental education modules on biodiversity conservation for biology majors, Eden Vela Evangelista

A college-based management model of extension service program for the Dominican St. Catherine of Siena-school system, Teresa E. Examen O.P.

The effectiveness of advance organizer on students' achievement in general college chemistry, Hemogene R. Guanco

Towards the development of a model for human resource accounting: The St. Paul University experience, Blandine Teresita Jamias S.P.C.

Development and validation of a field-base laboratory manual in general botany, Tessie Evangelista Lerios


Measurable effects of concept mapping on the achievement of students in college chemistry, Marlinda S. Regondola

Adolescent romantic relationships and physical intimacy: Reshaping beliefs and behavior toward responsible sexuality, Mary Agnes B. Teotico


Constructivist method: Effects on achievement and retention in analytic geometry, Jumar M. Valdez

Theses/Dissertations from 2000


The effects of the use of graphing calculators on the achievement and critical thinking ability of college freshmen in algebra, Teresita Javier Abalajon


Concept mapping in teaching physics: Its effects on students' achievement and retention of knowledge, Felipe C. Concepcion

Perceptions of incest and effects of reality therapy and psychospirituality programs on self-esteem and spiritual well-being of adolescent survivors, Myrna R. Gigantone

Home and school factors affecting the work values of fourth year students in La Sallete schools, SY 1999-2000: Implications for career education program., Lucia C. Gumiran SFIC.

The development and validation of the psychosocial maturity scale for young Indian adults, Xavier Kattikat O.S.A.

The measurable effects of a process-led approach on achievement, science process skills, and task context among students of chemistry, Araceli Asuncion Lim

Tungo sa isang modelo ng maka-kristiyano at maka-Filipinong pamunuan sa edukasyon, Manuel Luis Garcia Marasigan

The effects of stress inoculation training and goal-setting program on anxiety, subjective pain, and rehabilitation adherence of injured filipino athletes, Julian Ramos Montano III

Intellectual factors affecting the ability to perform mathematical tasks in differential calculus, Carmelita Yasana Ragasa

Effectiveness of solution-focused therapy and visual-kinesthetic dissociation on self-concept and adjustment of physically abused adolescents, Ma Victoria F. Trinidad

Factors associated with the achievement in chemistry of senior students in selected secondary schools in Nueva Ecija, Myrna del Rosario Umagat

Theses/Dissertations from 1999

The learning discipline skills and school effectiveness practices of the RVM secondary school administrators and their relation to school performance, Maria Evelyn C. Aguilar

Institutional cost-effectiveness of daughters of charity tertiary schools in the Philippines, Lourdes L. Albis D.C.

Development and effectiveness of computer-assisted instruction in heat and thermodynamics for science and engineering students, Nelson Maquiling Belgira

A systems analysis of the teacher education program in the ACSC schools., Ma Elena Bravo Bogacia

An analysis of the physics competencies of Mariano Marcos State University students under the new secondary education curriculum (NSEC), Stanley P. Calacal

Development and validation of a scientific and technological literacy test for secondary teachers of science, Leticia Venadas Catris

The organizational culture of Widya Mandira Catholic University Kupang-Timor-Indonesia: A case study, Fernandez Cosmas

Pragmatics of Philippine print advertising discourse, Danilo T. Dayag

Research capability, productivity, and utilization in the ten St. Paul higher education institutions, Flordeliza C. Deza

Design, development and summative evaluation of computer-assisted instruction (CAI) modules on selected topics in high school physics, Ligaya Baraoidan Diculen

Suicide potential among filipino youth: Model and assessment, Susana R. Almeda Estanislao

Status of implementation of the 1987 policy on bilingual education in Cebuano and Hiligaynon tertiary schools, Gloria G. Fuentes

Quasi-constructivist based approach: Effects on student's achievement in and attitude towards mathematics, Ma Lourdes Del Mundo Galia

Factors affecting students' career choice of science and engineering at Mindanao State University (main campus), Eleazar C. Galliguez

Work values, interests and career plans of fourth year students in selected schools in Isabela: Implications for a career guidance program, Lucia C. Gumiran Sr.

Development and validation of a thinking skills test for high school students in biology, Florentina C. Lim

The philosophy and practice of composition teaching among english teachers at University of Southern Mindanao, Riceli C. Mendoza

Gender differences in constructed dialogues using Filipino, Leonisa A. Mojica

A scripture-based marital satisfaction enhancement program: It's effectiveness, Phebe R. Nacionales

The effects of self-instructional training and stress inoculation training on anger of male adult ex-offenders, Nelia Averion Noriel

Efficacy of the constructivist approach in altering students' conceptions in college physics, Mario P. Obrero

A historical development of a family owned educational institution: The case of Olivarez College, Eric de Leon Olivarez

The effects of healing the inner child on woundedness and psychosocial adjustment of Filipino seminarians, Antony Puthenangady

The competencies of the prospective and beginning secondary school mathematics teachers in Luzon: An analysis, Mary Fe V. Ramos

A leadership development plan: An innovative model based on an ethical approach, Encarnita Padilla Sevilla

Design, development and evaluation of a web-based interactive multimedia courseware in analytic geometry (, Dante L. Silva

Mindanao State University in Tawi-Tawi students' epistemologies and perceptions about knowing and learning introductory physics, Capistrano Pasco Tejano Jr.

A proposed administrative handbook for Asian Development Foundation College, Tacloban City (project paper no. 3), Carmelita Fernandez Valdez

A proposed faculty handbook for Asian Development Foundation College, Tacloban City (project paper no. 4), Carmelita Fernandez Valdez

A proposed five-year development plan for Asian Development Foundation College, Tacloban City, School Years 1998-1999 to 2002-2003 (project paper no. 2), Carmelita Fernandez Valdez

A proposed vision-mission statement for Asian Development Foundation College, Tacloban City (project paper no. 1), Carmelita Fernandez Valdez

Internationalization programs of selected universities in the National Capital Region: Towards the development of a model, Ethel Agnes Pascua Valenzuela

An exploration of the conceptual associations in second language learning among financially disadvantaged preschool learners, Marina Reyes L. Wandless

Theses/Dissertations from 1998

Tungo sa pagbubuo ng modelo ng pangangasiwa ng mga paaralang pandiyosesis ng Lucena, Rosalie Tinamisan Batocabe

The efficacy of an inquiry-oriented learning environment in enhancing the performance of high school physics students, Amelia Ayo Dorosan

Brain dominance, career choice and the job satisfaction of successful filipino managers, Laurene Chua Garcia

Analysis and prediction of the performance of DLSU accounting graduates in auditing firms and CPA board examinations, Teresita T. Nadurata

Development and evaluation of an interactive multimedia courseware in statistics for CSB students, Rizaldi Costa Nocon

Development and validation of a set of laboratory activities in natural products based on isolation, structure elucidation and biossay of secondary metabolites from Malachra Fasciata, Jacq. and cosmos caudatus, HBK, Beatriz Agustin Penalosa

Development and validation of innovative experiments in organic chemistry based on isolation, structure elucidation and bioactivity testing of new diterpenes from Coleus blumei Benth, Vilma Fojas Templora

Assessing religious life affirmation of the dominican family in the Philippines, Mary Serafica M. Tolentino OP

Theses/Dissertations from 1997

The comparative effectiveness of stress inoculation training and creative visualization in reducing teacher stress, John Jaworski N. Adefuin

The measurable effects of a physics in-service program on teachers' knowledge, attitude and classroom behaviors, Erwin F. Cadorna

The development of a health care delivery system model that would best meet the health needs of the rural communities in Cavite, Rosalina C. Dulog

Analysis of verbal mathematics problems formulated by college students, Rodrigo C. Gatchalian

Optics experiments for secondary schools using diode laser as source of light, Ciriaco M. Gillera

Values clarification, person-centered, and moralizing approach in group counseling for high school student with low achievement motivation, Martinus Tukir Handoko

Predictors of achievement in college algebra, Florentina Daquila Monta

The organizational culture of St. Joseph's College and its implications for educational management: A case study, Lourdes S. Panganiban SFIC

Language difficulty among chemistry students in the use of non-technical words in chemistry textbooks, Regina Q. Pimentel

Effects of prarthana (prayer) healing approach and rational emotive therapy on marital relationship and irrational beliefs, Pushpa Poruthukara C.H.F.

The systematic use of analogies in teaching abstract concepts in chemistry: Effects on achievement and retention, David S. Rebollos

Visual-kinesthetic dissociation, global anchoring, and global unconscious reframing: Effects on same-sex preference of male homosexuals, Amparo K. Sabandal

Coping mechanisms at various growth stages and other success dimensions of family-owned learning institutions-towards a paradigm, Josefina V. Suarez

Construct-related validation of the interpersonal relationship scale in the Rorschach inkblot test, Josephine (Leh Leh Win fmm) Vallence

Theses/Dissertations from 1996

The therapeutic effectiveness of vipassana and creative imagery for promoting wellness among nurses, Mary Lynn D. Alookaran

Rational emotive therapy and global unconscious reframing, singly and combined: Effects on depression among women in midlife, Bertha Chakkumkal

Effects of progressive relaxation and creative visualization on psycho-social-physical well-being and chemical dependency, Mathew Joseph Choolaparambil

Achievement and attitude of freshman students in college algebra under different media of instruction: A comparative analysis., Renato R. Daquioag

Enhancing psychological security and academic performance of college underachievers through enneagram and neurolinguistic programming, Hsing-Chu Rosemary Lee Lee

A constructivist based instructional systems design for undergraduate discrete mathematics, Auxencia Alarcon Limjap

An evaluation of the effectiveness of the traditional and the non-graded instructional systems at Benedictine Abbey School, Aloysius A. Maranan OSB

Effectiveness of unconscious reframing, new behavior generator and personal power radiator in facilitating readjustment of separated wives, Edmond Thivia Nathan

The cognitive levels of the multiple choice mastery test items in selected SEDP III textbooks based on Bloom's taxonomy, Rebecca C. Nueva España

Competency assessment of high school physics teachers, Epifania Belbes Nunez

Construct validation of self-concept in the Rorschach inkblot test, Gregory Pinto SVD