Theses/Dissertations from 2016

Code rangers: A gamefield structured learning environment for competitive programming, Christian Keil P. Abejuro, Sean Felix T. Cua, Matthew Allen S. Go, and Juan Miguel B. Soriano

TrustUs: Fetal electrocardiogram multi-channel analysis, Carlo D.C. Adriano, Raphael Emmanuel B. Bihis, Jaimie Lou A. Bringas, and Charisse B. Hong

Response automation for security information and event manager, SIERA, Giodeelyn B. Albayda, Juan Paolo A. Coloma, Danica Christine D. Corpuz, and Patricia Hera A. Nieva

CALVIS: Computer assembly language visualizer and simulator for intel x86-32 architecture, Jennica Grace D. Alcalde, Goodwin A. Chua, Ivan Marlowe L. Demabildo, and Marielle Ashley T. Ong

Multi-view camera modules for human action recognition, John Raphael A. Aquino, Ken Edward C. Asanion, Marvin Dale B. Baky, and Joshua R. Poyatos

A dataset for web page classification, Julian Y. Asoy and Kenneth Vincent G. Domingo

An IEEE 802.15.6 MAC layer implementation for secured wireless body area networks, John Adriel T. Benolirao, Anton Jaie H. De Joya, Isaac M. Lim, and Lois Klaryze T. Osayta

Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology Project Management System, Patrick Christopher S. Bonifacio, Gene Thomas R. Reyes, Geraldine Anne C. Tianzon, and Jedric Nerwin F. Yung

Visual feedback for speech training aiding the hearing-impaired in learning phonemes, Aldrin Caberio, Lelis Vincent D. Cruz, Joshua Jude U. Flores, and David Nicholai S. Lim

A security sub protocol for the COSMOS Middleware SIRIUS, Patricia G. Caburian, Nicole Matthew C. Chua, Adrian M. Perez, and Kimberly L. Pol

Wireless sensor network simulator (the SimuLItor), Harvey D. Celadena, Ralph Jefferson Q. Chua, Carlo S. Li, and Arik Ivan Y. Samala

MIXTO: MIPS-to-x86 translator and optimizer, Jonathan Paul C. Cempron, Jonathan Benedict M. Gonzales, Yuuki V. Hayakawa, and Chudrack Shalym Y. Salinas

A hybrid approach to extracting the 5Ws in Filipino news articles, Jedrick L. Chua, Evan Dennison S. Livelo, Andrea Nicole O. Ver, and John Paul S. Yao

Deployable mobile communication infrastructure for emergency services with automated gateway selection (DISTRESS), Jordan Aaron T. Chua, Joswin Paolo G. Go-Soco, Iris Sharmaine T. Morano, and Kielle Dominique I. Pequiras

Anomaly-based detection for network traffic monitoring in a mobile ad hoc network (ANT-MAN), Rafael Ignacio D. Chua, Jessica L. Cortez, Janelle Bianca L. Sy, and J-Jayke S. D. Tirados

Zoobic Safari: Zoo resource management system, Juan Carlos P. De Guzman, Sydney Honey M. Jose, Juan Paulo T. Mendoza, and Louise Alberto S. Policarpio

Integrated NAC, MDM and BYOD monitoring SM beyond : (secured and monitored BYOD environment), Lance B. Del Valle, Jon Macaulay C. Kho, Kurt Raymond M. Ley, and Jarrette V. Ong

ReCHORD: a hardware interface for algorithm-based chord recognition, Baron A. Dimaranan, Wilbert G. Luy, Gero Christian C. Tan Seng, and Jude Michael M. Teves

Misleading node detection and response mechanism in mobile ad-hoc network (MINDRA), Earleen Jane P. Fuentes, Regeene Melarese P. Lim, and Franklin Benjamin Y. Tapia

Automatic difficulty level rating for guitar tablatures, Goldwin Go, Yoon Min Kim, Hyeong Tak Shin, and Jeromeio A. Velarde

Posteriori analysis of algorithms through derivations of growth rate based on frequency counts, John Paul Guzman

Embodied conversational agent system for public health monitoring of Filipino children, Katrina Maria Lacsamana, Mary Grace Malana, and Albert Stefan Rivera

CVFS2.0: A fast version of the centralized virtual file server, Adrian Morrison G. Ngo, Ardrich Rufino L. Rebebes, and Jeffrey Brian F. Wong

Network appliance programming framework: NAPWORK, Derrick Lloyd G. Pua, Cylde Jerrick C. Sze, Lorenzo A. Viernes, and Renzo R. Wu

Theses/Dissertations from 2015

TraVis: Web-based vehicle classification and counter using computer vision, Nino Byron F. Aguirre, Jan Andre R. Alcantara, and John Ferdinand C. Trinidad

Lego Mindstorms simulator II: With gear simulation, Carol D. Alvarez, Albert Lorenz M. Dizon, Arianne Caitlin D. Ong, and Kevin V. Rivera

Filipino-to-English bidirectional statistical machine translation using feedback, Jasmine Brigitte L. Ang, March Randell C. Chan, John Paolo K. Genato, and Joyce T. Uy

Episode: A dynamically generated single playthrough environment, Marvin Neil Bables and Vincent Binas

Network user behavior analysis using machine learning, Jose Ruel M. Borda, Justin P. Encarnacion, and Jan Carlo L. Go

Luntian: An automated, high-throughput phenotyping system for the greeness and biomass of C4 rice, Rhett Jason C. Buzon, Jan Robert D. Villarosa, Louis Timothy D. Dumlao, and Micaela Angela C. Mangubat

Automated retrieval of health related posts from social media using crowdsourced data for a cloud based personal health record management system, Mark Anthony Castillo, Matthew Phillip Go, Cathy Langilao, and Christelle Mae Sanhi

Simpatico: Text simplification of Philippine Senate and House Legislations, Miguel Alfonso B. Collantes, Maureen Danielle A. Hipe, Juan Lorenzo D. Sorilla, and Laurenz Adriel C. Tolentino

Securing android BYOD (bring your own device) with network access control (NAC) and MDM (mobile device management) Anguard, Jericho M. Concepcion, Jed M. Chua, and Gregory J. Siy

Plant height measurement and tiller segmentation of rice cops using image processing, Karol Paulette U. Constantino, Elisha Jeremy P. Gonzales, Lordd Michael N. Lazaro, and Ellen Chelsea O. Serrano

CCS IT thesis portal with electronic document management system, Cris Julian M. Del Rosario, Elin Andreana E. Del Rosario, Mirro John Nieva, and Tiara Joy S. Tan

Extraction and utilization of visual features for determining plankton concentration levels from aerial images of lake water surfaces, John Darill B. Desingco and Arron Spencer K. Ngo

Semi-automatically building a knowledge base of dietary nutritional information for different medical conditions, Dominic William B. Elayda, Justin Ervin S. Garcia, Danielle A. Lladoc, and Paolo G. Uy

Machine learning sentence-level subjectivity analysis on Filipino language, Han-Kil Jung and Joey Michael Ponce

A Streaming sub protocol for the COSMOS middleware ADHARA, Prashant Kumar S. Khanchandani, Justine Roi Z. Ramos, and Danica Michelle K. Tan

An API for developing mobile ad-hoc networking applications using a public and private screen-based programming model, Andrew V. Laron, Sharmaine Amanda S. Lim, Oliver Brian C. Syson, and Peigen Xu

Automatic recognition of affective laughter from body movements, Ma. Beatrice L. Luz, McAnjelo D. Nocum, Timothy Jasper T. Purganan, Jasper T. Timothy, and Wing San T. Wong

Solving the long tail phenomenon of amplayer, Royce Joseph G. Perez

Single player tracking in multiple sports videos, Carlos Anthony B. Petilla, Gary Daniel G. Yap, Patrick Laurence L. Yuson, and Nathaniel Y. Zheng

Theses/Dissertations from 2014

Forecasting multi-stage attacks, Alfonso C. Aldaba, John Sherlock U. Baldeo, Rolf Omar D. Nufable, and Anthony Lester T. Ong

Anti-scraping tool: Sentinel, Paul Eivanhoe C. Alejandro, Algene Kevin H. De La Paz, John Christopher Guevara, and John Frederick S. Ong David

Windows live memory analysis tool with timeframe network repository handling, Sagger O. Al Saadi, Ryan Michael G. Dagoy, and Farley A. Dizon Jr.

Online collaborative visual novel creator and player using HTML5, Greg Daniel Ongoco Argulla, Brian Emmanuel Balace Banzon, Jon Tyrell Caacbay Hans, and John Marc Cinco Villacorte

Protocol for data collection of mobile wireless sensor nodes (Zewbat), Shedrick John S. Arriola, Jose Luis B. Balares, Kaydine Grace M. Santuyo, and Jellie Ann B. Yanela

Diet and nutrition recommender system for pregnant women, Emmanuel Asuncion Jr., Aaron Jan Baldomar, William James Custodio, and Yun Sup Lee

Autonomous takeoff and landing sequence of an RC helicopter (ATLas), Patrick Von Angelo V. Atienza, Hans Jefferson L. Lim, Patrick T. Lo, and Jan M. Mercadejas

Virtual design of a traction elevator machine room HVAC control system, Jo-Mary F. Bacud, Francis Kevin D. Canlas, Donald Adrian M. Castillo, and Jessica E. Locquiao

Centralized virtual file server, Lance Patrick T. Barlaan, Keith Louis L. Garcia, Jerome Mari G. Liwanag, and Greg S. Serrano

Building an improved emotion recognition system for affective learning via brainwaves signals, Joshua-Mari Berin and Mark Kevin W. King

Hover testing system for single rotor radio controlled helicopter system, Benson Jesus J. Briones, Gian Carlo V. Cucio, Michael John C. Reyes, and Christopher Jay Y. Torres

Active network-based ARP Poisoning Detection System (ARPoiDS), Deanne Erika B. Buena, Clarissa Mae C. Garcia, Celine V. Villafuerte, and Allison Mae H. Yu

Corpus building for gesture recognition and music recommendation systems for children with autism, Jericho Julian Calpo and Joseph Edward Subido

Game forest: An HTML5-based middleware for massively multiplayer online games, Jonathan J. Cardenas, David B. Marquez, and Michael S. Ong

Analysis on the relationship between cyber attacks and sociopolitical events (ARCASE), Sean Damien A. Carpio, lvin Brandon S. Chua, Dominic J. Lucenario, and Gregory Benedict C. Uy

Multi-layer DoS mitigation system (CHIMERA), Fili Emerson A. Chua, Nikkol John S. Morales, John Lawrence M. Penafiel, and Jeno Paolo C. Rigor

Discovering trends in twitter data, Grace Joy Chua, Nancy Reena Naval, and Matthew Michael Rapes

Wireless multi-job site field personnel attendance tracking & monitoring system, Solomon O. Chua, Charles Jerick S. Ngo, Mervinlee B. Tan, and Nich T. Twatwunnaphong

Encouraging positive social behavior for children with autism through interactive storytelling, Danielle Grace S. Consignado, Jan Kendrick Lim, and Sabrina Jane P. Ong

Volatile evidence gathering and consolidation tool for windows virtual machines: WinVMI, Kristine Samantha R. Cruz

NormAPI: An API for normalizing Filipino shortcut texts, Justin Gems G. Cuevas, Enrico Darwin S. Magat, Nicco Louis S. Nocon, and Peter Gabriel D. Suministrado

Virtual appliance factory: VAPOR, Catherine B. Cura, Maria Melissa D. Grassi, Joanna Christine R. Manez, and Roxanne N. Sapitan

Laughter emotion recognition using gestures, Paulina Catya S. De Jesus

Transparent HTTPS web filtering system with no end user configuration - Prozilla, Paulo Nicole D. Dones, Lanz Earvin D. P. Garcia, Ryanwell M. Manibo, and Kevin Dominic M. Yu

MaInMan: A Marketing Information Management System for Gentle Star Trading Corporation, Ralf Tomi D. Durana

Computer image management system, Alec Karol P. Ebuen, Kevin Christian D. Pua, and Nicholas G. Tumbaga

Person detection and tracking from aerial videos, Alghie Marie B. Garcia, Ma. Andrea V. Rufino, Louie Carlo A. Sangalang, and John Arcy R. Teodoro

A Robotic platform for human-robot interaction based on human gestures for play therapy, Kathy A. Hong, Paul Jerome M. Lim, Jerome Cyruss B. Macaspac, and Dennis Earl B. Talplacido

Dota2 game predicting system using data mining, Mar Kenneth Louise S. Imperial

Enhancement on route discovery mechanism of THE AODV routing protocol for MANET, Jason L. Kho, Von Lewi M. Manalo, Edison A. Pama, and Brianel M. Tuliao

A rerouting system for mitigating target host disconnections on active sinkhole-based defense mechanism (ConnectiRoute), Renz Jerome V. Legaspi, Angelo T. Patricio, and Carl Anthony O. Tan

Automated Penetration Analysis and Reporting Tool (APART), Joaquin Nicolas. Ortiz

Theses/Dissertations from 2013

Automated Malware Detection for Android (AMDA), Kevin Joshua I. Abela, Don Kristopher E. Angeles, Jan Raynier P. Delas Alas, and Robert Joseph M. Tolentino

Helicopter stability regulation module using an embedded system (HeRMES), Gabriel Phillipe A. Abiera, Joshua Jorel T. Lee, Bien Justin L. Mandac, and Sherwin Victor S. Que

TranscenDental system: Dental management system, John Frederick O. Amora

Human following robot using kinect, Alfred George Ang, Albert Ranier Ballesteros, and John Christopher Rentoy

Wireless rogue access point detection with DD-WRT, Gerard Christian R. Apostol, Jeffrey Raymond C. Conanan, Shawn Anthony C. Lucas, and Lyle Wybert F. Sy

Facial expression detection and imitation in mobile devices, Aaron John Asuncion and Charles Elroy Mondejar

Story sense: Acquiring commonsense knowledge with children stories, Kaizer Bienes, Nickleus Jimenez, Ephraim Miranda, and Gabriel Pascual

Recupera: A home-based post-stroke rehabilitation system using the kinect sensor for active patients, Kenneth Royce T. Brigola, Christine Joy H. Infante, Paolo Joseph D. Josef, and Annalyn P. Reganit

Synthesizing naturalistic laughter: An exploratory study on modeling voiced laughter with speech synthesis techniques, Bernadyn R. Cagampan, Henry O. Ng, Kevin Matthew C.H. Panuelos, and Krystyn Kaizzle S. Uy

Music recommendation model for computer users based on personality, cognition, affect, and music preferences, Julian Ray M. Caisip, John Maron A. Montano, Joaquin Angelo P. Nacpil, and Airwyn L. Tin

Developing a mobile science tutoring system for grade school children that evaluates student engagement through gaze and behaviour, Earl Arvin A. Calapatia, Cassandra E. Catindig, Garry Allen P. Guarnes, and Nicole Eric D. Marquez

Investigating the use of music features in audio-based emotion detection in laughter, Ramon Miguel F. Canillas, Joshua Daniel G. Lachica, and Paula Myles C. Sy

Where it all happened: A mobile tour guide for Intramuros, Jecca Elisha T. Cariaga, Marco Angelo C. Castro, Carmina Y. Chu, and Kylle Jionelli C. Tiamzon

Shadow boxing ex: A boxing audio exercise game for the visually impaired, Mark Anthony Chan, Jasper Nathaniel Co, Raymundo Gatmaitan III, and Raphael Lorenzo Uy

Non-inline non-proxy based web filtering system with user notification WAFerS, Melesan Karen C. Chavez, Christine Marianne B. Reyes, Martin Spencer T. Sy, and Rafferty Erik S. Sy

A mobile application for unified messaging and organizing contacts, John Jefferson U. Chua, Marwin Terence L.K. Lao, and Mohnish Singh

An implementation of simultaneous multiple device streaming and error handling for the communication and storage protocol for the ambient intelligent platform of the emphathic space (COSMOS), Jose Mari R. Cipriano

iSteth: Intelligent stethoscope for early detection of respiratory disorder, Kevin Lloyd D. Cocuaco, Alexis Jamie R. Lao, and Eldridge S. Tan

A Communication and storage protocol for the ambient intelligent platform of the emphatic space COSMOS, Arvin S. Corpuz, Christian Kay B. Magdaong, and Louie Miguel L. Reyes

Improvement on cluster-head selection of the LEACH routing algorithm : clusternet, Robert Paul P. Damasco, Yali T. Lim, and Mark Anthony S. Tolentino

Maybahaba: A flood reporting system, Zyra Rae T. De Grano, Jonathan P. Sun, and Maria Alexandra M. Valencia

Home based power outlet usage monitoring system, Jirro Ozel L. De Guia, Troy Lewis L. Driver, and Reynaldo V. Olanday II

iXray: A machine learning-based digital radiograph pattern recognition system for lung pathology detection, Ria Rodette G. De La Cruz, Trizia Roby-Ann C. Roque, John Daryl G. Rosas, and Charles Vincent M. Vera Cruz

PandeSAL2: An empathic embodied conversational agent for learning English as a second language, Jane Ericka A. De Los Reyes, Jann G. Garcia, Raphael Christian C. Santiago, and Michael Eric P. Talento

Bayani: A role playing game on nationalism, Alberto Luis G. Del Rosario, Carina Miren G. Enriquez, Christian Terrence B. Esguerra, and Anne Gabrielle B. Guzman