Theses/Dissertations from 1991

The relationship of attitude toward classroom environment with attitude toward and achievement in Geometry among third year high school students, Robles G. Calabias


Readability of selected introductory college physics textbooks, Alan R. Canares

Preparedness of teachers in teaching the SEDP Mathematics II: an analysis, Judy Lim Gabriel


The impact of science fiction films on achievement and attitude of students in high school physics, Mario V. Garcia


A comparative study of the factor-label method and the formula approach of solving quantitative problems in general chemistry 122 as used by the engineering technology freshmen at the Technological University of the Philippines, Victoria C. Matic

Comparative study of two languages in the teaching of selected topics in high school chemistry in non-Tagalog and Tagalog-speaking areas, Annabel G. Rivera


Development of molecular models for use in teaching selected topics in organic chemistry, Estrella T. Tribiana

Development and evaluation of modules on selected topics in Statistics, Felina Young

Theses/Dissertations from 1990

The relative effectiveness of two methods of teaching problem solving, Divina Lourdes A. Bonus

Comparative analysis of laboratory skills (chemistry) among freshmen engineering and B.S. Chemistry students of Pablo Borbon Memorial Institute of Technology, Erma B. Quinay

Construction and testing of a reciprocating electric machine for demonstration lessons and experiments in college Physics, Jose P. Tapel


The effect of the controlled and free grouping schemes in the achievement in basic science process skills in high school physics laboratory activities, Sonia R. Vargas

Theses/Dissertations from 1989

The effects of a proposed remedial program in algebra on the academic achievement of first year high school student of Benedictine Abbey School: school year 1988-1989, Rachel E. Allanigue

A proposed workbook in algebra for an agricultural school, Anita V. Flores


Development and evaluation of a computer-assisted instruction on projectile motion, Ramon S. Morales


A morpho-anatomical study of two populations of Lunathyrium japonicum (Thunberg) Kurata, a species complex in the Philippines, Concordia P. Perez


The effectiveness of instructional module in the study of chemical equilibrium, Roque Antonio Ulep

Theses/Dissertations from 1988

An analysis of the physics achievement of public school teachers in the Division of City Schools, Quezon City, Carmencita Aquino Alvarez

Design, development and testing of an apparatus for measuring thermal conductivity of aluminum and brass pipes, Victoriano R. Castillo

Construction and validation of a test to measure problem solving skills of students in college algebra, Rosario Caro Leaño

Selected variables associated with the physics achievement of high school seniors, Maricar S. Prudente

The relationship among physics achievements, cognitive levels of development and moral-spiritual values held by the fourth year high school students, Angelina S. Raymundo

Development of a laboratory manual in fluid mechanics with minimal equipment resources, Bernardo G. Rigor

Theses/Dissertations from 1987

Development of a laboratory manual in physics for students enrolled in the double secondary curriculum with a thrust in the arts, Marina R. Capili

The inclusion of the rudiments of mathematical logic into the introductory college mathematics curriculum, Chula U. Maalat

A comparative study of two methods of teaching high school physics, Victoria D. J. Macaraig

Design, construction and testing of an improvised tangent galvanometer, Leopoldo Rafanan Rabena

On solving systems of ordinary linear differential equations, Evelyn A. Rebugio

Theses/Dissertations from 1985

An analysis of the physics achievement of non-science majors in selected colleges and universities in Luzon, Stanley P. Calacal

A formative evaluation of the laboratory manuals being used by the engineering students at Mapua Institute of Technology, Jose C. Calderon

The relative effect of simultaneous note taking and listening to the achievement of physics students, Buenafe B. Camua Manalo

Development, construction, and testing of a laboratory apparatus for determining interpole magnetic field, magnetic force and current using locally available materials, Eugenio P. Daen

A study of the horizontal and vertical components of projectile motion using multiple-flash photography, Danilo P. Esguerra

An analysis of the physics achievement of engineering students from selected colleges and universities in Region I, Ocarna Belmes Figuerres

Construction and testing of an apparatus that determines the mechanical equivalent of heat using available local materials, Roberto A. Guiang

The effects of two methods of testing on the physics achievement of engineering students at Mapua Institute of Technology, Ernesto M. Utanes

The relationship of self-concept and methods of study with physics achievement among students of college physics at the Mapua Institute of Technology, Estelita Vibar Uy

Theses/Dissertations from 1984

Phytochemical and microbiological investigation of the leaves of Leucosyke Hispidissima Wedd. (Dael), Carolyn Anoya Akilith

A study on the insecticidal property of the leaves of flame tree (Caesalpinia Pulcherrima (L.) Sw.), Jocelyn Pablo Alcantara

An analysis of the physics achievement of non-science majors in the three colleges in Quezon Province in relation to some variables, Lucrecia Mendoza Alivia

A comparative study of personality characteristics between physics teachers and social science teachers of the Cagayan State University, Manuel Q. Allam

Modular tutorial lessons in learning chemistry problem solving using networking strategy, Josefina Pagayonan Andres


Development construction and testing of an electrical demonstration kit in the teaching of physics, Romeo S. Avila

Differential equations in business, Rustica D. Badillo

An evaluation of physics achievement of engineering students in selected universities and colleges in the Philippines, Godofredo L. Corona

Non-intellective factors related to academic performance in physics, Sixto O. Daleon

Determination and study of heat content variations of prunable branches from selected fruit trees using the parr oxygen bomb calorimeter, Roberto Ansok Dangkulos


Development of a workbook for basic organic chemistry, a course for non-chemistry majors, Amelita S. Dayao

An analysis of the physics achievement of science students from selected colleges and universities in the Philippines, Rosemarie O. Deauna

The attitude towards physics as related to science achievement of the seniors in the public secondary schools of the Division of Surigao del Norte, Cecilia Damalerio Digol


Extraction and analysis of oil from terminalia catappa nut, Melendre E. Esguerra

The state of teaching college physics in the public technical and vocational schools in the city and province of Cebu SY 1983-84, Avelino S. Genon

Development of a laboratory manual in physics for laboratories with minimal equipment resources, Aldrina A. Hitalia


Studies on the vitamin C content of greenhouse grown tomatoes, Danilo Lucero Licudine


A study on the insecticidal properties of gliricidia sepium leaf extracts, Romulo Gallo Lodevico

Physics achievement of Muslim and Christian students in North Cotabato, Dumalamba A. Manalasal


A study of the insecticidal property of the barks of caballero tree (Caesalpinia pulcherrima (L.) SW.), Ermelinda Mendoza Matienzo


Construction of some chemistry teaching equipment from discarded materials for rural high schools (Sulu), Julie Tan Mendrez

An analysis of teacher-made achievement test in high school physics in the province of Cagayan, Enriqueta O. Pidlaoan

The learning cycle: a Piagetian based approach in teaching chemical reactions and equations, Adora Soriano Pili


Selected experiments in chemistry using improvised apparatus, Rosalia P. Sambayan

An analysis of the Notre Dame Educational Association achievement test in Physics, Nasie M. Seneriches

Aptitude, attitude, and mathematics achievement as predictors of physics achievement, Ma. Dolores T. Tabanera

A study on the insecticidal properties of Lansium domesticum peeling extracts, Evelyn Danguilan E. Taban

Theses/Dissertations from 1983

Design, construction and testing of a physics apparatus that measure the rate of heat transfer by conduction, Jovencio C. Palisbo

The triple ball projectile kit: an innovative apparatus in the teaching of physics, Fidel A. Pedro

Development, construction and testing of a bamboo resonance tube for the measurement of the speed of sound in air, Serapion E. Pimentel Jr.

Initial studies of the spectrochemical and electrochemical properties of different solutions of cobalt (II) complexes with N,N'-dibenzylthiourea, Ana Magdalena C. Quimsing


An analysis of the achievement in physics of the secondary students of the Cagayan State University, Nieves Ferrer Reyes

The effectiveness of the overhead transparency as a tool in the teaching of high school physics, Rosario L. Sotto

Theses/Dissertations from 1982

A formative evaluation of the specialized applied mathematics workbook being used by the engineering technology students at Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology, Florita Cruz Lamayo


Non-intellective factors associated with students' performance in college physics, Concepcion Bautista Mabutol


Evaluation and revision of an audiovisual instructional aid for introductory physics students, Ann Claire Ortiz Maitem

The physical science of cookery for better understanding of physics by home economics and nutrition students, Monica Asuncion Montaña

Theses/Dissertations from 1981

A comparative study of three teaching approaches in geometry, Alma T. Lingat


The oil of Zingiber Officinale Rosc.: Its physical properties and action on bacteria, Aguedo B. Palomo SDB

Analytic geometry and calculus as tools in business and economics, Eleanita E. Vasquez

Theses/Dissertations from 1980


The relationship between some teacher variables and teaching effectiveness in high school chemistry as measured by achievement test scores, Teresita R. Alicias


Trace analysis of cadmium, lead and mercury in oysters found in Binakayan, Cavite, Cristeta D. Alifante

Experiments in basic chemistry with trainor's guide for a technician institute, Fely L. Araneta

An item analysis of multiple choice questions in college general chemistry, Lourdes E. Contreras

An assessment of the National Science Development Board supported first batch Summer Institute for College Physics, Adelia T. David

Plankton of Lake Caliraya, Lumban Laguna, Angelina J. Declarador

A study of the attitude toward science of fourth year high school students and science teachers in selected urban and rural areas, Josefina G. Gatlabayan

The teaching of calculus in the high school, Ananias C. Libanan

Attitudes toward science of students at the Central Luzon State University, Edilberto A. Lina

Improvisation of a solar cooker for instructional use, Magdalena C. Mojica

Marine macrobenthic algae of Currimao, Ilocas Norte, Anicia Hurtado Ponce

Theses/Dissertations from 1979

Designing a syllabus on environmental chemistry for the non-science majors, Maria Jacinta S. De Belen

Teaching trigonometry in the secondary schools, Flordelis B. Poblete

Effects of co-60 gamma radiation on the virulence of cercospora cruenta SACC on vigna radiata L, Marjorie Crisostomo Quiguyan

Theses/Dissertations from 1978


A correlation study of the different variables that affect board examination results, Adelaida Lacaba Bago

Construction and testing of a substitute resistance box for high school physics, Elisa P. Ballesteros

Development and testing of a Van de Graaff generator using locally available materials for demonstration lessons in high school physics, Fredelina C. Pascua

An ecological investigation on selected areas in the intertidal zone of Matuod, Lian, Batangas, Jane T. Ramos

A general chemistry course with emphasis on the human environment, Teresita F. Religioso

Theses/Dissertations from 1977

An appraisal of physics instruction in the public secondary schools of Tondo and Binondo Districts of Manila for the school year 1974-1975, Lilia M. Casillan

The status of secondary physics education in Region III, Department of Education and Culture, Magdalena C. Roque

Solutions, suspensions and colloids: A chemistry teaching-module using the individualized instruction approach, Laura R. Ungson

Theses/Dissertations from 1976

Philippine tamarind seed kernel flour: A study of its qualitative, quantitative properties and its suitability as sizing material, Sylvia Sol Ibay Avaricio