Theses/Dissertations from 1996

Rational emotive therapy and future planner in reducing unwed expectant mothers' anxiety and insecurity, Selvaraj Selladurai

Counselor-client working alliance in career counseling: Its relationship to significant process events and micro/macro outcomes, Elizabeth Sinogaya Suba

Theses/Dissertations from 1995

The effects of meditation and actualizing therapy on selected personality factors, self-esteem and self-actualization of seminarians, Andre A.J. Antao

Effectiveness of an NLP introductory workshop and three techniques in enhancing self-actualization of Indian major seminarians, Arul A. Arockiam

The effectiveness of multimodal therapy on basic I.D. of shabu-users, Maribel M. Canlas

Gestalt dreamwork as a therapeutic tool: An exploratory study, Jaime T. Cempron

Conflict management in a school organization: Historical development and resolution of conflict in a socially oriented school, Mary Ann M. Covarrubias

The relationship between student satisfaction and academic performance and absenteeism among public and private high school seniors in the National Capital Region, Sally Lim Coyukiat

Strategic decisions for Don Bosco Technical College-towards becoming a technological resource-center for the country for the twenty-first century, Caesar Dizon

Comparative effectiveness of yoga-mind-based and rational-emotive-based therapies in enhancing self-acceptance and interpersonal relationship among prisoners, Jerome D'Souza

Towards a management model for the De La Salle Brothers' supervised schools, Narciso S. Erguiza Jr. FSC

Midlife transition of women religious: Common stress symptoms and stress reduction through an NLP package, Florence Joseph Fernandez

Enhancing meaning in life and spiritual well-being of female drug addicts through programs based on twelve steps and logotherapy, Vinaya (Mary KP) Kalaparambath

Isolation and identification of the bioactive metabolites of Eupatorium toppingianum and mimosa invisa: Proposed investigatory activities for chemistry teachers, Guillermo O. Largo

The effectiveness of genogram analysis in enhancing marital satisfaction, Treesa Palackal SH

The relative effectiveness of three methods of teaching on student's achievement in college chemistry, Nenita D. Palmes

Methods of solving systems of ordinary linear differential equations: A comparative analysis, Evelyn A. Rebugio

Towards a management model for paralegal education programs: A case analysis of the Paralegal Training Services Center, Melanio Montederamos Regis

Assessment of the integrated science process skills and cognitive abilities of education students in selected teacher training institutions in Metro Manila, Rosario Laurel Sotto

Effects of cognitive restructuring and visual-dissociation on perception of self and others, and adjustment of adolescent survivors of sexual abuse, Ma Belen L. Vergara

Theses/Dissertations from 1994

Socio-psychological factors in the menopausal experience of selected middle class Filipino women, Alexa P. Abrenica

Effectiveness of yoga intervention program on asthma clients, Antonymuthu Alphonse

Research capability and productivity of a state college: An institutional assessment, Isaias A. Banaag

Development and validation of a readability formula for Physics instructional materials, Jonathan A. Bayogan

The cultural web of a socially oriented school: A case analysis of organizational culture, Mary Vincent F. Feliciano OSB.

Development and evaluation of modules on selected topics in optics for tertiary students, Ocarna Belmes Figuerres

Misconceptions of education students in translating expressions for verbal problems in multiplication and division of decimal numbers, Zenaida L. Garcia

Correlates of teacher competence among secondary biology teachers of Region 12, Pendililang Balangue Gunting

Status of the Bachelor of Secondary Education programs major in Biology offered by selected institutions in the National Capital Region, SY 1994-1995, Zenaida P. Hadji Raof Laidan

Differential effectiveness of the modular approach in the teaching of integrated science, Florentina C. Pahila

A kinetic structure analysis of selected textbooks in college chemistry, Adora Soriano Pili

Development and evaluation of a modular approach in teaching integrated mathematics four, Marianito A. Saclot

The relationship between home and school variables and students' religious development in NCR secondary schools, Bienvenido V. Santos

Theses/Dissertations from 1993

The use of music as a teaching technique in chemistry, Fely L. Araneta

A factorial analysis of the situational leadership effectiveness of the deans of state colleges and universities of Region 2, Oliver T. Asuncion

The effectiveness of Carkhuff's Human Resource Training and Ivey's micro-counseling models on paraprofessional counselors' performance, Ester T. Bayani

School managers effectiveness: A function of personal-school factors, stress and conflict handling styles, Sonia Milagros Checa SPC

The effect of concept mapping on the achievement and anxiety of students in science and technology IV (Physics), Juana M. De la Rama

The effects of spiritual-psychological synthesis on anxiety, depression, and mental health of Vietnamese refugees, Marie Thecla Tran Thi Giong

The relationship between teachers' work values, teaching performance and morale in selected catholic and public schools in Batangas, Flora V. Javier

The relationship between accreditation and board performance of selected colleges of nursing in Metro Manila, Bella Zaragoza Manaog

The relative effectiveness of four teaching-learning situations on the achievement of students on selected topics in general chemistry, Wilma C. Natividad

Case analysis and evaluation of Community Extension Service Programs (CESP) of private tertiary schools in Region IV: Towards the development of a management model, Maria Rhodora Guerrero Odejar

Theses/Dissertations from 1992

Innovative laboratory activities using LASER, Perlen K. Ababa

Effectiveness of synergistic learning on quality management orientation of workers in industry, Gregorio V. Barcelon

The effectiveness of achievement motivation training among high school teachers in the Roosevelt College system, Corazon B. Capistrano


Managing stress through rational behavior training, Miriam P. Cue

Development of an instructor laboratory teaching effectiveness scale and an achievement test in marine engineering, Felicito P. Dalaguete

Effectiveness of a group support program in minimizing depression and hopelessness among institutionalized elderly, Leonora L. Damaso

Questioning and responding in high school science classes: A classroom interaction analysis, Onofre G. Inocencio Jr.

The NLP anchoring technique compared to person-centered counseling and rational-emotive therapy in enhancing self-esteem, Joseph Nellikunnel

Development and evaluation of self-instructional modules in Physics (electricity and magnetism) for technician students, Lapridad Julieta D. Reyes

Theses/Dissertations from 1991

The effects of teaching methods and cognitive styles on students' achievement in plane trigonometry, Concepcion J. Asuncion

Pattern distribution of fingerprints in three ethnic groups in Nueva Vizcaya, Mary Therese N. Cabalonga

The effects of spatial visualization training and mathematics anxiety reduction on the performance of education students in solving word problems in algebra, Benigno F. Castro

Effects of training in cognitive development and/or problem solving on the cognitive levels, problem solving ability, and achievement in basic Mathematics of freshman Bachelor of Elementary Education students, Victoria G. Gengania

Development and validation of the integrated science process skills test (ISPST) for Filipino high school students, Kenichi Hiura

Predicting burnout from stressors, motivational factors and other variables for teachers of Quezon City private elementary schools, Ma Corazon J. Mendoza

The process and outcome of visual kinesthetic dissociation in the treatment of fear of death in women, Dalmatia George Panikulam

Effectiveness of personal power radiator of neuro-linguistic programming in treating existential vacuum in women, Mathai Pannathanath

Relative effectiveness of three methods of teaching college algebra, Cornelia T. Partosa

The effects of gestalt techniques on interpersonal orientation and behavior of married couples, Flordeliza Corcuera Posadas

Chem tasks approach to teaching general chemistry for nonscience majors, Noemi Basco Silva

The effectiveness of an indigenous counseling approach to economic problems: An exploratory study, Gundelina A. Velazco

Theses/Dissertations from 1990

Entrepreneurial profile of women of Quezon province and its implication for entrepreneurship development program, Jose G. Atienza Jr.

The effectiveness of neurolinguistic programming techniques in reducing behavioral, emotional, and physiological problems, Cecilia B. Banaag

Restructuring the student teaching program of the Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation College of Education, Joselina de la Torre Baylongo

The effects of homework feedback system and homework organizational patterns on the achievements of students in college algebra, Jacinto L. Cabalonga

The effect of counselor touch in an initial counseling session, Teresita R. Cabanial

A proposed educational management information system for the La Sallette school system, Merlita Uy Callangan

Design, construction and testing of an educational computer system for physics students, Benedicta M. Carambas

The effects of various laboratory teaching methods on students' achievement in biology, Alberto C. Carvajal

The effects of Zen meditation on psychosocial health and well-being: A Korean experience, Ock Jin Cho

The effect of the use of hand-held calculators on mathematics achievement and attitudes toward mathematics of freshman college students, Fe G. De La Rosa

Biological factors and mannerisms as predictors for science achievement, Artemio A. Diego

Institutional accreditation of Maryhill Academy: A model for cost analysis and growth trends and patterns, Lourdes Correa Glinoga

Rearing of pureline and hybrid strains of (Bombyx Mori L.) as affected by the climatic room temperature and humidity at the Philippine Textile Research Institute in La Trinidad, Benguet: A comparative study, Jose J. Josue

A theory of Filipino organizational behavior in education: An anthropological view, Yasushi Kikuchi

Principals' administrative styles and teachers' job satisfaction and morale in the eleven high schools of the Saint Gabriel Foundation in Thailand: A correlational analysis, Loechai. Lavasut

The comparative effects of the human potential seminar and the enneagram workshop on self-actualization and interpersonal relationships of selected Filipino professionals, Wannee Likhittam

Effects of existential-humanistic counseling on attitudes toward self, self-esteem, self-actualization, Adoracion S. Neneng

Development and formative evaluation of computer assisted learning programs on selected topics in electricity and magnetism, Bee Ching U. Ong Kian Koc

Development and validation of an innovative achievement test in college biology, Nestor L. Rubenecia

The use and effect of concept mapping heuristic in facilitating learning of varying ability groups in college introductory biology, Asuncion V. San Juan

Towards the identification of effective supervisory practices in Catholic secondary schools in Metro Manila, Celedonia San Luis Santos

Relationship between principal related variables and teachers' teaching performance and job satisfaction in eleven Catholic primary schools in Thailand, Visith. Srivichairat

Towards the development of a model for successful business entrepreneurship in Indonesia, Ridwan S. Sundjaja

Towards synergy between computer education and software industry, Emma Velasco Teodoro

The scientific calculator as a pedagogical device in teaching the elementary transcendental functions to college freshmen, Herminia D. Torres

Effects of Adlerian joint parent-child counseling on children's disruptive behavior, Herminia Alcala Ugay

Psychotherapy of cosmic harmony (a therapeutic approach inspired by Rabindranath Tagore) and its effect on depressive outpatients, Sebastian T. Vadassery

Towards the identification of factors related with success in small-scale industry entrepreneurship in Thailand, Vinai Viriyavidhayavongs

Theses/Dissertations from 1989

Socio-cultural and psychological factors associated with marital separation among Muslim couples, Mary S. Ambor

The effects of actualizing group therapy on the self-actualization of counselor-trainees, Justina Pobre Bajo

Rate of return analysis of higher education, Sibunruang Cherdpong

Analysis of correlates and predictors of conflict management styles of college and university administrators in Bangkok, Kesorn Chinnamethipitak

Factors affecting the choice and the effectiveness of marketing strategies of higher educational institutions in Bangkok, Vindhai Cocracul

Stress syndrome among elementary and secondary private school principals in Metro Manila, Roy R. Fallorina

Effects of holistic counseling on the well-being of asthmatic clients, Carmel Espero Harrow

Analysis and prediction of leadership effectiveness of hotel managers in Bangkok, Jayabalan Krishnan