Theses/Dissertations from 1989

Jungian dream interpretation as a counseling tool for clients with emotional difficulties, Eduardo V. Lopez

The effects of three methods of remedial teaching on student's achievement in selected topics of college algebra, Charita A. Luna

Development and evaluation of self-instructional modules in botany for agriculture students, Nicanora S. Sorrosa

A proposed model for the redefinition and validation of a school's mission statement, Ernesto Conde Toquero

Phytochemical investigation of the flowers and leaves of acalypha hispida burm. f. (family Euphorbiaceae) and its implications to chemistry education, Lilia Divina Torres

Theses/Dissertations from 1988

Prediction of satisfaction and dissatisfaction among educational managers in state universities in Mindanao: A role specific analysis, Cresencia Pangilinan Aparente

An integrative review of the research outputs in leadership behavior in the educational management/development departments of five graduate schools in Metro Manila, Djaenabong Azikin

Developing a school based career planning and placement program, Felicitas N. Del Fierro

Leadership styles, effectiveness and cognitive moral development, Mary Rosella U. Faypon

Development and evaluation of a text in physics for industrial technician education students, Eleanor Dones Fernandez

In search of predictors of teacher effectiveness at De La Salle University, Rosario Diokno Jose

A study of the effect of trainings on spatial visualization and on the cognitive development of college students on their problem-solving ability in mathematics, Lorna P. Lezarda

A five-year administrators' development program for the La Salette school system of Isabela: A human resource model, Venus Pascual Martillano

Development of administrative and faculty manual for the La Salette schools of Isabela, Rebecca Belmonte Pacag

Paradigms of socio-economic development and their educational implications: Towards a Filipino synthesis, Thomas J. Ward

Theses/Dissertations from 1987

The effectiveness and efficiency of the CEAP-DLSU national training program for managers of rural Catholic secondary schools in the Philippines, 1982-1987, Roberto T. Borromeo

A proposed faculty development program using a human resource development model for improving the quality of teaching and learning at Alauddin State Islamic Institute, Ujung Pandang, Indonesia, Baego Inshak

A proposed faculty development program using a human resource development model, Baego Ishak

Analysis and prediction of the conflict management styles of SPC school administrators, Marie Renee Javato

Theses/Dissertations from 1986

Development and validation of self-instructional modules for prospective science teachers, Vivian P. Alberto

An evaluation of teaching performance of instructors at Alauddin State Institute of Islamic Studies, Indonesia., Baego Ishak

Development and validation of a physics achievement test to identify instructor variables associated with physics achievement of engineering students of Region V, Bernarda M. Lita

An evaluation of the effectiveness of the Mindanao State University high school bound program, Maunara O. Macaraya

Therapeutic effectiveness of life style reframing, Abraham C. Mattakottil

Comparative analysis of two methods of scoring word problems in mathematics: Implications on test validity and reliability, Benaning Pakote Omaca-an

Developing a culturally-appropriate education program for Hanunuo Mangyans in Upland Mindoro, Carmelita I. Quebengco

Thermal linear expansion of selected Philippine woods and its correlation with relative density, Jimmy R. Rosillo

The use of a validated instrument in determining the possible change in the Piagetian cognitive levels of college freshmen, Erlinda P. Villamoran

Theses/Dissertations from 1985

Development and evaluation of self-instructional modules for high school science II, Elsie Paller Laurente

An analysis of classroom behavior of science and non-science instructors at Widya Mandala Catholic University, Indonesia, Mudjijati

Life stages, career choice and adjustment of filipino women business executives, Celia Jessica L. Villarosa

Theses/Dissertations from 1984

Evaluation of the effectiveness of a short term empathy training program for barefoot counselors, Jacob Ezhanikatt

A comparative study of three approaches of assertiveness training in the reduction of interpersonal anxiety and in the improvement of interpersonal relationship skills and assertive behavior, Salvacion C. Loyola

Counseling process and outcome variables of Indonesian paraprofessional and professional counselors in the initial interview, Nadjamuddin

The nature of reading comprehension in the physical sciences (chemistry) among entering engineering students, Elizabeth S. Ong