Submissions from 2023

A paradigm for EST [ESP] materials preparation., Corazon V. Balarbar and Edwina Sacramento Carreon

A preliminary linguistic and discourse analysis of psychology theses in Filipino: implications for thesis mentoring and language teaching, Ma. Lourdes S. Bautista

A study of cosubordination construction in Filipino, Aquiles P. Bazar III

A knowledge set-based taxonomy of decision problems and decision strategies., Allan Benedict I. Bernardo and Ma. Cecilia Gastardo Conaco

A proposed planning process for the GSEAS, Roberto T. Borromeo

10 ways to tell if you chose the right school for your child, Ma. Carolina G. De Ocampo

A grammatical sketch of Ilocano, Shirley N. Dita

A module in grammar for english teachers (ENX622M), Shirley N. Dita

Preparation and validation of prototype lessons in writing using a constructivist learning device (CLD), Ma. Joahna Mante Estacio

Conceptual understanding of forces among public high school physics teachers, Gay Marie A. Frando, Villamor Q. Gloria, Laila T. Taguinod, and Lydia S. Roleda

A picture of me: an overview of portfolio assessment in a Montessori school in the Philippines, Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan

[Book review of] Languages in contact / by Lisa Lim and Umberto Ansaldo., Wilkinson Daniel W. Gonzales

[Book review of] Language and the teacher : a series in applied linguistics / Robert C. Lugton [and], The foreign and second language educator series / F. L. Jenks., Macario Diosdado Arnedo FSC, 1940-2006. Gonzalez

[Book review of] Understanding second and foreign language learning : issues and Approaches / Jack C. Richards., Macario Diosdado Arnedo FSC, 1940-2006. Gonzalez

A course module in education technology 1 : Theories and principles in educational technology, Nenita V. Habulan

AI in education's emerging paradigm, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

AI's pervading issues in Catholic education, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Catholic education imperatives, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

DepEd report 2023, a dé·jà vu!, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

'Diakonia veritatis,' in memory of Benedict 16th, educator, pope, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Digital intelligence: Why we need it, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Educational leadership and management immutables, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Education system with a built-in learning loss, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

From AI to IA, what is at stake?, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Is gig economy the new economy?, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Learner centeredness, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

No winner in 'no permit, no exam' prohibition act, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Psychological safety, a non-'legislatable' safety, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

The crisis of experts in research journal publications, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Whereto, graduates?, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Towards developing a framework of leadership in public basic education in the Philippines, Abdul Jhariel M. Osman

The extent and magnitude of policies on peace and development issues in the selected barangays of Pagadian City, CY 1994-98, Jerome A. Ouano

Irreversibility lines for REBa2Cu3O7-8 crystals, Lydia S. Roleda

Irreversibility lines for YBa2Cu3O7-8 single crystals with and without twins, Lydia S. Roleda

Student's conceptual frameworks in mechanics, Lydia S. Roleda

Students' thinking frameworks in force and motion, Lydia S. Roleda

Understanding the context of lack of interest among out-of-school youth: The experiences of public secondary schools in Manila and Calamba, Laguna, Maria Caridad H. Tarroja, Abdul Jhariel M. Osman, and Klafizze Y. Valdoria

[Book review of] Language and power : a resource book for students / Paul Simpson and Andrea Mayr., Paolo Nino M. Valdez

[Book review of] Languages of global hip hop / edited by Marina Terkourafi., Paolo Nino M. Valdez

[Book review of] Literacy and the politics of representation / Mary Hamilton., Paolo Nino M. Valdez

[Book review of] Teaching english as an international language : identity, resistance and negotiation / by P. L. Ha., Paolo Nino M. Valdez

[Book review of] The language and intercultural communication reader / edited by Zhu Hua., Paolo Nino M. Valdez

A module in foundations of language studies (ENG535M), Sydney Gonzales Villegas

A module in speech and stage arts, Sydney Gonzales Villegas

Submissions from 2022

Enhancing reading comprehension of second language learners: Techniques for remedial reading instruction, Encarnita D. Balayon

English medium of instruction in Philippine higher education institutions: MOI policy development in oligarchy, Allan Benedict I. Bernardo and Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan

The role of language-switching (LS) in second language (L2) composing among bilingual learners with English proficiency (HEP), Bernadeth C. Cabico

Speak English? You're hired!, Bernadeth Cabico and Clifford Sorita

Lesson plan, Maria B. Cequeña

Metacognitive strategies: Its impact on comprehension, Maria B. Cequeña

How positive experiences in online portfolio through blogging can facilitate improvement in writing skills and lower writing anxiety, Maria B. Cequeña and Leah E. Gustilo

Critical discourse analysis on theosophical writings, Jennifer Tan De Ramos

Effect of teaching strategies on the annotated bibliography writing, Jennifer Tan De Ramos

Teacher effectiveness in academic research writing: An exploratory factor analysis, Jennifer Tan De Ramos

The context of blessing in the inner circle and outer circle writings, Jennifer Tan De Ramos

Evaluation of Bachelor in Physical Education major in Sports and Management Program in higher education institutions in the National Capital region (NCR) using engagement theory program quality (ETPQ), Heildenberg C. Dimarucot

Languaging and ethnifying in cyberspace: The Philippine experience, Jerico Juan Esteron

Languaging and negotiating identity in cyberspace: The case of the Ilocano native speakers in Pangasinan, Jerico Juan Esteron

Angry adolescents: What happened? What has been done?, Alicia F. Estrellado

Treatment strategies for sexually abused children and women: A review, Alicia F. Estrellado

Politeness in face-to-face interaction: An exploratory study, Eden Regala Flores

Effects of academic coaching on the writing skills of grade 7 students, Gene Marie L. Flores and Romylyn A. Metila

Code-mixing, code-switching, and language-borrowing in Philippine television advertisements: An exploratory study, Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan

Complimentary behavior among selected students of De La Salle University-Manila, Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan

Cross-cultural variation in professional genres: A comparative study of want ads in Philippine English and Qatari newspapers, Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan

Metacognition in ESL reading: Strategies used by selected freshmen in comprehending a narrative and an expository text, Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan

Metacognitive strategies used by selected DLSU freshmen in comprehending a narrative and expository text: An exploratory study, Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan

Metadiscourse in want ads: Interactional resources in Philippine English newspapers, Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan

Metadiscourse markers in want ads: Interactional resources in Philippine English newspapers, Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan


Social influences on successful learning in a L2: A proposed model from consensual qualitative research, Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan

The imagery of Angela Manalang-Gloria: A stylistic analysis, Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan

A discourse analysis of Philippine English headlines and news leads, Bernardita O. Gonzalo

Language preferences of De La Salle freshmen in multi-lingual settings, Bernardita O. Gonzalo

Nonce regular and irregular verbs in contextualized and decontextualized tests: A comparison of ESL and EFL learners, Bernardo O. Gonzalo

Influences and processes of counseling orientation development: Its implication to future practice, Aime T. Guarino

Assessment of family functioning among perpetrators of physical abuse, Aime T. Guarino and Glenda Mae V. Santos

The effectiveness of the enrichment program among Brokenshire College first year student nurses of SY 2005-2006, Aime T. Guarino, Glenda Mae D. Villarico, and Glenn Mitchell O. Laud

"Although if is more frequent than whether...": An analysis of the uses of adverbial clauses in Philippine English research articles, Leah E. Gustilo

An analysis of contextual dimensions, multimodal features, and self-presentation strategies in screen-based writing: The case of Filipino personal home page authors scattered around the globe, Leah E. Gustilo

Online self-presentation: An analysis of contextual dimensions, multimodal features, and self-presentation strategies associated with screen-based writing, Leah E. Gustilo

Sentence-level errors in ESL writers’ diagnostic essays: What students have achieved and what we can do, Leah E. Gustilo

The use of adverbial clauses in Philippine English research articles, Leah E. Gustilo

Aquinas in our time, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Contextual intelligence, do you have it?, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

'Education' and 'peace' in a business summit, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Elections, politics 101, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

'Genchi genbutsu', Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Going blended mode? Some points to consider, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Hybrid work is real work, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Liberal arts in the new industrial revolution?, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Philippine basketball and 'skilled incompetence', Jesus Jay Miranda OP

'Quiet quitters,' are they here to stay?, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Rethinking the ways of Catholic universities, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

The lethargy of lectures, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

The prestige and demand of being a Catholic school, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

University rankings still a gamble, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Wanted: Education innovators, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Client personality traits and preference for effective counselor characteristics: An inquiry into the perceptions of Filipino college students, Aileen Grace Ong, Ivan Jacob Pesigan, and Estesa Xaris Q. Legaspi

Pre-service teachers’ reflection on their efficacy beliefs in conducting action research, Gina B. Ugalingan, Aileen C. Bautista, and Ma. Joahna Mante Estacio

The pedagogy of multiliteracy and multimodality through memes, Gina B. Ugalingan, Gene Marie L. Flores, Leif Andrew B. Garinto, and Ma. Joahna Mante Estacio